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me @ bighit : yes bighit, it’s me.. again. We both know that blue lenses exist and if Taehyung happen to have it tonight, god bless u.
Another thing, if ONE member has the coconut hairstyle I’m gonna sue y'all. My boys need justice, we’re not playin fucking games here.
Ah! I almost forgot! Put That Iconic earring on Seokjin god will thank u later trust me.
And pls call billboard bc I want 7 individuals cameras following each steps of the boys and 1 for the whole group and even if with these they can’t witness seokjin’s flying kiss they better cancel the show, and their lives.

I’m giving you a head start,
You’re going to need it,
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corrin always makes puns and every time jakob swears on his life that he must protect his smol master

Bertolt and Marco: why it’s NOT karma

I often read comments about how ironic is that Bertolt and Marco died “the same way”, with people pointing out stuff like karma, proving to have a poor understanding and interest for both plot and characters. It’s always easier to say “Character A brutally killed Character B so they deserve the worst death”, even when Character A was clearly forced to do so, crying for their actions and being tormented by nightmares all the time (the sleeping posture thing is due to this, as shown in this smartpass AU).

Problem is that people have no idea of how deep and human Isayama’s characters are. They stop at what they see at first, making out of it the only truth to believe in: Marco is shown to be a kind person, so he is an angel; Bertolt killed so many people, so he is a bastard. Simple as it is. There’s no half way to see things, because most of people are generally too lazy to go beyond the surface (this is applies for everything, not just for reading manga).

Sorry but… Attack on Titan is not a manga for lazy brains. It is supposed to be much more. It is supposed to show the human fight for what they think is right. Beign it inside or outside the Walls, the fight is the same.

Bertolt never displayed any enjoyment for what he did. And what’s fun is that you can clearly see it in the manga, more than once:

It couldn’t be more obvious, so if you read until here and you still think he is evil I invite you not to go any further because we have nothing to share.

So, exactly just like Marco or any other character from the Walls, Bertolt is fighting his war. What clearly puts him under a bad light is that he stays on the untold - not evil - side of the story. I’m pretty sure we would all be able to justify his actions if we read the story from his point of view, just like we so easly justify Eren’s behaviour in the plot. It started with Titans, then he went a little bit mad against humans:

No, I’m not taking this example because I want you to pity Bertolt. I’m using this picture because here Eren just ripped off an ex-comrade limbs and, despite him being unconscious, he is slaughtering him to death.

And look at this:

Eren’s behaviour here is not any better than what Bertolt did to the Walls 5 years ago. He is fighting his war and we can’t absolutely blame him for it. His rage towards Bertolt and the others couldn’t be more justified, because we all know what he has been through. Bertolt is the main reason why he had to see his mother devoured by a Titan, which is together with the loss of his home and the general genocide a very big reason to want him death. Soooo, no ‘good’ or ‘evil’ side, just people fighting for their personal aim.

Now, I hope this introduction helps you to understand what I’m going to say about the difference between Bertolt and Marco. Let’s start from a brief list of what they share:

- Both have a good soul
- Both are fighting their war
- They were killed by circumstances bigger than them

Now, just take Marco and analyze his life. He comes from the Walls (Wall Rose, I think) and never experienced the terror of the Titans until the battle of Trost. So, we can suppose his life was pretty much normal, not too happy but neither too bad. He strongly wanted to protect the king by entering the Military Police, so the quality of his life allowed him to dream and to take decisions for himself.

Bertolt’s situation is very much different. From the few information we have, we can say he was chosen to be a warrior between his 5 and 7 years of age, and from that moment he was not allowed to take decisions for himself nor to live his life as he wanted. He was given the power of the Colossal Titan and he was sent on a genocide mission against people he was told to be evil at the age of 11. Ah, I almost forgot: he was also condamned to die in 13 years.
Believe me or not, but what’s so tragic about his life is not what happened until now. The real pain begins when he discovers that the people living inside the Walls are not what he was told they were. During his three years of training, Bertolt does his best to avoid getting too involved in friendly relationships with the others. He is described as taciturn, different from his friend Reiner who - as we know - recurred to an easier way to cope with his guilt:

