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did a sketch of him with his greasy lookin black hair

the song of achilles meme

       i recently finished this book and it was just…so…beautiful, so i wanted to make a lil meme thing cause their were a lot of really great quotes & actions tbh. i thought it’d be nice to share ‘em and write ‘em out. change the pronouns to your liking ~

p.s. i kinda went over board so i put my favs above the read more and the rest ( more generic types of sent. memes ) under the read more. enjoy !

  • “ i will never leave ____. it will be this , always, for as long as _____ will let me. “
  • “ i would like to know how you are going to stop the losers from declaring war on you ? “
  • “ will you help me put the rest of my armor on ? “
  • “ we are finished here. “
  • “ do not leave. “
  • “ did you ever think of having children ? “
  • “ ___ is half my soul, as the poets say. “
  • “ I could recognize ____ by touch alone, by smell; I would know ____ blind, by the way ____ breaths came and ___ feet struck the earth. I would know ____ in death “
  • “ coward. “
  • “ ____ is a weapon. a killer. do not forget it. “
  • “ you can use a spear as a walking stick, but that will not change it’s nature. “
  • “ i do not plan to live after ____ is gone. “
  • “ philtatos. “ ( means ‘most beloved’ ) 
  • “ i could kill you still. “
  • “ i am sorry for your loss. “
  • “ name one hero who was happy. “
  • “ they never let you be famous and happy. “
  • “ let me bring you food and drink. “
  • “ i cannot bear to see you grieving. “
  • “ there are no bargains between lions and men. i will kill you and eat you raw. “
  • “ is it worth your life ? “
  • “ i hope that ____ kills you. “
  • “ get out. get out ! “
  • “ _____ is dead. “
  • “ i am buried here. “
  • “ we die so easily. “
  • “ you will not speak another word or you will be sorry. “
  • “ i wish he had left you to all die. “
  • “ if you have to go, i will go with you. “
  • “ i am made of memories. “
  • “ listen to me. “
  • “ i will not live much longer. “
  • “ you are a better man than i. “
  • “ i do not need to prove myself to you. “
  • “ are you calling me a liar ? “
  • “ i do not care. i will be dead soon. “

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a good aesthetic: girls who have just got out of a bath. when their skin is a lil bit pink from the hot water. when they smell like fruit or flowers. when they do that hair towel thing and they’re wrapped up in a big fluffy towel. when they’re really soft and warm and a lil bit sleepy.

My parents think I only watch shows with gay characters in it, so I thought I’d do a little experiment and go through my Netflix cue, picking out T.V. shows with LGBT characters.

The Fosters - I have no excuses for this one.
How to get away with Murder - that one just showed up, I swear.
Glee - okay we all knew this one was coming, stop acting like it’s a surprise. Why do I need to defend myself? Maybe I just love Grease.
Quantico - technically that guy wasn’t actually gay, and I in no way made him my favorite character because I thought he was gay. I’d never do such a thing.
Lost Girl - let’s be honest, this show is on there because Anna Silk is a goddess.
Grey’s Anatomy - just showed up as well. And also that in no way made Callie one of my favorite characters…
American Horror Story - who doesn’t watch American Horror Story? I don’t even need to explain myself.
Supergirl - can we all just say, Alex is the cutest little baby gay to grace our screens.
Orange is the New Black - honestly, yeah, I watch this cause it’s hella gay. I’m not ashamed.
Faking It - this one…okay, I get it, I’m gay asf. Sue me.