ah almost forgot

This face.

This is the face of a man who knows and understands the pain his friend is going through.

He knows exactly what is the meaning of losing the love of your life.

He knows what his friend would end up to be if he lost her.

He knows because he’s already at the bottom.

He knows because he’s already lost.

me @ bighit : yes bighit, it’s me.. again. We both know that blue lenses exist and if Taehyung happen to have it tonight, god bless u.
Another thing, if ONE member has the coconut hairstyle I’m gonna sue y'all. My boys need justice, we’re not playin fucking games here.
Ah! I almost forgot! Put That Iconic earring on Seokjin god will thank u later trust me.
And pls call billboard bc I want 7 individuals cameras following each steps of the boys and 1 for the whole group and even if with these they can’t witness seokjin’s flying kiss they better cancel the show, and their lives.

Bertolt and Marco: why it’s NOT karma

I often read comments about how ironic is that Bertolt and Marco died “the same way”, with people pointing out stuff like karma, proving to have a poor understanding and interest for both plot and characters. It’s always easier to say “Character A brutally killed Character B so they deserve the worst death”, even when Character A was clearly forced to do so, crying for their actions and being tormented by nightmares all the time (the sleeping posture thing is due to this, as shown in this smartpass AU).

Problem is that people have no idea of how deep and human Isayama’s characters are. They stop at what they see at first, making out of it the only truth to believe in: Marco is shown to be a kind person, so he is an angel; Bertolt killed so many people, so he is a bastard. Simple as it is. There’s no half way to see things, because most of people are generally too lazy to go beyond the surface (this is applies for everything, not just for reading manga).

Sorry but… Attack on Titan is not a manga for lazy brains. It is supposed to be much more. It is supposed to show the human fight for what they think is right. Beign it inside or outside the Walls, the fight is the same.

Bertolt never displayed any enjoyment for what he did. And what’s fun is that you can clearly see it in the manga, more than once:

It couldn’t be more obvious, so if you read until here and you still think he is evil I invite you not to go any further because we have nothing to share.

So, exactly just like Marco or any other character from the Walls, Bertolt is fighting his war. What clearly puts him under a bad light is that he stays on the untold - not evil - side of the story. I’m pretty sure we would all be able to justify his actions if we read the story from his point of view, just like we so easly justify Eren’s behaviour in the plot. It started with Titans, then he went a little bit mad against humans:

No, I’m not taking this example because I want you to pity Bertolt. I’m using this picture because here Eren just ripped off an ex-comrade limbs and, despite him being unconscious, he is slaughtering him to death.

And look at this:

Eren’s behaviour here is not any better than what Bertolt did to the Walls 5 years ago. He is fighting his war and we can’t absolutely blame him for it. His rage towards Bertolt and the others couldn’t be more justified, because we all know what he has been through. Bertolt is the main reason why he had to see his mother devoured by a Titan, which is together with the loss of his home and the general genocide a very big reason to want him death. Soooo, no ‘good’ or ‘evil’ side, just people fighting for their personal aim.

Now, I hope this introduction helps you to understand what I’m going to say about the difference between Bertolt and Marco. Let’s start from a brief list of what they share:

- Both have a good soul
- Both are fighting their war
- They were killed by circumstances bigger than them

Now, just take Marco and analyze his life. He comes from the Walls (Wall Rose, I think) and never experienced the terror of the Titans until the battle of Trost. So, we can suppose his life was pretty much normal, not too happy but neither too bad. He strongly wanted to protect the king by entering the Military Police, so the quality of his life allowed him to dream and to take decisions for himself.

Bertolt’s situation is very much different. From the few information we have, we can say he was chosen to be a warrior between his 5 and 7 years of age, and from that moment he was not allowed to take decisions for himself nor to live his life as he wanted. He was given the power of the Colossal Titan and he was sent on a genocide mission against people he was told to be evil at the age of 11. Ah, I almost forgot: he was also condamned to die in 13 years.
Believe me or not, but what’s so tragic about his life is not what happened until now. The real pain begins when he discovers that the people living inside the Walls are not what he was told they were. During his three years of training, Bertolt does his best to avoid getting too involved in friendly relationships with the others. He is described as taciturn, different from his friend Reiner who - as we know - recurred to an easier way to cope with his guilt:

But his human nature doesn’t really help Bertolt, because as careful as you could be, friendship is not something you can avoid so easly, especially if you are in your teens and you never had the opportunity to live your life as a normal person (and you probably won’t again, since you have just few years left). So, you end up being involved before you realize it:

As Bertolt himself said, the only moment in his life he considers ‘enjoyable’ was the time he spent as a soldier:

This speech is as clear as the water. Still, although they are a bit confused, it’s not enough for the characters to forgive him or to justify his actions. The only one that shows interest in talking this out is Armin in chapter 78:

Despite Bertolt and Reiner were revealed as the two Titans who caused so much sufference, Armin is still believing there’s something wrong with them. There must be a reason (I don’t want to say good) for them to act this way, so he wants to confront him and see if the same person who was able to show love feelings for Annie is really doing this by his choice.
I’m sure Armin have never marked Reiner and Bertolt for bad people. I’m sure he is still looking for the truth behind their actions because he knows Bertolt’s speech in chapter 48 was not a lie.

So, what distinguish Marco’s death from Bertolt’s is their life. They were both left to be eaten by a Titan, but while the first one got the tears of his murderers…

… the latter got nothing but hate and indifference from the only people he spent a nice time with:

Yes: death is death. Marco did nothing wrong to end that way, but allow me to say that Bertolt is as much as a victim as he was.

