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I never felt that it was wise to wish too much, to dream too big would only lead to being crushed. Then I met you, you weren't afraid of anything, you taught me how to leave the ground, to use my wings. I never thought a hero would ever come my way. //FIRECRACKER

[ “I never felt it was wise to wish too much,

To dream too big would only lead to being crushed ]

      It was a simple day – All things considered? One wouldn’t really call today anything out of the ordinary. The sky was bright, brilliant, shimmering and natural blues. It was calm. And here he was. Waiting on a bench. It was the most natural sight in the world.

      A young man waiting outside of his l o v e s workplace.

      Today he hadn’t let her know he was coming. Today? He aimed to surprise her – His hands itched to reach into his pocket, pull out his phone, and text a warning: A slight nervous tendency to think he might get missed if she didn’t know he was coming. But? Time had proven him otherwise. And, as silly as it was, the ebony-haired alumni hated the thought of missing her surprised face more than he wanted to pull out his silly phone. ( HALF THE SURPRISE was showing out of the blue! If he missed her expression? He’d pout. )

      “Firecracker always comes out this way. Nothing to worry about.” Kuroyuki murmurs softly, fidgeting with his scarf. To be honest, he had a lot of silly h a b i t s – Things he’d once worried his SOULMATE would find annoying or confusing. After all: A lot of his little ticks even sit his brother off! But, somehow?

[ “Then I met you,

You weren’t afraid of anything,” ]

       Somehow he’d met the most w o n d e r f u l person. The ULTIMATE HOUSEKEEPER never pointed out his flaws or became irked at his inhumane amount of quirks. He was clingy, loud, childish, twitchy – The amount of flaws he had outweighed most people. And back when he’d been a STUDENT of Hope’s Peak Academy, he had been someone that most people went out of their way to avoid. Having graduated? That hadn’t changed much… He was w e i r d. Even for an ULTIMATE’s standards. And yet? She didn’t think so.

      She made him feel special. Warm. Accepted.

      … L o v e d .

      And? It made him feel like his quirks, his silly habits, his general ridiculous nature … Was just [ f i n e ]. She didn’t act like there was anything wrong with this silly little fire-starter. No. She accepted him as he was, and happily accepted him. And he? Adored everything about her.

      CHISA YUKIZOME was truly a blessing. Kuroyuki knew that. He watched how the other l i t u p those around her. How she ignited change, passion – She was a FIREWORK. Brilliant, but small. And some might argue that they burn up quickly. But? E v e r y t i m e he saw her … it was “ f i r e w o r k s. “ And he was amazed, all over again.

[ “You taught me to leave the ground,

To use my wings,” ]

      Sometimes, he wondered if she felt similar – Whether she felt like he was as awe-inspiring as he felt s h e was. If she understood just how dazzling her smiles were, or how a quick smile from her could light him up. It was easy to forget when she was gone …

      That when she smiled, when she smiled for him … They BOTH lit up.

       And, as he saw her approach, he wasn’t even aware of the grin that sparked to life on his lips. He was barely aware of the fact that he was on his feet – actively closing the distance between them. ( Suddenly finding it unbearable to be this close, yet so far apart. ) And suddenly? As he reached for her, his hand lightly entangling with the other fingers, as he smiles at her …

       He stopped worrying then. Every time they saw one another, he stopped worrying –

       ( SPARKS of an INFERNO ) needn’t worry they would die soon. Nor did he worry that she felt him a burden. As quirky as he was, as strange, he had no doubt of anything when they were together. He knew only that he l o v e d this living miracle, and that he was L U C K Y enough that they had somehow become part of this world at the right time… in the right place, that they would come into contact.

      “Surprise!” Kuroyuki chimes brilliantly, brightly. All worries having melted entirely from the moment he’d seen her again. “Ello, Firecracker~! You free? I was hoping to steal you away from your workplace for a while~”

      He had a lot of problems. And she was a very busy woman – Sometimes? It was true that he worried that he might be only making her life more difficult. BUT? She made him forget those things. Maybe that was what it meant … to have a SOULMATE. From the moment they’d met, they’d clicked. Something had always, immediately, just felt r i g h t . . .

      “I have the coolest idea. And~ It involves literal fireworks. You interested?

