ah he seems to have lost his shirt

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Saeran and V reactions to that prompt about finding out MC is trans when theyre about to have their first time


  • he realizes MC is tensing up under his touch
  • it’s slight- maybe he’s even imagining it- but he can’t ignore it
  • MC is a bit surprised when he stops kissing and sits up, looking straight at them
    • “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • MC’s mouth runs a bit dry at the question
  • it’s not that anything is wrong, really…
    • “You love me for who I am, right, Sae?”
  • Saeran seems almost confused by the sudden question
  • of course he does
  • he trusts MC with his world
  • MC feels as if they might have killed the mood, gentl sitting up and telling Saeran they’re trans
    • “So do you want to stop here? It’s ok if you want to leave it here for today, MC…”
  • instead of acting surprised, Saeran seems almost worried that he was taking things too far for MC’s comfort
  • MC blushes a deep red because now they have to tell him they want to keep going
    • “Ah… W-well, if you’d like, then I also want to… Keep going…”
  • saeran can’t help but smile at MC’s beet red face as his arms wrap around them, tangled in the bedsheets


  • MC was so lost in the sea of gentle, cotton-soft kisses V was delivering that for a second they forgot
  • forgot that V still didn’t know
  • when V was toying with the hem of their shirt, it hit them like a freight train
  • how could they just forget to tell their lover beforehand??
  • a deep blush spreads across MC’s face as they put their hands on top of V’s and speak up
    • “V? Before you go on, maybe we should… Uh… Well, you know what a trans person is, right…?”
  • V listens carefully and nods, and before MC can keep talking, V puts his hand on MC’s cheek
    • “I fell in love with you, with your soul, ok? I love your everything. Every part of you. Please don’t think that changes anything for me or how I feel… Ok?”
  • MC has always been surprised at how smooth and romantic V can be, but this time it soothes them rather than embarrass them