ah a girl can dream = u =

i need more blogs to follow!

if you happen to post about/reblog any of these following groups frequently and would like a follow, please reblog or like this! i would prefer you to reblog so this can circulate more!! 

- hellovenus

- astro

- wjsn/cosmic girls

- pristin

- btob

- seventeen (fr some reason i dnt follow a lot of svt blogs ??)

- shinee

- infinite

- rooster teeth/achievement hunter

- troye sivan

- sf9

- pentagon

- nct

- red velvet

- got7

- monsta x

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Birthday: january somethin

Gender: lady

Sexual Orientation: ?? ? pizza ? ?(??)

Favorite color: mostly black

Current time and date: I should be asleep o'clock & I won’t know what day it is until its christmas eve lol

Avg hours of sleep: 5 to 8 with “accidental” 4 hour naps in between what am I doing even

Lucky number: 37 <w<

Last thing I googled: something about my video program not working b/c it was acting like little butt

First word that comes to mind: butt(s)

One place that makes me happy: my bed

How many blankets do I sleep under: usually 2, sometimes 3 if cold

Favorite fictional character: gee idk (hint: watertribe stallion)

Favorite books: japanese mangoes, korra art book

Favorite anime: kill la kill, mitchiko to hatchin, akame ga kill, black lagoon, ah! my goddess, tiger & bunny, PASWG, and alot more ??

Favorite TV Shows: the legend of korra, avatar: the last airbender, parks & rec, game of thrones

Favorite food: SUSHI (anything rice & fish good lord)

Last movie I’ve seen in theaters: big hero 6

Dream vacation: ember island

Dream wedding: haha good one

Dream job: a job where I can have an excuse to draw girls all day

Tag 10 people who you want to get to know significantly better:

nikoniko808, mikaturnsup, aer-dna, toastoat, nightworldlove, kharasho, l-a-l-o-u, walkingnorthasadfarook, samapitongzabala