Ohh this is kind of late and probably really random but I just remembered being a freshman in HS and sitting at the lunch table with the few friends that I made so far that year and this cool janitor that worked at the school saw my art and asked me to design a tattoo for him and tbh, I wasn’t very good at drawing and to this day, I still have lots to learn but back then when the kind janitor asked for a design, it made me happy to know that people paid attention to my art and I? I think he wanted me to draw bulls or something and so I did. A few days later, I gave him the design and I wasn’t very proud of it but I tried my best and he gave me $20 bucks and I remember being really surprised? I was shook. Like… someone wanted to give me money for my art lmfao? I don’t even remember the guy’s name but I do remember him being a young guy who was probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s and he kind of reminded me of my older brother, too haha.


corrin always makes puns and every time jakob swears on his life that he must protect his smol master

“Be Sure to Like and Subscribe”

(( AU where the characters aren’t all spread across the world… :’ ( lol ))

“I can’t believe he has this much free time,” Yuri snorted.

“I think it’s cute that he puts so much effort into it,” Phichit said. “But he got kind of embarrassed when he realized we all followed his ‘secret’ accounts.”

The two skaters were huddled over their phones at the side of the rink, sharing a pair of earbuds.

Victor had to know what was interesting enough to get Yurio to lower his defenses long enough to talk to one of the foreign skaters.

“What are you watching~?”

He leaned in over Yuri’s shoulder.

“Fuck! Don’t sneak up on people like that!” the teen clutched at his chest angrily. Victor was like a ghost on the ice sometimes.

“A game?” Victor guessed, cheerfully ignoring Yuri’s complaining.

Phichit’s phone was flashing with images from some kind of alien fantasy world. Monsters were spewing out of caves in a bio-luminescent landscape, confronting a flurry of blue laser bolts coming from the character behind the camera.

“Wow, what is this? It looks fun,” Victor said, leaning in closer for a better look as Yuri practically did a backbend to get as far away from him as possible.

“What, you don’t follow his videos?” Yuri retorted.

“Whose videos?” Victor asked, blinking.

Phichit’s eyes slowwwly widened as realization dawned on him. He and Yuri exchanged dangerous grins.

“Oh my god,” Yuri was absolutely smug.

“It’s just this really popular gamer,” Phichit explained, easily recovering. Meanwhile Yuri looked like he was going to lose his shit any second. “We’ve all been following him for a while now. Me, Guang Hong, Leo, Emil, Mila, Sara… I just showed Yuri here last week!”

“I started following him as a joke, but… it’s actually kind of fun to watch,” Yuri admitted.

“I want to watch, too!” Victor decided.

“Oh, are you into this kind of thing?” Phichit asked too sweetly. “I would have told you about it sooner.”

“It’s ‘cuz you give off that uppity vibe,” Yuri said.

Victor’s shoulders stiffened a little.

Did everyone still think that?

“I want to watch it!” he insisted. “What is it called?”

Phichit scribbled something on a pink post-it note shaped like a hamster’s head and slid it over to Victor with a devilish smile.

“Let us know what you think!” he said.


Yuuri had a one-on-one training session with Yakov that evening, so Victor settled into the couch with his laptop balanced on his legs and Makkachin squeezed in around his feet. That dog was getting so fat. Victor always felt a bit guilty whenever training took him away from Makkachin. He devoted so much time to the ice, it was easy to get distracted from his other responsibilities. He ruffled Makkachin’s curly forehead.

“Tomorrow we’ll go to the park,” he promised.

Victor pulled out the pink sticky note and found some of the gamer’s old videos on a streaming site. Some of the videos were 6 hours long!

“Well, I’ll just watch for a bit,” Victor hummed to himself as he clicked on the flashiest thumbnail, which read:


Two hours later, he was gripping a pillow to his chest, talking enthusiastically to the screen as if he was giving the player direction from a command center.

“How can you make the jump from there- that’s not possible- y- Wow! He did it!!”

Makkachin’s ears perked up as Victor jumped in his seat.

“Ah, sorry- it’s okay, it’s okay,” he soothed, patting the dog on the back. “I became too invested,” he laughed quietly.

“Oh! It’s almost time for Yuuri to get home~!”

Victor clicked out of the video and saw that the main page was advertising a streaming event coming up that weekend.

“Hmm. I bet they’ll all be talking about it at practice… I shouldn’t miss it,” he told himself, nodding gravely as he subscribed to the gamer’s channel. Just as he closed the laptop, he heard the keys in the front door.



The weekend came quickly- the days leading up to it were mostly filled with training, but Victor did manage to sneak in a few drinks with Chris at a local bar, and he and Yuuri spent an entire evening at the dog park with Makkachin. The life of a professional athlete was hard. Victor was glad that he was able to work and play with fiancé every week. But of course, they needed their time apart, too. Tonight Victor had finally released Yuuri from a long, tight hug at the door-

“Victor, I’ll be late,” Yuuri had laughed after a few minutes had passed, but he was still squeezing back just as hard.

-so that Yuuri could go out with friends.

Victor was curious to meet these mystery friends, whom Yuuri had yet to bring over to the apartment, but he hadn’t pressed the issue. It would happen when Yuuri was ready. Besides, Victor trusted him completely.

With the place to himself, Victor had time to enjoy the quiet. It was so different being alone when the feeling was only temporary. And nowadays, those moments were few and far between.

Victor stretched out on the bed and Makkachin flopped down next to him, breathing softly. Victor was about to close his eyes when he heard his laptop ping!

“Ah, I almost forgot about the stream,” he said, arranging the pillows behind him and putting in some headphones so that the noise from the game wouldn’t disturb Makkachin.

