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Revelation on FT Ships

How did I not see this before, well minus Bacchus and Minerva, but their names! It all makes sense.

Natsu(Japanese) —- Lucy(English)

Bacchus comes from the Roman god of wine, while Minerva comes from the Roman goddess of wisdom and war tactics.

Now magic types:
Lucy: celestial (light)
Yukino: celestial (light)
Levy: solid script (matter)
Kagura: Gravity Change (fundamental force of physics)


Well I’m not sure what expressive shapes mean but I can help a little bit with gestures. One of my few ah-ha moments when it came to art was when I started to move where the shoulders started and how to “peak” them. 

Basically, think of peaking the same way as drawing narrow mountains the higher they get the more pointy they get.  I drew some examples for both. I hope they help and I wish you the best in making your own comics :) 

AH Unboxing Livestream

I am getting stupid emotional over how loving and thankful Geoff is towards the fans in the recent unboxing livestream.

Like whenever a fan was disparaging towards their own artwork Geoff would be like “Are you kidding me?? This is amazing” and “You are the best” and “That’s so great!” and just be so complimentary and show it to the others and rush to hang it up like a proud dad ❤

Uranus Retograde 2017 - August 3, 2017 - January 2, 2018

Uranus retrograde will begin on August 3, 2017 at 28 degrees Aries. During this retrograde, deep fears and anxieties may be awakened and perhaps there will be a change in behaviors. It is likely erratic or eccentric behavior will be evident during this time. Aspects made to Uranus can bring up karmic cataclysm. Major changes are expected to occur during this period as well. You are more likely to seek personal freedom and perhaps rebel. The retrograde period is a time to reflect, and reconsider. Your intuition is likely to be heightened during the retrograde period and you may be understanding of strange situations. You may have a lot of “ah-ha!” moments during this period. Your “why” questions may be answered, or better understood during Uranus retrograde. However, it is likely you will feel more dogmatic than usual at this time. This is an opportunity for you to develop, grow, and understand your needs as we exit 2017. Uranus will turn direct on January 2, 2018 at 24 degrees Aries. Take this time as an opportunity to free yourself, make changes, and become independent.

(Sources - Astrologyking.com and lynnkoiner.com)


A group of friends and I were chatting the other day about our “AH HA” moments. A shot where something clicked. I can clearly point out a few of these in my career, but this one comes to mind first. I was STRUGGLING with CG, big time. In fact before getting to Disney I had decided to give it up and try my hand at storyboarding. Then I was accepted into Talent Development as a CG Animator and decided to give it one last shot. I spent 6 months in Tal Dev and there were some clicks but I still had a hard time using the graph and a lot of the other tools. Here’s an embarrassing fact…I went through all of “Frozen” not knowing how to switch between IK & FK and not knowing what constraints were. I just brute force everything. A lot of frame by framing. After Frozen I was asked to work on a water projection show for Disneyland called World of Color. This is the shot. I Finally understood the graph and how to benefit from it. I had been using CG for about a year at this point and finally started to get comfortable with the tools. Which means, I started to enjoy the process more. All this to say, stick with it. Persistence and patience is key. We all learn at different paces, so just keep at it if you’re struggling and you’ll have your “clicks”. I still have them all the time, sometimes for a technical hurdle, sometimes in drawing, sometimes for body mechanics or animation principles. It means we’re growing, so keep at it!

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This is the film that started it all. The film that taught me about Twin Flames. I have watched it over and over and over. I absolutely detested it the first time, not really understanding the weight of the relationships being depicted. But the more I watched it, the more it all made sense. Realization came crashing down around me. I sympathized with the characters but I understood why things happened the way they did.

This film shows what happens when Twin Flame and Soul Mate collide. I can only suggest that you watch it multiple times, as there are many things to be discovered with each viewing. Also, the soundtrack and cinematography are AMAZING!!

