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since night 219 i was curious about how they would look like with the Earl outfit, and I’m having too many feels about those two that is not good for my heart!!


So Many Bubbles!! - AHWU for May 2nd, 2016 (#315)

A lil’ compilation about Lil’J being attacked by lil’ bubbles (Or the ahwu where Gav just keeps bothering Lil’ J)

Fake Ah Crew: BrownParty

A continuation of my Fake AH Crew AU: Orphan Brigade

When Ryan had created fake birth certificates to make the boys Geoffs’ ‘legal’ children, the hardest to accomplish had been Rays. With no information about Ray’s date of birth, he had merely guessed that Ray was a year younger than Gavin as he was the smallest of the three boys. When it came to filling out Ray’s birth date, Ryan had printed off a calendar and told Ray to point at any date he wanted, as it seemed fairer to let the boy decide his own birthday. Ray quickly glanced at the calendar before looking up at Ryan and saying “Today.”

“Today?” Ryan repeated with a bemused expression.

“Today.” Ray nodded in confirmation before returning his attention to his game in his hands.

Ryan paused for a moment before finding Geoff, informing him that Ray had decided when he wanted his birthday to be.

“….Son of a bitch is testing us!” Geoff proclaimed, already heading out of the apartment. “Ryan, you watch the babies, I’ll get us some party supplies.”

By the end of the day, the apartment was filled with balloons, streamers and banners. Geoff had even managed to get a minecraft themed cake (Ryan wasn’t quite sure that Ray would like it but Geoff had protested that cake was traditional for birthdays and it was either a minecraft or a Disney princess cake). Geoff had also bought a handful of presents for the boy and was frantically wrapping them in the living room, wanting to guarantee that everything would be ready for when Ray exited the boys room.

When Ray eventually emerged from his room, he was met by a boisterous chorus of “surprise!” from Gavin, Michael, Jack, Geoff and Ryan. Ray stood at the doorway in silence for a moment, then his face broke into a bright grin, something which the others had never seen before. “I knew you wouldn’t forget!” He quipped happily before dashing forwards for a group hug with his new family.


Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Previously: AO3 link

Words: 4437

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 3: Nyx and Luna leave Hammerhead and arrive in Lestallum, where they get ready to face the Titan.

Personal Comment: This chapter is a bit longer and we can have them finally bonding a bit. Still, Luna will keep this professional attitude for awhile, because that’s the way she is I think xD Nyx will have an hard time with this princess, but ok, he likes it ;) 

And next chapter … the Titan. Omg. That’s gonna be taugh to write.

Ah, almost forgot! thanks to @loveiscosmicsin for helping me out with this chapter too <3

Luna slept almost well, in spite of all what happened just the night before. Of course, she still felt her chest compressed by the heavy sense of uncertainty about the destiny of the world on her shoulders and by the guilt of seeing so many deaths with her own eyes, but somehow … Someone … Made her feeling protected too. She regretted almost every minute of her past and feared every minute of her future but the present, that was a safe place.

Because she was not alone in all this.

She had a night of dreamless sleep which was better than she could have hoped for. Sleep didn’t come easily, for she feared that if she closed her eyes, it would be the last. A knock at the door woke her up. It was a disorienting lapse of thought, not realizing where she was and why, but then a familiar voice called her out: 

“Ehm, milady? Are you up?” 

Luna boggled up and she instinctively covered her chest with the blanket, even though she was dressed and all. She finally realized what was happening and asked with some trepidation in her voice, “Nyx?” 

“Yeah, it’s me. Doubt Niffs would be this polite at knocking doors.”

“What time is it?” She asked, leaving the bed and looking for her shoes on the floor. The caravan was pretty small so she found them quickly.

“Almost 11 AM.” 

“What? Did I sleep so long?” she asked surprised, putting her heeled sandals on. 

“It’s fine. You were very tired.”

Luna rapidly opened the door and found Nyx there, dressed exactly like the day before but a bit cleaner. 

“Good morning… Did you make a bath?” 

“Wow, if that’s the first thing you notice it means that yesterday I was a real mess. The answer is yes, I didn’t sleep so much as Your Majesty did, so I had plenty of time to go on mission, kill monsters and coming back, having a bath and buying you breakfast.” He raised an eyebrow and waved at her a small package, like he did the day before. Luna took it, thanking him more than she should have, causing Nyx laughing about it more than he should have. Nobody ever thanked him so much for a simple breakfast and he found it kinda funny. 

