ah! goodbye!


But I’ll always, always keep the memory of,

The way you hold your knife,

the way we danced till three.

The way you’ve changed my life

No, no, they can’t take that away from me

No… they can’t take that away from me…

Shall We Dance (1937)


In which Carmilla make a deal. Her total loyalty to her vampire family against Silas’ (and therefore Laura’s) safety.


The dust of dust.
We are the apple of God’s eye.
We are infinite as the universe we hold inside.

“Let there be light, let there be light, let me be right.”

With golden string
our universe was brought to life,
that we may fall in love
every time we open up our eyes.

Sleeping At Last - SUN


(sorry for the long post, and for my undecipherable handwriting)


This time, I wanted to say a proper goodbye before I left.
                          Stay by my side, okay?

Thursday, August 10th, 1950
“Mother, today I killed a man…I threw a terrifying device called a hand grenade and it killed him instantly. The explosion nearly tore out my own ear drums. Even as I write at this moment, my ear is filled with a dreadful echo. But as much as an enemy they are to me, it pains my heart knowing that the people I’m shooting at are my people who I share the same blood and language with. And as if death is approaching, my fellow student comrades lay hopelessly in the sun, as if the enemy might advance any moment. However, talking to you eases my disturbed mind. The enemy is dead silent, I do not know when they shall strike.They have countless foes, we only have 71. I am scared because I do not know what to do next. Mother, there is a chance I might die today. It’s unlikely that those numerous North Korean soldiers. Would just ignore us and march on. Dear mother, it’s not that I’m afraid of death. I’m just afraid that I shall never see you or my siblings again. However, I shall live. I promise I will survive.
Mother, my aching heart is starting to settle now.
Mother, I shall survive and be at your side again.
I crave a fresh lettuce wrap right now. I want to slurp down on cold noodles until my teeth fall off beside the waterfall…
Ah, the enemies are coming now.
I shall write again. Mother goodbye! Goodbye! Ah, this is not a goodbye. For I shall write again. Until then…”

- letter discovered on the body of South Korean soldier Lee Woo Geun, killed three days after writing it during the defense of Seoul



Bodoque: oh, I missed!

Cindy: what are you doing here?!?!

Tulio: we’re getting rid of the plague of endangered species!!

Cindy: Tulio! You’re a monster! And your program is terrible! *snif* I don’t love you anymore, goodbye!

Tulio: ah ! but Cindy, this program is educaitive! we love nature, I swear!


Panda bear: catch me if you can~

Confessions in the Moonlight | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Summary: After nearly a month of avoiding you, Jungkook finally confesses the true reason behind it.

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A path is faintly illuminated by the moon…
I wonder where we’ll go from here.
The moon faintly wavers on a nearby lake…
C'mon and show us our unknown futures!

We’re afraid of having more things that are important to us.

So if fate tries to pull us apart,
I want to protect you, even if it destroys this world!

Even knowing this dream is fleeting,
I still want to live my life with someone else.
Even if I learn the pain of loss,
I’ll always be longing for someone else

If we never love anything, there’s nothing to lose…
But we end up lonely anyway.

Even if I learn the pain of loss,
I want to keep loving you.

We’ll see each other again somewhere!

Your nourishing tears
Watered this forget-me-not.

The night of the full moon
Whisks everything away.

Goodbye… goodbye…
We’ll overcome this goodbye! Ah…

Scenarioart I really really love you! 💜

You guys literally described entire sasusaku story in a single song. These guys I love them.

You all should check out the official video of this song it’s good and the lyrics.. god as soon as I came across the lyrics I decided to do this.

I wanted to add more images but yeah 10 image limitation 😒.

Guys do watch their video ✌

Bittersweet Goodbyes and New Beginnings -- Bughead

Words: 2,967

Rated: PG

Summary:  The day has finally come for them to say goodbye to Riverdale High and hello to the real world that awaits them. Betty and Jughead have big plans in New York City, but are Jughead’s plans just a little bit bigger than expected?

A/N:  The Core Four Graduation dream sequence got me in the mood for a graduation fic, so enjoy this little ditty following Betty on her graduation day. (Read on AO3)


“C'mon, V. The boys are here to pick us up.” Betty sat on her windowsill, where she could see FP Jones’ old truck in her driveway. Archie and Jughead were sitting on the hood, waiting for the girls to come down.

Veronica was sitting at Betty’s vanity, where she’d been for the past two hours, applying makeup and doing her hair. Betty had brought an extra chair in from the kitchen so they could both share the mirror.  However, Betty’s makeup routine was much less elaborate than Veronica’s. A simple line of eyeliner ended in an almost unnoticeable cat eye, a few swipes of mascara, and her favorite Pretty in Pink lipstick, the one she saved for special occasions.  