But his human nature doesn’t really help Bertolt, because as careful as you could be, friendship is not something you can avoid so easly, especially if you are in your teens and you never had the opportunity to live your life as a normal person (and you probably won’t again, since you have just few years left). So, you end up being involved before you realize it:

As Bertolt himself said, the only moment in his life he considers ‘enjoyable’ was the time he spent as a soldier:

This speech is as clear as the water. Still, although they are a bit confused, it’s not enough for the characters to forgive him or to justify his actions. The only one that shows interest in talking this out is Armin in chapter 78:

Despite Bertolt and Reiner were revealed as the two Titans who caused so much sufference, Armin is still believing there’s something wrong with them. There must be a reason (I don’t want to say good) for them to act this way, so he wants to confront him and see if the same person who was able to show love feelings for Annie is really doing this by his choice.
I’m sure Armin have never marked Reiner and Bertolt for bad people. I’m sure he is still looking for the truth behind their actions because he knows Bertolt’s speech in chapter 48 was not a lie.

So, what distinguish Marco’s death from Bertolt’s is their life. They were both left to be eaten by a Titan, but while the first one got the tears of his murderers…

… the latter got nothing but hate and indifference from the only people he spent a nice time with:

Yes: death is death. Marco did nothing wrong to end that way, but allow me to say that Bertolt is as much as a victim as he was.

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Hey, could you do one where Lance almost kill someone in cold blood and paladins were forced to hold him back and were totally teriefed? Btw your writing is amazing and sorry for my English but l'm trying.

Omg thank you so much <3 and thank you for the prompt! I hope you enjoy it!

Lance watched as Red exited out of the atmosphere, his cheek scraped against the dirt as the planet’s commander, Thax, pressed his head into the ground. They had landed on a planet earlier that day and tried to negotiate an alliance with them. Until they figured out that they planned to turn them into the Galra. When they attempted to escape, everyone but Keith had been captured. They just hoped that he would be able to plan with Allura and Coran before the Galra arrived and kept them prisoner.

“Commander, should we follow the red lion?” One of the soldiers asked.
Thax waved his hand in dismissal and pressed down further on Lance’s skull.

“We have four of the paladins and their lions, we have no need to get the fifth, this will be enough to please Lord Zarkon,” he stated. He picked Lance up by the back of his collar and dragged him to line him up with Hunk, Pidge, and Shiro. He was already regretting telling them what the Galra had done to themselves personally; about Pidge’s family, Shiro’s imprisonment, and the fall of Altea. They were quickly bound with their hands behind their backs and around their torsos.

“Are you okay Lance?” Shiro asked with concern, looking at the bloody graze on his cheek. Lance gave him a reassuring smile in return.

“Yup, A-okay boss man,” he said cheerfully. He heard Thax scoff and turned to face him. He was standing imposingly in front of them with his arms crossed in front of him.  

“I’m almost surprised that the all-powerful Voltron fell for this plan,” he stated mockingly, “then again all you seem to preach is peace and diplomacy, instead of fighting for planets or taking them by force. It all seems a bit tedious to me,” he huffed. He paced in front of the four of them, stopping at the end in front of Pidge.

“But what could I expect from a weak girl who couldn’t even save her family when they needed it,” he smirked at Pidge as she lowered her head in shame.

“Or an unfit paladin who looks as if he couldn’t get himself off the ground if he tried,” he laughed at the way Hunk blushed and looked away from his face.

“And a broken soldier who couldn’t escape for a year and still feels pity for himself,” Shiro’s eyes widened before he bit his bottom lip and looked down at the ground. Lance listened to this with impossibly wide eyes, a feeling of pure hatred stirring in his stomach.

“Ah I almost forgot about the Blue Paladin, just like the rest of the universe,” he crouched in front of Lance and grabbed his chin in his claws. “Can’t forget about Voltron’s weakest link now can we?” Lance couldn’t hear Thax’s voice over the rushing in his ears. His eyebrows lowered and he looked straight into his eyes with a glare full of complete hatred.

“Are you feeling brave paladin?” He laughed backhanding Lance across the face. Lance’s head snapped to the side but his glare didn’t let up and he only faced Thax again. He gritted his teeth and shot forward grabbing the ridge of Lance’s chest plate and hulled him up.