A countdown began and the stream started. Hardcore gamers were sharing their commentary on the gameplay in live time. Some trolls were, too. There were apparently a few diehard fans watching as well. Messages like ‘marry me!’ and ‘you’re literally the best. I’ve been following you from the beginning!’ and ‘your tips have helped me so much!’ kept popping up on Victor’s screen.

Victor thought it was strange that the player had accumulated such a large following even though he never showed his face. He didn’t seem to be the only one who thought so- the chat box in the corner was full of people asking ‘when can we hear your voice?’ ‘how come you never show your face??’ He had to admit, he was curious, too. But that sort of thing didn’t really matter when it came to the game, and Victor found it interesting enough on its own. It was like watching a movie, but more intense.

The screen went red as the player’s character was beheaded unexpectedly, after he had progressed to the stage of the final boss in a single go. Victor let out a gentle, disappointed gasp. Some of the viewers in the chat turned nasty, pointing out all of the things the player had done wrong and using some …strong language. Victor’s brow screwed up and he pushed up his sleeves with a huff, taking to the chat himself.

“Don’t listen to them!” he typed. “That was really impressive. Don’t give up! I want to see more!”

The player’s character was frozen on the screen. …Had he left?

“Please keep playing. I’m your newest fan!” Victor added enthusiastically.


“Ohh no.” Yuuri was resting a hand on his flushed forehead, hiding his face. He pushed his massive headphones back around his neck and turning around in his chair to look suspiciously at Phichit, who was sitting on the floor in the corner, snapchatting memes back and forth with Leo. “Did you-” Yuuri’s voice cracked with embarrassment, “Tell. Him?”

“Hm?” Phichit looked up with big, innocent eyes.

Yuuri jabbed a finger at the computer screen where the username nikiforov-v was spamming the chat box with heart emojis.

Phichit shrugged unrepentantly.

“You thought I was going to let you use my room as a gaming office and not have any fun with this?”


“Okay, I didn’t tell him it was you. But he saw me talking to Yuri about one of your videos and he wanted to know what it was-”

“Yuri watches my videos?”

“And he’s bound to find out eventually, anyways~”

“Oh my god this is so embarrassing…”

“Why? I think it’s kind of exciting! I wonder how long it will take him to figure out that it’s you he’s watching.”

Yuuri grumbled something indecipherable and put his headphones back on, continuing the game from where he had respawned.

He didn’t miss the new flood of hearts popping up in the corner of his eye. His heart warmed a little.

Oh, but he was definitely going to get Phichit back for this.

since night 219 i was curious about how they would look like with the Earl outfit, and I’m having too many feels about those two that is not good for my heart!!

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♥Laito: Hello Bitch-chan~! I’m going to answer for my brothers, because they would reject your question~ Aaand I know a lot of their little secrets, nfu~

You see, is easier than you think to make Ayato-kun blush. Just say something out of the blue, something he would never expect you to say. And Kanato-kun… Well, probably giving him the attention he wants in many different ways?~

With Reiji-san, you just need to wear something sexy for him. He always talks about being ladylike and all that rubbish, but he secretly enjoys a little bit of misbehaving, nfu~
I don’t really know about Shu-san, he’s always in that… Sleeping state. And he is the one who usually gets to make you blush. So, I’d say it’s hard to find his weaks spots.

Aaaand lastly, Subaru-kun… He’s really easy to read! Every single thing related to girls makes him blush~ He plays as a tough guy, but don’t be fooled with that~

Me? Ah, I almost forgot~ Well, I don’t have shame, Bitch-chan… If I blush, it’s because I feel kinda… Naughty, nfu~ What? I’m being sincere with you~!
I’m afraid I don’t need to ask what makes you blush, Bitch-chan~ I know every•single•detail to accomplish that~


So Many Bubbles!! - AHWU for May 2nd, 2016 (#315)

A lil’ compilation about Lil’J being attacked by lil’ bubbles (Or the ahwu where Gav just keeps bothering Lil’ J)

euphoria ; chapter 2

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Pairing: OT13 x Reader
fluff, romance, light reading, college!au, drama (?)
Word count:

eu·pho·ri·a - a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

“ because living with these thirteen dorky guys results happy moments, maybe with a little drama here and there and hint of angst. but, in the end, you will feel the euphoria with these boys. ”

prologue | 1 | 2 |

Three months has passed and you start to think that living in the dorm with thirteen boys isn’t that bad. They’re quite fun and friendly. At first, when your aunt suggests you to move in to her dorm, you were a bit skeptic about the idea. Sure, you don’t have to rent a place and the dorm is near the campus. But, living in the dorm full of boys? You might be crazy to even consider that, what if there were some perverts or they’re not nice? Your aunt doesn’t live there anyway, so you can’t ask for her help if something bad happen. Fortunately, the boys were so nice and treat you politely with respect. Although there are several moments where they create a fuss and disturb your little peace, like right now.

“Aaah~ Noona! Let’s go, come with me!” Chan basically had been laying on the floor of your room for almost five minutes now, he frantically roll around to show his frustrations. A moment ago, Minghao pass by and comment on how you haven’t kick that boy out of your room, because he would do that the moment the younger boy open his mouth to whine.

