ah but so much love

“as we were driving into times square, our tour bus driver started playing ‘new york, new york’ by frank sinatra!”

“it was like being in a movie, except my knees hurt slightly because we were kneeling at the front of our bus.”

Can you believe the hwarang cast will all go to BTS’ wings concert despite their busy schedules just to support their sunshine child Taehyung??? Wow, kings of loving and supporting their maknae

I’m just gonna say that when Viktor said “Don’t get the wrong idea”  my heart sank. In that instant, I was like, no way, right? then he confirmed their engagement I actually cried and fukn screamed (throat still hurts a bit)
like I thought for a moment that we actually just got fucked over;;

 I’m overjoyed tbh, ✿ still shook tho 

I love these dorks so much!!

no matter how much i love other green day songs, i think that ‘bang bang’ will forever be my favorite. because i will always remember how i was giddy all day because my favorite band was making their long awaited return, how i was lying on my back on my mother’s bed with headphones in my ears and my laptop’s volume turned to 100, staring at the ceiling with wide eyes and absolute wonder while my ears and brain were being reduced to pulp by the guitars and drums and Billie’s scream. how i literally listened to nothing but this song on repeat for weeks and was on cloud nine because it was everything i had ever wanted and my fucking family was back.

Can we talk about how amazing and iconic Ji Ah is?

The second she realized what scum Tae Oh is, she dumped his ass. She didn’t get upset and contemplate how much it would hurt her or him. She didn’t stay with him because her feelings for him were “too strong” to leave him. She didn’t give him any excuses or leniency because he was her boyfriend.

To Ji Ah, being a decent person and a decent human being and thinking about others is the most important thing to her and not having that was an immediate deal breaker and that is so good and refreshing to see in kdramas.

And we didn’t see her crying or moping about it either like no she was so firm in her decision. Two minutes after breaking up with him she was punching him in the face and calling him scum and making sure he knew how trashy he is.

I absolutely love her and I’m really hoping she’ll survive until the end of this drama