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Saeran and V reactions to that prompt about finding out MC is trans when theyre about to have their first time


  • he realizes MC is tensing up under his touch
  • it’s slight- maybe he’s even imagining it- but he can’t ignore it
  • MC is a bit surprised when he stops kissing and sits up, looking straight at them
    • “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • MC’s mouth runs a bit dry at the question
  • it’s not that anything is wrong, really…
    • “You love me for who I am, right, Sae?”
  • Saeran seems almost confused by the sudden question
  • of course he does
  • he trusts MC with his world
  • MC feels as if they might have killed the mood, gentl sitting up and telling Saeran they’re trans
    • “So do you want to stop here? It’s ok if you want to leave it here for today, MC…”
  • instead of acting surprised, Saeran seems almost worried that he was taking things too far for MC’s comfort
  • MC blushes a deep red because now they have to tell him they want to keep going
    • “Ah… W-well, if you’d like, then I also want to… Keep going…”
  • saeran can’t help but smile at MC’s beet red face as his arms wrap around them, tangled in the bedsheets


  • MC was so lost in the sea of gentle, cotton-soft kisses V was delivering that for a second they forgot
  • forgot that V still didn’t know
  • when V was toying with the hem of their shirt, it hit them like a freight train
  • how could they just forget to tell their lover beforehand??
  • a deep blush spreads across MC’s face as they put their hands on top of V’s and speak up
    • “V? Before you go on, maybe we should… Uh… Well, you know what a trans person is, right…?”
  • V listens carefully and nods, and before MC can keep talking, V puts his hand on MC’s cheek
    • “I fell in love with you, with your soul, ok? I love your everything. Every part of you. Please don’t think that changes anything for me or how I feel… Ok?”
  • MC has always been surprised at how smooth and romantic V can be, but this time it soothes them rather than embarrass them
Inko Smash!

(A toshinko fic)

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Chapter Three
He knows he’s feeling all fuzzy inside because of the impending bronchitis that will probably kill him in the next days.


- OMAKE #1


The days go by, and they keep seeing each other. She asks him if he prefers meeting her directly at the park, but he blathers something about having to walk there anyways and common courtesy, so he still picks her up every day at home. 

She’s usually ready, waiting for him, but one morning he finds her still in the middle of her breakfast. She invites him to join her, and well, it would be incredibly impolite to refuse, no?

Additionally, that morning his breakfast had consisted in just one egg he’d found hidden in the fridge and that he ate raw because he couldn’t be bothered to cook it. It had tasted kind of funny. He casually mentions that and she ends up getting worried by his eating habits. However, she doesn’t ask him directly about his “condition”. She just accepts the fact that he doesn’t eat that much in one go and that preparing his own food is not something that concerns him that much.

By the beginning of the following week he’s basically having breakfast at her house every day.

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South Park x Reader: Tweek Tweak

Protect Your Woman!: Tweek Tweak.

“They’re so cute together!”

“How did he even get that lucky?”

“How far do you think they’ve gone?”

“I’m shocked they even lasted this long!”

The halls filled with similar whispers as the students all watched whom they all believed to be the cutest couple in all of South Park.

Tweek and (y/n).

The two have been dating for over five months now, and they only seemed to grow closer to each other each passing day. Tweek had been pinning after (y/n) since she first arrived in South Park. And after chasing after her, getting into fights with other boys for her and saving her from sixth graders, Tweek had finally build up the courage to ask her out.

Their love story was one of the cutest things anyone had ever heard, and if you asked Tweek, which many did, he would always tell you how it was totally worth going through all that ‘pressure’ since he now had her by his side.

“I wish I could ride the school bus home with you Tweek, but-”

“Gah! I-it’s alright (y/n), m-maybe next time ok? I-I don’t want to pressure you.” Tweek stuttered, Twitching a bit as he sent her an encouraging smile. (Y/n) had detention after school that day since Craig had thrown a book at the chalkboard and nearly hit mr. Garrison. And since she and Craig got along, she took the blame.

Giggling, (y/n) leaned in and placed a sweet kiss on the cute blond’s cheek, laughing as his face soon turned a bright red. “Bye Tweek, I’ll see you later, alright?”

Nodding, Tweek quickly gave her a hug, kissing her swiftly before backing up a bit, blushing to a deep crimson, “b-bye (y/n).” Blinking a bit, (y/n) giggled and gave him a swift wave, walking into the principal’s office, but not before sending him a wink.

