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Ok, so this is a imagine that I’ve had in my head for a while now. Enjoy, My Lovelies. xx

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Dean looked up as the Y/C/H hunter walked into the viewing room. Her hair fell loosely around her face, the soft Hollywood curls framing it perfectly. His eyes wandered over her body, the way her jeans hugged her arse perfectly, the black tank she wore that was slightly see through, the deep red bra underneath that showed off some of her best assets. Her silver cross hung down over the top of her breasts, the diamonds shining in the light. Her heels clicked on the polished concrete floor, he glanced down at the ankle boots, that was a new looked. The look was Y/N all over, but a sexed up Y/N. He frowned at the duffels in her hand.


‘Ah, sort of.’

His frown only deepened as he watched her carefully. She wasn’t a huge talker on her best of days. Sure, she chatted and laughed, but she was quiet compared to most women.

‘Sort of?’

‘I’m heading home for a few days. There’s a couple of funerals happening and I want to make sure the deaths are nothing.’

‘Home as in LA?’

She nodded, ‘I’ll see you in a couple of weeks,’ she smiled, turning to leave.

‘We’ll come with you,’ Dean said quickly jumping up.

‘Dean,’ she sighed, turning back to face him.

‘It’ll be great. Maybe we can hit Vegas on the way back. Besides I have been to LA in ages.’

‘It’s really not a good idea.’

‘It’s a great idea. Sammy!’ he called ignoring Y/N’s groan. ‘Gear up, we’re going to LA!’

‘Can I talk you out of it?’


‘Fine,’ she sighed, looking over at Sam as he walked in. ‘But we do this my way, you follow my rules and I take the lead on this hunt.’

Dean looked at her raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms over his chest. She raised an eyebrow, giving him an amused smile, but he didn’t falter on his stance.

‘This is my home turf, Dean. It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced. You can’t walk in claiming to be Fed’s and think it will get you what you want. All it’ll do is get you shot.’

Dean frowned as his arms fell to his side, reluctantly but nodded. Watching silently as she walked towards the garage.

‘And we take my car,’ she called over her shoulder.

‘Oh, hell no!’ he growled, following close behind her.

She turned suddenly, causing him to crash into her slightly. His hands automatically coming up to grab her waist and steady them both. His breath hitched slightly at how close she was. How much closer he wanted her.

‘Then you’re following behind me, Sweetheart,’ she smiled, before stepping out of his hands.

Two days later, they arrived in LA. Dean followed closely behind Y/N’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, the midnight blue paint job changing colours in the light. Blue one minute, black the next. He refused to let it - let her - out of his sight. Not that it mattered, you could hear her car from a couple of miles away. It was a thing of pure beauty.

She pulled into a carpark out the front of a cream coloured building with a garage attached on the side. He took in the large sign that was painted on the wall, “Toretto’s Market and Café.”

Y/N got out her car slowly, pushing her sunglasses onto the top of her head. Shifting her hair from her face. Sam and Dean following, waiting quietly.

A tall slim brunette woman broke away from a small group of people who had been standing out the front watching as they pulled up. She rushed over to Y/N and wrapped her arms around her tightly, the two women talking quietly.

Sam and Dean exchanged a look before the two made their way towards her quietly. They continued to watch as a blue-eyed man, with sandy blonde hair kissed her cheek, pulling her into a hug.

‘Hey, Girl,’ he smiled into her neck. ‘Been a while.’

‘Too long,’ she grinned, hugging him back.

The exchanges were emotional, loving and completely unexpected. For this kind of reception, Dean would have thought she would have stayed in LA. Not many hunters leave or even hunt when they have this kind of bond holding them back.

The hugs and tears stopped and Dean went to talk when Sam stopped him. The guy Y/N had called Brian stepped aside and she looked up at the man leaning against the building, his foot resting back against the cream wall, his arms crossed over his chest. Dean took him in, he was huge. His bald head and dark eyes only making him more dangerous. He didn’t want the guy near Y/N, he was worried he’d break her if he touched her. Sure, she was tough as nails, but she was fragile and she could break. And he’d be damned if he’d let that happen.

The guy’s eyes never left Y/N’s. They bored into hers with so much emotion and yet Dean had no idea what he thinking. Y/N knew though, he could see it in the change of her body, the way she shifted.

‘Hey, Dom,’ she said, quietly.

He pushed off the wall and rushed over, his feet pounding the pavement. Dean expected Y/N to flinch the way he charged towards her, but she barely noticed. Dom’s arms wrapping her in a rib crushing hugged as his lips pressed into her neck. Dean watched with a stirring of jealously and anger at how he touched her. Sure, there was nothing sexual happening. His hands behave, but there was something about it. About him. The two obviously had a history. One he hoped was buried and permanently.

‘She’s in good shape,’ he commented, huskily as he finally let go of her, running a hand along the body of Y/N’s car. ‘Had a paint job.’

‘Yeah, red was so last season,’ she smiled, softly.

‘What brings you back?’ he questioned, turning to face her.

‘Heard some bitch stole my title and I wanted a chance to take it back.’

Dean looked at Y/N’s face, the emotionless expression she wore. The look she got when she was being careful with what and how she said things. These guys obviously had no clue about hunting.

Dom glanced over at the two Winchesters raising an eyebrow as he looked back at Y/N.

‘I needed someone cheering me on,’ she smiled. ‘Especially if it’s your arse I’m kicking in the process.’

‘So you brought two busters with a crap car that wouldn’t last the mile?’

‘Hey,’ Dean growled. ‘You leave Baby outta this.’

‘Baby?’ Dom laughed, his voice deep and throaty as he looked to Y/N once more.

‘Dom,’ she warned, a small smile playing on her lips as she tried to fight it off.

‘He named his car, Baby.’

