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Forbidden Love | Pt. 4

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Scrolling through the text messages for the last time, you took a deep breath and turned your phone off.

Leaning back on the bench you were sitting on, you closed your eyes and thought about what had happened just a while ago.

↳ One hour ago

“Your marriage with him is based on a contract, Y/N.”

The minute you heard those words coming out of Jimin’s mouth, your head shot up and you looked at him with a shocked expression plastered on your face. “W-What?”

Taking a deep breath, Jimin closed his eyes and mumbled. “Everything is fake, Y/N-ah..”

Not believing what he said, you covered your ears with your hands and started shaking your head from side to side furiously. “N-No! No you’re lying, Jimin! You’re saying that because you don’t want me to be with him! He wouldn’t do something like that! Taehyung wouldn’t do that!”

Hesitantly, he took a step towards you and reached out for your hands, stoking them softly. “This is the truth, Y/N.. His family forced him to marry you because they needed the money for their company. Taehyung was against it the whole time, until his family told him that he was allowed to divorce you after being married to you for 3 years..”

Closing your eyes, you let the tears roll down your face as you whispered with a shaky voice. “E-Everything was fake.. Every hug, every kiss, each ‘I love you’ was fake..”

Wrapping his arms around your shaking body, he stroke your hair gently. “Shh, I’m here.. I’ll be always by your side, Y/N..”

Pushing him away strongly, you punched his chest with your shaky hands. “No, you can’t! You belong to someone else, Jimin! You can’t be mine, we can’t be together!”

“Damn it, Y/N! Stop saying that I belong to someone else! I belong to you and only you! My heart beats for you! It belongs to you! Why can’t you understand this?!”

“Because my heart beats for Taehyung, Jimin!”

Three’s a Crowd (Part 14)

Member: Taehyung x Reader x Yoongi

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13. Part 14.

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Sister Date | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a write up I’m sorry I just don’t have that much time to write anymore. I remember when I used to post imagines everyday, so sorry but I think I’m gonna be able to write once or twice a week now. But yeah, anyway this was requested and I had fun writing this. Sorry this took so long! Enjoy!

Request:  Could you do an imagine where Zach is confused your at his house bc he knows y'all didn’t make any plans but then you’re like “oh I’m not here for you. I promised may (his sister) that I would take her shopping” and just zach getting all happy that you’re spending time with his sister.


I knock at the huge front door of the Dempsey’s while straightening out my top. A couple of seconds later and the door swings open and a pleasantly surprised Zach Dempsey stands in front of me. His eyes were opened wide in shock.

“Well this is a nice surprise!” Zach exclaims as he pulls me in for a hug then kisses the crown of my head.

“I thought you were doing something today, babe? What brings you here?” he continues to ask as he takes a piece of hair away from my face and pushes it behind my ear.

“Oh, I’m not here for you.” I reply as I pinch both of his cheeks.

“I’m here for your sister. I promised her that we’ll go out together today.” I add.

“Aww, that’s great babe! I’ll just get changed for a minute and come back down then.” he replies but before he could leave, I grab his wrist and laugh.

“Babe, it’s a girls’ day out. You can’t come.” I tell him and he pouts.

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Just Friends (Part 1)

AN: Best friends, you and Tae were once inseparable. Tae’s fame made it difficult for you guys to always see eachother, but now you’re interning at BigHit and Tae can’t see you as his little punk anymore.

- 3,000 words. 

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“Y/N where’s my shirt?!” Tae screamed like a kid, pouting his full lips at you.

You were thus interrupted from working out his schedule and being comfortable sat on the couch with a mug of tea.

“Just because I work for you now asshole doesn’t mean you can boss me around like that!’ You yell back at his face, annoyed your best friend enjoys making fun of your new status.

Tae, being Tae, couldn’t control his annoyed expression. He burst out laughing.

He plummeted himself down on the couch next to you.

“Aish, it’s so easy to ruffle your feathers now Y/N. What happened?” He grinned at you.

“You only see my once every year, I grew up. I’m 20 now, Tae.” You said, offended Tae thought you had drastically changed. You spoke with him once a week before starting to work for BigHit, but those were one hour conversations at most where Tae couldn’t really pick up on you growing up.

You were 15 when Tae and you last saw each other everyday before he moved to Seoul to start life as a trainee. It surprised you how you had managed to stay in contact, but the contact was on the phone or webcam, with yearly visits for a week or two.

“Awwwwwh, my Y/N grew up. Do you remember when you use to pad your bra?” Tae said, cracking up again. Okay, it was true. You had a phase where you wanted to copy the ‘sexy’ girl of the class and also develop boobs. The problem was you were 12 and flat as a pancake.

“Hey!” You slapped his arm playfully, unable to stop a smile coming out of you.

“Everyone was doing it, don’t act like you didn’t notice. They looked good too..” You tried to defend yourself, but you knew you were in the wrong.

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What Hurts The Most

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count: 1585

Warnings: NSFW! 18+ SMUT! Swearing, angst, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap the willy!)

Request: Anon: Omg nemesis I loved your movie night stories! So well written and detailed! I have a request if you’re taking them, how about an angst filled reader after her break up with Bucky? I’ll let you decide how and why the break up happens and how they handle it. Angst, fluff and maybe a smidgen of smut? Thanks in advance!

A/N: Here you go my dear! Hopefully it is what you are looking for!

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Everything hurt.

That is the thought that rolled through your mind as you opened your eyes and squinted at the offensive sun shining through the curtains. You looked at the bedside table and saw that the clock read 7:23 a.m. You also noticed two empty bottles of wine sitting behind the clock.

Well… that explained why your head felt like it took a trip through a meat grinder.

With a groan, you propped yourself up on an elbow and fumbled around for your cell phone. The little blue light was flashing, signaling a notification. Bringing it to life, you had three missed calls and five text messages from Steve. You missed your morning workout session. Third time this week. Yada, yada… Whatever.

You attempted to sit up on the side of the bed. “Nope,” you said to yourself before laying back down, staring at the ceiling. How much did you drink last night? Did you eat? Why were you still in your jeans? It was too bright in here.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.? Can you shut off the sun?” you asked the interface system. She was always quick to answer, her Irish accent filling the room, “I think that is a little out of my realm of expertise, but I can do this.” You jumped at the sound of the metal shutters closing over the windows. Pitch black… it suited your mood.

You picked your phone back up and pulled up the text messages. Hitting Steve’s name, you typed a quick, ‘Not feeling well,’ before checking your emails. Your thumb slid over the gallery tab before you thought better of it. You didn’t know why you were torturing yourself this way…

Bucky’s smiling face appeared. It was the last selfie you two had taken together before the break up. Your heart constricted inside of your chest. The happiness in the picture was hard to look at. “Damnit,” you whispered before throwing your phone to the floor. You felt the familiar sensation of tears forming in your eyes. On a quiet sob, you let them spill. The anguish was crippling. You missed him. His smile, his laugh, his voice… him.

It hurt.

A loud knock at the door startled you out of your reverie. You swiped your hands over your face, erasing the tears before sitting up quickly. Too quickly in fact. Your head spun so hard you almost fainted. “What?” you yelled out harshly.

“It’s Steve, may I come in?” he said through the door. Crap, it was locked. You threw your legs over the side of the bed and tried standing again. Whew, ok… so far, so good. While holding onto everything you encountered, you made it to the door. You clicked the lock and opened the door enough for Steve to walk in. You switched the lamp on and sat at the end of the bed.

You looked up at him standing in front of you. You watched as his eyes surveyed your room. You could tell he took note of the empty bottles of wine on the nightstand and the other empty liquor bottles in the trash can. He bent to pick up the broken picture frame out of the trash. He wiped the glass off the picture of you and Bucky and sighed.

“He got back from his mission late last night,” he said as he placed the picture on the desk. “Sam said it was pretty routine. No problems.”

“Good for him,” you said snidely. You knew you were being pissy, but this mission he went on was the reason behind your break up in the first place. You looked at Steve’s feet as you got lost in thought…

‘Yea doll, fuck… just like that.’ Bucky said while gripping your hips tighter. You placed your hands on his chest for leverage and rolled your hips faster against his. You were in perfect sync together, with every backward roll of your hips, he would thrust up. He was so deep that he would bump your cervix with every pump. The little sting of pain was perfect in combination with your clit hitting his pelvic bone.

