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Guess who cried again watching episode ten

theoldarmor  asked:

What's your opinion on new Sikorsky S-97 Raider?

Pretty fucking cool man! A nice step forward for helicopter development, combining the counter-rotating propellers perfected by the Kamov design bureau, with the pusher concept first seen in the Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne. 

Get to know me more???
  • 1) What images do you have set for your desktop/cell phone wallpapers? My desktop wall paper is Namaste Bananya from Bananya, my cell phone wall paper is my Guinea pig, Mochi.
  • 2) Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? No. they were all old people.
  • 3) What was your last text message? A reminder that a payment is due for one of my bills.
  • 4) What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Hopefully a bit better than what I’m doing now.
  • 5) If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be? I’m at home, where else would I want to be?
  • 6) What was your coolest Halloween costume? I’d say I make a pretty bad ass manatee!
  • 7) What was your favorite 90s show? Hey, Arnold, Pokemon… Boy Meets World, Sister Sister… I have a list to choose from.
  • 8) Who was your last kiss? My guinea pig gave me nibble kisses after I gave her a carrot.
  • 9) Have you ever been stood up? Yea… let’s not get into that.
  • 10) Favorite ice cream flavor? … ice cream. How can you choose just one?!
  • 11) Have you been to Las Vegas? A few     times
  • 12) Your favorite pair of     shoes? I like my high tops at the moment
  • 13) Honestly, have you ever     cheated on your significant other?  Me, no… I have been cheated on… twice.
  • 14) What is your favorite     fruit? Pineapple
  • 15) Have you talked to     anyone on tumblr that you could see yourself dating/having sex with? If     possible? Probably not
  • 16) Are you into hookups?     Short or long term relationships? No on hook ups, prefer long term.
  • 17) Do you smoke? If so,     what? Nope, if I did I’d probably just smoke cigs..
  • 18) What do you do to get     over your anger? Listen to music or doodle
  • 19) Do you believe in God?     I do and don’t
  • 20) Does the person you’re     in love with know it? Of coarse, I love my family very much
  • 21) Favorite position? Sleeping.
  • 22) What’s your horoscope     sign? Taurus for life!
  • 23) Your fears? Frogs,     being alone…
  • 24) How many pets do you     have? What kind? 1 Guinea Pig (Mochi), 1 Dog, smooth fox terrier (Tammy) 3     fish, Axel (Male koi betta), Reyne (male double half-moon betta)     & Gaius (male veil tail betta)
  • 25) What never fails to     turn you on? Cuddles?
  • 26) Your idea of a perfect     first date? Making dinner at home, or eating out. Just walking about the     night life.
  • 27) What is something most     people don’t know about you? I can be really mean, I just choose not to
  • 28) What makes you feel the     happiest? Seeing my niecelings, listening to music, seeing my family…     looking at my fish tank.
  • 29) What store do you shop     at most often? Online….
  • 30) How do you feel about     oral? Giving and/or receiving? Not a fan,
  • 31) Do you believe in     karma? Yes
  • 32) Are you single? always
  • 33) Do you think flowers or     candy are a better way to apologize? I would say actually giving an     apology means more when you mean and not to have materialistic things be a     way to prove it.
  • 34) Are you a good swimmer?     nope
  • 35) Coffee or Tea? As long     as they’re iced
  • 36) Online shopping or     shopping in person? Both, but online shopping is my usual go to.
  • 37) Would you rather be     older or younger than your current age? Can I just stay the age I’m at
  • 38) Cats or Dogs? both
  • 39) Are you a competitive     person? Not really
  • 40) Do you believe in     aliens? Yea!
  • 41) Do you like dancing? I     love it! Too bad I suck at it
  • 42) What kind of music to     you listen to? Kpop, classical, smooth jazz, jazz, r&b, jpop… soul… I love     mucis.
  • 43) What is your favorite     cartoon character?….. huh I’m not really sure
  • 44) Where are you from? The     US.     Nevada…
  • 45) Eat at home or eat out?     I love to do both. Especially if I’m eating out at my parent’s house. Love     home cooking.
  • 46) How much more social     are you when you’re drunk? I don’t drink til I’m drunk, I only drink until     I’m buzzed