They both sat in the chairs outside the caravan. It was a warm morning but the air felt fresh, which made it even more enjoyable. The gas station was almost empty so they could afford to stay outside for breakfast without risking to be recognized.

Luna opened her package and found a plastic cup of coffee and a croissant in it. She smiled.

“Is it okay?” Nyx asked, stretching the legs on his own chair and sipping his black Ebony. His eyes on her were inquisitive. “I still don’t know what you usually have for breakfast so I just tried to guess.”

“It’s perfect. Well, actually i have my coffee with some cream in it, but this is fine too.” She had a first bite on her croissant. “It tastes delicious. Thank you again.”

Nyx chuckled. “Stop thanking me.”

She just ignored him and kept eating her breakfast with renewed pleasure. Nyx lost himself watching her for awhile, overwhelmed by lazy thoughts.

“What?” she asked, taking a sip of her Ebony. The shiny light of the morning made her eyes sparkling like blue diamonds.

“You need to tell me if you have some allergies or if you’re intolerant to something.” That was one of the weirdest questions Luna ever got.

“Where is this from?”

“You know, my mission is ‘seeing you safely to Altissia’, so I guess I should try feeding you with things that aren’t poisonous.”

It was Luna’s turn to laugh. “Oh, really? Guess what, Sir Ulric, I can buy my own food if you prefer, no need to ‘feed’ me. Anyway, no, I don’t have any allergies.” Nyx was smiling but in the same time he was serious too.

“Ok. Then, do you suffer with asthma?”

“No!” she answered, undecided if she should feel scandalized or amused.

“Low blood pressure?”

“Not either” she chuckled. “Listen, I’m young and my health is good!”

“Really? It didn’t look like that yesterday when you healed me.” 

Luna suddenly stopped laughing and stared back at him. He wasn’t smiling anymore either.

“So, that’s what you really wanted to insinuate.”

“You slept for almost fifteen hours after that, princess.”

“Excuse me, I saw the Crown City being destroyed, the king dying, and the weight of the world is now on my shoulders because of this dangerous ring. Maybe my tiredness may be considered normal.”

Nyx put the elbows on his knees and looked straight at her eyes, like he was about to extort every secret out of her. “Don’t lie to me” he whispered. His voice wasn’t rude. He was genuinely worried and that flustered her.

Luna’s eyebrows frowned. “I’m fine, Nyx. You needn’t to worry.”

“Your health is literally my mission. Of course I need to worry” he said, opening his hands. “So let me get this straight: are we going to play the game 'which one between us is more stubborn’ or you gonna tell me what’s wrong with you now?”

“There’s nothing to tell. My health is good. Healing people tires me a bit but I can handle it.” Nyx tightened his lips and sighed.

“Awesome. Looks like the game has started. You really like to make things complicated, don’t you?”


“Like this changes things. I’ll stand by your side anyway, princess. I promised you that and I won’t back down now. I’d just like to know what we got on stakes here, so I would manage things differently maybe” he said, standing up on his feet again and not wanting to look at her anymore.

“Nyx. Look at me, please.” Nyx eye rolled and then looked at her. The damn 'please’ word was starting to become a problem for his own credibility. He instantly let his walls down and felt weak.

Luna’s face was so angelic and sincere, she would be able to melt an entire iceberg with just one glance. “You have to trust me. I know what I’m doing,” she continued, her lips trembling. 

Nyx slowly shook his head first, but nodded in the very end. “Ok” he said reluctantly. “Have it in your way.”

Luna sighed in relief. “I appreciate your understanding.”

Nyx took a little walk around so Luna could finish her breakfast but he quickly came back after three minutes. He still was nervous because of the talking they just had, but he managed to be kind somehow when he asked her:
“Can you at least tell me what’s our next stop? I should control the map and check out the safest way.”

Luna knew she would make him angry by answering at that question but she didn’t have any other choice. “The Disc of Cauthess.”

“You serious?” She nodded and apologized again. Nyx really had an hard time trying not to scream out his frustration. “Just great” said instead, heading back to the car.

Before leaving, Nyx decided to buy the newspaper. 