“Do you have something to say?” He spat, punching Lance in the gut making him spit out the air in his lungs. He dropped him to the ground and started mercilessly kicking him wherever he could reach. There were loud cries of disapproval coming from the rest of the team but he ignored them, set on trying to teach Lance a lesson. He stomped down on his chest plate making him look up at him.

“Something to say?” He asked again.

“Don’t insult my friends, they’re worth more than you’ll ever be,” he hissed breathing heavily under his boot. Thax let out a snarl and fell to his knees to deliver a few heavy hits to Lance’s face before he heard the sound of ships coming their way. He stood up with a smirk looking down at Lance’s blooded nose and forehead.

“I believe that is the sound of our ensured victory,” he stated smugly. He looked up at the sky but his smirk dropped and his eyes widened when he saw the Castle start descending into the atmosphere. He turned to his second in command in fury.

“Why did you not inform me that they had another ship?” He demanded.

“We couldn’t detect it, Sir,” they stuttered under the venomous glare they were being given. He sighed in annoyance and pivoted to look at the few soldier that were around the base.

“Everyone get to your crafts, we must take the large one down,” he commanded. However, before anyone could move to do as they were told. One of the Castle’s particle beams shot out destroying the aircrafts that were lined up a ways away from them. Thax could only stare in shock as the soldiers all retreated away from him, leaving him to stare at Red when he fell to the ground in front of him. His hands shot up the moment Keith ran down the ramp and pointed his sword to his throat.

“Guys,” he said in relief. He crouched in front of Lance and cut the ties to his wrists and carefully set them in front of him, noticing the obvious damage done to him. He turned to release Shiro only to immediately start hearing the sound of beating on flesh. He cut the ties binding Shiro and looked over his shoulder. He froze when he saw Lance standing over Thax throwing blow after blow in his face, chest, gut, anywhere he could reach and he didn’t look close to stopping.

Lance could only feel the rage boiling just beneath his skin. How dare this stranger hurt his friends like this. They don’t deserve to be torn down like that, they’re everyone’s heroes. They’re his heroes. He was going to teach this unworthy creature a lesson. Even it ended up costing him his innocence.

Thax only felt fear staring into the glazed over blue eyes that seemed to be staring and mocking his very soul. The blood that dripped from the paladin’s nose and forehead made the glowing eyes stand out even more. He could only feel himself slipping into a daze as hit after hit landed on his body. The feeling of cold metal pressing into his forehead was the only thing that made him snap back into awareness. He looked up and saw the shiny white metal of the paladin’s bayard and felt it dig into his skin slightly.

“N-NO NO NO PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!”  He screamed as tears burst out of his eyes. He sobbed out pleas to the blue paladin and trembled when his eyes didn’t look away from him or show any sort of remorse. He started blubbering in terror when he saw the small twitch of Lance’s finger and the start of it pressing down.

“LANCE, NO!” Keith yelled pulling his arm away making the blue laser graze across Thax’s cheek instead. He yelped and immediately slumped on his side in a dead faint. Keith looped his arms through Lance’s when it looked like he was about to jump on him again but caught him when he slumped down as well, finally succumbing to his injuries. He shakily looked over to the other paladins who were equally trembling at what they had just witnessed. They cautiously walked over when they saw Keith struggling to take Lance closer to Red. Shiro picked him up and walked on-board Red. With a glance to their own lions they decided to board as well, the threat of the soldiers minimal at this point.

“I’ve never seen Lance act like that,” Hunk admitted quietly as Red flew up to the hanger doors to land.

“Me neither,” Pidge added sticking close to Hunk who was standing further away from Shiro and the bloody form of his best friend. They were all still trembling from seeing the actions of one of their best friends. They unloaded and started making their way to the med bay. Keith stared blankly ahead as he thought about what could have happened if he wasn’t able to grab Lance in time. He would have murdered someone in cold blood obviously, but even after that. At any rate he wasn’t sure whether or not he could trust him now after seeing what he was capable of even after being severely injured.