I didn’t know whether or not my Twin was out there after watching this the first time, but I had a feeling that something/someone extremely special was waiting for me. I knew it. So hearing he was my Twin a year after was a small “ah ha” moment, although I deduced that much. It was more like, “well, of course he is.”…

Even though I knew of Twin Flames before the journey began(thanks to this film), it didn’t prepare me for what I would face. Nothing could have. But I’m here and there’s no going back. I know I’ve likened this all to Neo and the Matrix before but that keeps coming back to me. That’s what it is, there’s no going back to how it was before. My life has been divided into two parts. Me before this awakening, and Me now. Two wholly different beings. The latter being more attuned to the outer-world. Sometimes I look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself. All in all, I’m here. For a reason unbeknownst to me at the moment, I’m on this road with this amazing person beside me and no matter how fucking difficult it gets, I’m anxious to see it to the end.

tl;dr watch Cafe de Flore if the idea of twin flame/soul mates remotely interests you. And let me know what you think! It’s in French but should be streaming on Netflix with English subs.

across-the-stars-vldfan-deactiv  asked:

Hi Tyler! Happy Pride Month! I'm in my 40's and I'm a lesbian and have been closeted most of my life. Is it unusual for some people to come out later in life?

It’s so not unusual! There are people that come out much later in life, and people that come out so early. Your experience is your own journey. NO RUSH! Plus many people just go along with what’s expected of them, and without representation in media, might feel different but don’t quite have the realization that they might identify within the LGBTQ+ community. That ah-ha moment can come much later in life, and that’s not weird at all.

One of my favorite things about my series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” is how I was able to chat with people of many different generations within the LGBTQ+ community. I hope you enjoy it!! :]

Fun Musician Asks

1. Favorite movie soundtrack
2. Favorite soundtrack piece from a movie
3. Favorite TV/anime show soundtrack
4. Favorite sad soundtrack
5. Favorite powerful soundtrack
6. Favorite instrument
7. Favorite percussion instrument
8. Your favorite thing about the instrument you play
9. Your least favorite thing about the instrument you play
10. Prettiest looking instrument
11. Prettiest sound
12. Your definition of band nerd
13. Favorite band piece
14. Favorite symphony
15. Favorite brass quintet piece
16. Favorite woodwind quintet piece
17. Favorite chamber ensemble piece
18. Favorite overture
19. Favorite symphony
20. Favorite opera
21. Choose one: brass quintet, string quartet, woodwind quintet
22. Piece that gives you energy/pumps you up
23. Piece that makes you emotional
24. Piece that makes you sad
25. Favorite slow piece
26. Favorite fast piece
27. Favorite piece to play
28. Favorite excerpt
29. Favorite Etude
30. Piece that kills your lips the most (or hands)
31. Favorite solo literature for your instrument
32. Favorite classical music composer
33. Favorite band composer
34. Favorite soundtrack composer
35. Favorite genre of music
36. Most musical inspirational quote
37. Favorite and least favorite note
38. Favorite orchestra
39. Who do you look up to most in the music world
40. Are you hoping to continue playing music past ms/HS/college?
41. If you could talk to a composer right now, who would it be and what would you say?
42. If you could bring a composer back to life, who would it be?
43. If you could learn another instrument, what would it be?
44. Have you ever cried while listening to music? What piece?
45. Have you ever cried on stage?
46. Embarrassing performance?
47. Performance really proud of?
48. What made you decide on playing your instrument? (What was your “Ah-ha!” Moment?)
49. If you are wanting to play music professionally, did you have an “Ah-ha!” Moment to decide that?
50. What was the first orchestral piece you ever played?
51. What is your favorite piece to listen that has a fantastic part for your instrument?
52. If you could make a living off your instrument, what would you be doing? (I.e. professional orchestra, freelance, etc)
53. If you were to compose a symphony about your life story, what would it be like?
54. What makes you want to throw your instrument across the room? (Pls dont)
55. What is the best instrument to use as a weapon?
56. Do you have playlists on your iPod? If so, what are your fav playlists/the names of them?
57. Have any random, good musical stories?
58.If you make a mistake during rehearsal, what do you usually do? (Do you make a face? A noise?)
59.what type of music do you listen to other than classical?
60. What do you do during long rests?
61. Have you gone to any music camps? If so, which ones?
62. Post a pic of your music binder/folder
63. Post a selfie with you and your instrument
64. Post any selfie at a band event/festival/honor band
65. Post any selfie of you with your HS or orchestra section
66. Post a practice room selfie
67. Post a picture of you right before or after an audition
68. Post your favorite pic of your conductor
69. Post a picture of your case
70. Post a picture of your practice area


ep 2 // ep 17

Wang So: I plan on staying a while longer this time. Why don’t I stay in the palace with my brothers?