Keep reading

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  • Rin would flame up instantly if he wasn’t already
  • he would run to your side to make sure you were alright
  • if you weren’t, he would stay with you until you were feeling alright to get to safety
  • if you were, he would immediately head for the enemy to attack
  • the whole time fighting, he’s just hoping you’re okay and safe
  • since he can go a bit overboard with fighting, he comes back to you with scratches and bruises
  • “we gotta get you help, Y/N!” “what about you!?” “I’ll be fine!”
  • honestly you’re more worried about him than you should be
  • his wounds do heal a lot faster, you know

Originally posted by inomatsu

  • Yukio would make sure you were alright before he did anything else
  • he would be more mad at himself than anything for letting you get hurt
  • if you were seriously hurt, he would tend to your wounds first after taking you to a safer place
  • when he knows that you’re okay on on your, he’ll go and get back to work on the enemy

Originally posted by vongrell

  • Bon would run to your side before doing anything else
  • if it’s a demon he knows a fatal verse to, he’ll immediately start reciting that
  • because he’s not able to talk, he’ll hold you close to make sure you didn’t get hurt
  • that gesture shows that he’s worried for you and you understand that he can’t talk when he’s reciting
  • so you just listen
  • if you’re severely injured, he’ll call for a doctor to look at your wounds before anything
  • you’re his main priority if you get hurt
  • “Don’t worry, Y/N. Everything will be okay”

Originally posted by morinascontract

  • Shima, being himself, would run to your aid, making sure you were okay
  • “how dare you hurt a girl!” it makes you laugh a bit
  • since his reciting skills aren’t as great as Bon or Koneko’s, he’ll stay by your side until backup arrives
  • if it’s just the two of you, he’ll do his best reciting to keep the enemy away
  • (SPOILERS!) if you’re badly injured he’ll summon Yamantaka
  • you have to remind him to focus on the demon and his sutras because he’ll keep looking back to make sure nothing else happened to you
  • if there’s no doctors around, he’ll carry you to the nearest infirmary or hospital

Originally posted by shizukku

  • Konekomaru would stop reciting any sutras he was reciting and rush to your side
  • “Y/N! Are you okay? I’m sorry for not being there!”
  • you tell him that it wasn’t his fault and he was doing his best
  • you laugh a bit to reassure him that you’re fine but he can tell you’re injured
  • “Koneko, I’m fine! See!” you’ll smile and give him a thumbs up
  • don’t forget to remind him to continue with his sutra!
  • “ah, you’re right! I almost forgot!”
  • he was so busy worrying about your wounds that he forgot what he was doing

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  • Shiemi would be so worried about you!
  • she starts to ramble off healing herbs to Nee-chan
  • she’ll stop fighting and will take you to a safe place to heal your wounds
  • “Y/N, are you alright! You don’t look badly hurt so that’s good!”
  • you love how worried she is about you but then she starts to cry
  • you tell her not to worry too much and continue on with healing your wounds
  • “you’re right! I have to concentrate!”
  • you want to go back into battle to help the others but she refuses to let you go
  • tells you to stay put and rest up!

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  • Izumo gets mad at you right away to cover up the fact that she’s worried
  • “what do you think you were doing, Y/N! stop being an idiot!”
  • she does show she’s worried in her own little ways
  • she’ll make sure either Mike or Uke are with you to protect you
  • she orders them to make sure nothing else happens
  • “Izumo, I’m fine!” “no you’re not! don’t move, stay there!”
  • she’s so harsh but you can tell in her eyes that she’s desperately worried about your wounds
  • later on she’ll deny ever being worried about you, saying that she didn’t care

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  • Shura comes to your aid very quickly
  • she makes sure that nothing is severely wrong with you
  • she even asks if you’re fine to be on your own until she finishes the demon off
  • if you say “no,” she’ll stay with you not even bothering to second guess herself
  • she stays with you until a doctor checks you out
  • if you say “yes,” she’ll finish the demon off as quickly as she can
  • she comes back to your aid and even if you refuse, she’ll make sure you see a doctor

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader (with appearances from all members of BTS)

Rating: Fluff

Summary/Request: Taehyung is performing with BTS on stage. When they are finished, Taehyung does a solo performance and proposes to you.

Word count: 1,611

This was so cute and fun to write! Thank you so much to @koreangamergirl1 on twitter for requesting this. I’m sorry if it didn’t come out the way you wanted it to!

I’d appreciate it if you guys could let me know what you thought. How I could improve, or what I could have done to make it better. Thank you!


“You’re definitely coming tonight, right jagi?” your boyfriend asked you over the phone as you fumbled around for your apartment keys.

“Of course I am! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. The girls and I should arrive around 6:30pm, but I need to get ready, ok? I’ll see you after the show. Love you!” you said trying to get him off the phone as you noticed you were running out of time.

“Alright jagi, your group will be seated right in front of where we are performing! See you soon, I love you too” he chuckled before hanging up.

“Tonight’s the night, right hyung?” asked Jungkook as soon as Taehyung ended the call.

“Yeah…tonight is the night” he said as he began to stare off into the distance.

“You’ll be okay kiddo, if she screams in your face and runs off, at least you still have us” Yoongi said very matter of factly.

“Ohhh don’t listen to that guy! Of course she will say yes. Who wouldn’t say yes to our Taehyungie?!” Jimin said playfully as he slung his arm around Taehyung. He rested his head against Jimins shoulder, “I’ve just been planning it for a while now and the nerves are finally kicking in…along with having to perform”

“Speaking of which, we have sound check in 10 minutes. Worry about Y/N when the time comes. We have a performance to nail!” exclaimed Jin, beginning to usher the boys out of the dressing room.

“The performance isn’t the only thing Tae wants to nail tonight” Namjoon and J-Hope both said with a wink as the rest of the boys burst into fits of laughter – even Taehyung.

“Alright Y/N, hair, makeup, outfit…ah! I almost forgot” you said to yourself before walking out your door. You almost forgot your entry ticket to the show. “That would have been a disaster” you smiled to yourself, remembering Tae’s words.

“You’re so forgetful! Just don’t ever forget about me, okay?”

