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valentine’s day over the years with nick and charlie

[nick and charlie are from solitaire by alice oseman]


Iron Bull reports what he knows to Leliana when No One had sobered up and bathed enough to not be such a drunken threat. They might not have his name, but they had the name of his sister, and the date of her nameday which narrowed it down drastically. The chantry kept strict records on births and deaths; if they could narrow down his origins they could scour the texts for the brother of Adeline. There would be masses to go through; Adeline had once been such a popular name in Orlais that its alternate versions had filtered through into neighbouring countries.

The maybe assassin is still kept at a low rate of interest, Leliana wants to know about him and if he still poses a threat, but Corypheus is their main priority. She reasoned with Bull that if the unknown man had wanted to assassinate the Inquisitor, the best time for him to have done such a thing would have been when he was alone with Fulton just a few days ago. His companions would keep him safe on the journey, she had faith in that

Alice- singing very heavenly and beautiful, birds following her around all snow white like.

same guys Alice dropped a tree on ages ago.- *talks smack about her being to girly or messes with her boys*


*Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant song plays in the background, getting louder*

Alice- A-Ah-ahhhhhhhh-AH! A-ah-ahhhhhhhhh-AH!

birds swarm the area, pure unadulterated chaos ensues. 

~Admin Killer