[ “I never thought a hero would ever come my way.” ] // @shsl-house-keeper

Having another EXO-L as your irl friend

1) completely confusing conversations
Her: Did you see that?
Me: OH MY GOD YES. Do you remember the thing?
Her: of course I remember the thing I’m not stupid. What about THAT?
Me: don’t get me started on that
Rest of the world: “wtf?”
2) otp wars that eventually fizzle out
Me: *casually doodles “Taohun” again and again*
Her: wait you ship Taohun?
Me: you didn’t know?
Her: nah it’s just that…. Hunhans real.
Me: what
Her: Hunhan
Me: Taohun
Her: it’s more popular
Me: Sehun literally said “Wo ai ni Tao”
Silence:is silent
*pulls out binder and PowerPoint presentation*
————–an hour later———-
Me: Krisho
Her: YES
3) Learning new things about each other’s biases
4) Making random references
Teacher: There’s no tests for this class this month.
The rest of the class: *celebrates*
Me: guess we’re the lucky ones
Her: you did not just
5) warning people not to mess with each other’s biases
Me: insult luhan and I’ll hit you once and leave you to her
Her: Zitao is my son-in-law say something which I don’t like and imma kill you
6) getting extremely defensive over EXO and finishing sentences
Her: oh honey, don’t insult exo or-
Me: we’ll turn you inside out and make you-
Her: Listen to wolf until-
Me: all you can hear is Chogiwa

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You are all such beautiful individuals <3 found your yt & have been bingewatching the last couple of days. Drawn to both your positivity& ur honesty (especially when things arent going as well). A new subscriber & follower can't wait to see more <3

Ah thanks Hun that’s lovely =] good to know you’re liking what we do

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Sorry if you're bogged down with requests, you can ignore this is you want. So our power went out like half an hour ago so there's complete darkness and someone is shooting fireworks over our house and it's just terrifying to me. What would the boys do with an s/o that's afraid of the loud noises that come from this time of year?

Ah don’t worry hun, I never ignore requests I just go through them very s l o w l y 😅 Also I hate fireworks, if I’m indoors I’m fine, but I nearly had a firework hit me before and those things are scary!

Noctis - Right, so Noct’s main priority here will be to distract his s/o. How? By doing his favourite thing. Napping. Like they’re gonna just be sitting on the sofa and as soon as he sees his s/o flinch at the loud bangs he’s just gonna pull his s/o into his chest, like ‘C'mon…nap time’. He’d probably know that it might take them a while to fall asleep so he’s gonna be gently running his hand through their hair, all soothing and shit. The two are probably just gonna nap it out, at least until the fireworks die down. I don’t think he’d bring up their fear incase they get embarrassed about it, but he’d definitely be there for them whenever they need it.

Prompto - Anyone remember that scene from The Grinch where he’s trying to block out the sound of the Whos singing Christmas songs so he turns on the loudest shit he can find? That’s what Prompto’s gonna do. He’s gonna turn the tv up so loud, he’s gonna be switching on the blender, vacuum, radio, you name it, all the while his s/o is gonna watching him dash round the apartment, protesting about the noise, telling him its gonna disturb the neighbours. In the end, however, they’re gonna give up on attempting to make themselves heard over all the racket and they’re just gonna be pissing themselves with laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation. Promptos just gonna be laughing along with them, glad he’s managed to distract them and just so proud that he’s made them laugh.

Gladiolus - I think Gladio would be a firm believer in the whole ‘face your fears’ theory, and whilst it might not be the most sweetest or sensitive option, it would actually work. As soon as he notices his s/o flinching at the sounds of fireworks, squeaking with fright ever time the noise catches them off guard, he’s gonna take them by the hand and lead them outside, shushing them gently when they try to protest. ‘Just trust me, baby girl. I’m not about to let anything happen to you.’ I think once he’s got his s/o outside he’s just gonna wrap an arm tightly around her shoulder, tucking her into his side as they just watch the fireworks in awe. I think it would help his s/o see that there’s actually nothing to be afraid of, and that they’re just fireworks. When handled properly, they’re harmless.

Ignis - I think he’d be really sweet, like he’d just attempt to soothe and calm his s/o by trying to distract them, so they’d probably just kinda snuggle it out. Like they’ll be cooped up on the sofa and as soon as he sees his s/o cringe and squeak with fright he’s gonna just pull them into his lap and hug them close, placing a kiss on top of their head. He’d be like ‘come now, kitten, its nothing to be afraid of,’ and it’d basically be extremely fluffy. I think they’d just spend the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies, and it would definitely calm his s/o down, soothing and distracting them.

