ah happy people

hi can we have a positivity sleepover? ☀️where u send me one/more of these? (if u want to ofc) 

  • things you’re looking forward to! 
  • one of your fave memories 
  • describe a place that makes you happy 
  • your comfort/pick me up song recs? 
  • cute quirks!? / personality traits of ur fave people?
  • funny jokes! stupid science puns! any puns! !!!! P U N S
  • any cool new things you’ve found out!! interesting history facts? obscure trivia?? whatever’s got u going: (!!!!!) 
  • tbh just pls come ramble abt anything that made you feel happy/inspired/excited etc recently 💃🏻
About Us

Summary: Dan makes a huge decision about him and Phil’s relationship.

Word Count: 1659

Warnings: None

“Thanks for watching, guys. See you next Tuesday!” Dan says, ending his weekly liveshow on Younow. He doesn’t leave his room to eat his late dinner like he usually would, though. He stays in his desk chair, thinking.

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佐々木琲世 Sasaki Haise audio

@ishida-why Since you asked :3

The pronunciation for Haise’s name, said slowly the first time then normal speed the second. I was very tempted to say “Now repeat after me”

Nailed it… 
Sasaki is so sasasmooth. Pun game is just too strong.


Someone stop me… (hope you guys enjoy the little references.)

Iscariot (5/5)

Summary: The Fake AH Crew were the biggest, baddest crew in Achievement City. Thick as thieves, in the height of their success, and on the brink of a relationship - until Ray left, and they fell apart.

Now, two years later, Geoff’s brought them all back in for one last job. But when things go wrong and the police show up, they end up trapped together, unfinished business and all, with the uncomfortable realisation that two years have changed them and someone - one of them - has sold them out.

Part 1  Part 4  AO3

Michael and Ray stumble across the beach, holding each other up, heading for the dark shadows under the part of the pier that stretches over the sand. When they finally get there they collapse onto the damp ground. It’s wet but they’re both soaked already anyway, automatically pressing in against each other for warmth. It’s so dark under here they can barely see each other, and Ray pulls his phone out of his pocket before throwing it away in disgust. Ruined, as expected.

“You saved me,” Michael chokes out then. They’re the first proper words he’s spoken since Ray pulled him out of the water - his voice is rasping, his throat wrecked from swallowing then coughing up so much water.

Ray turns, squinting to see him in the dim light.

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“Well that’s good,” the machine said dully, examiingin his digits as if they were more interesting that his present company. “You didn’t offend me. Just annoyed me. You’ll figure out the difference, so if you’ll kindly drop you attitude off at the door…” Ultron finally brought his gaze to her, searching her form before resting on her face.