  • 47) What was the last thing     you bought for yourself? A starbucks frappacino
  • 48) Why do you think your     followers follow you? Cuz I’m awesome! (I really don’t know…)
  • 49) How many hours do you     sleep at night? 5-6 when I work the next day… 3-4 if I’m off
  • 50) What worries you most     about the future? Honestly. This whole presidential election. Finances….
  • 51) If you had a friend     that spoke to you the same way you speak to yourself, how long would you     be friends? Not very long???
  • 52) Are you happy with     yourself? I am, I know my flaws and I know what I want to fix
  • 53) What do you wish you     didn’t know? What hot dogs are made out of…
  • 54) What big lesson could     people learn from your life? Be kind?
  • 55) If you could live in     any home on a television series, what would it be? Ah crap…
  • 56) What’s your favorite     Website? Amazon.com lol
  • 57) What’s the habit you’re     proudest of breaking? …. I’m still working on that
  • 58) What was your most     recent trip of more than 50 miles? Went to Sacramento for my niece’s birthday.
  • 59) What’s the best bargain     you’ve ever found at a garage sale or thrift store? Never been, never     shopped.
  • 60) What do you order when     you eat Chinese food? Fried rice usually. Something with pork and if I’m     feeing it either something with shrimp or beef and broccoli
  • 61) If you had to be named     after one of the 50 states, which would it be? … Alaska?
  • 62) If you had to teach a     subject to a class, what would it be? How to slap a bitch! (no…jk) Cooking     or cake decorating.
  • 63) Favorite kind of chips?     …. Salt and vinegar, pepper and salt… spicy?
  • 64) Favorite kind of     sandwich? A good one.
  • 65) Which do you use more     often, the dictionary or the thesaurus? dictionary
  • 66) Have you ever been     stung by a bee? No.
  • 67) What’s your favorite     form of exercise? Walking, dancing
  • 68) Are you afraid of     heights? Oooooh, yes.
  • 69) What’s the most     memorable class you’ve ever taken? JROTC (military based class)
  • 70) What’s your favorite     breakfast? Sunny side up eggs, with hash browns or toast, with sausage or     bacon.
  • 71) Do you like guacamole? Not     really
  • 72) Have you ever been in a     physical fight? Almost, in my senior year of high school
  • 73) What/who are you     thinking about right now? What to doodle
  • 74) Do you like cuddling? Very     much so.
  • 75) Are you holding onto     something you need to let go of? My weight! Lol… no?
  • 76) Have you ever     experienced one of your biggest fears? No
  • 77) Favorite city you’ve     been to? San diego     and san fransico ( I don’t travel much)
  • 78) Would you break the law     to save a family member? Depends on who
  • 79) Talk about an embarrassing     moment? … I almost nodded off during a meeting…
  • 80) Are there any causes     you strongly believe in? I try not to get into those discussions because I     get upset really easily if people are idiots.
  • 81) What’s the worst injury     you’ve ever had? I stubbed my toe pretty bad, and as it was getting better     I stubbed it again. T-T
  • 82) Favorite day of the     week? Friday… (that’s usually pay day lol)
  • 83) Do you consider     yourself sexually open minded? I guess?
  • 84) How do you feel about     porn? It’s alright?
  • 85) Which living celebrity     would you like to know? There’s a lot….
  • 86) Who was your hottest     ex? No one….
  • 87) Do you want/have kids?     I want to adopt…
  • 88) Has anyone ever told     you that they wanted to marry you? Yes.
  • 89) Do you get easily     distracted? sometimes
  • 90) Ass or titties? I got     boobies…. xD
  • 91) What is your favorite     word? … I never thought about it…
  • 92) How do you feel about     tattoos? I want one sooooooo bad!
  • 93) Do you have any pets? Yes?      (wasn’t this question or one     similar asked earlier?)
  • 94) How tall are you? 5’1”
  • 95) How old are you? Old enough     to drink! ;D
  • 96) 3 physical features you     get complimented on a lot? Hair, boobs, smile
  • 97) Is there anything     you’re really passionate about? Kpop… coffee… cooking… family
  • 98) Do you have trust     issues? I tend to.
  • 99) Do you believe in love     at first sight? Not for me.
  • 100) What are some words     that you live by? Why? “Strength of heart will carry you through the     hardest of trials.”