‘It’s better than him naming other things,’ she offered with a shrug.

Dom’s eyes seemed to darken further as he glared dangerously at Dean. A jealous possessiveness crossed the man’s face, giving Dean a good amount of satisfaction, if he thought the two were sleeping together he may not try for anything with Y/N.

‘I can understand naming a thing of beauty, a car that is nothing but perfection. A 10 second car. But that…’ he questioned, gesturing to the impala. ‘I’m surprised you haven’t worked your magic, Y/N.’

‘What makes you think she hasn’t?’ Dean questioned.

Y/N bit her lip trying to hide a smile, as someone in among the group chuckled. Suddenly, Dean felt as if he’d made a huge mistake by asking. Like he should have already known the whole way along.

‘Because if my girl had of worked her magic, Baby, would be sounding like that,’ the man smiled icily, pointing to Y/N’s car. ‘Not like your heap of junk is now. Because she would have fixed the timing on that thing. The carburettor would have been adjusted and its idling issue fixed.’

‘There’s nothing-.’

‘Yeah, there is,’ Y/N sighed. ‘But you get mad when I go near it.’

Dean gaped at her, his car was fine. Wasn’t it?

‘If Y/N had of touched it, we would have heard Baby coming a mile away. Bit like Y/N. She always did like to let people know when she was coming,’ Dom smirked.

Dean felt his face darken as the guy looked at Y/N. The small smile that played on her lips as she watched the guy closely.

‘But none of that’s the issue,’ Dom said quietly. ‘Why are you here?’ he questioned, looking at Y/N.

‘I told you.’

‘No, you didn’t.’

‘Because people are dying, because I want to help. Because I can’t lose my family.’

‘Family? Familia? What family? You left!’ Dom growled, walking over towards her, standing right in her face. Something she didn’t normally tolerate. Anyone else she would have put down. ‘You have no right being here, coming back,’ he spun, storming off towards the building.

‘Dom,’ she sighed. ‘They were my family too.’

‘You left!’ he yelled, spinning to face her. He stormed back towards her, getting into her face once more. ‘You don’t leave family, you don’t turn your back on them!’

‘I didn’t have a choice!’ she screamed, standing her ground as the giant bulk of muscle bore down on her. ‘I had to do it. I had to go the way I did. There was no way you would have let me if I told you.’

Dean watched shocked, he’d never seen this much emotion coming from her, this much pain. This much desperation. There was more in those few moments then there had been since they met.

‘Damn straight! We stay together, we ride together, we die together,’ he growled.

‘It wasn’t that simple! I couldn’t stay, I couldn’t just carry on knowing what killed him was still out there!’

‘Then you come to me! You tell me what’s going on and you let me help! You don’t run off in the middle of the night and leave us thinking you were dead.’

Dean watched as she wiped tears from her cheeks as she looked at the man, her chest heaving.

‘You don’t leave me thinking, my girl is dead,’ Dom said quietly, as he looked down at her, he reached up and tenderly brushed more tears from her cheeks. ‘I could have helped.’

Y/N shook her head, ‘No, Dom. You couldn’t, not with this. It’s so far out your league it’s not even a speck in the mirror.’

‘You have no do idea what I’m capable of,’ he hissed.

‘I think I do, I know you better than anyone.’

Something changed in Dom’s face as he watched her intently. It softened, became tender momentarily before it changed once more. Angry, curious, scared.

‘Is this to do with you coming back?’

Y/N nodded.

‘With the others?’

Y/N nodded nervously, ‘Stay out of it,’ she warned. ‘Now, I’m assuming you weren’t dumb enough to mess with my house while I was gone?’

‘It’s fine,’ Mia promised.

Y/N looked over at the Winchesters, her tear stained face breaking Dean’s heart. He wanted nothing more than to wrap her in a hug and kiss her head till she calmed down. To beat the guy senseless that caused the pain in the first place. He wanted nothing more than to take her then and there, against the car too but that wasn’t about to happen. She gestured to the car and the boys nodded, opening their doors.

‘Y/N?’ Dom called as she pulled the door of her car open.

She stopped and looked at him, waiting for him to go on.

‘Tonight, 11pm. I win, you tell me what’s going on.’

Today’s interview was amazing. I take back what I said before about the job being shitty. It would be a little stressful and a lot to handle at first, but I really think it would be an incredible experience.

Granted, I was interviewing with the CEO and his job is to be charming and effervescent and delightful, but I’d be working with him and this absolutely lovely lady and I don’t even care if the work is shit. I am in love with these people.


Possibly the greatest editing in a Minecraft Lets Play. Sorry about the last one, i have no idea how to make gifs. 

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 141 - Wither Hunt Part 2

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So far the con is alarmingly lacking in MP100, Voltron, and MHA merch and cosplayers, and frankly I am offended :T

Not neccessarily surprised tho

anonymous asked:

A concept: Michael Cole lives and is recruited into Root's nerd herd. Thoughts?

Hey anon! Sorry for the late reply!

I’m kinda having a hard time seeing Cole (as we knew him in Relevance) working for Root and TM. We saw how he was at the ISA – naive and idealistic, constantly questioning and poking into things, wondering wtf was going on, and even submitting a goddamn internal investigation request to the fucking ISA like Cole honey NO!! That is very much not the sort of person Root (or TM) would need for their nerd squad. 

And from Team Machine’s POV, Cole working with Root is a hard pill to swallow and would require a ton of effort on Root’s part that I’m honestly not sure she’d feel like putting in. Also Cole’s reaction to Harold knowing he built TM would be intriguing. 

However, I do think that there is an interesting story to be told here about how he might’ve changed had he survived the assault by the ISA. If that experience left him bitter and angry, then yes, I think there might be a way to work him into Team Machine. 


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