The past 2 years with Taehyung had been the best years of your life. Although they may not have been 2 of the easiest years, since you were both idols in very popular groups, BTS and SUGARCREAM. It was hard to find the time to be together sometimes, but you both always did your best in your groups and relationship to make things work. This was something you loved about Taehyung the most. He may seem a little strange to most people but to you, he was one of the most dedicated and hard working souls on this planet.

You heard your groups van pull up outside your apartment and the driver gave a small honk of the horn. With one last check to make sure you had everything, you locked your front door and made your way down.

Bang on 6:30pm, you and your group arrived at the venue. Tonight was one of the hottest nights in Kpop, and all the major groups and celebrities would be here to enjoy various performances and awards.

“SUGARCREAM!” you heard fans screaming as you all got out of the van and began walking down the red carpet, cameras flashing and reporters trying to ask all of you questions. You all smiled and stopped to sign some autographs and do some aegyo poses for the cameras before heading into the main hall for the event.

Once you were seated, it didn’t take long for the lights to dim and the show to start. You knew that BTS weren’t going to be performing until the end of part one.

30 minutes or so had passed, and you felt your phone buzzing. It was a text from Tae

“Hello Jagiya~ I hope you’re ready for our performance. I think you might remember it for the rest of your life. No matter what happens, I love you.”

“What the heck…” you thought to yourself. What are those rascals planning? Usually Tae tells you if they are planning a gimmick or huge surprise. This was really out of the ordinary. You proceeded to show the text to your members and they all giggled at your shocked expression.

“What do you girls know that I don’t? What the hell? Tell me right now!”

Next thing you knew, you heard the intro music for “Run” which immediately grabbed your attention. Your eyes, scanning the stage for Taehyung, when you finally found him. He looked so beautiful tonight. “I’m such a lucky girl. I’m the happiest girl in the world” you said to yourself.

When Run ended, the boys sat on tall metal chairs to sing Butterfly. Their harmonies sounded more beautiful than ever, especially Tae’s voice. It felt like every word he was singing, he was singing it for you.
The song ended, and BTS were met with a standing ovation. Every single person in the room stood up to clap.

As the boys filed out, you noticed that Tae hung back a little. He then proceeded to walk back to the edge of the stage, right in front of your table. Your eyes caught his, and a smile appeared on his adorable face as he gave you a cheeky wink. “Kim Taehyung…what are you up to?”

“Good evening everyone, and thank you for attending tonight.”

“What is he doing? What’s happening?!”

“There are lots of talented singers, rappers and dancers here tonight all showcasing their amazing skills. But actually, there is only one person here tonight that I’m interested in. And I would like to dedicate this next song for her. I hope you all enjoy it, but I especially hope she enjoys it the most. Thank you.”

At this point, you weren’t sure if you heart had stopped beating or if time itself was standing still. Was he crazy?
A silent hush came over the crowd, as a beautiful acoustic guitar started to play, and your boyfriend started to sing.

“The way that we are, is the reason I stay.
As long as you’re here with me, I know I’ll be okay.
They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need.
Please stay as long as you need.
I can’t promise that things won’t be broken, but I swear that I will never leave.
Please stay forever with me..
If you want to, I can show you…
What my dreams are made of..
Please stay, forever with me~”

The music stops as the whole crowd is in awe at your boyfriends deep, but angelic voice.

Y/N, could you please come up here? I have something for you” he looked straight into your eyes, as if you were the only other person in the room.
You were frozen to the spot.
Y/N hurry up, oh my god get up there!” your member, Hyemi said to you as she started to push you towards the stage.

Your feet started moving as if they had a mind of their own as you approached the steps leading up to the stage. You hiked your black dress up a little to make sure you didn’t trip, and you ascended the stairs to join your boyfriend.
He held out his hand, and you took it.

“Tae…what are you doing?” you whispered into his ear.

“Do you trust me Y/N?” he looked deep into your eyes.
You swallowed hard, feeling every single pair of eyes in the room on you. You nodded your head.

“It’s no secret that Y/N and I have been dating for the past 2 years. But I realise that neither of us have ever spoken publicly about our relationship. Well, that’s about to change tonight”
Your heart started to beat faster and faster as your face formed a grin out of complete anxiety.

Taehyung then turned to you, and dropped on to one knee.

“This guy” you said to yourself.

Y/N, I know I’m just a weird guy who likes to daydream and sometimes I’m not very mature. But, I love you with every inch of my being. I want to love you for the rest of my life.”
Tears began forming in your eyes as you heard gasps and shocked voices in the crowd.
Taehyung then proceeded to take out a beautiful red box, inside it a beautiful diamond ring.

Y/N, will you marry me?”

You almost choked on your tongue as soon as the words left his lips. The entire room fell silent, obviously waiting for your answer.

“Tae…are you sure? What about your fans? What about BTS? Wh”- you were cut off by him saying directly into his mic “No matter what happens, we will deal with it together, just like always, right? You and me.”

You smiled, nodded your head and said “Of course, Kim Taehyung, of course I will marry you”
With that, Tae slipped the ring on to your finger while standing up and lifting you into his arms and spinning you around. The entire room erupted into complete chaos; good or bad, you didn’t care.

You didn’t even notice when the rest of BTS ran on to the stage to join you. You felt them engulf you and Tae into a huge bear hug before pulling you both to exit the stage.
“Kim Taehyung, you are the craziest boyfriend ever” you said as you put your arms around his neck, pulling him in before crashing your lips against his soft, plump, pink ones.

The kiss seemed to last a lifetime, not that you were complaining. However, you couldn’t ignore the “AWWW WHAT A CUTE COUPLE” shouting coming from J-Hope as the rest of the members watched you from the hallway.

