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Moblit and Levi’s convo from SNK AU Smartpass

RAIN (translated from Japanese to English)

Raindrops fell from the sky and sparked a conversation between 2 unlikely people. 

Large raindrops begin pouring from the dull clouds onto the street below.

“Ahhh….. What should I do?”Arms full of bags, a man rushes to take cover under a shop awning. 

Another man mumbles. “….. it’s raining…”

“Levi heichou!” And, trying to salute, I nearly dropped the bags I was carrying.

“At ease. You are…. Hanji’s assistant.”

“Yes, Squad Four Assistant-leader, Moblit Berner, sir.”

“…Or errand-boy.”

“Yeah, out buying books and chemicals, and some personal things for Hanji.”

“Erwin called me to a meeting. Something that can’t be discussed in the barracks.”

“…… You’re going by horse-drawn carriage?”

“The mud splashes otherwise.”


Levi was an extreme neat freak in times of peace, Moblit remembered.

The opposite of Hange. But…the two trust each other. A relationship of so many years had given birth to a special bond. One unlike that between myself and my superiors, Moblit said to himself enviously while Levi looked up at the rain clouds outside. 

“It must be difficult being her assistant.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You might go crazy being around her so much.”

“…. I consider it my job to observe and watch over her.”

“Ah. It’s a job only you can do.”


You can interpret it however you like Moblit, Levi says without even shifting his gaze.“Our friendship of many years ties us together. But you are the one always at Hanji’s side, Moblit.”

The rain lost its momentum, and the clouds parted in the sky.

“I’m confident. Although sometimes it can be tiring.”

“Well, what I’m saying is…. continue looking out for Hanji.”

The raindrops stop falling, sunlight breaks through the clouds and shines on the awning above the two men.

“It stopped. Let me help you”

“Ah, heichou, aren’t they heavy!?” Taking one of the bags from Moblit, Levi steps out from under the awning, prompting Moblit without even turning around.

“I’m in the same barracks anyway. Then Hanji will owe me a favor in the future.”

“…. Are you sure she’ll notice you?”

“I’ll make sure she notices even if I have to kick her ass.” 

With his back turned to hide any embarrassment, Moblit smiled.


I can’t express how incredibly cute this story is because TWO of the guys Hanji are closest to are actually having a convo abouT HER. It is shown here that Moblit actually notices how close Levi and Hanji are and is actually a little jealous of their relationship.

Levi then responds with: “Ah. It is a job only you can do.” Something tells me that Levi, likewise, envies Moblit’s relationship with Hanji, as he is envious about the fact that only Moblit gets to watch over Hanji 24/7. 

and the last part: “I’ll make sure she notices even if I have to kick her ass.” is, really, self-explanatory. 

this story is cute af and my levihan heart is bursting 

(story told from Moblit’s POV. Credits to http://yoshidaeri.tumblr.com/ for the translation!) 

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Eren why aren't you in bed I'm waiting for you

AH! Sorry Heichou! I’m coming!  >///< 

High School AU with ModernLevii

Mikasa picks up her things as the bell rings, getting ready to finally leave for the day. The day felt incredibly long to her, and time to relax at home seems like a wonderful plan at the moment.
Heading out to the entrance, she tries to avoid running into the other students in the crowded hallway. She doesn’t manage to do that well, unfortunately, and rams straight into a person trying to walk by. All the things both people were carrying fly out of their hands, and people walking past them mutter negative comments as they continue walking.
Mikasa huffs to herself as she brushes her hair out of her face. “Excuse me,” she murmurs as she picks up her things. Looking up as she grabs her bag, she notices who she walked into. “Ah, Mr. Heichou!” She exclaims at her teacher.