“What do we do now?” Pidge asked after they set him in a pod. She was still shaken up and everyone could see it as she stayed behind one of the examination tables in the room. They looked at Shiro in question.

“We wait,” he stated looking at Lance warily. “Then we’ll have to handle Lance.”

Ohh this is kind of late and probably really random but I just remembered being a freshman in HS and sitting at the lunch table with the few friends that I made so far that year and this cool janitor that worked at the school saw my art and asked me to design a tattoo for him and tbh, I wasn’t very good at drawing and to this day, I still have lots to learn but back then when the kind janitor asked for a design, it made me happy to know that people paid attention to my art and I? I think he wanted me to draw bulls or something and so I did. A few days later, I gave him the design and I wasn’t very proud of it but I tried my best and he gave me $20 bucks and I remember being really surprised? I was shook. Like… someone wanted to give me money for my art lmfao? I don’t even remember the guy’s name but I do remember him being a young guy who was probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s and he kind of reminded me of my older brother, too haha.

I do not understand the people who insist that Jess was somehow an ass because he didn’t want to go to prom with Rory? Like, there is literally no indication that he felt this way? In their one conversation about it, Rory’s apologetic about ‘making’ him go or whatever (probably because she had to work so hard to convince Dean to do anything like that) and he’s just like “nah I’m cool with it, don’t worry”.

Case in point:
Jess: Ah, yes, I almost forgot about the prom.
Rory: No, you were trying to forget about the prom.
Jess: I agreed to go and I am a man of my word.
Rory: How’s that arm I twisted?
Jess: I got the feeling back in it.
Rory: It’s just if there was one more dance I wanna go to in my whole life, it’d be the Stars Hollow High prom, with Lane. That’s a big part of it.
Jess: I’m getting the tickets this week.
Rory: And I’ll pay, okay?
Jess: Not a chance.
Rory: It means a tux, you know. I know it’s geeky.
Jess: Tuxes are also James Bond. That’s not geeky.

Like he’s literally reassuring her that he is fine with going, and maybe even kind of wants to? And later he literally offers to do summer school if they’ll let him buy tickets, and knowing Jess that’s like, the last thing he’d ever want to do? But he’s willing to if it means they can go to prom? How does anybody interpret this as Jess being a dick and not wanting to go? Can someone explain this?

Also even if he didn’t want to go to prom how the eff does that make him a bad guy? You know Luke wouldn’t want to either yet people never fault him for not wanting to participate in things…

since night 219 i was curious about how they would look like with the Earl outfit, and I’m having too many feels about those two that is not good for my heart!!


conclusion: they picked sousuke in the end so connie went back to slaying titans The End

inspired by all the comparisons/mislabeling/mistagging between connie and the buzzcut boys in sports

flirt ✧ junhui

Originally posted by jisoos-princess

fluff, 1543 words, badboy!junhui au who’s really just a cute soft baby featuring supportive friend hansol, request from anonymous: junhui + “wanna go out sometime?”

Junhui sighs heavily, the thought of you crossing his mind again as he watches you pull out a chair in the corner of the library and set your books out neatly in front of you. It’s what feels like the hundredth time he’s seen you today, and also the hundredth time that he hasn’t made a move even though that’s all he wants to do.

His close friend Hansol sits beside him, observing the way his gaze settles comfortably on you and the expression that paints its way across his face. He laughs, “Junhui, if you’re itching so badly to get some then why not just—”

“That’s not what I want,” Junhui scowls, rolling his eyes at the younger boy, who was sometimes a pain in the ass. “I just…”

“Yeah, I get it,” says Hansol, clasping his hands together dramatically before he proposes, “you want to go up and confess your undying love and be together for all eternity. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“God, you’re so annoying sometimes.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it?”

Junhui definitely can’t dodge that question. Frankly, anyone with a functioning pair of eyes would be able to tell that he was head over heels for you, and had no plans to hide any of the shameless flirting. It was confident of him, to always be trying to win you over like that, but beneath all the layers of what bordered arrogance and over-the-top cockiness was just a boy who was a stuttering, blushing mess around the person he liked.

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Emotions Untold

 Prompt: The new video they filmed is making it hard for Patton to keep up his usual happy facade and is acting strangely. Little does he know a certain logical trait is catching on..