Tweek, twitched and watched as the door closed behind his (y/n), he fiddled with the hem of his shirt, his face still a bright red. Sure, he had to endure pain and so much pressure, and he almost lost one of his closest friends, he may have also gotten grounded for fighting, but now that he thought back to it, it was all worth it.

Heaving a happy sigh, Tweek turned around and began to make his way back down the halls, ready to head home.

Ah, his life didn’t seem so stressful now that (y/n) was around, she made him feel calm.


Tweek sat at his couch watching tv, ah but his mind was somewhere else.

His mind was clouded by thoughts of (y/n), and how perfect she was in every single way.

Suddenly, the shrill sound of the doorbell echoed the walls of his home, he was lucky his parents weren’t home at the moment or they would have scolded him for having visitors this late at night.

Getting up from his spot on the couch, the young blond opened the door, twitching a little as he saw his friends standing there, a look of concern plastered on each of their faces as they stared back at Tweek, “ack! Hey guys, what’s going on?” Tweek asked, raising a brow as they all walke into his home. “Tweek,” Cartman, began, turning towards the twitching boy as he closed the door, “we need to talk.”

“Talk? Oh Jesus! A-about what?”

The four glanced at each other, before Stan cleared his throat and walked up towards the nervous blond, “it’s about (y/n),” he began. Upon hearing her name, Tweek froze on his spot, what could have happened to (y/n)?

Was she ok?

Did something happen?

Oh god was she alive?!?!

“You see,” Kyle said, standing next to Stan, as he tried his best to figure out how to explain it to him, “there are rumours going around and-”

“Oh Jesus! Sh-she’s going to leave me isn’t she!!!” Tweek interrupted, he began to shake uncontrollably as he stared down at the ground in a panic, his hands gripping into his blond locks.

No! (Y/n) wouldn’t leave him, would she?

But-but! They were so happy together!

He thought they were happy at least!

“Wha- no! Tweek dude, (y/n) would never leave you!” Stan said, gripping the blond’s shoulders tightly as he began to shake him. “Snap out of it!”

“Yeah! (Y/n) wouldn’t leave you!” Kyle agreed, trying to help Stan calm Tweek down.

“Yeah Tweek, (y/n) isn’t a two-faced whore like Wendy!” Cartman added, Kenny agreeing with him. Stan growled at the larger boy, but decided to let this once slide, considering the fact that Cartman’s comment had somehow calmed Tweek down for a millisecond.

“Gah! I-if she’s not leaving me, th-then why are you guys here? What’s wrong with (y/n)? I-is she alright? This is too much pressure guys!” Tweek asked, glancing at all of their faces, feeling a little anxious when they simply glanced at each other, almost as though they didn’t know how to say it.

“Dude, Tweek, how should I say this?” He mumbled, placing a hand on his chin as he began to think to himself, “well.. Tweek-”

“You’re going to lose your girl to the new kid since he likes her.” Kenny interrupted, shrugging his shoulders carelessly when Kyle punched his arm.


He was going to lose (y/n)? No, but that can’t be, why would someone try to take his girlfriend?

I mean, no one was that cruel right? Didn’t they see how much Tweek loved and adored her? Oh man, he didn’t want to start another fight, and he didn’t want to get into trouble again.

But he didn’t want to give her up! How was he going to handle all of this?

This was too much pressure!


The rumour of the new boy trying to get with (y/n) spread around the school like wildfire. Tweek couldn’t help but feel even more nervous then usual, everywhere he went all he could hear about were the whispers of everyone as they all began to make false stories of how cute (y/n) and the new kid would be together.

“Gah! I can’t take this shit!” Tweek screeched, gripping his blond hair as he ran out of the school halls and into the library, where everything was peaceful and quiet.

As he looked around, Tweek was pleased to see that barely anyone was in, taking in a deep breath, the twitching blond placed a hand over his heart and tried his best to calm himself down.

He hasn’t been able to spend much time with (y/n), he was afraid that if he did, he might appear to be too clingy and drive her away. 'Oh jesus!’ He though, shaking a bit as he stared down at his feet, 'w-why do I feel this way? I-I can’t describe this feeling… I-it’s like I want (y/n) to be happy… But at the same time, I want to kick the new kid’s ass for trying to take her away from him.’

As he though, the blond sighed and began to walk towards one of the couches the library had. Maybe if he laid down for a bit he might be able to calm himself down enough for when he needed to head to class.

