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i uh…so i have this permanent hc in my heart that gavin and lindsay grow up to the directors of RT and FAHC respectively, and that FAHC is a branch. a subsidiary if you will, of RT,  as well as its biggest most profitable branch, so yeah

and so i drew what i thought gav would look like in his new role. idk,  idk i might change the design later but yeah

@rhinnie, this but less pretentious seems like our corp director no?

graysonpotter  asked:

HI!!!! Happy (late) Holidays! How are you? I just wanted to say I absolutely adore ur blog- it's so awesome!!!!! (I love the way you draw Sonny and everyone!) if you're taking requests, can you please do a smol vanessa perhaps??

thank you so much!!! im doing good, i finally bought myself a new tablet and im getting the hang of it so to practice– 


she got a doll for christmas and together theyre getting their revenge on usnavi because one time he told her and nina that they couldnt play with his star wars toys because they were for boys only

he learnt his lesson that year

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-“I-I I don’t kn-know what I should do. He’s… he’s good with the Fires right? I-If I’m out of his life, then he’s better, right??? I can’t just go halfway with this. I either get better and take full responsibility or I can’t keep stringing him along on this I-”

-“Ah -AH I’m panicking. Ah.”

They’re the dangerous, destructive duo of Los Santos, and the reason why you don’t go out at night.


*THEME (how to get away with murder)  &  *I COME WITH KNIVES (iamx)  &  *CONTROL (halsey)   &  *RIOT RHYTHM (sleigh bells)  &  *KILL EVERYONE (hollywood undead)   &  *DEMONS (tech n9ne)  &  *DON’T FEAR THE REAPER (blue oyster cult, cover by feed the kid)  &  *BREATH OF LIFE (florence+the machine)  &  *DEAD BITE (hollywood undead)  &  *KEEP AWAKE (100 monkeys)  &  *DARK DOO WOP (msmr)  &  *CRAZY (melanie martinez)  &  *BLOOD ON MY BOOTS (eliza carthy)  &  *REQUIEM FOR BLUE JEANS (bastille)  &   *GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER (papa roach)  &  *TRUE LOVE (thoushaltnot)  &  *CONTAINER PARK (chemical brothers)

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October coincidental meet up♡

(Requested by @opinion1534 the bab❤ ah, I tried my best on this lol. If you don’t know, I’m Heather and opinions name is maddie XD)

Saturday afternoon, Heather was at the near by gas station messaging some friends. She had been super excited because the cutest pink haired bab was coming to her state!!!

New message from opinion-
‘Prepare the red carpet I have arrived’

Heather smiled wide feeling her stomac fill with butterflies,

'Really!! 💞💞 super excited’ she tested back while wandering the drink area.

Seconds later she got another text,

'Well I’ve been here. But I’m close, were just stopping to get some munchies"

'Oh bokay💚’

Turning her phone off she smiled and looked around more for some candy to munch on.

The door opened showing a poofy haired sweetheart looking for m&ms.

“Maddie you can get one package. You don’t want to keep your friend waiting” a motherly voice said making heather’s head snap up.

“Maddie?” She mumbled seeing a figure walk past to the candy section.

Pulling out her phone Heather quickly texted maddie once more,

'Look up real quick and turn around’

The girls phone buzzed and she did as told, looking up and turning. Only to see a chip stand.


Heather sighed and texted her again,

'Other way XD’

Turning again maddie saw a Brown haired little shit know as Heather.

She gasped and ran up to her, embracing her tightly, “BAB!!! YOU’RE LIKE HERE!!” Both girls giggling and hugging tightly.

Pulling away maddie observed Heather a bit, “you’re so much cuter in person!!!”

Heather sighed slightly with a smile, “I’m not cute but thanks, look at you! Look at that fluff head~” she cooed playing with a stay curl that puffed up a bit.

Maddie giggled and swattedher hand away, “stooooop. I’m just so happy to see you!!!”

Heather nodded and hugged her again, “yeah it’s like a dream!!!” She squealed before attacking maddie’s cheek with kisses.

(Ah- and now I don’t know what happens so the end? This was fun to write thank you bab for the request, hopefully us metting will not go like this XD)

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you do this but I'm feeling really shitty today so I was wondering if you could write something angst free with jayroy? the fluffiest the better, thank you!

ah bab, i hope you feel better soon!

  • Jason and Roy hum the Mission Impossible theme under their breath when they’re undercover. Roy started it, and now it’s like a lucky charm. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, it’s Roy who comes home to find a litter of dogs all over their living room. Jason is a softy.
  • (however, they never keep them. Jason always makes sure to find them a home within the week)
  • “Aw Jay, this one looks like you, I’m gonna name it Jaybird.” “Aw Roy, and this one looks exactly like you! I’m gonna call him Nerd Lord Pain in the Ass!” “…WOW”
  • Roy insists their song is Call me Maybe, because the first time they kissed he had that song stuck on his head.
  • meanwhile, Jason insists that it is not, but he finds himself singing it when he misses Roy.
  • (congratulations jason, you played yourself)
  • Roy’s are superman, and Jason’s Wonder Woman. 
  • Talking about clothes, they wear each other’s clothes all the time!! Roy likes borrowing Jason’s jackets, and Jason steals Roy’s hats all the time.
  • They love going shopping and finding hats with weird stuff written on it.
  • They have five different hats with “MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN” written across them
  • (And Jason loves it, he keeps those books on a special place)
  • Sometimes Jason comes back from grocery shopping with weird stuff he finds, like Bacon Soda or food like that, because he knows Roy is weird as fuck and would love to try it.
  • Roy refers to the Batclan as “the Batdashians”
  • (“does that make me Kim? Kylie? Kendall?” “…Kason” “I literally hate you right now”)
  • when they’re apart for long periods of time they purchase weird movies to watch when they’re back together. Whoever gets the weirder one it’s free from making breakfast the next day.
  • Jason has Roy saved on his phone as the bow/arrow emoji, while Roy has him saved as the gun one
  • They always make plans for the future on the spur of the moment, without really talking about it. 
  • Like, Roy one day goes “For our wedding we should find a slow version of call me maybe”, and Jason replies, without missing a beat, “over my dead body, Harper." 
  • and then another day they’re trying to make dinner when Jason, very seriously and out of nowhere, tells Roy "okay but our kid will be so spoiled with Kori and Alf as their godparents”. Roy stands still for a moment, and then turns to him with a horrified expression “shit, we didn’t think that through”
  • (yes, Lian turns out to be spoiled as hell, but they don’t really care because it’s mostly their own fault)

alittletoowishful  asked:

my bff is my twin, she's the best person ever(congrats on 1.3k!!)

aaaa thats so cool! (TYSM!)

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