‘Bucky… baby…,’ you moaned, over and over. Your nails scraped over his chest when his rough thrust jolted your pleasure up another notch. ‘Oh, my god…’ you sat up straight, placed one hand behind you on Bucky’s thigh and the other slipped between your bodies to rub your clit. Your head fell back on a moan. The sounds leaving your mouth made you sound like a wanton woman.

‘Fuck doll face, you’re so damn beautiful like this,’ Bucky grunted underneath you. His movements became sloppy as he was nearing his finish. His grip on your hips was going to leave finger shaped bruises. His metal hand slid up your body to tweak your nipple. You slammed your hips down on him one last time, screaming out your orgasm. ‘Ah, oh my…FUCK!’ Bucky shouted as he spilled himself inside you. You collapsed onto his chest and nuzzled your face into his neck. He wrapped his arms around your back while letting your heartbeats settle.

‘Do you have to go?’ you whispered after a while. You stacked your hands on his sternum and propped your chin on top to look at him. Bucky’s face was serious as he brushed the hair away from your face.

‘You know I do,’ he sighed.

‘I don’t understand why I can’t go with you,’ you thought you would argue your case one more time. ‘All I need to do is get close enough to the target to touch him. Then I can tell you any information you need to know. Seconds is all I need.’

‘That is the exact reason why I said no to you going.’ He pushed his own hair back, giving you a stern look. ‘These are dangerous people and you don’t need to be that close to them. End of discussion. Besides, you and Wanda have more training exercises to do.’

‘You’re not my keeper Bucky,’ you said while rolling off him and walking to the bathroom. You cleaned yourself up and put your robe on. When you went back into the bedroom, Bucky had sat up on the edge of the bed, his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands.

‘I didn’t say that I was. I just want to keep you safe damnit, and I can’t do that if I have to concentrate on the target and you at the same time.’ He looked up at you, his eyes pleading with you to understand.

‘This is always how it is going to be, isn’t it?’ you asked, leaning against the door jamb. ‘You’re never going to see me as a part of the team.’

‘With a little more training to hone your senses…’ he started to say, but you raised your hand and shook your head. You were past the point of reasoning. You rummaged around for your clothes, hastily putting them on. You opened the door to walk out.

‘We’ll talk about this when I get back,’ Bucky said, standing from the bed. He looked as lost as you felt.

‘No, we won’t,’ you stated as you walked out the door, leaving your heart behind.

You were brought back by a pair of fingers snapping in front of your face. You shook yourself and looked back up at Steve. His brow was furrowed in confusion. You looked away. You needed alcohol.

“He looks awful, if that makes you feel any better.” Steve put his hands on his hips and used his Cap voice. “Just go talk to him. I would shower first though.” With that, he turned and walked out of your room.

You were stunned, but it was effective. You sighed and trudged your way to the bathroom.


You found him down in the gym. He hadn’t noticed you yet so it gave you time to look him over. Still gorgeous as always. He had lost a little weight, but still looked delicious. Damn the man. Sweat was clinging to his back and his black running shorts were sitting low on his hips as he ran on the treadmill. He was looking straight ahead, pumping his arms, pushing himself. He hit the button to stop the machine, grabbed a towel to wipe his face and stepped down. He dropped the towel, finally noticing you standing near the doorway.

You both just stared at each other. You weren’t sure if it was because you didn’t know what to say or if he was waiting on you to start the conversation. Your question was answered when all he did was turn and head for the shower room. You sighed, rolling your eyes. You knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Bucky!” you called out. He came back through the doors and you almost lost your nerve. The man was only wearing a towel around his hips. You gulped, “I heard the mission went smoothly.”

A look you couldn’t decipher passed over his face, “That’s what you want to talk about?” He threw his hands in the air. You didn’t say anything more, at a complete loss for words.

He grabbed his gym bag from the floor and walked over to you, stopping just a breath away. He reached up and ran his thumb across your bottom lip. Then he shook his head and without another word, walked out. The haunted look in his eyes caused a broken sob to escape your throat.

Everything still hurt.

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Project: April Fools — Knife to Meet You

Knife To Meet You

Written by: @mimosaeyes, @667-darkavenue, @megatraven & @soundofez

Beta-ed by: @altoblt5, @mimosaeyes, @667-darkavenue, @megatraven & @soundofez

Summary: College AU and Reverse Crush AU. Ladybug and Chat Noir run a game of Murder in their uni. Marinette plots to take out her target: Adrien Agreste.

They met at midnight on the rooftop of the university dorms.

“You excited?” Chat Noir asked, eyes gleaming in the dark.

“Let’s get this Murder started.”

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Scenario where reader is trashikawa's twin sister and they fall in love w/ iwaizumi???

clenches fist im a sucker for this scenario cliche okay i lOVE IT

“Tooru?” You asked poking your head in the gym the brunette almost jumping out of his skin when he hears your voice, “W-What are you doing here?! I told you to wait outside!” Oikawa exclaimed, the team behind him only looking at you with complete confusion.

“Is that his girlfriend?”

“No way, she’s too cute to date someone like captain.” Hanamaki answered Matsukawa not even bothering to whisper making him and Matsukawa laugh before Iwaizumi spoke, “Even if she was I feel pity since she has to deal with trash.” He added making the duo only laugh more.

“Iwa-chan!” Oikawa whined with a pout before looking over at you already seeing your eyes wide with pure excitement, “Iwaizumi?!” You shouted looking back at the male.

You almost let out a squeal before rushing over to the male, “[Name]-chan!” Oikawa whined as you rushed to his best friend.

You didn’t seem to care about your brother and his whines seeing as you grabbed Iwaizumi’s hands and looked at his face with an excitement. One thing was for sure.

His hands were warm and he had definitely grown compared to the last time you saw him. His jaw was more chiseled, his arms were bigger, he was taller and he had grown more attractive.

Time had done him well in your eyes.

“Ah you’re so much taller! I can’t believe it’s really you!” You rambled with excitement Iwaizumi’s face practically growing red when he put two and two together and realized it was you from his childhood with Oikawa.

Sure enough you were still the cute girl he was always staring at back in the day. He had probably walked past you multiple times in the hall and hadn’t even realized it was you, most likely because he had to put up with Oikawa’s shit.

He was baffled as to why he hadn’t see you once in the gym waiting for your brother to finish his training.

But he was bluntly reminded as to why, “[Name]-chan you’re cute.” Matsukawa stated bluntly making you stop your rambling as you snapped your head over to the male. You blinked twice before your face burst into red, “Ah, she’s so small that makes her even cuter.” Hanamaki stated making your face grow even more red (if that was possible).

No doubt Oikawa always told you to wait outside because of the two next to him.

“[Name]-chan! Quit holding Iwa-chan’s hands!” The brunette whined stubbornly coming up to the two of you, “And you two!” He shouted pointing at the duo that went on about how cute you were, “Stop perving on my cute little sister!”

“So she’s a little sister? But she’s nothing like you.” Hanamaki grinned making his partner in crime snort as Oikawa looked like he was literally about to blow a fuse at the duo.

You only let out a sigh before looking back at Iwaizumi with a red face, “I better go before he starts something with those two…” You muttered before a smile grew on your not as red face.

“I have to see you again, Iwaizumi! I’ll stop by tomorrow to talk to you again, okay?” You said, the male only letting out a word seeing as he felt like his mouth wouldn’t do him justice.

You were still the same cute girl; you were still easily excited by something that could be so little; you had grown taller (but still shorter than him); and you would still stand on your tippy toes when you spoke excitedly.

“Great!” You excitedly said letting go of Iwaizumi’s hands and grabbing Oikawa’s shirt, “Come on, Tooru! Mom’s waiting!” You cheered pulling him with ease making him fall to the ground as he whined.

“[Name]-chan! Stop pulling me!”

As soon as you left Iwaizumi’s face finally bursted into full red as he took note of your words that you were coming tomorrow and you’d probably hold hands with him again if he was lucky enough.

“Ah, he blew a fuse.” Matsukawa noted, “Captain got so embarrassed over a girl, how cute~.” Iwaizumi glared at the duo, “Shut up!”


Request: hiiii can i get a prompt 19 with kihyun :) :) :) pretty please

19) You and your bias are rival idols forced to work with each other on a collaboration

Member: Monsta X’s Kihyun x Y/N

Type: some angst, some fluff, some romance. (warning: inappropriate language/references)

You fidgeted in the back of the SUV that was seemingly swallowing you whole. You weren’t sure if you were angry, frustrated, sad, or nervous. More than likely, it was an anxiety inducing in-between, but you tried to swallow your insecurities. Heart burn and acid in your esophagus were a physical manifestation of the nerves, mixing with your heart repeatedly plummeting to your feet and back to your chest again. 

