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Hey lux–et–umbra, I just wanted to draw this:


It’s 4+2 day so here’s a pile of quick colormatsus.

I love these two so much.

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Reaction to their s/o giving them a wake-up kiss in the morning. And helping them dress up

Shuu : “Hmm…woman what are you doing, kissing me this way? Help me dress up? I’d rather you let me sleep some more…”

Reiji : “That certainly did take me by surprise. Are you feeling excited, so early in the morning? I would not be against you helping me finding my school uniform either.”

Ayato : “Hmm? ah Chichinashi, that’s useless. Don’t kiss me, give me your blood instead! Tch, I don’t care about my clothes, give me your blood!”

Kanato : “…Ah…y/n san, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Treating me as some sort of boyfriend, have you forgotten who I am?” *grabs the back of her neck* “Yes…you better give me my clothes, before Teddy and I become too angry so early in the morning.”

Laito : “Nfu~ Bitch-chan, that is certainy a great way to wake up! Ah, I wish you’d kiss me again…Who cares about dressing up, let’s get back to bed again~”

Subaru : “Oi, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” *pins her down against the bed* “I told you about doing things like that already…Damn it, it’s like you want me to lose control! What? Dressing up? Tch, too late for that!”

Reaction: Twice  Your group covering TT

*requested* *gifs not mine, credits to the owners*

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Jihyo: (I can´t stop using this gif and I never will.)

“They´re so good.” She´s say with her mouth wide open as you and your group covered their song, TT on a variety show.

“Wait, but why didn´t she tell me?”

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“That´s my jagiya, casually slaying everyone.”

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*shamelessly enjoying every second of your performance*

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“Ah, she´s too cute.”

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I: “So your girlfriend Y/N´s group recently made a cover of your new song, TT, is there anything you want to say?”

“Ah yes, you did great girls, and jagiya, I love you.” She´d say as she made finger hearts while looking into the camera, blushing.

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“She´s better than me. What is this?!”

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“Oh look, she completely nailed my bunny dance. Yaay, jagi.” 

*lowkey jealous that you look better doing it*

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“Ah, jagiya is so talented. Who knew she had this in her.” 

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“What am I?” She´d speak up after watching the video of your group´s performance.

“Huh?” You´d look at her confused, not really listening,

“I mean. Look at you. And look at me. You completely outshined me out there.”

Tzuyu would be really happy and amazed that you chose their song, but at the same time really insecure. You were an idol for a longer period of time than she was and had lot more experiences than she had. She, of course, understood that after few more years of being an idol, she´d be able to perform just as flawlessly as you did.

A/n: Hope you liked it anonie. I´m really sorry if it´s not what you imagined but I´m not feeling very well and I also just got home and felt bad for not posting much. Lots of love – G

Stages of my STPD-having acceptance, part 2

Grief - They were right all along, I am a monster. I don’t deserve to be a part of this world. 

Medicine - I hate it, I have to take chemicals for my brain to function normally. I despise myself

Loss - I had to quit the university, I couldn’t learn normally. Hurray brain, way to go. 

Theraphy #1 - Ah, so my suicidal thoughts are trivial? 

Theraphy #2 - Ah, so you’re going to sit here quietly, just because I am shut down and can’t produce a sound? So be it

Theraphy #3 - Ah, so my family is not as perfect as I thought? Great, bring it, destroy me more

Hope? - Still, after 3 months of daily theraphy group I… began to speak? Began to flirt? Began to be sociable, at least a little? 

Hope? #2 - 4 years have passed during which I began long term relationship I believed that would last, I found a job, I moved out of house, I adopted a hedgehog. Pretty “impressive” for 26 y.o.

Ilya - an idea came to my mind. What if I would draw my problems? 

Comic - there are people like me, I am no longer alone, no longer misunderstood

Comic #2 - I… help people…

Nothing lasts - I lost a job after 2 years after attacks of social anxiety and drop of concentration 

Nothing lasts #2 - he no longer wanted a girl with problems, left me in a blink of an eye, despite the promises of marriage. Irony. 

Nothing lasts #3 - the moment he was going out, I noticed a tumor on my hedgehog. It turned out it is aggresive nerves cells cancer. 

Nothing lasts #4 - my hedgehog began to have pain attacks.

Void - I was empty. I was so naive to believe I could have a normal life. I am weird, I am not normal, I…

Realization - …am myself. I tried to be someone different, someone who doesn’t have personality disorder. But I do. I tried to be feminine gentle girlfriend, while I had no idea how femininity even works. I tried to be a social butterfly I never was. I tried to show emotions, while being unable to feel them. 
Maybe it was the time… to accept the facts, and live with that knowledge. 
I am Dee, I have Schizotypal Personality Disorder, yes, I am weird, yes, you have problems to understand me, yes, I might not be the easiest to live with. 
But you know what?
This is who I am.

The effect of that change was… surprising. But more about it later, in the next and the last part.

