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gta 5 au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [4/6] >> Arin Hanson + Dan Avidan

“No one dared to make fun of Ego and his pink hair, nor the rest of the crew and their brightly colored manes. They chose colors that stood out for a reason, so you’d know just who it was that stood on the corner with their nintendo 3DS out, casually waiting patiently for another buyer. The Steam Train crew was spearheaded by Ninja (aka Ross) and Ego (aka Arin), Danny, Barry, and Kevin acting as soldiers and dealers. The crew was notorious for pushing high grade marijuana through the streets of Los Santos, smaller gangs and dealers moving out of the way when there was word that the Train was coming through. And although Geoff of the Fake AH Crew made it clear that their groups were rivals, that didn’t stop him from letting Ray buy his kush from Danny on weekends. Or from letting him visit their towns in Animal Crossing on the 3DS whenever their schedules were open.” [inspo’d by ubernasty’s ‘anime grumps’]