“You’re wrong Y/N. I’m the craziest fiancé ever now. You’re always so forgetful!”


If anyone is wondering what the song was that Tae sang, it’s called ‘If I’m James Dean, then you’re Audrey Hepburn’ by Sleeping With Sirens~


A World Without You (English) Ch. 10

Summary: One day, you woke up in a world without Bangtan Sonyeondan.
Note: HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY, BANGTAN!💕💕💕 Consider this update as a gift, hahaha~ By the way, I don’t know if people think Caramel Macchiato is sweet, but for me it’s incredibly bitter and I felt that Bangtan was lying to me when they said it was sweet lol

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“(Y/n), are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been acting weird for, what, almost 2 weeks?”

(Y/n) didn’t answer and kept sipping her Caramel Macchiato while looking outside.

(F/n) huffed. “Besides since when did you like Caramel Macchiato? You said it was too bitter for your liking.”

Yes, (y/n) thought that Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato was so bitter. She wanted to try it because of BTS’ song, Coffee, that stated ‘you’re Caramel Macchiato, your scent is still sweet on my lips’. When she tasted how bitter it actually was she would always joke about how Bangtan lied to her about said beverage. In fact, the only reason she was drinking it right now was to remind herself of Bangtan. Sometimes she would also order Cafe Latte and Americano because both also appeared in the song.


Bangtan didn’t exist in this world, right? How could she dislike Caramel Macchiato here as well? She tried the bitter drink because of Bangtan!

(Y/n) glanced at her friend, “Why didn’t I like Caramel Macchiato?”

(F/n) frowned, “I told you that you said it was too bitter. Seriously, (y/n), you’re acting weird and you’re forgetting so many things. Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital? There might be something wrong with the nerves on your brain, we’d never know.”

(Y/n) shook her head. “I’m fine, honestly. But why did I try this Caramel Macchiato? I don’t like trying new drinks and always buy-”

“Green Tea Cream Frappucino, I know. Until two weeks ago, that is. You started buying Caramel Macchiato, Cafe Latte, and even Americano. You don’t even like coffee! Why are you like this?” (F/n) sighed. “You said that you wanted to try it because you heard a song in your dream about Caramel Macchiato.”


“Mhm. If I’m not mistaken you said something like ’you’re Caramel Macchiato, your scent is still sweet on my lips’, that’s why you wanted to try it. But once you did you were upset about it, weren’t you? You said you were being lied to.”

When (f/n) lifted her gaze from the panini on the table, she saw (y/n) gaping like a fish with wide eyes.

“Hey! (Y/n)! Close your mouth! You want a fly to get in there or something?”

(Y/n) snapped out and blinked a few times. “I… I dreamt of a song?”

(F/n) looked at her weirdly, but nodded nonetheless. “You sang it as well. You said you didn’t know the language, but you knew what it meant. Weird, isn’t it?”

Absentmindedly, (y/n) started singing softly, “Baby, baby geudaeneun, Caramel Macchiato, yeojeonhi nae ipgaen, geudae hyanggi dalkomhae, baby, baby, tonight…

“Ah!” (f/n) yelped. “Yeah! Just like that! How could you remember a song from a dream months ago?! I think it’s been more than a year, even!”

(Y/n) ignored her friend who was surprised, deep in thoughts. ‘Dream? I find one Bangtan song in a dream?

“Excuse me…”

Both of them glanced at a young woman standing beside their table. “Ah, is there anything we can help you with?”

That woman smiled at (y/n), “That song you sang is Coffee, isn’t it?”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened and she stood up abruptly, “Y-You know that song?!” There was someone else who remembered? She wasn’t alone?

The young woman giggled. “There aren’t that many people who remember, but yes, I do. You’re an old fan of Ou too, huh?”

“Ou?” (F/n) frowned.

“Yes, Ou! Written with this hanja.” She took out her phone and showed them her lockscreen, 鴎 hanja on top of a photo of-

“J-Jeon Jungkook?”

She giggled again, “Ah, I knew it! You really are an old fan like me, aren’t you? Coffee is one of his earliest drafts long before debut after all, and he never published it!”

Ou? From what she knew, Ou in Japanese meant King, but the kanji wasn’t like that. That hanja was so similar to hanzi and kanji of bird or crow, 烏.

Bird? The only bird associated with Jungkook would be…


“Yes! Ou, or seagull. But I do understand why Jungkook would pick hanja over hangul, 갈매기 (galmaegi) doesn’t really sound like a stage name.” She smiled. “Ah, look at the time! I must go-”

“Um, may I know your name? I don’t meet old fans often.” (y/n) asked. Who knows, maybe she’d need her help. “I’m (y/n).”

“I’m Clara! Ooh, you know what? Maybe we can talk more as fans of Ou! Here’s my Kakao Talk ID.” Clara opened her Katalk and showed it to (y/n). “Until then, (y/n)!”

“Psst, (y/n)! Who’s Ou?”

Ah, (y/n) almost forgot that (f/n) was sitting in front of her.

“You said you knew the song from a dream!”

“That’s true, but maybe I heard it once and it showed up in my dream?”

“Then why did you said you’re an old fan?”

“I want to know more about Ou.” She answered honestly. Yes, she wanted to know more. But not really about Ou per se, she wanted to know more about Jeon Jungkook in that world.

Once they separated and went home, (y/n) tried searching for each members’ name on Google. She started from two members who were most likely to be working in entertainment, Namjoon and Yoongi. Strangely enough, she couldn’t find any articles about them. Hoseok and Jimin who had chances to become dancers were nowhere to be found as well. Let alone Taehyung who wanted to be a farmer.