To be continued

shut up & die
Sakata Gintoki

When someone mentions gintama’s ending, Gintoki’s past, Shouyo, Hajime-nii, THIS arc, how THIS arc changed every word said by every character in gintama, Takasugi, someone’s dying, Oboro, Tendoshou, Naraku, little jouis, Zura making onigiris, Gintoki’s crying, Takasugi’s crying, Takasugi repeating “why, you of all people, you promised me, why”, me making this post, Otose, promises, Yorozuya, bonds, copyrights

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Okay listen I'm such a sucker for immortal FAHC through the ages, like Geoff and Jack swing dancing when under cover in the 20s, Ryan wearing a toga, literally all that good stuff and how ray is probably only like 20 years old and so whenever they're all talking about something immortal he's just like "back in my day" and making shifty jokes

And also just Jack as a badass in the good ol’ Viking days and then going through the FRENCH revolution and stuff and in general, immortal!jack speaking like an unlimited amount of languages perfectly is my shit-jj

listen friend. listen. i fucking love all of this. I also love immortal Michael who was a soldier in the first world war, waking up in the middle of a battlefield knowing he definitely shouldn’t be alive. My Gavin immortal headcanon ranges from ancient Greece to England during the plague to also one of the world wars. i just never can decide. But Geoff for me is always an alcohol bootlegger during the 20s, shot after a run in with the cops, waking up in an alley, shrugging and just going back to what he was doing. I just. Theres so much you can do with immortal Fake AH Crew.

I know I haven’t written any immortal fahc yet but part of me wants to write a fic about the fakes all meeting during modern times as they start the fake ah crew, each knowing individually they’re immortal but not knowing the others are. And they’re each hiding it from each other, trying not to have any close calls and when they do pretending like they didn’t die. This all comes to head when one of them (*cough* Gavin *cough*) dies right in front of them, bullet to the heart and no way of surviving them. And they’re in the rush of getting away from the cops, Jack, Michael, Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Jeremy, and Gavin’s body all in a car, everyone going through the first stage of grief. But then Gavin jolts awake, a bit confused, a bit embarrassed at having his immortality caught.

But then after all the screaming dies down there’s a moment where someone else says “Wait you’re immortal too!” “Wait what do you mean too, are you immortal as well? Wtf I’m immortal” “So am I” “We can’t all honestly be immortal.” “Dude i think we are”

The shenanigans with that would be fucking great, but i just haven’t written anything yet. Maybe someday. Maybe if someone prompts it when i have prompts open. who knows

So Close >> Jin

Hello <3 ~~

This is based on a request from Anon:”May I request a BTS scenario where you go to an amusement park with them during their time off and Jin really likes you but you spend more time with jhope since you are close friends with him. Can you make Jin become a little jealous because of this but when you all go into a haunted house maze, you become so scared that Jin becomes more protective over you. (U can make jhope fear for his life cuz we all kno he gets scared easily hehe) and end with Jin’s confession and a kiss in a Ferris wheel?”

A/N: Okay guys ^^ XDD Enjoy reading this one <3


You were preparing to go out, wearing something nice and putting a slight makeup. You were so excited, your close friend, J-hope asked you to go with him and the other guys to the amusement park as they took the day off. You couldn’t reject such a good offer, you were so bored that you didn’t want to stay home for another second and moreover you were going to see your biggest crush JIN again.

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Demon!Luke pt.5
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“Princess, are you ready?” He knocked on the washroom door. You stood in front of the mirror, staring at your reflection in the eighth outfit you chose. This outfit consisted of this really pretty skater skirt, over the knee socks which were also black, a tank top with your favorite band on it, and black vans that oddly brought the whole thing together. You decided that you were wearing this when you went out. “Yeah.” You said back in reply. Luke wiggled the doorknob.

“Can you open the door, Y/N?” He asked. You knew he could’ve just opened it with a key or made it open - either from force or whatever else a demon was capable of, but he could just be respecting you privacy.

You went to open the door after a few more seconds of running the hair brush through your slightly damp hair.

Luke smiled at you when he stepped inside the washroom.

“You look beautiful, as always.” He commented as he picked up the other outfits you chose out and folding them.

“Oh - uh, I can get that.” You said, reaching for the pile of clothes to fold them.

“No, it’s fine. Go downstairs and I’ll meet you down.”


“Where are we going?” You asked softly. He turns to look at you while you were watching the trees and desert pass as he drove. This place definitely wasn’t familiar.

“We’re going somewhere.” You roll your eyes at his vagueness. Another twenty minutes later of listening to Green Day and a couple turns later, you arrived on a cliff surrounded by trees. It was beyond cliché but it was for all the best reasons.

It was breath taking, to say the least. You felt so refreshed once you took a step outside of the car and onto the dirt path. It took you a couple seconds to reach the edge of the cliff. You peered down, more anxious and excited to be outside than you were before.

No waterfall, but there was a river at the bottom.

“Do you like it?” Luke asked as he moved to stand beside you. You nodded, still breathless from the beauty.

“It isn’t nearly as beautiful as you.” He said quietly, trying not to tamper with the silence. You tried not to act embarrassed and flattered by his comment before attempting to sit down on the ground.