Ship: Logicality

Word count: 1,593

 This one was definitely more difficult to write! I’m not used to writing stories that are meant to actually be romantic! I hope it turned out okay!


The video had taken a lot out of Patton, he knew it was all scripted and that the others were all actually okay and all..but he wasn’t. The emotions he had put behind all of his lines was real. At first he had planned only to keep trying to hide his emotions when the video was over, after all, he was good at that. But things didn’t go as planned.

Once the video was over he knew what would happen. Thomas would tell them all they did good before going to edit the video, Logan would probably go try to solve another one of his puzzles, Virgil would go up to his room to try to relax, Roman would eagerly go and start practicing his lines for the next video..and Patton? Patton would normally go start to cook dinner. But tonight as he was cooking he found it harder and harder to just keep smiling. Harder to keep up his facade. But he still tried. He cooked, and still sat down to dinner with the other traits.  However, throughout dinner he stayed rather quiet, immersed in his own thoughts.

“Hey Padre? Are you alright?”  He was brought out of it by Roman,  looking up from his food he noticed all of the others were looking at him and noted the concern in the fanciful sides voice.  He quickly widened his smile. “Of course I am kiddo! I’m fine! Why’d ya ask?”

Even Logan’s eyes seemed to show some concern, and normally Logan wasn’t the best at handling emotions. “Well, you are being rather quiet compared to your usual self.” He pointed out, “Perhaps the video is bothering you? After all, I suppose it could be hard to act like that.”  Logan was partially right. The video had been hard, but not because of his acting.  It was the parts where he wasn’t acting that was hard. It was hard trying to keep up the facade he had been keeping up for so long after letting some of it out for the video. “Nope! I just have a bit of a headache from all of the work is all!”

They seemed to buy it, well, most of them did. Logan did still seem rather concerned, but Patton brushed it off. After all, what were the chances of Logan finding out? “In that case, you should probably get some rest, Patton.” Logan pointed out and Patton nodded in response. Everyone seemed to quiet down after that. After all, they didn’t want to give him an even worse headache.

After they had all finished eating Patton had moved to go start cleaning the dishes, assuring his friends that he was fine to do so and that they should relax and that he would go to bed right after he was finished. He did the best he could to keep that fake smile in place as he did the dishes. It had faltered a few times, after all, it was actually starting to hurt to keep his mask on. By the time he had put all of the dishes away he felt like he was going to break right there in the kitchen with all of the others just a few yards away in the living room. But he just took a deep breath and started to head to the stairs.

“I’m gonna go hit the hay guys! Night!” He grinned widely at them before turning on his heels and heading upstairs. He needed to get out of there. He felt like if he had to say one more cheerful word that he didn’t want to say that he would end up either throwing up or breaking down right there.  The second he was out of sight from all of the other traits he let his smile fall from his face, and that cheerful look slip out of his eyes. All that was left was the face of a tired man. A man who had been pretending for too long and needed a break from the world.

He walked down the hall to his room, opening the door and heading inside. It was nice to not have to pretend for now. He knew he would have to do it again tomorrow, but for right now he could just let it out. Patton sunk down onto his mattress, laying back on the pillows and staring blankly up at the ceiling for a while before his vision started to blur and he felt the tears start to slide down his face. It escalated from there, and in a matter of no time Patton was hugging another one of his  pillows tightly to his chest in attempt to bring some comfort as he sobbed. He didn’t hear the knock on his bedroom door, nor did he hear it when someone opened it and stepped inside. But he did realize someone was in his room when he heard a voice. “Patton?”

Patton’s head snapped up, eyes going wide at the voice, he rubbed his eyes in a vain attempt to stop crying and sat up. “H-Hey Lo..” He spoke shakily, still trying to hide his tears even if he knew there was no point to it. His eyes were so blurry as Logan moved over, taking a seat beside him. “..Are you alright?”

