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Shu Headcanon (Wish hard Edition)

(Just some thoughts I’m currently thinking personally 0_o)

You lay on the bed sighing, baby in her cot asleep and doggy downstairs sleepy too.
Your boyfriend? At work…as usual.
Looking around the room you had tidied twice already today you lock your eyes upon the unused collar and leash you had bought for Valentine’s Day.
‘I bet Shu would’ve used it lots by now…’
You start to imagine him hovering over you giving teasing kisses to your neck and chest. He calls you dirty things and 'kitty’.
Damn… you’re really in a struggle now.
You look inside your chest draw, finding your bullet.
Ah! Ohh.. no batteries.
You didn’t have anything else to help you other than old DIY.
You lay back down even more frustrated than before.
Close your eyes… I wish I had Shu. I wish I had Shu! I wish I had Shu!!
'Oi..lewd woman. What do you think your doing?’
Huh? Your eyes flick open and stare into beautiful blue ones.
'Ehhhh?!’ You panic.
’..bothersome.. stay still..’ He sighs and suddenly your hands are above your head on the pillow.
Shu smirks. 'Better..’
'How..how?’ You stutter.
'Be quiet… we won’t have long…’ He kisses along your neck and chest like you imagined him to.
'I said quiet…’ He complains and holds your wrists tighter.
His tongue is wet on your skin and it send tremors through your body.
You finally just accepted it. Maybe you were asleep. Just enjoy him.
After relaxing and moaning he bites gently along your collarbone.
'Hum..now kitty wants to play right?’ He reaches for the collar and leash.
You lift your head for him as he puts the collar on you, leaving you free from the leash for now.
'You’re a dirty kitty.. look at your desperate expressions already…’
Shu rips open your nightdress and plays with the front opening of your bra.
'Hum..big breasts kitty…’ he teases and sucks on a nipple. 'Oi…be still.’
You groan, it had been so long since you had done anything like this.
His hand slipped inside your damp panties and a finger felt just how wet and ready you were.
Shu smirks, 'Lewd kitty.. you want to fuck already? Of course you do…’ His finger enters and you groan. 'Just talk dirty back to me…and I’ll do what you want. What does kitty want?’
His voice was so low and thick with lust it sent tingles to your wetness.
'I- I want you Shu.’
'Is that all? You won’t get much with that…’
You groan and wriggle.
'Please… I need you in me.. I need you to fuck me shu!’
'Heh…that’s more like it.. you dirty slutty kitty…’ He groans in your ear as he grinds on you.
His clothes now pulled off and your panties removed; he rolls you over.
Leash is put on and he bends over you.
'Now kitty…you better behave for me…and don’t be too loud.. you don’t want to get us in trouble right?’
You nod, not really listening just trying to feel him behind you.
Finally his hardness enters you, a gasp escapes you.
He picks up a nice pace. Finally! Shu is fucking you!
'Harder..’ you suddenly say, surprising yourself.
Shu moans in your ear and moves faster, you both hear the sound of skin slapping together.
You pant loudly and clutch the pillow hard.
'Ah…kitty is so tight.’ He says huskily. 'So wet…you really needed this huh?’
You nod, really needed it!!
He came faster and harder and pulled on the leash.
His cock was hard and big inside you, it filled every inch.
'Damn Shu! More!!’
'More?’ He groans and flips you back over.
He positioned your legs high, your knees over his shoulders, fuck, this was going to be deep….
He slipped back inside and you gasp sharply.
You were right. It was deep.
Just what you needed.
'Heh..you look so pleased naughty kitty..but let’s see what you can deal with..’
You didn’t care. You just wanted him deep inside and his cum covering every inch of your insides.
'Shu!’ You desperately whine.
He smirks and starts moving again. Each thrust so deep you thought it was moving even higher in your body.
You throw your head back in pants and gasps of pleasure.
You feel every inch of him, every movement nearing you closer to your orgasam.
'Hum..’ you hear him moan and look up to see his glare. 'Look at me…’
You try to concentrate on him but every deep thrust throws your head back.
'Oi!’ He growls and pulls the lead. You are forced to look at him, he keeps it tight and fucks your harder.
'Ah! Shu!’ You body is moved so hard on the bed, it starts to creak with every thrust.
You feel it, you finally feel that edge, his deep fast thrusts push you over and you gasp at feeling your body shatter in pieces. You feel a warm liquid escape you as he pulls out. He watched in amusement as you squirt on him.
'Dirty woman..’ He groans and enters you again, obviously turned on by this. He fucks you again until he reaches his edge and cums deep inside you.
You look up at the heavily breathing Shu as he moves off you.
'Eh?! No! Don’t leave!!’ You whine.
'Ah..I have to..its time.’ He dresses and smirks.
'Oh..’ That empty feeling suddenly rushes back to you.
It was just sex..what did you expect?!
'You’re not going to say goodbye?’ You huff and pout.
'Ahh.. I will..I need to kiss my daughter first.’ He leaves the room and you hear your baby suddenly squeal happily and giggle.
Eh? His daughter?!
You grab your dressing gown, take off the collar and head to the nursery.
Shu kisses the baby’s head and stroked her cheek. She yawns and is back asleep .
He leaves and meets you in the doorway.
'Well goodbye..’ He kisses your head.
'Eh? Wait?! Daughter?’ You point to her room.
He shrugs. 'Yes. Your 'dreams’ remember?’
Your mouth falls open.
This isn’t a dream……
'So…if we are your family….w-why are you going away again?’ You stutter, following him down the stairs.
’..bothersome..,’ He sighs and turns to you, 'I wouldn’t have you living there…and I still have things to do…’
'Ohh..’ you frown, 'but what about 'him’ don’t you mind?’
'He’s looking after you right? I don’t mind for now…’ Shu shrugs. 'And I know where your heart lies…’ He smirks.
You give a small one back.
He senses your discomfort with this, his hand pushes back your hair and he kisses your forehead, nose and mouth.
You take in this moment, and how blue his eyes are.
You realise you mean much more to him then you ever knew.
'You best tidy up…Goodbye…’ He kisses you again before leaving.
You are left staring at the empty space. Stunned.
The front door opens and your boyfriend walks in sighing.
'Eh? You ok?’ He frowns, 'Oh..have you been …doing something..’ He gestures to your nakedness and wiggles his eyebrows.
You just stay there still shocked.
'Looks like you had fun without me!’ He grins, 'uhh..wait is that cum dripping down your leg?’