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i am sad bc my like interest said "ive been thinking of you a lot lately" but they havent contacted me in 2 weeks ?? im petty

Ah im sorry hun :( maybe they are just busy or stressed/overwhelmed at the moment ? <3

140412 EXO M’s official website, Tao’s message:

Sehun-ah, although there are not many things I can do for you, I hope you understand my heart. Even if I don’t say it out you will still know right kk

So you’ve grown one year older, happy birthday! Hun-ah, because I have you I am really happy, because I have you I feel so secure~ Let’s go together forever!

Forever let’s live happily, merrily~ Since it’s your birthday I can say it like this right? kkkk

Remember that you have me, don’t ever worry about anything, I will forever be by your side. Once again happy birthday~

Hyung, it’s hyung…  Haha call me that once sometime kk ♥

EXO react to holding their baby for the first time

Xiumin: The baby just stares up at him with wide eyes, so he does aegyo to try and make him laugh, but instead the baby starts crying, so Xiu has to pick him up. “Aegi-yah, don’t cry. You’ll make Apba cry, too.” Once the baby stops, he’ll watch the baby carefully, stroking his chubby little cheek with a finger. “Honey, our mini-baozi is so cute.”

Luhan: Staring at his baby girl in adoration, holding back tears when he finally gets to hold this precious tiny human that he’s waited for so long. “My little princess… You’re going to be just as pretty as your daddy when you grow up. And then I’m going to kill any boys who try anything. Yes, I am! Aw, look at that cute little nose.”

Kris: Holding his daughter very carefully in his ginormous hands, he can’t help but laugh. “Baobei, she’s so tiny, Her little hand can’t even hold onto one of my fingers.” He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling the whole time the baby is securely in his arms.

Suho: He wouldn’t be able to help completely breaking down and sobbing after the ordeal you’ve all just been through, but now finally holding his sweet baby son, he tries to dry his tears. “Yeobo, we made the perfect baby. I’m so proud of you for going through all that.” He won’t let the baby out of his grasp until you demanded to hold him again.

Lay: He’d be so flustered holding his baby girl at first, amazed at the tiny life in his hands. “She’s really ours, isn’t she? And she’s actually here!” He’d just sit there next to you, arm around you, watching her sleep, breath puffing out between lips shaped just like his.

Baekhyun: While he’s holding your son, he makes funny faces at him, laughing and beaming when the baby mimics the funny expressions, gurgling and squinting his eyes. “Hahaha! Jagi, look at his face! He’s a mimic machine! Wait till I show the guys!”

Chen: He’ll hold her while swaying back and forth, smiling sweetly at her, then he snickers. You’d ask what was so funny about your baby. “She was so wrinkly and pink when she was born, I thought she was a pig.” Seeing your disgruntled expression, he’d continue. “Don’t lie - you know as well as I do, she’s already much cuter than she was half an hour ago.”

Chanyeol: When the doctor hands him his baby, he’ll be so smiley and giggly. “His arms are so chubby! And his ears already stick out, just like mine! Babe, look how awesome he is!” He’ll be so full of energy, but you’ll just have to put up with it while you’re recovering from giving birth - he’ll take care of you too… after the baby’s asleep.

DO: From the moment he sets eyes on his baby, he’ll be completely smitten. “Jagi, she’s the most beautiful precious little girl… She looks so much like you.” He’d walk around the room carefully bouncing her and singing her a lullaby in that gorgeous voice until she falls asleep, drooling lightly on his shoulder.

Tao: With his baby in his arms, Tao would be sobbing. Even though you’re drained from just giving birth, you might have to wipe his tears away as he tries to stop crying. “He’s all ours, baobei.” *sniffles* He’d then kiss your forehead, so happy to be part of his little family.

Kai: (ft. Sehun) “Hun-ah, look at her. That’s my little girl. Have you ever seen such a perfect tiny human in your life?” He’d hold her close, spinning around slowly and swaying so your little girl falls to sleep while dancing with her father. Once she’s asleep, he’ll give her an Eskimo kiss - lightly touching noses with her.

Sehun: Except for a light laugh at the way his child looks when he’s crying, Sehun wouldn’t have a moment of brattiness once his son is in his arms - he’d be all smiles, sitting on the bed next to you and talking to the baby. “Apba’s going to take you and your Omma home soon and you’ll get to meet all your uncles, but remember - Apba’s much cooler than any of them.”

- Admin J
(currently having some serious EXO dads feels. Hnnng.)