Crazy Beautiful You Teaser!!! You know what to do, get them view counts up!“Kahit gaano ka mag-ingat…
May isang taong darating…
Para nakawin ang puso mo."   ->
Still think this would have been better if DJ monologue this since Kath monologued about love for G2B and SDTG!

I already posted my thoughts on it on Twitter. But I’ll do it again here :)

0:00 - Right from the get go! Slow motion, someone has been smitten! But surprise, surprise, it’s not Kath this time! But DJ hehe.
0:09 - The boy already gots his eyes on you when you walked into his line of vision, but take off your hood and unintentionally do a small hair flip when looking back and you have stolen his heart already girl! Hehe.
0:14 - I mean. Look at that grin. It’s that playing it cool look but deep down inside he’s been struck by cupid’s arrow.
And the instrumental of the song. On point! I said the beat resembles the heart racing & those soft bell sounds resembles that tingling kilig feeling when you’re in love, don’t you think?
0:16 - Kathhh, those eyes again! Alluring!!! How is it you do this simple glance forward, a simple blink, but it’s so effective. That stare, as Kelay said "Pa-fall!”
0:18 - DJ, I know buddy, I know what you’re thinking. It’s that “Omgahd. She’s looking at me!”
0:26 - Here’s your chance to impress her man XD Loved how he looked back with much concern to this girl he hasn’t met with the look of “No one should ever harm or lay a hand on a  single strand of hair on this girl’s head!” With that he fumbles his feet when he starts to run cause he’s busy looking at her while doing it XD
0:30 - This guy XD How did she catch up to you when you had a head start XD And here you are bumping into people making them drop their products. A man already struck by love and being clumsy you guys.
0:32 - Another slow motion of Kath looking back at him and DJ to her with the lyrics “Baby don’t ever look back” XD
0:38 - This makes me want to see her dabble into the action genre, am I right? Threw her backpack perfect aim at the snatcher with an epic jump XD
0:42 - Hello abs :) I can’t wait to see your transformation the longer Kath works with Sir Bok Santos! Cause have you guys seeen Divine Lee’s progression? Whooo! Ok. Back to the teaser lol.
0:43 - How can you be so adorably cute while being mad XD “Give me back my phone!” With that tone, damn man. I’m even more stoked to see bad girl Jackie. That tone was on point. She sounded like those rich bratty girls with a suplada attitude. Loving it.
0:46 - There he goes, he got his game on now! Took a while for him to snap out of that love gaze, but here he is to redeem himself!
0:52 - “Okay na, Okay na yun, Okay na yun! Okay na yun!” That last “Okay na yun” had a touch of a lambing tone. There he is to calm miss bad girl down.
0:54 - That impressed look on his face though. You already captured him just by first sight, but even more showing how astig you are girl!
0:56 - “Nice ah! Nahuli mo agad ah!” with Jackie’s matching snob look. Eeep!
1:01 - “Sumama ka!” Wearing the hood + backpack, really has me predicting that she may have ran away. This part indicates there’s someone looking for her and she’s using Kiko to hide away from whoever is there looking for her. And hence! Their story begins~
1:02 - Kiko’s face of disbelieve that this girl he got lovestruck over has her hand around his arm telling him to go with her XD “Close na tayo teh?” with matching big grin. Joking but I know deep down inside you’re feeling like it’s your lucky day Kiko! Jackie’s annoyed face after he said that though! LOL! XD 

Excited to see how he gets her to fall in love!

And have you seen the water that you drink?Is it you who brought it down from the clouds, or is it We who bring it down?If We willed, We could make it bitter, so why are you not grateful?
(Quran, Surah Al-Wāqi`ah, 56:68-70)