Queen Yoo: That is impossible. You are a Kang of Shinju. Have you forgotten that the moment of your return would incite the longstanding grudge between the two households?

“Hope you enjoyed the show.” Joji

Anon Request: Could you maybe do one where the reader walks in on Joji masturbating?


I freely walked into Joji’s apartment after unlocking it with a spare key and looked around the crowded living room for my phone. Flipping the couch cushions over, I found nothing but crumbs, dust, and coins. I sighed heavily. Where hell did I put it? I spent hours with Joji tonight, just hanging out like we usually do and somehow I managed to misplace my phone. The thing that I’m on the most, I lose. Incredible. I sat on the couch and groaned. It was late and I was tired, and I was sure that Joji was asleep since it was already one thirty in the morning. I didn’t want to wake him with my loud exasperated grunts and helpless groans so I fixed the couch pillows and stood in the middle of the living room with my hands on my hips.

“The kitchen!” I whispered to my self as I had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment. 

The counters, once covered with bottles of alcohol and empty beer cans, was now spotless. I looked under the sink cabinets and in the rest of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. I looked at the fridge and told myself I wasn’t going to look like a dumbass and open the fridge and look for my phone knowing it wasn’t in there. I gave up and opened it anyways, scanning the inside of the cold, metal refrigerator. Moving things around as neatly as I possibly could despite being in panic mode, I saw no sight of my phone. I didn’t want to check Joji’s room because I didn’t want to wake him but I just absolutely needed my phone for tomorrow morning. I told myself I would be quiet and that he wouldn’t even realize I was here, taking one step at a time slowly. I creeped halfway down the small hall, the wood creaking once I took my last step before I reached the middle of the hall…but Joji’s room was the last door down and it felt like an eternity just passed by while taking those few steps. I sighed and hung my head low. Pausing for a moment, my ears perked up when I heard a low groan coming from Joji’s room. His door was ajar, and despite the fact the the hall was dark, the thin crack full of light illuminated the wooden floor. Having the thought maybe he was injured in some form, I called out to him in a whisper, “Joj?”

I calmly stepped closer to the door bit by bit, eager to see what was wrong. At first I was scared, not knowing if he was hurt or not feeling well, but my thoughts stopped when I heard my name being called in a breathy groan, “Y/N..” 

He must’ve known I was there so there was no more use in trying to creep around or be sneaky. I let my shoulders drop and I sighed, making my way to the door. With my hand held out to open the door some more, I stopped when a moan filled my ears. I didn’t know what to do. Joji was probably in there getting busy with someone…but why would he say my name? Maybe he was hurt in some way and needed my help. I leaned my face forward, looking through the crack of the door and my lips went dry. My eyes were wide as I saw Joji sitting in bed, his back against the mahogany headboard, with his dick in his hand slightly jerking himself. He was bigger than I’d expected. I wanted to stop watching him, I knew it was an invasion of privacy…but it was too good to look away. 

“Oh, fuck, Y/N.” he let out in a begging tone.