Your manager had informed you just over a week ago that you had landed an OST for one of the most talked up dramas of the year. You would be performing a duet, but the other artist hadn’t yet been selected. You were notably excited, realizing what a big opportunity this would be for your career.  Only a few days later, you were called to your manager’s office. Told to shut the door, you were already aware of the heavy tone weighing down the air. She had informed you that you would be working with someone you had detested since shortly after your debut.

Yoo Kihyun of Monsta X. 

You weren’t exactly sure when or how you became rivals. Your relationship had developed simply enough, strictly work with the occasional conversation exchanged. This had all seemed to become altered once you had both been special MC’s for Music Bank during your last comeback cycles. Both of your groups had been up for a win that week, which caused an unnecessary awkwardness between the two of you. After your group had won, once again snatching away Monsta X’s first win (although they would move forward to win the next week) your relationship had changed. 

From that point on, every time you had run into Monsta X, Kihyun had something sarcastic or rude to say. You grew to dread running into the group, which wasn’t fair to yourself or the other men of Monsta. Hearing that you would have to spend hours, if not days with him, set your nerves on edge. 

You tried to shake the thoughts from your head as you felt a light squeeze on your knee. Looking up, you met the sad smile of your manager who gave a polite nod toward the door. You hesitantly grasped the handle and gave it a gentle push, exposing you to the morning sunlight you weren’t prepared for. 

Then again, you weren’t prepared for a lot of things. 

You looked up to the Starship Entertainment building, wincing at the immensity of it. You weren’t sure how your manager had negotiated, if she had at all, but you had agreed it would be best if you used a Starship studio for the project. You glanced over your shoulder to get another supportive nod from your manager as you shuffled toward the heavy glass doors that provided entry into the building. 

After checking in with the receptionist, you and your manager were led down hall after hall. It felt like hours as you trailed behind the woman, her short and thin frame darting from one direction to the next. Eventually you reached another set of glass doors with several people on the opposite side. She pulled them open, struggling with the weight as she waved you inside. 

“Hello,” your manager chimed, bowing to everyone in the room. You followed suit, keeping your eyes low. 

“I’m unsure if everyone has met,” one of the Starship managers nodded. “But this is Kihyu-”

“We’ve met,” Kihyun sighed shortly. Your face immediately darted up as you made eye contact with the cold man. His appearance had changed since the last time you had seen him, but then again, so had yours. His hair had gone from a bubblegum pink to a dark brown. He wore a beanie, keeping his hair pushed back from his face. He wasn’t wearing any makeup, but he didn’t have anything to cover up anyhow. He was brutally handsome, which made the situation so much worse. “No need for the pleasantries.”

“Ah, Kihyun, should we treat our guests this way?” his manager laughed nervously, casting a wary side eye to one of the producers set up at the mixing board. 

“Let’s just get to work,” Kihyun grumbled, launching himself from the couch he was lounging on. He leaned back, grabbing a piece of paper he had been looking over, and crumpled it a bit. He looked back to you, pushing the now crushed paper into your hands. “The lyrics.”

He sauntered past you and into the sound booth and placed a pair of headphones over his ears. Your mouth popped open, shocked by his open act of hostility. 

“I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” his manager gasped, rubbing at his temples. “I’m so sorry.”

You slowly shut your mouth, taking in a deep breath through your nose to calm yourself. “Don’t be.”

“Alright, let’s take a break!” the composer called over the studio mic, replacing the track with his voice in the sound booth. Kihyun cocked his eyebrows as he looked up from his paper and to you. 

“Didn’t we just take a break?” he asked uncertainly. 

“Yeah, we need to have a talk,” Kihyun’s manager responded, waving you both in. You looked warily to Kihyun as you hopped from your stool and past him. 

“Yah, watch it,” he grumbled as you bumped into his knee. 

“Look, this is literally a four by four glass box,” you hissed, turning to give him a death glare. His eyes grew wide at your tone. This had been the first time you had spoken to him since you had arrived to Starship. “If you don’t want to get bumped into, take more of an effort to make yourself smaller. Oh wait…you’ve already done that, haven’t you?”

His jaw dropped as he openly stared at you, unblinking. You tried to not smile at your small victory, making sure to back into him and bump his leg again as you exited the booth.

“What’s up?” you sighed, plopping onto the couch beside your manager. She pursed her lips and wrinkled her nose, a sign you had become familiar with. This expression was usually synonymous with bad news. 

“It’s not working,” Kihyun’s manager sighed as he had entered the room. “Your chemistry…”

“It just isn’t there,” your manager finished. “While you both sing beautifully…there’s no feeling behind the words.”

“The feeling is what sells it,” Kihyun’s manager sighed. 

Kihyun was leaned against the wall on the opposite side of the room, biting repeatedly at his lip. He looked up from his shoes and to his manager. “I always sound soulful, my words are always believable.”

“Not this time,” his manager muttered, shaking his head. “You sound hollow.” 

“Hollow!” Kihyun croaked, his cheeks becoming pink with anger and embaressment. “Well what about my partner! I can only be as good as who I’m paired with!”

“There is something lacking with both of you,” your manager cooed. You lifted your brows in surprise at her words. This was the first time she had ever given you any sort of negative feedback, no matter how small it was. She placed a comforting hand on your knee, but you quickly shifted to avoid her touch. 

“Maybe you two should have a conversation, just the two of you,” Kihyun’s manager said slowly. ‘It seems as if a heaviness has been filling up the room since you have gotten together.”

Kihyun rolled his eyes as he pushed off from the wall and pulled open the door. He sighed as he looked at you, his expression asking if you were coming along. 

You sucked at your back teeth, wincing as you stood. You didn’t even care about the OST anymore, you just wanted to be out of this uncomfortable situation. 

“You need to get your shit together,” Kihyun hissed, almost as soon as you stepped into the hallway. You could hardly believe his words. You looked down, realizing his muscular fingers were wrapped around your arm. You shook him off, recoiling from his touch and shot him the dirtiest look you could muster. 

“Don’t touch me,” you spat. “I need to get my shit together? At least I’m not accosting my singing partner in the hallway.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, accosting?” Kihyun groaned. “I was hoping to shake some sense into you.” 

“I’m not one to let the villain win,” you whispered. “But I can’t do this anymore. I quit.” 

You began to enter the studio again, only to have Kihyun grip you by the shoulder and spin you around. He tugged you a bit further down the hall, causing you to drag your feet in an attempt to halt him. 

“What in the hell Kihyun?” you gasped as he finally stopped, looking around to see the area he had pulled you to wasn’t as well lit and only led to an emergency exit. 

He turned, placing either of his hands on the opposite side of the wall beside your face. He pushed his body entirely too close to yours, the heat of his emotion radiating toward you. He used his arms as a cage in which you were incapable of escaping. Your breathing grew more shallow at his close proximity, unknowingly allowing him to search your face with scrutiny. 

“I’ll scream,” you whispered, your eyes not backing down from his. 

“Do it,” Kihyun hissed back, his words a challenge. You opened your lips for a moment, considering the idea, but promptly closed them, knowing full well you couldn’t get him into that sort of trouble. 

“Why am I the villain? And who even calls people villains anymore?” he continued. You looked out of your peripherals at his hands encasing you, flat against the wall. His chest was flush against yours, a constant reminder of his existence and absurdity of the situation. 

“Who has who pinned to the wall?” you mumbled. “But you’re the one who seems to have a problem with me, Yoo Kihyun. It’s not the other way around.”

“Why in the hell would I have a problem with you?” Kihyun spit. “You’re the one making this whole situation awkward.”

“What kind of skewed universe are you living in?” you laughed bitterly. “You’ve treated me as if I was a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe ever since my group won at Music Bank.”

“You think that’s what this is about?” Kihyun gaped. “A stupid award show?”

“Then what is it about? Enlighten me!” you gasped. 

Kihyun nodded for a moment, his eyes focusing on your lips before he looked back up to you. “Have you ever heard…that some men show their emotions like children sometimes? That they will bully women they have feelings for?…I think…I think I can show you better than I can explain it to you.”

“This isn’t a drama, Kihyun,” you grumbled. “I don’t t know if this OST has you in your feelings, but-”

Your words were abruptly cut off as Kihyun pressed his lips into yours. The kiss was hesitant at first, soft with uncertainty. Surely Kihyun had some idea that you could possibly rear back and smack the smugness from his face, but you were unsure if you wanted to do that. Your vision had begun to blur in the few moments before you finally decided to close your eyes and kiss back. 