Until she searched for Kim Seokjin.

There were a bunch of articles about the visual. “Oscar and Grammy?” She muttered. “Jin’s really successful, huh? Hm? SM? Ah, he was casted by SM before BigHit.”

Afterwards, she tried looking for Jungkook’s article.

Jeon Jungkook (Hangul: 전정국; born September 1st,1997), better known as 鴎 (read: Ou, lit. seagull), is a South Korean soloist from JYP Entertainment. Jungkook made his debut at age 15, on June 13, 2013 on Mnet’s M! Countdown with the track ‘Begin’ from his debut album, 형제 (read: hyungje, lit. brothers.)

(Y/n) frowned, “The debut date is the same as BTS… His first song is Begin from Hyungje? Begin is a song about his hyung in Bangtan, right?”

She opened YouTube and typed Jungkook’s name followed by Begin. There she found a video titled ‘鴎 (Ou) Begin MV’. Without any hesitation, she played the video.

Very familiar music greeted her, making her felt relieved to hear such a song she thought she would never hear anymore.

Amugeotdo eobtdeon, yeoldaseosui na…

Yup, no mistake. This is Jungkook’s Begin from WINGS.

The MV, strangely enough, was so similar to WINGS Short Film #1 Begin, including the weird and creepy painting that most theories said was Yoongi.

After watching the MV, (y/n) continued reading the article about Jungkook and his first album.

The album was dedicated for his older brothers who were never introduced to the public. It was stated that the album was a gratitude for his 6 older brothers.” (Y/n) frowned again, “Jungkook only has one older brother, Jeon Junghyun… He made that song for his hyung in Bangtan, his six older brothers…”

“Could it be… That all members still communicate in this world?!”

Once she finished reading about Jungkook (which impressed her with his achievements), she looked for Jin’s.

Kim Seokjin (Hangul: 김석진; born 4th December, 1992), better known by his stage name Jin (Hangul: ), is a South Korean actor from SM Entertainment. He is best known for his roles in television dramas;   Seven Princes (2013), Heirs (2015), and Hwarang: The Beginning (2016), and the films Boyfriend (2014), Eat or Die (2014), Different (2015), Destroyer of Memories (2015), One Night Stand (2015), Vampire Hunter (2016), Seven (2016), and The One and Only (2017).

“W-Wait a second! Hwarang?! Jin played in Hwarang, replacing Taehyung?!”

After she hastily searched for Hwarang article, she found out that yes, Jin played in the drama that she was very familiar with, complete with Choi Minho, Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Do Jihan, and Jo Yoonwoo.

“Ah, but Hansung is played by Yoonwoo… Jin played Yeowool. It would be weird if Jin was to play Hansung… Hm? Oh, he still sang Even If I Die, It’s You, but alone.”

And so, she decided to try and watch Jin’s debut drama, Seven Princes. “Hmm? The first airing date is June 13th, 2013?”

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Elboy with father figure Ain for late father's day (I guess Lord Knight and papa Arme??)

“Ah-! Ain, I almost forgot again-! Here!”

Ain’s cyan eyes laid upon Elsword as his hand gently swiped away a folded card with cursive scribbles inked in a saturated blue. The redhead pulled out a mug as the Arme Thaumaturgy read over the card, glancing away from Ain with an embarrassed smile.

“Happy father’s day.” Ain read out, looking over at Elsword. “…A father, huh.”

The Lord Knight nodded while chuckling nervously. “Yeah! I thought it was appropriate… since like, you act like a dad,” he handed over the cup to Ain, his other hand scratching his head. “I thought it’d be a good time now to give it to you, even though father’s day was actually a few days ago…”

“You don’t have to gift me things, just telling me that would be fine.” Ain stated, looking down at the cup. The words ‘#1 Dad on Elrios’ was embedded onto the mug

Elsword chuckled. “Yeah, but you told me no one really gave you a gift, with the exception of Ishmael. So… I decided I’d be the second. Please, take it.”

“…What did I do to make you think me as a father figure?”

“…I dunno, family?” Elsword cleared his throat awkwardly, as if he didn’t quite want to explain it. “You’ve… always been there for me, and like… you remind me of my dad sometimes. Sure, you’re a little serious and narrow-minded, but,” he put his head down. “You’re strong. And you’re supportive, I guess.”

“I see.” He truthfully still didn’t understand why he’s been titled as a father, but Ain accepted the card and the mug as an item of appreciation.

There were many things Ain had to do to keep Elsword safe and on track, after all. Treating injuries, having to converse with Elsword, keeping his mental state in a less pressured and rash state. He supposed the redhead was repaying that treatment.

With a nod, he shuffled the card in his shirt, storing the piece of paper away. The mug he had no idea where to store, so he decided to hold onto it until he could find someone to give it to.

Patting the Lord Knight’s head, Ain faintly smiled.

“Thank you then, Elsword, for the appreciation.”

“Your welcome, Da- uh, Ain.”


      “Baby, are you almost ready?” Jaebum peeked around the corner of the bathroom, where you were just starting to apply your foundation. You turned, clearly half made-up, and he giggled softly. “I’m just out of things to do,” he smiled sheepishly and raked a hand through his hair.

           “Come sit in here with me,” you cooed, hoping he wouldn’t mind that your hair was pinned out of the way. “I’m bound to look kinda silly until I finish my makeup though.” He shook his head and sat down on the edge of the bathtub.

           “Y/N, you always look silly. It’s part of your charm,” he teased. “I’m sure the people at the theater wouldn’t care if you dressed in sweatpants.” JB paused. “Actually, I take that back. Go ahead and finish your makeup. I want you to dress up for this. Then we can be seen as the power couple I know we are.” His sweet words had you blushing, and you applied your concealer as you smiled to yourself.

