ah his hair

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades

Hey y’all remember another big guy dragon nerd?

-I’ll see myself out

Park Jimin is the epitome of ‘get you a man who can do both’

i mean, he can be smol and cute with his eye-smile™

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i mean look at this boy

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he is perfect

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but like then also, this happens

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and he’s just so ???

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like i feel personally attacked

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and like now he’s even blonde??? boyyyyyy

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anyways, the point is, i love Park Jimin & i hope he’s happy 

Getting back in the swing of drawing!!

And because everyone’s at it I wanted to give lineless art a try.

Enjolras and Grantaire from World Ain’t Ready by idiopath-fic-smile

That episode when Jay unlocked his True Potential!! 👌🐍⚡️

Last Minute Romance

Simon Lewis/Jace Wayland
Rating: G, Word Count: 1561
Fluff, Valentine’s Day, Established Relationship, POV Jace

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For Jimon Week Day 2: Valentine’s Day

Jace loves going a round with the punching bag. He gets to do all the hitting, and he doesn’t need to think. He just lets his muscle memory do its thing, while his mind clears itself of any pent-up aggression and frustration.

‘I should watch you train more often. This is a good look on you.’

Jace smiles and huffs out a laugh. ‘Red and smelling?’ he asks, turning to his boyfriend.

‘I mean half-naked and sweaty,’ Simon grins. He pushes off the wall he’d been leaning against and is instantly by Jace’s side. ‘Hey,’ he whispers.


Jace leans in for a kiss, closing his eyes when Simon’s hands slide into his hair.

‘Ah, gross!’ Simon whines. He pulls his hand out of Jace’s hair. ‘I changed my mind. Being sweaty is disgusting, please take a shower.’

Jace opens his eyes to Simon grabbing the sweatshirt that’s lying next to Jace’s water bottle, and wiping his hands on it.

‘I did tell you.’

‘Yeah. Here,’ Simon throws him the shirt. ‘To wipe that smug look off your face.’

Jace pulls on the shirt, and Simon tosses him the water bottle next, just a little faster than necessary. Jace winks when he catches it without fumbling.

‘Any plans for tonight?’ Simon asks.

‘It’s pretty quiet out. Just standard patrols, and I’m not assigned to any of them, so no. You wanna go do something?’

‘That’s why I came by,’ Simon says. There’s a smile on his lips, but Jace can’t help but think it’s just a little bit too bright.

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“Your greatness is revealed not by the light that shines upon you, but by the light that shines within you.”   Happy birthday, Sho-kun! 

Jimin as your bf (BTS)


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-the fLuffiEst

-has no chill so you would never live

-super cute and sweet and cares so much

-is constantly making sure you’re healthy and happy

-type to spoon feed you

-will probably cry the first time you tell him you have feelings for him

-will also tell everyone he possibly can

-will hug you all the time and pick you up and spin you around randomly too

-will legit fight anyone who says anything wrong to you

-will serenade you randomly and try to get you to sing along

-will also attempt to “rap” for you


-will smile at you for no reason and if you ask why he’ll just tell you you’re beautiful

-so cute but if he’s in confident mode WATCH OUT you’re done

-esp. when he comes back from a performance and he’s like “well jagi, how was i?” and he’s smirking because he knows exactly how he was

-super jealous and overprotective even around the other members

-will casually call you his whenever he possibly can

-holds  your hand all the time

-probably also tries to kiss you all the time even when you’re trying to say something dammit

-buys you things for no reason

-sends you pictures of a sunset or smthn and is like “This reminded me of you,” like chill

-so gentle with you

-but also really playful and teasing

-loves to laugh with you

-esp. at 3am for no reason

-hates when he say to sleep without you

-loves to see you wearing his clothes

-also loves when you compliment him bc it reassures him that you love him

-also cried the first time you told him you loved him

-probably called his parents to tell them

-will make sure that if you are together he is somehow touching you

-will let you do his makeup just to make you happy

-will also laugh at your bad jokes to make you happy

-is very ompliant and will go to get ice cream with you in the middle of the night

-casual dance parties with barely any clothes on also in the middle of the night for no reason

-will make a pillow fort with you

-tells you his deepest thoughts and talks to you when he’s feeling upset or stressed

-sometimes he just calls you to hear your voice even if he just saw you/is about to see you

-imagine the selcas this dork would send you

-you’re probably gonna get jealous of jungkook at some point

-still loves you the most though


-you are still unsure

-is very romantic and such a gentleman it scares you how nice a person can be

-this floof deserves all the love in the world