Kihyun took this as a signal to remove his hands from the wall and let them rest lightly on your waist. You lifted your own fingers to curl around the back of his neck and play with the hair at his nape. With his tongue, Kihyun parted your lips, using his force to tilt your head back and explore even further. You relaxed into the kiss, getting over the initial shock and allowed him to do what he wanted. All of the angst and anxiety from the day melted away and into the kiss. Nothing about today had felt more right than this moment. Kihyun pulled you closer, stroking your back through the thin cotton of your t-shirt. Surely, this would give you inspiration for your song.

“Kihyun! Y/N! Where did you go?” the deep voice belonging to Kihyun’s manager called down the hallway.

Kihyun’s lips detached from yours, taking a small moment to smile at you. “We’re coming…

…well, not yet. I’ll have you doing that tonight actually.”

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Starkquill where somehow Drax was the first one to notice that Tony and Peter were into each other, but he's been around humans for a while now and he understands that if you tell them things directly they'll just do the opposite and ruin everything for everyone, so he's going to get them together using... metaphors

Tony Stark Is The Alyssa Milano

“He was kidnapped by aliens,” Drax stated as he watched the earthling known as Tony Stark dance along to the music Peter had declared awesome and that Rocket had grown fond of. Drax found Tony Stark’s dancing to be lazy–a simple roll of the hips and thrusting his arms above his head. It was something Groot could do while he was still potted.

Despite regaining his mobility and being capable of far more intricate dance, Groot mimicked the earthling’s movements and danced beside Tony Stark.  

“He wasn’t kidnapped, Drax. He was accidentally relocated.” Peter huffed as he leaned against the wall. His eyes wandered over Tony Stark’s body and rested on the man’s ass. The corner of Peter’s mouth quirked up as he admired Tony Stark’s rear end. “We’ll get him back home soon. Assuming we can get rid of him. He seems to like space.”

“Kidnapped, enjoys space, likes your music, and can dance,” Drax listed off.

Peter grinned. “Yeah, pretty cool dude. I might actually miss him by the time we get him back to Earth.”

For a man who had been in search of a partner for as long as Drax had known him, Drax was surprised that Peter was unable to see his perfect match right before him.

Earthlings could be quite stupid sometimes.

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Prompt: "You whine about scratches but you don’t let out a peep when you’ve got a gaping wound! The hell is wrong with you??” c: Thank you, thank you!

You didn’t specify a pairing so I did a little Ladynoir with some Adrinette. Enjoy! :)

“You whine about scratches but you don’t let out a peep when you’ve got a gaping wound! What the hell is wrong with you?!” Ladybug swore as she knelt over Chat Noir. “This looks really bad, Chaton.”

“Tis but a flesh wound, my Lady.” Chat Noir tried to sound nonchalant but gave a pained grunt as Ladybug pressed a hand into his side.

“I don’t understand why the cure isn’t healing you.” She looked around wildly for the magical ladybugs but none were to be found.

“Maybe I only get so many freebies,” he offered, wincing.

“You can’t keep taking hits like this. Do you think you can stand?”

He nodded and squeezed his eyes shut as she helped him to his feet. Ladybug grabbed his baton and extended to act as a cane. Chat Noir swayed unsteadily, eyes glazing over.

“Chat, stay with me, okay?” 

Her words fell on deaf ears as Chat Noir began to drop to his right. Ladybug caught him in time, wrapping a strong arm around his waist, being careful of his wound. “Okay,” she murmured. “Plan B.” 

Ladybug tightened her hold on him and slung out her yo-yo, taking them both back to her home.


Adrien woke to a tugging pain in his side. He groaned and tried to roll over. A firm hand held him in place. “Don’t move,” a voice said. “I’m almost done.”

His eyes shot open. “My Lady?” he asked in a whisper.

There was a pause and he felt another stinging tug. “It’s me,” she finally answered.

Adrien tried to control his breathing as he studied the pink wall directly in front of him. “I lost my transformation,” he said lamely.

“She figured that one out on her own, Kid,” Plagg snarked from above his head. Adrien titled his face up to see the kwami resting on a pillow with a small plate of cheese. “Good to see you awake though. Maybe don’t scare us like that anymore.”

“I’m sorry…where are we?”

“My room. I didn’t know where else to take you. You didn’t transform until I got you inside.” Adrien felt one last tug and then heard a snipping sound. “I keep a pretty extensive first aid kit just in case. Ah, there, that should do it.”

“Oh.” Adrien felt his heart being to race. “What do you want me to do…close my eyes or stay turned around while you leave or–”

“It doesn’t really seem fair if I know who you are but you don’t know who I am,” she answered. “Besides, this has been a wake-up call. We need to be more realistic about what can happen to us in battles.” She placed a warm hand on his shoulder. “I trust you, mon minou. You can turn over, just be careful. I stitched up your side but it was my first time sewing a human so let’s not test it.” She laughed nervously.

Adrien took a deep breath. This was it, the moment he had been dreaming about for years. Well, maybe not exactly like this but…in mere seconds he would know the woman behind the mask. The woman he was in love with. The woman–


“Hi,” she blushed.

“You’re Ladybug?”

She nodded.

“You’ve been Ladybug this whole time?”

Marinette nodded again but a little more hesitantly.


Marinette’s face fell, but Adrien didn’t seem to notice. “I’ve always thought you were amazing but this…” he trailed off when he finally noticed her expression. “Marinette, this is the best thing ever.” 

“What?” She dared a glance at him. He tried to sit up but his face crumpled in pain. “Stay down, you stubborn man,” she demanded. “You’re going to mess up my hard work.”

“Then lay down beside me. I want to be able to see your face while we talk.”

Marinette reluctantly stretched out beside him, mentally preparing herself for rejection.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Adrien began.

“I know it doesn’t,” Marinette interrupted. “Goofy, clumsy Marinette somehow transforming into Ladybug–”

“You didn’t let me finish,” he pouted. “It doesn’t make sense how I ended up so lucky.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m supposed to be the unlucky one, but somehow I get to have both Ladybug and Marinette wrapped up in one unbelievable package.”

“You don’t mind that I’m…me?”

“Do I mind?! My Lady, I can’t think of anything better.” He reached for her hand and kissed her knuckles. “Do you mind that I’m Chat?”

“That my brave, strong partner is my sweet, kind friend?” She smiled at him. “I think I’m still the lucky one, Chaton.”

Wake Up Calls

Ethan tried to move upon waking up, only to have a pair of strong arms pull him back down. At first the blue haired boy was confused, then he remembered he had fallen asleep with Tyler last night. For a few moments he just laid there in his embrace, but eventually began squirming again.

“Stoop.” Tyler groaned sleepily. Ethan stopped momentarily and huffed in frustration.

“Then let me gooo. I have to peee.” Ethan whined. A smile formed over Tyler’s face as he got a devious idea. He started tickling Ethan relentlessly.

“S-stop Tyler. AH I- I have to- pee.” He could barely talk in between his laughter.

“Oh, why didn’t you just say so?” With that Tyler let him go and fell back into the bed.

Signe was always the first one awake. She was lucky if she could get Sean up before 9. He always stayed up late with his fans, or doing other things for the channel. He was just so damn dedicated. Signe loved it though.

She sighed as she began playing with her boyfriend hair while he was fast asleep. Signe remembered when he first dyed it green, it was a shock. They both quickly grew to love it though. Groaning internally, realizing she wanted coffee, she tried to move. It was no use.

Changing tactics, Signe rolled her body out from underneath him, landing on her feet with a soft thud. She smiled to herself, proud. She began humming as she made her way into the kitchen to make coffee. Once it was done, she made a cup for Sean, just how he liked it and brought it in there to him. She sat it down on the nightstand, then moved to the end of the bed, clearing her throat.

“TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES. MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!” Signe screamed. Sean jerked awake, unintentionally launching himself out of the bed. He looked up at his girlfriend and gave her a goofy smile.

Normally Mark would wake up before Amy. He liked go for a run in the morning, then taking a shower, and then starting the day. But not this morning. When Amy woke up, he was still asleep. Knowing they had a busy day ahead of then she began trying to wake him.

“Markkk, wakey wakey.” Amy said in a hushed tone while brushing the hair out of his face. He didn’t even budge. She had to try harder. She pushed on his shoulder as hard as she could. In a louder voice saying, “It’s time to get up you big baby. You have things to dooo.”

“Mark finally stirred only to look at her a plop back down mumbling, "Call YouTube and tell them I quit.”