As he neared the familiar moss green couch, he heard a familiar voice in the distance. Turning his head to look over his shoulder, Tweek began to fiddle with the hem of his shirt, he couldn’t help but feel a bit curious.

Letting his curiosity get the better of him, the young blond made his way towards the source of the sound and peeked from the corner of one of the library’s shelves. As he stared, he couldn’t stop the soft gasp that escaped his lips.

There stood (y/n), a bright smile on her face as she spoke with him, the new kid who was rumoured to be the one who wanted to take (y/n) away from him.

But why were the two here, in the library alone?

And why was she smiling at him like that?


“Tweek man, you have to stop all of this!” Stan said as he walked up to said blond boy.

It had been over a week since the library incident, but Tweek didn’t have the heart to bring if up with (y/n), she wasn’t like the other girls, she would never cheat on him.

She would never leave him, she said she wouldn’t, and he trusted her.

Then why did it hurt so much?

Currently, Tweek was sitting on the merry-go-round in the playground, moping to himself since (y/n) wasn’t at school today. He planned on simply spending the day with his thoughts, trying to get everything under control and trying to forget all about the stupid new kid.

But of course Stan and his group didn’t see it that way.

And now here they were, standing in front of him as he shaked uncontrollably. “Seriously dude, you have to fight for (y/n) or you might lose her!” Stan said, trying his hardest to encourage his friend.

“Yeah Tweek!” Cartman added, giving him a stern look, “don’t be a pussy and go kick that son of a bitch’s ass!”

“Gah! I can’t you guys!” Tweek said, his eye twitching as he looked down at his feet, wrapping his arms around himself, “th-this is too much pressure! Besides, I don’t want to get hurt, a-and I don’t want (y/n) to hate me f-for fighting!” He protested.

Kyle rolled his eyes and gripped Tweek’s shoulder, “listen Tweek, you have to man up and fight! If this stupid new kid tries anything you have to kick his ass! I’m sure (y/n) would forgive you.” He said, trying to encourage his twitching friend.

Tweek shivered and began to fiddle with the hem of his shirt. They were right, he needed to fight for (y/n), he had done it once, for her he would do it a thousand times over.

But, he had promised her he would never get hurt as badly as last time ever again.

“Oh Jesus! I-I can’t do it you guys!” Tweek screeched, gripping his blond locks in his hands as he began to shake violently.

This was too much pressure for one person to handle.

Growling, Cartman pushed Kyle and Stan aside, grabbing Tweek by the collar and glaring at him, “goddamn it Tweek stop acting like a fucking pussy and grow some balls! If you don’t do something then you’re going to lose your girl and I swear if I see you crying I’m going to kick your ass!” He shouted, shaking the nervous boy.

Kyle, Kenny and Stan grabbed Cartman and began to hold him back, “goddamn it Cartman calm your fat ass down!” Kyle growled, pulling him away from the now panicked blond. “Trust me Tweek!” Cartman shouted, pulling his three friends off of him as he gave Tweek a stern look, “if you don’t fucking man up and fight you’re going to lose your girl and you’ll fucking regret it!” With that, Cartman huffed and turned his back at them all, stomping his way into the school.

The three stood there, frozen in silence. After a few more minutes, Tweek squeaked and turned to the other three in shock, “w-what’s wrong with Cartman?”

When he asked, the other three males all glanced at each other, before heaving a sigh, “well,” Stan began turning his gaze from Tweek to his own feet on the snow covered ground, “during the summer, Cartman met a girl who was supposed to come to school here.” He began to explain, before looking at the direction where Carman had gone.

Kyle sighed and stared down at his feet, “he really liked her and she liked him back. But someone else had eyes for her and then tried to take her, Cartman didn’t believe it when people told him about it and he never fought, and because of that, she ended up moving away.”

Cartman, went through a similar situation?

Then, that means that, if he didn’t fight, he would lose (y/n).

“Listen, Tweek,” Stan began, walking up to him, a look of pure concern crossing his features as he heaved a sad sigh, “don’t pull a Cartman, you have to protect your girl. Fight for her, or you’ll regret it ok?” Tweek stared up at Stan, he wondered, could it be true? Maybe, he should stop freaking out and just maybe, show that kid who was (y/n)’s boyfriend.

“Ok.” He mumbled, looking down at his feet.

Stan and the other two nodded, they would just have to take Tweek’s word for it. With a sigh, they all waved their goodbyes and began to walk off, since the bell was going to ring any moment.