'INSOMNIA FALLS’ was the main title. He and Luna read the article in silence, standing next next to the car, their thoughts were too heavy to actually express them. Luna’s lips clutched as she read over Nyx’s shoulder, the article stated that both her and Noctis dead. They were not. They both were alive. They both had still to fulfill their duty. What they lost the day before, though, was probably the most awful damage they would ever endure and she wandered if Noctis was feeling the same way she was: scared and bruised, but determined in doing what she has to. No turning back now.

“Are you okay?” Nyx asked, holding the paper with both hands, standing by her side like he promised. He was starring at her and when he read the anxiety on her face he decided to close the newspaper and pull her closer. 
Nyx noticed a man observing them with caution from a distance. He was old, with a grey beard and dressed in orange and yellow, and his eyes were so shrewd they look like they knew: yes, for a very short moment, Nyx was 100% that the old man recognized them.

“We better go, princess” Nyx hastily whispered in her ear, returning the glance to the man in the most menacing way he could. He wanted to make clear that the princess was nobody’s else business but his. The old dude just smiled and shook his head, then turned away, touching the visor of his hat. Again he had that aware expression on his face: he 100% recognized them. Who was he? Nyx didn’t want to know. “We have to leave Hammerhead as soon as possible.”

To arrive to the Disc of Cauthess and to avoid the imperial troops which controlled the area, they had to take the longest way. They would have stopped in Lestallum first. 

“Lestallum is far from Cauthess.” Luna casually said, looking at the map. She was not occupying the backseat this time, she chose to sit on Nyx’s right. 

“I know, but I don’t feel like to face the entire army for you to have fun there with the Arcadian. They’re tracking us down, so we have to divert them far from the Disc and then seep in unnoticed. Lestallum offers protection, we can buy what we need there and we can wait for the right moment to act.”

“Diversion? Slip in unnoticed?” Luna didn’t understand exactly what he meant.

“Once in Lestallum, we’ll spread the voice about your survival, so the Empire will look for you there and leave other borders without control. In the same time, we will go to the Disc, so we will be able to enter unnoticed.”
Luna lifted the eyes from the parchment and looked at him.

“That sounds like a plan. I’m impressed. Why weren’t you in command of the Kingsglaive?” Nyx smiled.

“Because Drautos was.” Luna smiled back, but with some sadness in it. 

“Yeah, right. Do you think he’s still alive?”

“I surely hope not. He’s strong and intelligent, which makes of him a terrible enemy. And that’s not even the worst part.” 

“What would that be?” Nyx shook his head.

“He’s a traitor. Traitors are … the worst kind of enemy. He killed Crowe in a certain way and I will never forgive him for that. He helped the Empire destroying the city. A lot people died yesterday because of him. Furthermore, he killed the man who give us a future when we did not have one… He killed our King.” Luna leaned down a bit, putting her gentle fingers on the clutch, where Nyx’s hand rested.

That simple gesture really comforted his tormented heart. He turned a bit to look at Luna’s eyes - now so caring and worried - and then focused on the road again. “I’m sorry you had to see that too, Princess.” 

Hearing those words reminded Luna the moment when Regis was killed in front of them. Her forehead frown a bit, trying not to show her true and deep sorrow. “We can’t change the past. We have to look forward to our future.” 

Nyx didn’t answer. He simply turned up the palm of his hand, grasping her little fingers in his. They didn’t even know who needed comfort the most right now, they just knew they needed a short moment of affection to soothe their pain away. Luna was the one letting go first. When she retrieved her hand, Nyx felt bad for holding it in the first place. He was about to say sorry out loud, but in the end he preferred to shut up and keep on driving. 

They arrived in Lestallum just thirty minutes before the sunset, bringing a sigh of relief to both of them. 

“So, what do we do now?” asked Luna as they parked and left the car. 

“We’ll check if they have free rooms at the hotel and then we’ll go shopping” he answered, trying to be enthusiast about the 'shopping’ part when he clearly was more interested in the 'room’ part: driving for so long made him extremely tired and he really needed a good sleep. 

“Separate chambers?” Luna inquired.

“Of course, Your Highness,” he smiled back, raising eyebrows and keeping on playing with the keys. 

To hell the 'of course’. At the hotel they only had a free room. “I’ll sleep in the car again, no problem” Nyx said immediately, to calm her down.

As a matter of fact, Luna already blushed and frowned. “No, you shouldn’t. After all you did for me until now, you deserve a bed too, Nyx” she answered, her voice nervous. “So I should be the one sleeping in the car or we can both share a room.” 