Amy rolled her eyes. He was so dramatic. “Oh but what would the world do with out you? O’ great Markiplier,” she began shaking him and said in a mocking tone, “THINK OF THE FANNNS MARK.”

“I am. They’ll understand. They love me. They told me I could sleep into today. Just ask them.”

Amy decided that this called for drastic measures. She left the bedroom and went to go find Ethan and Tyler, finding them on the kitchen. Amy told them what to do and then they all headed back upstairs. They quietly entered the bedroom and assumed their positions.

On Amy’s cue they jumped on the bed on top of Mark and started screaming at him to wake up. Needless to say, he did.

(I don’t actually know their ship name)

“Ooh Marzia,” Felix cooed. Marzia began giggling uncontrollably.

When her giggle fit was over, she decided to tell him, “Uh, Felix that isn’t me.” Which was followed by more cute little laughs. Felix groaned, opening his eyes.

“Edgar?!? Jävla, I thought I raised you better than that. BUY ME A DRINK FIRST.” Edgar was the one licking his mouth, not his girlfriend, Felix sighed in defeat.

“C'mon Pewds it’s time to get uppp.” Marzia said, nudging him.

“I don’t wanna.” Felix mumbled into his pillow.

“Fine then…I’ll go get Maya and tell her to attack you too.”

“Oohhhh nooo. Not Maya.” Felix said mockingly, but he still got up. He squinted his eyes and looked at Marzia, “You’re lucky you’re cute.” He said then kissed her forehead.

The endd

Tomorrow morning I’ll post crankiplier/jelix/apocalyptoplier/ and some other ones lol


- Even more hyperactive than normal
- “Wait, I just thought of a cool guitar riff, lemme show you.” Proceeds to fall flat on his face after tripping on his blankets.
- Wraps himself in the blanket and lays on the floor. “This is my home now.”
- You end up having to drag his lanky ass frame back to his bed
- “You have to make a dope ass playlist for my funeral.” “Jae, it’s just a cold.” “I can see the light.” “Yeah, the light from your bedside lamp.” “Oh.”
- Still talks to the members through Kakao
- It’s mostly just weird stuff and boasting about how good you are at taking care of him
- Would probably dab after tasting your soup
- Actually can’t even taste it but he likes embarrassing you

- “I’m fine.” “Brian, there’s so much snot dripping from your nose, I could fill a bucket with it. You are not fine.”
- Insists on working on the lyrics for their next song but his handwriting looks like scribbly lines
- Tries to hold his bass but drops her accidentally. Cries and apologizes to her for the next three hours.
- Starts trying to apologize/thank you at the same time but it comes out as “I’m sorry that you’re being such a great friend.”
- Would thank you properly after he got better
- Lots of groaning and self-pity (basically whining tbh) about being unable to work
- You’d have to comfort him like a child while he’s sniffling and crying
- Would also be embarrassed about how much he cried after he’s healthy again. Denies it when the others tease him.

- Would definitely call himself Bob
- Busan accent so thick he sounds like a gangster on the street picking a fight
- But actually he’s saying stuff like “Thanks for helping me and always taking care of me. You’re a good person. I’m glad I’m friends with you.”
- Accidentally sneezes on you and looks like a deer in headlights afterwards
- Lists all the reasons why he can’t get sick now
- “Wait, let me just text our manager and the members that I’m sick.” “Okay, fine.” “And also our composer, producer, arranger, JB, Jinyoung, Jackson–” “Sungjin, no.”
- Also tries to act like he’s not sick
- When he finally accepts he’s too sick to do anything, he’ll suggest some home remedies his mother taught him
- Which ends up tasting really gross but he sucks it up until you stop him. “I think you’ve had enough; your face looks like it’s going to implode.”

- The worst sick person
- Would be so out of it
- Confused as heck
- Sweaty as heck
- The type of person to start stripping bc it’s too hot but stops halfway - with only one arm out of his sweater - because it’s the perfect temperature
- “(y/n), you were here?” “I’ve been here for the last two hours??” “Really?” “You’ve been talking to me the whole time???” “Ah, I was wondering why my head voice sounded like a girl.”
- Sleeps a lot
- Mumbles incoherently
- “I can drink water by myself.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” Spills it all over himself and the bed
- Also smiles a lot
- Would refuse to eat the food you made unless it tasted good
- Would totally forget about what happened while he was sick
- Apologizes after you/someone else reminds him

- Needy as heck
- Also whiny as heck (about how sick he is)
- So much aegyo
- Probably even more cross-eyed than usual
- Would still be able to play the piano decently tbh
- “You should leave. I don’t want you to catch my cold,” he’d say while cuddling you on his bed
- Would smile while you were talking to him but actually he’s not listening and just looking at you
- Wants you to fuss over him
- “I want strawberry milk.” “Okay, I’ll go buy some. Let go of me, first.” “Don’t wanna.”
- And his face would just scrunch up deciding what to do
- Eventually, he’d let you go but would end up cuddling you again when you came back
- Is embarrassed about how he acted afterward

- So quiet normally that you wouldn’t even notice
- You just touch him un/intentionally and he’d be burning up
- “I have a cold?” “Yeah, you idiot.”
- Hoarse voice
- Gummy smile
- Would giggle a lot
- Cries after eating the food you made him. “It was delicious.” “I literally just boiled rice and added salt. You know I can’t cook.” “But it was so good.”
- This is literally the only time he would ask, “Can I hold your hand?” because he’s normally too shy to
- Also cute as heck
- His fingers would still be tapping his bed and it’s amazing because the beat actually sounds good
- He’d be reluctant to ask for your help so he just whispers it and hopes you’ll hear
- “Can you get me some water?” “Huh? What did you say?” And then he’d just shake his head
- Sniffles a lot

Imagine your son watching his daddy, Chris, on TV.

A/N: Helloooooooo, I’m back with the mini series! The last mini left us with Chris and the reader having an adorable little boy; Jackson River Evans. This continues on from there, just a bunch of fics that show their daily adventures that come with parenthood. Hope you enjoy it. X (Here is the mini-series ‘Masterlist’, I’ll link it as soon as I get home.)

It was 11:25PM in the Evans household, after a long day of running errands with your very talkative and excitable son, one would think that you and Chris would be fast asleep. But instead, the two of you were sat on the floor of your living room surrounded by wrapping paper, ribbons, and a buttload of different toys, books, and clothes for your son’s second birthday tomorrow.

You’d planned to start wrapping around 8:30PM- Jack’s bedtime- but as always, neither of you could leave his side until he fell asleep which was three and a half stories later at 9:48PM. What made things worst was that he knew it was his birthday tomorrow and that his parents were staying up to wrap his presents and prepare for his party; the questions he tackled both of you with made for good laughs and weary head shakes.

“Do you want some coffee?” Chris chuckled when another yawn escaped you; you shook your head. “What about Gummi Bears?” You shook your head again. “What about both?” He suggested, smiling when you bit back your smile.

“No, I’m good.” You told him as you returned your attention to the half wrapped ‘Dancing Elmo’ in front of you. “I can’t have caffeine or sugar now, if I do then- I’m going to be up all night.” Chris raised an eyebrow, his facials saying “isn’t that what we want?” You chuckled, “are you that tired that you’ve forgotten what happened the last time I tried to stay up with the help of coffee and Gummi Bears?”

His eyes narrowed slightly as he thought back, it didn’t take long for realization to sweep over his face. “Ah, yes.” He chuckled, nodding. “I believe I called it The Rise and Fall of Y/N.” You nodded with pursed lips. “I honestly thought you broke that day, was going to call Kevin and Robert to set me up with another girl.” You rolled your eyes. “Preferably one that doesn’t go on a caffeine and sugar high so she can pull an all nighter on her script, only to talk my ear off with her random epiphanies instead.”

“Jerk,” you tossed a toddler size version of Chris’ favorite pair of shoes at him. It hit him in the chest and landed in his lap, but he was too busy bellowing with laughter to bother retaliating. “Shut up,” you laughed softly, throwing the other shoe at him. “You’re going to wake Jack up.”

“Okay okay,” he softened his laughter, wiping away the tears that had formed in the corner of his eyes. “Hey, these are cute.” He said when he picked the shoes up off his lap. “They look exactly like mine, how did you-” He looked up at you and you smirked, shrugging. “You’re going to make him so happy.”

“I know,” you smiled. “He keeps asking me to put your shoes aside for him so he can wear them when he’s older, he gets so mad when he sees you wearing them because he thinks they’re his now. He keeps telling me that you’re wearing them out.”