Logan knew that was a stupid question, he knew that Patton clearly wasn’t alright. But he had no idea what to do,  after all, he wasn’t the one who brought comfort most of the time, that was Patton. But now the normally cheerful trait was the one that needed it, so he clearly needed to try. “I-I’m fine Lo…You really don’t need to worry” Patton’s voice cracked when he spoke and Logan’s concern for him only grew.  Logan hesitantly moved to put an arm around Patton’s shoulder in an attempt to bring him comfort.  It seemed to work a little bit as, almost if it was instinctive Patton started leaning heavily on him. It was as if he was exhausted, as if he had been holding this all in for too long.       That’s when it hit him.  Patton, much like in the video had actually been holding his emotions in. He had been pretending to be happy..and lord knows how long he’s been doing it. Now that he looked back on it..Patton had made small cries for help every so often in videos? How could all of them had missed it? Before he knew it both of his arms were around Patton, pulling him close. “..How long have you been pretending?”

Patton was shocked enough when Logan had walked into his room, it was even worse now that Logan had figured it out. There was no point in lying to him anymore, he knew that much. And part of him was relieved. After all..maybe..just maybe he could let his mask down around him now. Despite his previous efforts to stop them he could still feel the tears sliding slowly down his face. “I-I don’t know..” He murmured softly, “I just..I just didn’t want anyone worrying about me..” Patton sniffed, and the gentle arms around him tightened their grip. “Why would you feel you had to do that..? You always help us, so the least we could possible do is help you in return..” Logan’s voice was soft, all thoughts about not knowing how to bring comfort melting away.

“I just don’t..I don’t know. I guess I just don’t want you guys worrying about me..I mean,” He paused to wipe at his tears. “I don’t want to add anymore to all of your plates since you guys are all so busy..besides, I’m the one who’s supposed to help you guys.” He looked up at Logan with tear filled eyes that just broke Logan’s heart.

 “Patton, it may seem like we all have a lot on our plates but that doesn’t mean you should hide all of your emotions away.” Logan sighed softly before continuing. “If you ever feel like this again I would like you to come to me alright? I’m far from the best with emotions but it’s better than you keeping all of your feeling locked away.” Logan looked down and watched as Patton nodded, moving himself so he was sitting pretty much on top of Logan, head resting on his chest. For once it didn’t bother Logan, and instead moved so once again his arms were wrapped around him.

They stayed like that for a little while, Logan silently hanging onto Patton and him returning the grip. Eventually, however, Patton broke the silence.  “..Hey Logan?” He questioned, looking up at the logical trait. Logan returned his gaze to Patton’s, curious as to what he had to say. “Yes?”

Patton then fell silent for a moment, as if he was trying to think of exactly what to say. “I love you.” He spoke softly, and then Logan could feel his face heating up. But either way he still cracked a smile, “I love you too.” He spoke the words for once without thinking, and still meant every last one of them. He watched as Patton’s face lit up with a genuine smile and Logan could feel his own smile widening slightly.

Patton moved closer for a moment before blinking and moving away. “Ah right..I almost forgot! You don’t like the whole sudden physical contact thing right? Can I kiss you?” Logan chuckled, relieved that Patton seemed to be feeling better and nodded. “Of course,” he murmured, moving to tilt Patton’s head up and to give him a soft kiss.

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♥Laito: Hello Bitch-chan~! I’m going to answer for my brothers, because they would reject your question~ Aaand I know a lot of their little secrets, nfu~

You see, is easier than you think to make Ayato-kun blush. Just say something out of the blue, something he would never expect you to say. And Kanato-kun… Well, probably giving him the attention he wants in many different ways?~

With Reiji-san, you just need to wear something sexy for him. He always talks about being ladylike and all that rubbish, but he secretly enjoys a little bit of misbehaving, nfu~
I don’t really know about Shu-san, he’s always in that… Sleeping state. And he is the one who usually gets to make you blush. So, I’d say it’s hard to find his weaks spots.

Aaaand lastly, Subaru-kun… He’s really easy to read! Every single thing related to girls makes him blush~ He plays as a tough guy, but don’t be fooled with that~

Me? Ah, I almost forgot~ Well, I don’t have shame, Bitch-chan… If I blush, it’s because I feel kinda… Naughty, nfu~ What? I’m being sincere with you~!
I’m afraid I don’t need to ask what makes you blush, Bitch-chan~ I know every•single•detail to accomplish that~