     You’d finished your hair and makeup, and sauntered to your closet. You’d had two dresses specifically in mind, and you turned to your long-time boyfriend for his approval.

     “Babe, the red one or the black one?”

     “Uh, the red one.” Jaebum’s mouth curved into a smile as he came to stand behind you to look in the mirror.

     “That’s what I was thinking, you said, leaning back and giving him a quick peck on the lips. But I really like the black one, too.” You paused and held them up one last time. “My hair goes better with the red one,” you whispered to yourself.

     “And you look like, three thousand times hotter in the red one,” his hand slid from the small of your back to squeeze your ass, and you gasped and slapped him playfully.

     “Stop it, you,” you smirked, then flounced off to change.

     When you emerged, he let out a long, slow sigh, taking you in from the top of your done-up head down to your polished toes and bare feet. “I just have to put on my shoes, and then we can go,” you said to JB as he stared, open-mouthed.

     He seemed to regain his composure because he straightened his tie, and fiddled with the cufflinks on his suit jacket. You settled on a pair of black kitten heels even though it was supposed to snow, and threw on a cardigan as you and JB headed out the door. “You look beautiful, Y/N,” he breathed once you were in the car. He leaned in to kiss you, but you leaned away from him.

     “Listen, I just did my makeup, and it’d be cool if you could uh, not touch the artwork,” you teased, but leaned forward to peck him. “My lipstick is supposed to be transfer-proof,” you grinned. His mouth connected with yours and he deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding out to greet yours. You pulled away and smiled. “Like I said, don’t touch the artwork.” He sighed and turned the key in the ignition.


      You walked into the theater, frozen and clutching JB’s arm, and almost instantly, you recognized the ball of energy that was Jackson, bouncing off the walls as he dragged his date around the hall with him, looking at a million different things and trying to contain his endless energy. He turned in your direction and pulled his exhausted-but-still-ecstatic-looking date behind him.

     “Ayyyyy, JB!” Jackson beamed and took in your attire. “Aish, Y/N, you look hot!” He nodded in approval and his date waited quietly to be introduced. “Ah, I almost forgot,” he said, taking her hand. “This is Aspen. Aspen, this is JB and Y/N. She’s the love of my life, to say the least.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek softly, causing her to blush. His attention was pulled away by the glimmering Christmas tree in the corner, and he grabbed Aspen, towing her behind him.

     You turned to JB, his hand snaking into yours. “Ah, babe, your hands are so cold!” He took both your hands in his and blew on them, rubbing his hands around them to stimulate blood flow. You smiled and leaned close to him. “I love you,” you breathed on his neck. He peered down at you, wetting his lips before he leaned down. “I love you, baby.” His mouth met yours and you tousled a hand into his hair, deepening the kiss as his hands moved from your sides to the small of your back, pressing you against his chest. He smiled against your lips and leaned back against the wall, letting it support his weight. Your free hand slid from where it rested on his neck to his chest, finding his tie and pulling him forward so he was crushed to your lips.

     “Aish, get a room! The show is starting, we’re not gonna get a decent seat if you two don’t stop making out and focus!” Jackson broke through the heat between you two, causing you to jump away from each other. You and JB exchanged looks, blood rushing to both your faces. Later, his eyes said. You followed him into the theater, Jackson and Aspen in tow.

     The lights had gone down and the ballet had started; it was about two-thirds of the way over, from what you could tell. Jaebum’s hand drifted slowly over the armrest that separated his seat from yours, and settled into your lap. You turned your head to look at him, but he appeared to be as focused as ever on the story unfolding in front of him, so you took his hand in yours. You smiled at the familiar weight as he laced his fingers with yours. His thumb rubbed circles into the top of your hand for a few minutes, then made to let go of it, placing his palm directly on the bare skin just above your knee.

     You glanced at him again out of the corner of your eye, trying to keep your breath steady. He was smirking and had turned his head slightly to look at you. His hand slid up your thigh, traveling steadily over your skin. You could feel yourself starting to flush as his hand inched higher, nearly reaching the hem of your panties before it crept back down your thigh, only to make the circuit again. You inhaled sharply as his fingers nudged for your thighs to part, his hand slipping between them to feel the fabric of your lace panties. He leaned over, mouth falling on your right ear. “You wore my favorite ones,” he breathed, his lips moving down your neck as the couple behind you cleared their throats.

           He dropped a smirk back over his shoulder, but removed his hand from between your thighs and settled for your hand. He massaged circles into it with his thumb again, and his hand tightened on yours as you leaned over to whisper in his ear.

           “When we get home, you’re mine.”


           You peeked around the corner of your bedroom door, spotting your boyfriend lying spread-eagle in the middle of your bed. His bare skin gleamed in the light flooding from the lamp, slightly flushed from the anticipation of seeing what you had planned. You crept around the corner, wincing when a squeaking floorboard gave away your position.

           JB’s head snapped up and his jaw dropped as you entered the bedroom in your fur-trimmed santa teddy, complete with a hat and a translucent red thong. You smiled sheepishly as he opened his arms. “Bring that beautiful ass here, ma.” He laughed in spite of himself and you obliged, his hands slipping up your thighs to rest on your sides. His mouth glued itself to yours and he pulled you down so you were straddling him. You squeaked because of the sudden movement, and he smiled against your lips. “That was cute,” he breathed. His mouth trailed over your neck and down your chest, pulling the teddy off you and rolling so you were pinned underneath him.

           “You’re mine,” he breathed.

           “I’m yours,” you nodded.