“Trust me, I know,” he chuckled. “He gets so passive-aggressive every time I have those shoes on. Like the other day, he told me my feet are too big for those beautiful shoes.” You both laughed at that. “And just today, I found him hiding them under his bed. Honestly,” he shook his head, smiling, “that boy is an odd one.”

“Children are a reflection of their parents,” you teased.

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded then smirked as he said, “have you met his mom?”

“I’m running out of soft things to throw at you,” you threw a Mickey Mouse plush ball at him. “Can we get back to it now?” You asked, beckoning at the pile of unwrapped gifts; you were starting to regret offering your wrapping services to your family and friends who were out of town and couldn’t make it. “We’re going to need at least some sleep if we want to get through a two year old’s birthday party tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay.”

The both of you returned to wrapping and a comfortable silence filled the air. It wasn’t until you got through your fifth gift, and Chris his fourth that you both realized there were sounds coming from upstairs. You glanced behind you then turned back to Chris whose narrowed eyes were looking at the archway leading to the hallway where the stairs were.

“Did you leave the TV on upstairs?”

“No,” you shook your head. “I haven’t been upstairs since-”

“Jack,” you both concluded in unison, heaving a heavy sigh.

Chris made his way upstairs with you right on his heel. The closer you got to your bedroom, the louder the TV got. Chris looked over his shoulder at you, mouthing “is that?” You nodded, chuckling when you realized Jack was watching one of his father’s old interviews with Jimmy Fallon. You both poked your head into the room and saw Jack snugged in the middle of your bed with Dodger under his tiny arm. He was always so mesmerized by his dad, or you, being on TV that he’d fail to notice all else, like the two of you in the doorway.

“Bud,” Chris called and Jack flinched, “what are you doing out of bed?”

“I’m not out of bed,” he gestured to the fact that he was in your bed, grinning cheekily.

“Let’s rephrase,” you stepped in, chuckling, “what are you doing out of your bed?”

“Well, I…” he trailed off, turning his attention back to the TV because he didn’t want to miss a second of his dad.

You and Chris shared a weary look then shrugged and joined Jack in your king sized bed, each on either side of him. Dodger shuffled, moving to rest his head on your lap. You smiled and stroked his side, leaning down to whisper into his floppy ear “thanks for looking after of our little handful, sweetheart.”

“Shhh,” Jack pressed his tiny finger to his lips.

“Oh, please.” You chuckled. “Like my whispering-”

“Seriously, shh,” Chris shushed you too, pointing to the TV. “You’ll want to listen to this part, it’s super sweet.” A smug smirk formed on his lips because you’d already seen it before and you already knew it was super sweet. “It’s about his wife and kid.”

“And I’m the kid!” Jack gasped excitedly and climbed out of the covers so he could crawl closer to the TV. You were about to reach and catch him when Chris got to him first; the last thing you needed was your son ruining his eyes like you did as a child.

“You’re not going any closer to the TV, bud.” Chris murmured into his soft locks. “The last thing we need is you wearing glasses too.” Jack still tried to wiggle out of his dad’s strong grip and Chris frowned. “Jack, stop,” he spoke in a firmer tone and Jack immediately stilled. “Either sit here with me or go to bed.”

“I’ll sit here with you,” Jack nodded, leaning back against his dad’s chest.

“Not bad,” you mouthed, smiling at Chris who was tipping his imaginary hat; he was getting a lot better at controlling Jack. Usually Jack would just ignore Chris and continue his defiance until you stepped in and dropped the hammer, but not so much anymore. You turned your attention back to the TV when you heard your name.

“I believe congratulations are in order, you and Y/N are now parents to an adorable boy.” Jimmy said and the audience cheered; Chris smiled as a photo of you carrying Jack, who was only eight months then, popped up on the screen behind him.

“That’s me,” Jack giggled excitedly; both you and Chris chuckled.

“Jack, right?” Jimmy asked and Chris nodded. “He is a beautiful baby.”

“Thank you,” Chris smiled. “Yeah, he is a real looker. His smile just lights up the room and his eyes are bluer than mine,” he chuckled softly. “But I mean-” he glanced back at the photo, his smile growing even wider. “I didn’t really expect anything less. Look at his mom, she’s beautiful and perfect and- he’s just a splitting image of her.”

The interview touched your heart like it did the first time, you smiled and reached over Jack to press your hand against your husband’s face. He smiled and turned his head, kissing the palm of your hand. You pulled your hand away and returned your attention to the TV.

“It must be very hard for you to be away from home at the moment,” Jimmy said and Chris nodded, pouting adorably. “And how is Y/N handling Jack on her own? She’s always said that between the two of you, you’re better with kids.”

“That’s-” Chris chuckled. “No, Y/N is fantastic with children. She just says she’s not because she’s overly modest and she likes her 'I-don’t-want-kids’ reputation, but honestly- if you see her with kids, you can tell that she is nothing like she portrays herself to be. She is just the sweetest, kindest, most gentle person when she’s around kids. Well,” he chuckled, “the good ones anyway.”

“And Jack’s one of the good ones, right?”

“Definitely,” Chris nodded, smiling. “I was FaceTiming with Y/N yesterday and she’s been telling me all about how he just sleeps through the night and eats whatever she gives him. He’s a very easy baby, like she hasn’t even had to call our moms for backup yet.”

“I’m sure you must be very excited to get back home to them,” Jimmy put another photo up on the screen behind Chris; it was one of the three of you and Dodger that Chris tweeted out for Mother’s Day. The whole audience awwwed at the photo, making Chris smile. “I mean- that is a sweet family waiting for you.”

“Yeah, and I’m counting down the days till I see them,” Chris admitted with a soft chuckle. “Only a couple months of press left and then I’m back in Boston for a long break until the next part premieres. But by then, Jack should be old enough to fly so they can come out and visit me while I’m doing press around the world.”

Jimmy smiled, “once again, congratulations. If you’re watching this, Y/N, Jack is beautiful and I am so happy for you guys. The first part of Avengers Infinity War is out in cinemas now, be sure to watch it. Chris Evans, everyone!”

You expected Jack to clap and when he didn’t, you looked over to find him fast asleep in his dad’s arms. “I guess he woke up and just wanted us to keep him company until he fell asleep again,” Chris whispered and you smiled. “I’m going to go put him to bed.” You nodded and yawned as he rose to his feet with Jack in his arms. “And you should go to sleep too, I’ll finish up downstairs.”

“We’re a team,” you told him and rose to your feet, following him with a hand on his lower back. “I don’t sleep until you sleep.” Chris smiled and wrapped one arm around you, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head as the two of you made your way to Jack’s room.

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Part 2 will be up soon.

Birthday Girl (M)

A short fic I wrote for @xiustories since it’s her birthday~

Genre: X Reader, fluff, smut

Member(s): Minseok <3

POV: Second person

Warning(s): Um, it’s smut, so…

Summary: It’s your birthday, and you know what you want.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

“(y/n)-ah?” Your boyfriend poked his head into your room. “(y/n), it’s morning. And you know what that means…” He cooed, walking up to your bed and brushing a strand of hair from your face. He smiled, taking in your peaceful expression, his heart swelling at the sight of you.

“(y/n)?” He tried, one last time.

When you didn’t wake up, he sighed, shaking his head amusedly. Gently lifting the covers, he slid into bed beside you, situating himself so that your head rested on his chest. He wiggled around a bit more, before wrapping his arms around your sleeping body.

“Min?” You mumbled, your voice hoarse with sleep.

“Morning, birthday girl,” Minseok whispered, grinning and kissing your forehead.

Your eyes cracked open, peering up at him sleepily.

“Morning, Minseok,” you said with a yawn. “I wasn’t expecting you to be here…so early.”

He chuckled, the sound vibrating in his chest. You snuggled down into it, your lips curving up in a smile at the comforting sensation.

“Well, it’s 9 o'clock, sweetheart, so I figured it wasn’t too early. I was hoping, maybe, that the birthday girl would go out for breakfast with me?” He said hopefully, his fingers playing with your hair as he awaited your response.

Your smile grew, and you nodded against his chest.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” You asked, sitting up to look at him.

He shrugged, his cheeks flushing slightly.

“Well, you seem to value your sleep an awful lot.” He said teasingly.

You rolled your eyes, giving him a playful slap on the chest.

“Whatever.” You sat up, crawling out of the bed. “I need to take a shower first, though.”

“Okay,” he said, pulling out his phone.

