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Yoongi: Welcome to my new blog! :3c ask me anything and I’ll try my best to answer! 

Admin: Welcome to the adventures of Yoongi and the gang! uwu Here you will be able to ask yoonkitty, bunkook, and even namjoon anything! (for now ;3) There will be short af comics posted and some story links~ and even more to come ;3c I will sadly only be able to post at night but, I will reblog things the next morning uwu depending on how much it is ahsjgdfhja anyway, please enjoy the content on here :’) I love you guys already, don’t be afraid to talk to me uwu

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fahc, raywood!!!


fake ah comes after ib

as in michael lindsay kerry barbara mike dylon andy ray are in a crew called illegal box that’s not quite as illustrious as the up and coming fake ah but they do okay for themselves, until they don’t. until shit goes down and someone gets hurt and michael and lindsay and ray are broken and shaken up and joining up with fake ah just to have somewhere to go

and michael’s still michael and lindsay’s still lindsay and they have each other to talk to about everything, to murmur to in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep, to be there for each other when they talk about what went wrong and what should have happened and who they miss.

ray doesn’t have that, but ray’s supposed to still be ray, which turns out to be impossible. he changes. he’s quieter. he misses people on his own time, in his own space, and doesn’t say anything, except. there’s ryan. ryan, who has his own shit he’s saying nothing about, ryan, who understands what he’s not understanding and never asks which makes ray want to tell him everything.

the first real thing ray says to ryan is “what’s the deal with the mask. is your face fucked up. please say your face is fucked up. i’ve always wanted to meet someone who’s ugly enough to wear a bag over their head-besides myself, obviously-but i’ll settle for a skull mask if i have to.”

ryan doesn’t know how to words so he gets a ds and then basically shoves it at ray and is like “i bought this and don’t know what to do with this what the hell do i play”

it’s not that ray can’t take care of himself, it’s that ryan’s 95% sure he would go the rest of his life eating something ray likes to call “the gas station diet” if no one stopped him, which means ryan makes sure he eats something that’s not microwavable or straight from a can at least once a week

ray is a terrible influence. aka:

“you should fuck with gavin.”


“because it’s gavin and i bought an airhorn on amazon.”


send me an au ( and pairing if you want) for 5+ headcanons!


Anon: ah hello! would u mind doing snaps where you’re insecure bc u don’t have a really flat stomach and feel embarrassed by it? it’d really help me out a lot and make me feel more confident 😊😊😊 and if you do request for a certain member would you mind doing hoseok? if not I don’t mind any! I hope this isn’t too much to ask. thank you :~)

Don’t feel bad about your stomach anon. As long as you’re taking care of yourself and making healthy choices (we’re all allowed to cheat so don’t feel bad about eating bad every now and again ^^) it doesnt matter~~~!!!!

- Admin J

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do u have any study tips?

ah hello u are asking a smart nerd so yeah i guess

  • start a studyblr. this helps SO MUCH. if you think of studying as a fun pretty aestheticy activity youre gonna be more interested in it (follow mine @sparklestudy :D
  • revise everyday. i dont mean doing 3 hours daily after school, but do SOMETHING. you can read three pages, sort out the notes you took down that day, do a couple of questions, or make notes. but do something. doing this helps
  • start early. studying last minute, especially in subjects that have more theory will just end in disaster. it depends on how long you take to remember something. for me, 1-3 days is enough bc i have a good memory, but it’s different for everyone + it depends on the subject. (for eg i topped my grade in english 1 and 2 after studying for a week and making loads of notes, but i topped pol-sci after studying a day and making no notes. it differs) 
  • use nice stationery! this helps a lot. pretty notebooks, colored pens, pastel post-its, colored highlighters, the works. 
  • for me, making notes helps a lot. writing definitions, making flowcharts, writing summaries of entire chapters, adding lil drawings to help me remember. notes are literally the best way to remember. people who make notes instead of only reading the stuff WILL score more
  • concentrate! if youre not registering anything there is no point. install the forest app on your phone to stop yourself from checking it, it’s magical
  • if u need background noise, use the noisely chrome extension, coffitivity app or calm app (helps w distraction, panic attacks and concentration) or use rain (all are on iphone too)
  • for music I recommend stuff like fob/top/patd for like math, and softer music like troye/halsey for other subjects (its literally what i always listen to and it helps)
  •  and this is how i study! feel free to ask for more help if you need it or reference pictures :D

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tell me something about exo


dont stan them

or get into them

 or like them 

or look at them

dont even breathe when ur thinking about them 

because then you will be a fan 

and then you will die