“Oh and Tweek?” Kyle called out, turning to glance at the blond from behind his shoulder. “Don’t be a fucking pussy.”


A week had gone by since Stan and his friends had given Tweek a 'pep talk’ if you could call it that, and all throughout that week, Tweek had thought about different ways to approach (y/n).

Lately, he hasn’t been spending a lot of time with her, he thought maybe giving her some space was a good thing. That’s what girls wanted right? They wanted boyfriends who weren’t clingy and gave them space.

But Tweek was having a hard time dealing with it, he had doubled his normal dosage of coffee since he couldn’t bare to stay away from her. He wanted to see her, hear her laugh and hold her. He wanted to stare into her beautiful, (e/c) eyes as they would sit on his couch and watch TV together, like old times.

Before the new kid, Brian something, came into the picture.

“Gah! That asshole!” Tweek grumbled, now finally beginning to realize what a threat that jerk really was. He understood it now, because of him, he had cut down his time with (y/n) and panicked.

Well not this time, despite not wanting to deal with the pressure of it, he wasn’t going to stand by and just let some other guy take his girl.

But first thing’s first.

He needed to find (y/n) and he needed to kiss the crap out of her because he missed those beautiful, soft lips of hers.

“Hey!” He called out, running towards a group of girls who were hanging by their lockers. “H-have you seen (y/n)?” He asked, twitching with excitement. Just the thought of being able to be with (y/n) made him feel this way.

“I think she went to the gym.” One of the girls said, pointing in the direction of the gymnasium. Without a moments hesitation, Tweek dashed off, he needed to find her and he needed to find her fast. But as he ran towards the door of the gym, he couldn’t help but feel as though something was wrong.

Bursting the doors open, Tweek couldn’t help but freeze on the spot.

There, was (y/n) and the new boy, but (y/n) didn’t look happy to see him. “I said no, I’m perfectly fine with Tweek.” She said, trying to back away from Brian, who only reached out and gripped her wrist tightly, bringing her towards him as he glared at her. “I don’t think so, just drop that loser and come with me.”

Huffing, (y/n) pushed Brian away, smacking him across the face as she back a few steps away from him, “no! Leave me alone damn it!”

Blinking away the slight shock of being slapped, Brian growled and stepped up to (y/n), pushing her forcefully onto the ground as she landed with a soft 'thud.’

“You don’t have a choice, you’re going to leave that crack headed boyfriend of yours and you’re going to be my girlfriend from how on!” He ordered, growling in irritation as (y/n) simply rolled her eyes at him. “You stupid bitch-”

Brian was interrupted by a loud growling, looking over his shoulder, his eyes locked with angry, light green ones. “Ack! You son of a bitch!”

Before he could truly understand what was going on, Tweek had tackled him to the ground, pulling his fist back and socking Brain straight in the face, smirking as he heard the crunch of the other boy’s nose crack. But before he could celebrate, Brian swung his arm back and punched Tweek square in the jaw, causing him to stumble back a bit.

All (y/n) could do, was sit on the floor in shock as she watched Tweek and Brian brawl before her, Kicking, punching and biting each other. She let out a shocked squeak as she hopped out of the way just in time as the two boys rolled onto the floor, cursing each out out and rolling into the crowded hallways.

“Holy crap!” Craig said, capturing his friends attention, “Tweek is fighting Brian!”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched as Tweek lifted his leg up, kicking Brian in the stomach and into the lockers. “Holy shit you guys.” Cartman mumbled, an excited smirk making its way to his face as he watch Tweek land another punch.

“Dude,” Stan mumbled, staring in astonishment, he knew Tweek could fight because they had taught him to box he didn’t know the young, normally nervous boy, could do some serious damage. “He is fucking Brian up!”

(Y/n) stood next to Kyle and Stan, her hands flying to her mouth as she watched the two boys going at it.

This was the first time she had ever seen Tweek so angry.


Tweek groaned in pain as he opened his eyes, seeing the bright white ceiling of his hospital room. The fight at school had gone on a little longer then intended, and the two boys, aside from getting suspended from school, were also sent to the hospital, Tweek was lucky enough to be mildly hurt, Brian on the other hand, was not so lucky.

He sighed and laid there with his eyes closed, thinking back to how things were before that stupid new kid came in and ruined everything.

Damn, he could use some coffee right now.

