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puck57  asked:

Elgang reaction with their crush suddenly hugs them and said goodbye, then they went go

Elsword: “Wait wtf what’s going on”

Aisha: “Hey, where are you going?  What’s all this about?”

Rena: “Uh… Come back safely…?”  *totally not going to stalk them*

Raven: *war flashbacks*

Eve: “There is a tracker device on your shoulder that will notify me if you are in trouble.  Be safe.”

Chung: “Ah… Where are you going?  Is something wrong?”

Ara: “Eun, what’s going on?  Do I not know something?  Eun, why are you laughing?”


Add: “nope. You’re not leaving. The door to my lab is very much locked.  Good luck getting out until you tell me what’s going on.”

Lu: “Wha- Uuuu, Ciel, go catch them!”

Ciel: “Is something wrong?  I can protect you if you tell me what it is!”

Rose: “….Zero, go make sure everything’s okay.”

Ain: *ends intervention and stalks them*

anonymous asked:

Ciel become a dog. elgang reaction

Elsword: “OH MY EL IT’S FLOOFY AND BLUE CAN I PET IT CAN I PET IT- ow it bit me!  Ciel!”

Aisha: “Ha. You just have no idea how to handle demon dogs.  Watch and - ow, he bit me too!”

Rena: “Good grief, you two… Pet him gently, and only if he wants to be petted.  Hey, Ciel, want biscuits?”

Raven: “Hmm… Mind if I pet you?  Your fur is quite soft.  Any idea what happened to transform you?”

Eve: “Analyzing.  Ciel has changed forms into a canine.  He bites quite often.  He is trying to bite me right now.”

Chung: “Ah, I love dogs!  But Ciel dogs scare me.  Elsword’s hand is still bleeding… I don’t think I’ll try and pet him.”

Ara: “Hey, Eun, since you’re a fox, can you talk to him?  No?  Wait, why are you getting mad?  It was an honest question!”

Elesis: “Oh, I like dogs!  Hey, Ciel, I have dog treats!  Ow, don’t bite me!”

Add: “…tch.  The demon is now a demon dog.  How annoying.  Now he can’t bake me cookies.”

Lu: “Ciel!  You’re so fluffy and huuuge!  I’ll change you back so you can make cookies, but first, lemme ride you around like a pony!”

Rose: “What the hell even- nope, not asking, really don’t want to know.”

Ain: “Finally, someone realized that demons are lower beings…. SOMEONE HELP, HE’S CHASING ME!”