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i uh…so i have this permanent hc in my heart that gavin and lindsay grow up to the directors of RT and FAHC respectively, and that FAHC is a branch. a subsidiary if you will, of RT,  as well as its biggest most profitable branch, so yeah

and so i drew what i thought gav would look like in his new role. idk,  idk i might change the design later but yeah

@rhinnie, this but less pretentious seems like our corp director no?

18 years.. yet he’s still waiting

Aaa finally got to finish this piece despite having exams for the week :^)

I got the idea by this part of the comic where Papyrus said “It has been 18 years already.” (spoilers i guess if you haven’t read it) and thinking that himself still mourns for them :}

Heavenfell © @heavenfell-au @heavenfell-mun ( ^ ᴗ ^ ) [also i tried their way on how to shade & I’m really enjoying it!]

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This might sound awkward. But bat-momma taking care of a baby they find in one of their patrols and when the boys see how happy they make her. They start asking Bruce to give them a small bean too.

Haha YES ! I imagine, that when they’ll get home, after seeing Batmom taking such good care of the little one and such, and after a few days of imagining having a baby home, having a little sibling around and stuffs, the conversation would go like this : 

Damian : Father, you need to…hum….*proceeds to make tons of gagging noises and turns almost green*

Bruce : …What ? Are you ok ? Do you need…

Jason : A baby. He’s saying you need to…you know to…*throws up*.

Dick : We want a baby. Sister or brother. So like go…go…oh I really can’t say it *turns red and runs away*.

Bruce : …What ? 

Tim : They want you and mom to have sex so we can have a baby sister or brother *doesn’t realize what he just said for a while because he’s very sleep deprived and then once it hits him…looks up, takes a few seconds for things to really sink in, and slowly turns another color before also making gagging noises* 

Bruce : *turns very red and all awkward and doesn’t know what to say*

Batmom : *After seeing her eldest son running away from the leaving room for some reasons, she goes to see what happened and finds her three remaining boys looking very sick, and a blushing Bruce* …Do I want to know ? 

Bruce : *turning around to face his wife* They…I…They…want…baby…

Batmom : They…want a baby ? 

Batboys : *nods while still looking very ill* 

Batmom : *after a few seconds, makes the connection between this weird and sudden request, and the fact that they stared at her taking care of that lost baby earlier in the day* A bab…ah. Oh. OOooooooooh. Haha. Hahahaha *after laughing furiously for a while* Bruce, we shouldn’t disappoint them. 

Batboys : OH MY GOD ! *throws up as Batmom takes Bruce’s hand and leave the room for an obvious destination…*

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HI!!!! Happy (late) Holidays! How are you? I just wanted to say I absolutely adore ur blog- it's so awesome!!!!! (I love the way you draw Sonny and everyone!) if you're taking requests, can you please do a smol vanessa perhaps??

thank you so much!!! im doing good, i finally bought myself a new tablet and im getting the hang of it so to practice– 


she got a doll for christmas and together theyre getting their revenge on usnavi because one time he told her and nina that they couldnt play with his star wars toys because they were for boys only

he learnt his lesson that year

Some HCs for y’all

Fandom: Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Requested by: @partylikeits1899

“Okay so I just saw your post and maybe you could write some headcanons about Steve dating a choir girl/girl who loves to sing :))))”

A/N: I’m alive woah wtf (seriously tho, im feeling quite better from the break I had :)) everything is still a lil bit stressful but I’m doing okay :))

Let’s just get started!!


- Okay

- Steve fucking loved your voice

- That was like, the main thing that brought you two together actually

- He loved it tho

- He had first heard it when he was staying late after school for detention

- He heard this singing coming out of an empty classroom and decided to check it out

- What were you doing after school? You were finishing up a little project

- Irrelevant

- Anyways

- You LOVED singing

- Only problem was, you had terrible stage fright and hated singing in front of others

- But DAMN you could sing

- So when curious Stevo boi here heard you sing,

- His heart, his mind, his soul had just poof! Ascended to heaven

- It was like hearing a literal angel sing in front of him

- He was just standing by the doorframe, watching you sing until you noticed

- “Bab- ah! What- Wh- what are you doing here?! How- how long were you here?! I-“

- And he’d just stand there, completely awestruck bc !!!! Angel!!!

- “You’re a great singer you know.”

- Cue the blushing

- “Thanks”

- That was the first time he heard your singing voice

- Now, months later, the boi got the balls and asked you out

- He heard your singing voice much more often now

- It was usually when you were at his place, the two of you alone

- And all of a sudden you’d just start singing quietly to yourself while the two of you would be doing something

- And he’d love it

- Sure, it was soft, and practically not even audible but STILL

- He especially loved it whenever you’d bring your Walkman over

- The two of you would listen to songs on repeat and Steve just couldn’t express how much he loved it

- When you had the headphones on, you’d sing to yourself per usual

- But the headphones that were in your ears made you sound louder out loud bc headphones do that freaky shit or something

- You know how you talk louder an shit right

- Right, okay

- Anyways, you’d sing like full on when you thought Steve was in another room

- When really, he was admiring you from the seat next to you, fucking awestruck bc THAT’S HIS GIRLFRIEND

- He learned to play guitar and sometimes when you feel like it, you’d sing together

- Steve’s constant support and praise made you more confident about your voice

- You sang in public much more often

- And he even convinced you to sing for the talent show

- (Which everyone loved btw)

- You were the STAR

- Most importantly, you were his star

- He’d 1000% brag about you to random people


- “Steve- Babe- they’ll hear- shut up.”