As he laid there, he heard the door open and close again, as though someone came in. Thinking it was a nurse, Tweek just tried to ignore her and continue to think.

The bed suddenly shifted a bit, and soon, something soft met his lips. Gently, opening his eyes, he saw the girl of his dreams.


She had come to visit him, and was even kissing him so sweetly. Allowing his eyes to drift close, Tweek couldn’t help but kiss back, lifting a hand to tangle his fingers in her luscious (h/c) locks. The kiss felt like it would last forever, as their lips moved in sync against one another. But due to lack of oxygen, they had to pull apart.

“(Y/n).” Tweek whispered, slowly opening his eyes and staring into those sweet, (e/c) ones that he adored to bits.

She stared down at him, a sweet smile gracing her lips, “Hey Tweek,” she said softly, “how are you feeling?”

“B-better, I-I guess.” He replied, blushing at how close she was, he still wasn’t used to her getting so close to him, her beauty was too much pressure. He couldn’t help but shake a little as he watched her get up, picking up a small cup in her hands. “Sit up Tweek, I brought you some coffee.” Upon hearing the word 'coffee’, Tweek gently but swiftly sat up, smiling eagerly as (y/n) handed him the cup of coffee.

Ah she knew just what he needed when he needed it.

“Tweek?” She asked, giggling as he drowned the cup completely. Turning to her, he handed her the cup with shaking hands and watched as she placed the cup down, “I just wanted to say… Thank you.” She mumbled, looking down at the floor as a light pink began to dust her cheeks.

“Th-thank me?” He asked, blushing even more as she nodded and gave him her sweetest smile, “you beat up Brian and you fought for me. It made me feel loved, especially since no one’s ever done that for me before.” She explained, giggling at her cute twitching boyfriend. His face was a deep crimson, as he began to fiddle with the hospital’s bed sheet. “O-oh, y-you’re not mad at me?”

“Mad?” She said, raising a brow at him in confusion. “Why would I be mad?”

“B-because I thought y-y-you hated violence a-and you would be mad if I started a fight.” He explained, stuttering a bit. He hoped with all his heart that (y/n) would forgive him for losing his temper, he didn’t mean to, but just the thought of seeing the one he loves getting pushed around and hurt by someone else made his blood boil with rage.

How could someone actually think they had the right to do that? Tweek gritted his teeth as he thought back to how he felt when he had entered the gym, only to see Brian hurting (y/n), HIS (y/n)! He was glad to have given him a broken nose, a fractured wrist and all those broken ribs. That’s what he deserved for trying to hurt someone as sweet as (y/n).

(Y/n) blinked, before sighing and lifting her hands, gently cupping Tweek’s cheeks and leaning in, “I’m not mad at you Tweek. I’m grateful that you stood up for me.” She whispered, leaning in to kiss his lips softly. Tweek shivered a bit, before twitching as usual and looking down with a bright blush on his face. “O-of course I would! I-I mean y-y-you’re my woman (y/n) and I have to protect my woman!”

(Y/n) blinked for a bit, leaning back to stare at her boyfriend, who was now a fire hydrant red, realizing what he said, Tweek let out a yelp and hid his red face into his pillow. “Oh Jesus!” He cried, gripping the pillow tightly as he began to shake uncontrollably, “I-I shouldn’t have said that! I-I-I didn’t meant t-to offend you! Ack! Too much pressure!”

After a few seconds, (y/n) let out a happy little laugh, reaching out to gently remove the pillow from Tweek’s shaking hands, “if it means I’m only YOUR woman Tweek, then I don’t mind at all.”

The blond boy stared deeply into (y/n)’s beautiful (e/c) eyes, before reaching out and pulling her onto the bed with him. (Y/n) couldn’t help but let out a surprised squeal as he landed in Tweeks arms, “Gah!” He yelped, wrapping his arms tightly around (y/n)’s waist and holding her close. “I-I-I can’t help but love you s-s-so much!” He said, leaning down to plant a passionate kiss on (y/n)’s soft lips.

He wasn’t going to let her get taken away from him so easily, he just hoped kicking Brian’s ass showed everyone how much he loved (y/n).

Luckily for him, Brian’s parents began to fear for his life, and soon they packed up and left South Park.

He was so glad that he had fought for the love of his life. Just holding her in his arms made everything so much calmer and peaceful. Nothing could ruin this moment-

“Tweek Tweak you are in so much trouble young man!”

“Gah! O-oh Jesus!”