“What man would leave a girl sleeping alone in the car when he’d get a comfortable room all by himself?” Nyx asked, outraged. “Especially a girl like you.” He didn’t want to say 'a princess’ out loud, fearing to be heard now. But that was what he meant.

“So, we’re gonna share the same room. They have separate beds anyway, it’s not like you’re gonna do something bad to me, right?” 

“Of course I won’t, it’s just that…” He was uncertain. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes.” Even with that positive answer, Luna swallowed hard and that failed her.

Nyx raised an eyebrow, noticing it. “Okay, I’ll sleep in the car.”

“No! I can handle this. Therefore, you can’t protect me in case of necessity if you stay in the car, can you?”

That convinced Nyx in the end, but actually he didn’t have anything against it in the first place. He didn’t dislike the idea of staying in the same room with the princess. On the contrary, he was only worried about her embarrassment, because he didn’t want to complicate things for nothing and a glaive sleeping in the same room with the princess would have been considered unprofessional by the 95% of the nobility.

“Fine, for your safety” he murmured, as he paid for the room. 

“For my safety” Luna whispered without being heard, mostly to convince herself. 

The chamber was roomy and comfortable even though not the most modern one they had ever seen. One bed was near the balcony, the other one was on the opposite side. 

“So,” Nyx began, “you can choose now.” 

“I want the bed next to the balcony.” Luna answered without skipping a beat.

Nyx laughed.“I was expecting you to wait until I ask, but you can have that bed too if you really want it.”

“Oh, sorry, what did you want to ask me?”

“We have to buy food, water, and maybe new clothes. So I’m going to go to the market now. Do you want to stay here and have some rest all alone or do you want to come with me?” Luna was tempted by the idea of having a shower without any other man in the room, but she was thrilled by the market more.

“I haven’t been to a market in ages. I’d… like to come with you.” Nyx figured it. Of course she wanted to see the world a bit, she was kept prisoner for almost twelve years. 


The market was crowded and messy, people from every part of Eos came there to buy specialities which weren’t easy to be found elsewhere. The stands were colorful, the people were noisy, but even if everything was very intense, for Luna felt like a breath of life. She finally found a distraction from the sorrow which was distressing her in the last days. She didn’t say a word, but Nyx would have noticed her enthusiasm from two hundred miles. He immediately bought her a white foulard and wrap it around her hair. 

“It would be a shame if someone recognizes you before we’re ready to start our mission’s plan, right?” Luna didn’t complain because she was too occupied looking at some dresses hung up in a corner. “Now, I’m pretty sure that’s not very comfortable for a journey like ours” Nyx commented seeing the princess looking at a very specific long white dress. 

“But it’s so beautiful” she replied, caressing the soft material. “I want this one.”

“Milady, it’s not like one hunt made me rich. If we buy that dress, we won’t be able to buy you anything else. You sure you don’t prefer something more… practical?”

Luna shook her head. “No, I want this one.”

Nyx sighed, as he remembered the times when he used to go out shopping with Selena. Luna’s expression now was exactly the same of his little sister’s. He just knew he couldn’t say no to her. Maybe girls were all like that.

“Awesome, I see you have a thing for white. Wouldn’t be nice wearing another color for a change?” he asked, taking out the money to pay the shop girl. 

“You should buy some new clothes too, Nyx. Lestallum is too warm for your leather trousers.” 

“Since I just spent almost all the money for your pretty outfit, I seriously doubt I’ll have a gil to buy something for me” Nyx said, shaking the shop bag in front of her. “So, if the leather trousers will be too warm, I’ll just have to go out naked, I suppose.” 

The princess giggled, heading herself for the next stand. When they arrived at the restaurant, she looked at it with such an excited desire, that Nyx couldn’t deny her that little pleasure either. He was sure he wasn’t even protecting her anymore: he was just fathering her, paying for every wish she had. 

They relaxed when they had dinner in the public square, they chatted a bit about the city and its history - Luna read a lot about it and she was so thrilled to finally see it with her own eyes - and then they finally headed back to the hotel. They really had fun for a couple of hours, but now it was time to go back to reality.

“You must be exhausted” Luna said casually, as Nyx opened the door to their room. 

“I am. But don’t worry, you can use the bathroom first.” 