- Steve just can’t emphasize enough about how much he loves your voice and you

BabsTabs S04 concept

so I’m thinking that slowly slowly (which will actually be SUPER FAST because Gotham is the most impatient show ever) they reach a place where Tabby has all but forgiven Babs and is willing to give what they had another shot

maybe they end up having wild sex one time after a murder/crime rush

or maybe they just end up sweetly kissing one night and we see them waking up together the next morning, cooking breakfast in PJs and smiling coyly at each other

however it happens

it should be at EXACTLY THAT POINT of reconciliation and tentative rekindling of romance that they both learn about Grundy, and how he’s working for Nygma no less

cue UTTER PAINFUL, ANGSTY, ANGRY CONFLICT in Tabby where she feels like she can’t possibly continue pursuing a relationship with Babs knowing Butch is still alive, even if he isn’t the Butch she knew (/loved?) anymore

because maybe she thinks she owes it to him to try and get his memory back? or at least free him from exploitation by NYGMA, who is such a large part of the REASON Butch has ended up all amnesiac and stuff

plus, seeing Butch so broken will twist her old hate towards Babs for killing him into anger at how she DIDN’T kill him but apparently did something Tabby may well consider MUCH WORSE than death (ie. driven out of his mind and subjugated to an enemy)

meanwhile Babs may be horrified at what has happened to Butch? (if her new feelings of regret/remorse extend to him as well as Tabby) or at the very least she will be shocked and pained at how his ‘survival’ causes old wounds to be opened in Tabby and, ofc, threatens any chance of her and Tabby mending their relationship (and perhaps it will cause old anger and jealousy to resurface in her, leading to a struggle to maintain her new zen-like lifestyle?)

and overall it will be ANGSY AS ALL HELL AND I WILL LOVE IT!

y/n/maybe? ;)

Hey guys, remember when I made that akumatized Painty? Well I wanted to expand the idea bit more. With Firey and Leafy as Ladybug and Chat Noir. THAT’S RIGHT! THIS IS THE 4TH AU I MADE NOW! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, I really hope you like the concept. The story takes place with both bfdi and inanimate insanity characters. Let me know in the askbox if you wanna see anymore akumatized objects or maybe some other kwami holders!! :)

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-“I-I I don’t kn-know what I should do. He’s… he’s good with the Fires right? I-If I’m out of his life, then he’s better, right??? I can’t just go halfway with this. I either get better and take full responsibility or I can’t keep stringing him along on this I-”

-“Ah -AH I’m panicking. Ah.”

Ikon reacts: HARD times..

Request: Can i request an ikon reaction to their girlfriend waking up needy and grinding her butt on their morning wood?

Thank you so much for your request, I hope you’ll like this reaction -BP

Originally posted by baeky-v

The movements of your butt grinding against his private parts woke him up. 
He wouldn’t say anything, he’d simply enjoy your movements. slowly wrapping his arms around you cupping your breast he would plant a small kiss on your neck. “You gotta take care of that now..”

Originally posted by ikonine

Instead of keeping quiet he would start letting out small moans once he woke up realizing what happened. He’d start moving his hip to eventually feel your private parts a bit better. It would end in a hot petting session.

Originally posted by sugassweg

Once you start grinding you’d hear him groaning. He’d forcefully pull you closer. “Unfortunately I can’t feel much when you have your panties on.” he’d say hoping for you to undress your lower half. 
“Daddy needs you now”

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Junhoe bit his lip in pleasure as he woke up. The both of you weren’t too affectionate so this was kind of surprising for him as well.
But instead of questioning what you did he’d start grinding against you as well.
“Come on.. just a bit faster Babygirl…”

Originally posted by donghyuks-thighs

He’d wake up and definitely question you. 
“B-bab- ah~” he’d try to say something but unfortunately he moaned in pleasure.
“I don’t know if this is the time to to that babe..” he’d quietly say

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

He’d totally enjoy it and he wouldn’t be quiet about it.
“Damn princess your ass feels great against me..” he’d say biting his lip and slapping your buttcheeks occaisonally. 
“Let me finish this alright?” he’d ask pulling down your pants.

Originally posted by 1junhoe

He’d be too shy to say something but you’d hear him moan. 
He’d slowly slide his hands in your pants, reaching for your flower. slowly circling your clit not wanting to over stimulate you. “If it’s too much, stop me” he’d whisper

I’m sorry that this is short but I still have to get used to writing, somewhat more perverted? 
Sorry guys. -BP 

A/N: Didn’t spellcheck yet!