You walked into your bathroom, slipping off your pajamas. Turning the faucet to hot, you stepped into the shower. The stream of water hit your bare skin, making you yelp slightly in surprise. You wet your hair, washing it thoroughly before scrubbing your body. You rinsed your hair, turning off the water and coming out into the steamy but chilling air. Wrapping yourself in a towel, you looked around.

“Crap,” you said aloud. You had forgotten about clothes…and Minseok was in your bedroom.

It wasn’t that you two hadn’t experimented. Far from that, in fact. You two had had your share of make out sessions and whatnot. But it hadn’t gone any further than that, for some reason. It wasn’t as if you two didn’t love each other, it just…never escalated that far.

Recently, you had noticed that the heated interactions between the two of you had become more frequent. And afterwards, more often than not, it left you with a dull aching inside of you, a craving that just wasn’t satisfied by Minseok’s fingers or tongue. A throbbing need. You were a virgin, but you were pretty sure you knew what this meant. You knew he wouldn’t mind, he’d probably be more than glad to oblige. But…you just weren’t sure how to ask him.

You stood shivering, contemplating what you could do. You could go get some clothes from your room, asking him not to look. You could check the laundry room and see if you had anything clean. Or, you could gather up your courage and…

Biting your lip, you stared at yourself in the mirror. Were you ready for this?

“(y/n), are you okay?” You heard Minseok call from down the hall.

“Yeah, Min! I just…I…”

Taking a deep breath and nodding to your reflection, you made up your mind. Opening the bathroom door, you found yourself staring up at Minseok.

“(y/n)? You scared me. You didn’t answer me,” he said, looking down at you concernedly.

You gulped, tugging your towel tighter around yourself, although he didn’t seem to notice.

How the hell were you going to do this?

“Sorry, I m-must not have h-heard you,” you stuttered.

He stared at you, a hand coming up to cup one of your blushing cheeks.

“Are you sure you’re okay, (y/n)-ah? You’re stuttering, are you cold? But your cheeks feel warm… Are you getting sick? Do you not want to go to breakfast?” He questioned, taking a step towards you.

You blinked.

“I’m not sick, Minseok…and I do want to go to breakfast. But I…I was just thinking, while I was in the shower…there’s something I-I want for my birthday,” you choked out, your breathing uneven.

He stared into your eyes, surprised.

Wow. Were you really that easy to read?

He swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing slightly.

“And what would that be?” He asked, voice wavering.

“I…I want you, Minseok.”

He was silent for a second. Five seconds. Ten seconds.

Your heart fell, your eyes glancing away from his down to your feet. He didn’t feel the way you did…

“If you don’t want to, I-”

Your words were cut off by his lips pressed against yours in a warm kiss. His hand left your cheek, both hands making their way down to your hips and squeezing them gently. He took another step forward, slowly guiding you to the wall, never breaking the lip-lock. His teeth sunk into your lower lip, eliciting a soft moan from you. His tongue slid into your mouth, exploring it with deep, firm strokes. You stood still, still a bit surprised by the sudden action.

He pulled away, panting slightly, his pink lips swollen and reddish. You imagined yours must look the same.

“Why wouldn’t I want to, (y/n)?” He asked, his eyes searching yours. “Why wouldn’t I want to make love to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, the sweetest girl I know?”

You shrugged, a little shy.

“I don’t know, I just thought…”

“Well don’t think,” he whispered, his nose brushing against yours. “Don’t think for a second. But tell me: do you really want this? Because if you do, I’ll do it. I want to. But do you?”

You nodded quickly.

“I’m sure, Min.”

He watched you for a second, searching for any sign of hesitation.

“Okay,” he breathed.

In an instant, his plump lips were attached to the side of your neck, his hot tongue licking at the skin like his life depended on it. You tilted your head back, allowing him more access to your neck. He nipped at the flesh, the feeling of his teeth making a moan bubble up in your throat. His hands pulled on your towel, causing it to fall to the floor. Pulling his head back from your neck, he groaned, his eyes darkening at the sight of your bare figure.

“(y/n),” he growled, his usually cute and sweet voice now lower and filled with lust. “Do you have any idea how fucking beautiful you are?”

You whimpered, feeling him take a nipple into his warm mouth.

“You do, don’t you? You did this all on purpose, making me worry, only to lure me here,” He hissed against your breast, his fingers ghosting over your sides, down your hips, inwards, until he reached your clenched thighs.

Smirking against your skin, he pried your legs apart, tracing your slit with a single finger.

“Hmm, so you do want this,” he observed, feeling your wetness cover his finger. “Let’s get started, then.”

You gasped as he pushed his finger into your entrance, sliding it in and out at a torturous pace. He released your nipple from his mouth, his eyes boring into yours.

“How does this feel, hmm?”

“Min…I want more,” you choked out, shivering at his touch.

He grinned, adding a second finger.

“That’s my girl,” he hummed, speeding up ever so slightly.

You whined at his praise, your head thrashing about. It just wasn’t enough!

“Min, it’s not enough. I need…I need your cock. Please.” You begged, your hands on his clothed shoulders, trying to get him to move.

“Oh really?”

You nodded your head eagerly, feeling your stomach twinge at the thought of his dick being inside of you.

“Well…I guess I’ll let you have it. After all, you are the birthday girl.” He crooned, his fingers leaving your slick heat with a squelch.

Before you knew it, he was unbuckling his belt, his pants and boxers gliding down his pale legs. He took his cock in his hand, stroking it, his eyes on you.


“Yes. I want this. This is what I want for my birthday.” You were glad your voice didn’t waver, or you knew he wouldn’t do it.

“Okay.” He took a deep breath, nudging your legs apart a bit more. “Do you trust me?”

You nodded.

“Then jump.”

You did as he said, trusting him entirely. He placed his hands under your butt, holding you up against the wall. He took his erection in his hand again, slowly guiding it towards your wet core.

You squeezed your eyes shut, your teeth sinking into your lip as you felt his cock begin to stretch you. You whimpered, your hands reaching out to clutch his biceps tightly.

“Mmphhh, tight,” he grunted under his breath, tempted to begin pounding into you then and there. He paused, noticing your tense expression. He waited for you to adjust, his eyes concerned.

“Move,” you finally mumbled.

His lips curved up in a smile, secretly happy that you still wanted to continue.

Cautiously, he slipped out, leaving only the tip in. You gasped as he slid back in, the feeling of his hardness against your tight walls making your core clench. His hips began moving at a considerably tame pace, his thrusts going deep inside you. You squirmed, feeling him hit a spot that made you want to scream.

“Ahhh, uhh, Min…” you moaned. “That spot…”

He thrust into it again.

“Yes, there!” You cried out.

He rocked his hips, hitting that one spot in you each time. Before you knew it, your insides were twisting, heat flooding your body.

“Minseok, I’m so close…” you groaned out.

“C'mon, babe, cum for me,” he cooed, still thrusting in and out of you. He slid a hand between your sweaty bodies, his fingers finding your clit and rubbing it quickly.

Your eyes rolled back, every inch of you filled with bliss. The coil in you tightened, more and more, until it snapped.

“MINSEOK!!!” You screamed, your hands flying from his arms to his hair, your fingers knotting themselves in it sharply.

Your walls convulsed around his cock, making him grunt loudly.

“Fuck, (y/n),” he muttered, pulling out at last. His hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it furiously until finally he came as well.

His warm cum shot onto your stomach, his head tilting back as he moaned.

You both panted, staring into each other’s eyes as you relished in your orgasms.

“I love you, (y/n),” he said, pressing a kiss to your temple. “Happy birthday, jagiyah.”

You smiled.

“Thank you, Min.” You said softly.

He opened his mouth to say something, when his stomach growled loudly. You both chuckled.

“Shall we clean up and go out for breakfast?” He asked.

“Sounds good to me,” you replied. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hot chocolate.”

“I am too! But only if there’s marshmallows,” he said, tugging his boxers up.

You laughed.

“Of course. There has to be marshmallows.” You said, rolling your eyes at his silliness.

“Well, I’m sure there will be.” He kissed your lips. “I’ll make sure of it. Anything for the birthday girl.”

Thoughts?? This is only my second smut after all lol. also, thank you to my proofreader @laineylovegirl <3

Blush - Wade Wilson x Reader

I wanted to put one of him with his scarred face but I couldn’t find one that was cute enough. Because it had to be pretty cute…

“Wade?” You called, walking into the living room of your apartment. You found him spread across the couch, his mask coming off half his face and large slash masks across the chest area of his suit.