“No, you can go first. Have a shower and change your clothes” she replied, indicating the shopping bag which contained the dark jeans and the t-shirt they actually managed to buy him somehow. 

“Okay, I’m almost sure you’re trying to insinuate I stink and that I need to have shower, right? Fine, I’ll go first.”

Fifteen minutes later, Nyx looked a brand new man. Without the Kingsglaive uniform he was finally feeling like a normal man out for a day off. He came out of the bathroom, adjusting his dark grey t-shirt on and noticed Luna on the balcony, looking at the moon. He stopped, watching her in silence for a minute. Strange enough, the only sight of her calmed him. Finally, he took a deep breath and joined her. 

“Are you okay?”

Luna boggled. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t hear you. Yes, I’m … Fine.”

Nyx lifted his eyes from her to watch the moon. It wasn’t a full moon, but it was large and sparkling, beautiful like no other celestial body in the sky. He looked at the girl next to him and saw no difference after all. She too was beautiful and ethereal like nothing else that night. He started to understand why she was so precious for all Eos and for every single person living in it - why she was so special for Prince Noctis too.

“So” he started, turning around to rest his back to the railing of the balcony. “Open up your hand” he ordered, with a shy smile.

Luna seemed taken back by the request. “My hand?”

“C'mon, trust me.” After some reluctance, she did as he asked. Quickly, Nyx let something sparkling falling into her hand. 

“What’s this?”

“Don’t get too excited. It’s a mere trinket they sold at the armory. It was cheap and when I saw it, I thought you would have liked it. That’s it.” 
Luna look at it under the feeble light of the night. It was a nice necklace with a small pendant of the shape of the moon. 

“This is the moon” she said like it wasn’t pretty evident by itself. Her voice was barely audible and surprised.

“Well, yeah. Your name means moon, right? So …” He shook his shoulders and tried to look indifferent. He actually wanted to understand with every fiber of his being if she actually liked it. It was the first time in ages he gifted something to a girl. His manners may have been a little dusty by now.

“This is… really nice of you. You shouldn’t have.” Luna’s voice was trembling a bit, but she tried to keep her composure calm. Concealing her feelings when he caught her by surprise like that was starting to become more difficult. “Thank you, Sir Ulric.”

He smiled. “You seemed to like my name when you used it before.”

“What? Um, yes. I like your name. Why are you saying this?”

“I don’t understand why you come up with this 'sir’ thing if you are perfectly able to call me with my proper name.”

Luna had to look down because his grey eyes were different now, on that balcony, in that situation, under that sky. They grew more invasive in his lingering gaze. “Because it helps to keep our interactions strictly professional.” she admitted. Nyx swallowed. 

“Right. We’re not on vacation here.” Saying this, he automatically straightened up and moved a bit away. He should have known this was the way it would have ended. “So… I’m, uh, gonna go to bed, yeah. Take your time. I’m gonna do everything possible to not annoy you with my presence, I promise. I’ll be quiet. Have some good rest, princess” he said, nodding in her direction.

But as he started to move away, Luna called him. “Nyx?” He turned to look into her eyes. The princess dangled the pendant in front of her. She was smiling now. “You don’t know what this is exactly, do you?” 

“Excuse me?”

“This trinket is sold in the armory because it protects you from turning into a frog in battle.”

Nyx looked at her for a good thirty seconds and then burst out laughing. “Are you serious?”

Luna giggled. “Well, my gallant soldier, you’re the one who should have known and I don’t have any need for it.”

Nyx spread his arms in disbelief. “Of course I didn’t know! I bought it because it was … cute!” He was so embarrassed now but also relieved, because the Princess was laughing with him. There was nothing better than her smile to break the ice in that heavy atmosphere. 

“I’ll carry it with me always” Luna decided as she linked the necklace. It was beautiful on her neckline which caused the lump in Nyx’s throat to bob in silence. “Just in case. You never know what the Empire wants to turn you into.” “Thank you again, Sir Ulric.”

Luna woke up with the robust scent of the coffee in the air.
“With the cream this time,” Nyx said, giving her a cup. In the light of the morning, he looked casual, relaxed, and may the Oracle add, handsome. “Just as you like it, princess.”

Luna looked around her and took a couple of minutes to remember why she was there and why with a man like that. This used to happen often to her. At night she used to fall asleep so deep that in the morning she barely remembered anything. In this very moment, this side of her was particularly convenient, so she wouldn’t have worried too much about having been in the same room with a grown up men which was not her brother.