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Oi, Zenny! What's a low battery usually entail fer you? I'm right curious. -love, Junkie (hearts on the i's)

(Excuse Zenyatta while he stares incredulously at the little hearts. Jamison’s unpredictability was part of what Zenyatta liked about him, sure, but. Hearts? Hearts? It didn’t mean anything, right? It was just Junkrat being Junkrat. That was it. There was nothing more to it.)

(…Roadhog was not going to be very happy with him.)

Ah, low battery decreases system performance in order to conserve energy. All unnecessary functions, such database operations and short term memory storage, are terminated. My processors run slowly, which delays thought processes and reaction time.

What this means is that I spent ten minutes playing that party blower noise over and over again and giggling uncontrollably the whole time. After that, I zoned out and this morning, I exited sleep mode in my room, properly plugged in and fully recharged.

I am not sure how I got there.

Who would’ve thought that Kingdom Hearts Union Cross is sooooooo addicting 0_0

Which is bad for me, cause now I have two great games on my phone that slowly kills my battery power. Ah well, at least they are worth my time….that or they are the reason why I haven’t got anything done lately.

…yeah it’s probably that last one XP

in short, guess what I am into now?

i forgot how much i ship batterie 

not even necessarily in the popular fandom sense 

just exchanges between them at the counter 

or them fighting over something really fucking stupid like whether or not a baseball bat will float in plastic and they go as far as to bet money on it and peddle out into the middle of the ocean but right as they go to toss the thing a whale swoops down and gobbles it up and it’s just GONE and neither of them know how to react and batter insists that because the whale is levitating in midair the bat is technically floating and zacharie insists that because the whale swallowed the bat it technically sank 

and they get into a huge argument and practically strangle each other and the fuckin pedalo capsizes and they’re rolling around in the plastic like children because “NO YOU’RE WRONG!” and all of these horrified elsen just look on as two grown men wrestle in the ocean in an attempt to drown each other over a meager bet of about 500 credits

but of course it turns out that batter doesn’t actually know how to swim so this lasts for about 10 seconds before he goes under and actually ends up drowning and zacharie swears under his breath because he can’t have the main character dead this early in the game god damnit so he retrieves batter’s body and drags him ashore and revives him with a joker 

and they’re both tired and cranky and soaking wet so they just kind of crash at the store for a while and after a while they both agree that the entire affair was a fiasco and exchange laughter (or in batter’s case, a slight smile) and as the batter gets up to leave they agree to part friends 

“but only, of course, after three easy payments of 1499”

zacharie wakes up with a black eye

ah yes batterie

schola amici.

      { @stagesgathering }

Ah, battery’s out already? It hasn’t even bee long since I started, the lone satori complains. The icon on the monitor displays a troublesome red warning, indicating the depletion of the device’s power supply. With a sigh, she leans her back on the chair she sat. As she surveys the surroundings, she thinks to herself, There should be a power outlet nearby…

She folds the laptop and carries it by her side, and a bag held on the other hand. The closest outlet was a few seats away from her seat, and it is preoccupied by a lone blonde; a student of hers.

“Kurodani?” she inquires, “I’m in need of the outlet beside you. My laptop is about to die, you see. Do you mind if we share a seat?” 

Dir en grey 24 hours Channel Shinya

Part 1 (from 10:12)
Part 2

Dies part Toshiyas part

Boo: Now we’ll talk to Shinya! Look at the comments. SHINYAAAAAAAS HEEEEEREEEEE SHINYAAAAAAAAAA . RED HAAIR! Actually yeah meeting everyone for the first time in ages all your hair styles have changed. Ah right, it’s purple right?

Shinya: It’s red-purple

Boo: It’s not purple!!

Shinya: Didn’t you say it was?

 Boo: It’s not purple! I haven’t seen you in so long, hm maybe since Atlanta?

Shinya: Ah no we’ve met various times.. uh…

Boo: Oh… in various places?

Shinya: Yes…

Boo: Uhh in various places.. But you weren’t visable..

Shinya: Um I don’t really think that’s the case…

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