“Ah, ah, ah. Princesses don’t sit on the ground.” Luke said as he stopped you from sitting down. You pout at him.

“Well then, where am I supposed to sit?” You ask politely. He didn’t answer, only going back towards his car to grab some stuff from the trunk.

There were mountains of blankets and pillows in his arms. You were surprised he could carry so much but decided not to question it. He did look really muscular, after all.

He waddled awkwardly as he approached you, though. Once he found a good spot to put everything down and still have a great view, Luke laid down everything, making sure everything was perfect for his Princess.

“See, this is way better than sitting on the dirty ground. Top of the line comfort.” Luke mumbled to you as he helped you sit down. You thank him as he went back to the car once more to  grab what seemed to be a picnic basket from the trunk.

“It’s not gourmet but I know you never really liked fancy stuff.” Luke said as he plopped down beside you. He then took out all of the food that was inside of the basket along with some napkins.

“I made sandwiches. Peanut butter and jelly and I also made some cheese toasties. Also, here’s chips, water, and soda.” He pointed to all of the items that made up your meal. You smiled at him. You weren’t entirely sure if he was dong this just out of pure kindness or if he wanted to gain your trust.

“Thank you.” You said and picked up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You were glad that the crusts were cut off as you bit happily into the food.

Luke honestly wasn’t that bad, even though he did get mad at whenever you tried to leave him or the fact that he kidnapped you. It wasn’t the most ideal of situations, but he was trying to make up for it.

He just wished you were his again; he wished for life to be like before the incident. Before he messed up.

“It’s so pretty here. I used to come here a lot with y - with my friends.” He wished you could remember your past together. He knew you didn’t because if you did, you’d remember this place.

“Yeah. It’s breath taking.” You replied, picking up a cheese toastie (that was slightly cold) and taking a bite off of it. It was silent for awhile after that, the two of you enjoying the food and the scenery. But all you really wanted to do was break the silence.

You wanted to ask questions. Not that you haven’t tried before; all the times you had was replied with dead silence.

You knew he knew what you were thinking of doing because he stopped eating and just stared at you.

“Fine.” Luke said, loud enough for the both of you to hear.


“Fine. You can ask me any question you want and I’ll answer truthfully. Go ahead.” Luke said. You were confused for a few seconds before deciding that you should get what you could before he put up his walls again.

“Why’d you take me?”You got right to it, not even wading into the water. If you were gonna get answers, you needed to ask the important questions.

Luke knew it was a mistake right when he said it was fine for you to ask him anything you wanted to know about. His stomach dropped because he didn’t want to lie to you but he also knew that you wouldn’t believe him if you told him the truth.

“Well, I knew something bad was gonna happen to you if I didn’t take you as soon as possible. You know that guy that living down the street from you? He was gonna rape and kill you.” Well, it wasn’t a complete lie. There was a man living down the street from you that always seemed to pass by when you were outside. He creeped you out, to say the least.

“I knew it! That guy always seemed a bit off to me. Thank you for… Saving me, I guess.” You gushed. Luke was relieved that you didn’t notify the major plot hole in what he told you. Luke could have just killed that guy instead of taking you.

“No problem.” He smiled at you. You began to eat again, trying to think of more questions to ask. It was weird, you always had questions when he wasn’t willing to give you answers and when he finally wanted to, you couldn’t think of anything.

“Will you ever let me go home?” You finally asked through a mouthful of chips. You didn’t really mind getting messy in front of him since he has been watching you for the majority of your life.

“Probably not.” He answered truthfully without a moment of hesitation. Luke lost you once and he wasn’t willing to go through the heat break and lonely nights all over again because he let you go a second time. He just got you back and he was not planning on letting you go anymore.

Luke’s not gonna lie, though; the tiniest falter in your charisma he saw after you heard his response almost convinced him to bring you back to your house and wipe your memory of seeing him, but he didn’t do it.

“Um… Can we go out more?” You asked. You were weak from being inside for so long that even Luke could tell.

“Of course, Princess.” He smiled at you cutely. You hesitated for a moment before asking the next question. You knew the answer probably wasn’t gonna be something you wanted to hear and you were extremely afraid of the response to it. If it were really bad, Luke might not even answer, if anything.

“Where are we?” You asked finally. You bit your lip (which drove Luke absolutely insane,) silently preparing yourself for what he was about to respond with.



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131227 Hyuk 야자타임! [ his wishes for members ]
  • Hyuk: Jaehwan ah.. In 2014, Stop eating snacks, Junk foods, if not,you will grow more and Practice more.
  • Hyuk: Wonsik ah., You’re so commendable. If you keep doing great like this, you will hit the jackpot in 2014! you buster!
  • Hyuk: Taekwoon ah…. Taekwoon ah….I will count on you for 2014 as well.
  • Hyuk: Hakyeonie, that red ginseng .. Just eat it for your self. I told you I am very healthy !
  • Hyuk: Hong Bin ah.. Ask me more in 2014 as much as you are handsome ..! Let's be handsome together in 2014.