“What time is it?” 

“8 AM. Sorry for waking you up this early but I think we have stuff to do. Unless you want to take another day off.”

She shook her head. “No, you’re right. We have to proceed with the plan.”

“You’re finally going out in public without being disguised.”

“Yes. People think I’m dead and this probably has caused them a deep sense of lost. If they know that I’m still alive, they will start to hope again.”

Nyx grimaced his lips in a weird expression. “I was thinking more about using your 'resurrection’ to sneak into the Disc of Cauthess, but okay, I guess that giving hope to people is important, too.”

Luna adjusted her dress a bit and then put her hands on the knees in a very composed position. “Fortunately, we can do both.” 

“When I went out to buy coffee, I learned there’s a journalist named Vyvin town. He offers a lot of gil in exchange of a good scoop. I think we might use him. So we’ll have money for your expensive royal habits and … a free pass for the Disc at the same time too!”

Luna’s eyes lit with a brilliant idea. “Yes. And I perfectly know what to tell him.”

Nyx didn’t agree of course, but Luna ignored his objections and did what she wanted. 

She established a short meeting with this Vyv - a funny, overweight, nerdy guy who didn’t look like a journal president at all - and when he interviewed her, she took his hand and talked like a true Oracle to him. Nyx understood immediately that was a way to manipulate him into writing what she wanted, and he secretly found himself proud of her. But at the same time, Nyx couldn’t agree about what Luna wanted Vyv to write. 

“I still don’t get the whole picture, but healing people is… Painful for you, right? I don’t think you should do it anymore.” He recommended to the Princess when they still were in their room.

“It’s just a bit tiring, but I can handle it. Announcing a healing session via media it’s a fast way to draw the Empire’s attention on us.”

“Maybe too fast.”

“I’ll heal just a couple of people and then we’ll set off for the Disc. Hopefully enough, we’ll be unnoticed and we can arrive there… safely.” Nyx and Luna look at each other and smiled.

“Well, isn’t that what I do best?” The glaive replied, raising an eyebrow and smirking. 

Luna nodded. She just knew she was in good hands.

ah yes I almost forgot about this one time I went to lunch with my grandma, my mom, my aunts, and my cousins wife sometime after christmas. like a ladies lunch or something idk. anyways my cousins wife had a baby a couple months before and the restaurant was mostly empty. so she asked us if we minded if she breastfed

Of course none of us cared because:

1. Almost everyone there was either a nurse or in a health care profession

2. Almost everyone there had given birth at some point

3. Why tf would we care anyways

So she went ahead and fed her baby. Mind you that we were in a sort of closed off section and her back was to the mostly empty restaurant.

But this guy from ACROSS THE ROOM notices and I see him make this face and he stands up to come over to our table.

He leans down on the table and says, “hey lady you should do that in the bathroom.” We asked him why, she was just feeding her baby. “If she can just pull out her tits in public and put it in a baby’s mouth does that mean I can do it with my dick”

And you could tell by the look on everyone’s face at our table that we were all think oh my fucking god is this guy for real.

I pull out my phone and hold it facing him. He gets confused and asked what I’m doing

I say, “if you’re going to do that I’m going to take a picture and post it on the internet. And maybe possibly sue you for sexual harassment.”

His face goes red and I’m thinking oh fuck so I nudge my mom and my cousins wife to do the same. They pull out their phones and soon enough my aunts are doing the same.

“You wouldn’t do that.” I give him a deadpan look.

“Try me”

And he fucking books it back to his table and my cousins wife finishes up what she was doing and then I realize.

She breastfed through the whole thing


Ah! Almost forgot to present my new US! fusion son <3 Made 2 versions so that the first one matches with the UT! fusion ref. This fusion’s personality is a lot similar to UT! fusion, but with a much more ecstatic joy, whereas UT! fusion is a bit more formal and calm. I’ll be making a full body ref soon, gotta deal with the other 2 sons >w>

Edit: Here’s my original UT! fusion son as well! ^^

@cottoncandyboos Here’s my pastel son

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Haizaki and 2 ... please if you can :3

Sure anon!! Here you have Zaki in a big sweater, drinking coffee and spilling it~

“Haizaki… If you spill the coffee on the bed again, I’ll kill you!!”