A smile pulled at the corners of your lips as you watched his chest rise and fall gently. When he was asleep you could almost forget that he was a ruthless assassin.

Walking over to your boyfriend, you leant over the arm of the couch where his head lay. You gently pulled his mask up so you could kiss him on the forehead. Pressing his lips to his scarred skin, you closed your eyes.

Next thing you knew, strong hands had grabbed your waist and flipped you over onto the couch. When you opened your eyes and gained your bearings again, you realised that you were now somehow on the couch with Wade leaning above you. His hands were on either side of the couch by your head.

“Wade…” You said slowly.

“Yes, (Y/n)?” He smiled innocently.

“What was that for?”

“What was what for?” He grinned.

“Why have you trapped me on the couch.”

“Because I like you underneath me.” Wade winked at you and you rolled your eyes.

“That’s not a good enough reason to nearly break my neck.”

“I think it is.” Wade smirked, leaning down to kiss you. He bit your lip before pulling away.

“I hate you.”

“You love me.” He said, leaning down again to kiss you gently on the forehead.

You felt yourself blush slightly.

“Ah! See, I got the colour in your cheeks!” Wade said, triumphant.

“Oh shut up.” You placed your hands on either side of his face, pulling him down to you. You leaned up to kiss him but Deadpool put his hand between your two lips.

“Wait, wait.” He said.

“You really don’t want me to kiss you?” You said, eyebrow raised.

“No, no.” He removed the hand and pressed his lips to yours in a passionate kiss which lasted only a few seconds.

“Am I the only one who gets that colour in your cheeks?” He asked.

“Oh no, I have like twenty other boyfriends who get me to blush by saying cute things.” You rolled your eyes.

“Hey, don’t get sarcastic with me, Missy.” Wade tapped your nose with a finger.

“But seriously, am I the only-” You cut him off by pulling his lips back to yours, shifting so that you were lying side by side on the couch, and then so you were lying on him.

“You’re the only one, Wade. And you were right, I do love you.”

“Good.” He smiled, “Because you should know that if someone else ever does try to get you to blush like I do, I would like to invite them round for tea.”

You frown, tilting your head.

Wade smirked up at you, “And then kill them.”

actual cannibal shia lebouf sentence starters

because i have no self control

❛    You’re walking in the woods. There’s no one around, and your phone is dead.    ❜
❛    Out of the corner of your eye you spot ______.    ❜
❛    He’s following you about 30 feet back.    ❜
❛    ______ gaining on you.    ❜
❛    There’s blood on his face! My god, there’s blood everywhere!    ❜
❛    He’s brandishing a knife.    ❜
❛    Lurking in the shadows is Hollywood superstar _______.    ❜
❛    He’s living in the woods, killing for sport, and eating all the bodies.    ❜
❛    You’re hopelessly lost yourself…    ❜
❛    Your leg! AH! It’s caught in a bear trap!     ❜
❛    Gnaw off your leg.    ❜ 
❛    Quiet, quiet.    ❜
❛    Stab it in his kidney.    ❜
❛    You are safe at last from _________.    ❜
❛    Blood is oozing from your stump leg.    ❜
❛    But you have won.    ❜
❛    You have beaten _______.    ❜
❛    There was a gun to your head and death in his eyes.    ❜
❛    But you can do Jis Jitsu! Body slam superstar _______!    ❜
❛    Wait! He isn’t dead!    ❜
❛    This is a normal Tuesday night for ________.    ❜
❛    Blood is draining fast from your stump leg.    ❜
❛    You have just decapitated _______.    ❜
❛    Fall to your knees and catch your breath.    ❜
❛    You’re finally safe from ________…    ❜

Jack Maynard Imagine - They don’t know (SMUT)

After months and months of denial and several attempts to hide your feelings, you finally gave in. You gave in and started dating Jack Maynard. So far, your relationship hadn’t changed that much; the only new thing was, you could now kiss without having to give any kind of explanation.

But you hadn’t told anyone yet.

You found yourself cuddling next to Jack’s side, under one of his soft blankets. Conor, Oli and Josh were sat on the couch next to you, except for the ginger boy, who was partially asleep on the floor, right by your side. The movie was playing in the background, but your attention wasn’t on it whatsoever.

The past few weeks had been one of the best of your life so far. Having let out your feelings from your respective chests, Jack and you seemed happier, and calmer. You’d always be hanging out with each other, cuddling or making out in random places like the kitchen counter, because Jack thought it was hot. It was, indeed.

Jack was the kind of boyfriend you just couldn’t decide if he was too cute or too sexy. For his fans, he’s always been the ‘hot’ brother. But for you, who knew him much more deeply, he still was ‘fine as hell’ - of course - but there was a side of him you just loved a little bit more.

Almost every day you’d spend the night at each other’s places, because now your arms would feel so empty when the lights went out. And he wouldn’t have you wrapped around his body, giving him the love and warmth he had longed for so long. 

Sex was beyond words. You were always at the top of his priorities, and sex wasn’t an exception. He would always take care of you, putting your needs first. And then he’d do his thing, and you would do yours, and you would both feel at the top of the world. And then at the bottom, embraced together.

So you couldn’t really decide which of Jack’s sides you liked the most. It usually depended on the situation you were into. And now, as you felt  his hand slowly making its way under your sweatpants, you definetly had a favourite  side on your mind. 

You coughed as you sat up straighter, catching out Jack’s mischievous smile from the corner of your eye. He was such a tease, and you were so fucking easy to tease.

His hand slid down and stroked your sensitive area with two fingers, pressing the fabric of your underwear against your already soaked center. You slid a hand down the blanket and held his hand to stop him. Needless to say, he did not stop at all.

He started rubbing circles with his fingers, and you let out a small whimp, which you soon covered up with a cough “You okay there, Y/N?” Conor asked you, turning his head to look at you. You gave him a thumbs up.

Jack let out a silent chuckle as he finally filled you with his fingers, making you flinch. He started rubbing your core rather quickly, but not so agressively that you could see the blanket moving. You mentally cursed at him for knowing your body too well - he was quick to learn what he wanted to.

At that point, you didn’t even bothered to try and stop his hand. You discretely covered your mouth with your hand and tried to focus on the film in front of you. But your mind soon wandered to a much more pleasant scene than Will Smith killing aliens. You imagined Jack pushing you against the wall and making love to you roughly like he had done that same morning. You bit your lip.

“What’s wrong, love?” Jack seductively whispered into your ear. You looked around to check if the boys had heard him, but they were indeed absorved in the movie “You look a bit on edge” he said, and you could hear the smirk on his face. 

You wanted nothing more than for Jack to fuck you right there. You wished you could abruptly turn off the TV and kick everyone out. And you probably would have done it, if it wasn’t for the fact that they didn’t know Jack and you were together, because you didn’t feel like doing any explaining at 9 pm on a Tuesday.

But Jack’s movements inside you were driving you insane, and you felt the sudden urge to scream his name in the way he liked it so much. You coughed again, surpressing a high-pitched moan. You heard Jack laughing, and Josh, who was sitting right in front of you, looked back at you “What the hell are you two doing back there?” he asked, a tone of annoyance in his voice.

All of a sudden, Jack’s pace increased and your legs started shaking. What the hell was wrong with him? You just wanted to scream and moan in pleasure. Your face was red from keeping it all inside. The blanket started moving as Jack pushed one last time into you with his middle finger, hitting that one fucking spot.

“Ah” you sighed out loud, not being able to surpress it any longer. All the boys immediately turned their heads to look at you, and Jack burst out laughing as you hid your face on your hands.

“Were you bloody fingering her?!” Oli shouted, standing up from the couch to get a better look at your face. Conor followed Jack’s suit and started laughing hysterically, while Josh just looked at you with a confused face.

“Guys!” Oli shouted again, which only made Jack laugh harder.

“You’re fucking disgusting” Josh said, but he was grinning.

“Alright, alright” Jack said, his hands in the air “I was kinda doing that”

“Fucking shit!” Oli said, getting closer to you to rub your back. Jack grabbed your hands and uncovered your eyes. You gave him a death stare.

“Tell me you guys are at least together or something” Conor said, putting an arm around his brother’s shoulders.

“Have been for the past two weeks, yeah” Jack said, smiling up at you. You only hid your face behind his back “Thought this was a funny way to tell you guys”

“I’m disgusted” Josh said “But congrats, it was about bloody time”

Jack pulled you into a side hug and kissed the top of your head “Yeah, it was indeed” you looked up at him, and couldn’t help but smile as he sweetly locked his soft lips with yours.