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History meme: 5 assassinations (1/5)
Murder of the Romanov Family

The Romanov family consisted of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Tsarina Alexandra and their five children: Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei. When Nicholas was no longer a monarch, he and his family were placed under house arrest at the Alexander Palace. The Royal Family spent the next three years being moved from house to house, each time their living conditions getting worse and worse. Some of these strict conditions included the Tsar not being able to wear epaulettes and being forced to eat military rations. Soldiers were also known to draw lewd and obscene drawings on the fences to offend the daughters.

In the summer of 1918, the orders to execute the family were given. The family was awoken and was told that there was some trouble in a nearby town and it would be safer if they stayed in the basement. It was there were they had met their terrible fate. Yakov Yurovsky, along with an execution squad, open fired on the family and even shot Tsar Nicholas and Alexei personally. Tatiana, Anastasia and Maria were the last to die for they allegedly stuffed diamonds into their coats which protected them from the bullets. Their killers had to resort to spearing them with bayonets until they died.

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