He took full grasp of his length in his hand and his movements became faster. I sensed sexual tension between us at times, and there were moments where I’d catch myself staring at his crotch, imagining how big he was and if he was god in bed. Thinking I wasn’t his type, I’d have to stop myself from thinking things like that. Joji was just a friend of mine, but I wanted more and I couldn’t help but feel he wanted the same..and now I definitely knew he did. Now there I was, watching him relieve himself. I thought nothing of it, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. His hair was a bit longer than usual so it got in his face and didn’t bother moving it out of the way. He threw his head back and moaned louder than the last one’ he leaned against the headboard with his shoulders low, no longer hunched over, fully displaying his thick length as he pumped himself quickly. He let out swears as he panted, one hand on his cock and the other dropping the bed sheets. Joji’s mouth was slightly agape as his moans followed en suite after one another. It made me wet watching him tease himself like he did; the way shut his eyes and tried suppressing his moans to keep from being loud made me drip like a leaking faucet. I bit my lip as he grunted heavily. Joji let out his last set of loud moans as his length twitched in his hands. He came in spurts but continued pumping himself until he was done. Joji sat there minutes after and sighed. I watched him get up and begin to clean himself, I decided to walk quickly to the front door and act like I was never here. I exited the apartment and knocked on the door like how I should’ve in the first place. I heard him call out in a mutter, seconds later the door swung open and Joji was wearing nothing but sweats.

“Hey, Y/N.” he smiled, “What’s up?”

“I think I forgot my phone here.” I said trying not to sound out of breath, so I covered up my tracks by saying, “I ran here…it’s important. I need it for tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, yeah.” he said as he left from his spot near the door and wandered around, he disappeared into the corridor and came back seconds later with my cellular device in his hand, “I, uh, kept it in my room for safe keeping. I was going to drop by your place in the morning and hand it off to you.”

“Thanks.” I smiled taking my phone, “I’ll see you later.”

As I walked a few feet away, I was practically shitting myself since I didn’t hear his door shut. I stopped dead in my tracks when he called out from behind me. I turned around and he said, “Next time you sneak in, you might wanna make sure you don’t drop this.” he smirked as he took my keys out from his pocket. 

He tossed them to me and I mentally face-palmed, I didn’t even hear them fall out.“Hope you enjoyed the show.” he winked with an idiotic smile on his face.

“I did…maybe next time you should invite me.” I answered as I turned around and walked off, making sure I saw him bite his lip.

A small gift for katzirra

Jughead & Reader: Wrath of The Blossoms

Summary: As Cheryl and Jason’s little sister, you have to put up with a lot of drama. Thankfully Jughead realized you were nothing like your siblings so the two of you struck up a romantic relationship. You kept your relationship quiet but soon after the secret got out.


Length: 2,177

Listen to: Mess Around - Cage the Elephant

You’re a very private person. You don’t like everyone to know your business and you don’t like it when people anticipate what you’re going to do next. You lead a life very different from your siblings Jason and Cheryl. Well, you led a life different from Jason.

It’s been a few weeks since Jason’s body was found at Sweetwater River. You didn’t know about Cheryl and Jason’s secret plan to fake his own death so you were just as surprised as your parents. Feeling betrayed that your sister would keep something from you about your own brother, you sort of distanced yourself as much as you could from Cheryl. The only time the two of you spoke was at dinner when your parents forced polite conversation.

When you weren’t at home, wishing you could have your brother back, you were out with your boyfriend, Jughead Jones. The two of you started dating during the summer, before everything happened. The two of you were different yet the same. You had the same interests but very different backgrounds. You came from a family of wealth that held a certain weight on the town, while Jughead came from a very broken home. But your differences brought you together.

After everything with Jason, you wanted to keep your life private. That meant keeping your relationship with Jughead a secret. The two of you talked at school and hung out during lunch or gym but that was it. You didn’t kiss, you didn’t hold hands, you didn’t hug. If the people at Riverdale High knew that you were in a relationship with the school’s Boo Radley, you’d never hear the end of it. You’re already holding on by a thread with all of the drama and rumours going on about you and your family.

One of the plus sides about dating Jughead was that you were a year apart. He was a sophomore and you were a freshman. That meant you didn’t have the same classes as him, minus gym. So that eliminated almost all of the temptation the two of you might feel at school.

If people found out the two of you were together, you’d never hear the end of it. They’d wonder why a loner like Jughead would like a Blossom and they’d ask why a Blossom would ever stoop to the level of a Jones. You didn’t want to hear it. Neither did Jughead. The two of you liked each other and that was that.

“What are you thinking about?” Jughead asked as he stroked your hair.

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