Veronica, on the other hand, wore a full face of makeup. Foundation, contour, highlights… all the things that Betty never did unless Veronica did it for her, like she had for her first anniversary with Jughead. Betty had hated it, and Jughead complained about the makeup that she left on his pillowcase when they were…messing around that night.

“You can’t rush perfection, B.” Veronica responded as she finally pulled her Midnight Berry lipstick across her lips. The two girls were like Ying and Yang, black and white, fire and water… complete opposites. Betty in a baby blue dress with a lace overlay and bubblegum pink pumps and Veronica in a tight black, high-necked dress with a stiff peplum circling her center and nondescript black heeled booties.

Veronica glided over to the window and pulled up on the frame. She knelt over Betty as she stuck her head out the window and shouted to the two handsome boys waiting for them. “We’ll be right down! Archie Andrews, if you get your pants dirty so help me God!” She pointed a stiff finger at her boyfriend… one that he’d gotten used to seeing over the years. It was a warning.

Betty laughed as Archie jumped of the hood of the truck, which she could tell Jughead had washed for the occasion. Veronica was already halfway out the door when Betty stood to follow her. Betty stumbled down the carpeted hallway in her heels, praying to God she wouldn’t trip and fall as they walked down the center aisle of their high school gym that afternoon.

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Wanna-One Park Woojin School AU! (Part 3)

The next part of the Woojin School AU! You can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. Enjoy! (You + Park Woojin)

Your POV – 

It had been a month since you and the boy had that interesting exchange, and you were just beginning to forget about it. You sometimes unintentionally snuck glances over at him, still waiting for him to be done with the book. You sort of gave up on that though, when the librarian told you that Woojin (you assumed to be the boy’s name) hadn’t returned the book yet, despite going to the library every day. He was an asshole, but there was nothing you could do about that.

But everything changed when the fire nation attacked when Jihee (your best friend, in case you forgot lol) suddenly announced that she was moving, thanks to her parent’s job change. Just like that, the one friend you had at your school was gone, and you felt your world crashing down.

Now, it seemed like you had no one. Not a single true friend who you could genuinely trust was here for you anymore.

The day after Jihee had left, you arrived at school to an empty desk next to yours, left without a seat partner. 

“Class, I have an important announcement to make,” your homeroom teacher said as he entered the classroom. “As you can see, one of our students has moved to another school, I hope you all got to say your goodbyes. Ah, and (Y/N), please find another desk partner… looks like Park Woojin has an empty seat next to him, you can sit there. In addition, you all have you first rounds of exams coming up soon, so…” the teacher’s voice trailed off as you dejectedly moved towards Woojin’s desk in the back, not even willing to fight it.

You plopped down next to him and looked at Woojin, who was dozing away in the seat next to you. You sighed and laid your head down as well, closing your eyes in hopes that when you woke up, Jihee would be next to you instead of him.

When the bell rang for you to go to lunch, the two of you silently got up, and headed to the library, without speaking to one another. The librarian saw you two entering together and said it was good that you two were friends now, happy that “books bring people together”. You shook your head and found a seat at a table, pulling out your lunch and homework. 

You both didn’t necessarily like one another, but didn’t have the energy to fight about it anymore.

You noticed Woojin sitting by himself at a different table, reading another book that didn’t look like The Devil in the White City. Either way, you were too exhausted to care. The two of you, unknowingly to the other, took peeks at the other person throughout the hour but neither of you disturbed the other, which was for the best.

After lunch was over, the both of you got up and once again, silently walked back to your classroom, just to sit together at the desks again. It was quite an interesting occurrence that became a daily pattern for the both of you. There was no talking, but over time you got used to one another’s presence. You would even wait for the other to finish packing up their things so that you could walk together. 

You both were lonely, but for some reason just this much soothed the loneliness enough to a tolerable level. And Woojin had no desire to accept the social classes of the school, but for some reason, you seemed different. Eating by yourself in the library every day, he didn’t see much of a difference between the two of you.

One day, you two arrived at the library, and you both just took your seats as usual, but shortly after, Woojin approached you, sitting down next to you with his copy of The Devil in the White City

“Hey (Y/N), here,” he passed the book to you, his eyes averted, facing the table. “I actually was done with this a while ago, I just kept forgetting to return it… sorry about that, I hope you weren’t still waiting.”

You looked up at him, and you couldn’t find it in you to get angry. He didn’t look at all like the person everyone feared so much, he just looked like… well, a nervous, normal, cute kid. The fact that the both of you went through the same thing every day at school made you curious about him, and wonder if he was lonely… like you.

For some reason, you didn’t even acknowledge his apology, automatically whispering out, “How was it? The book, I mean.”

Woojin finally made eye contact with you, making your own eyes widen in surprise as you met his strong gaze. And just then, you saw him smile for the very first time, his snaggletooth peeking out at you. He slowly started explaining his review of the story, over time becoming more excited as you asked more and more questions.

Before you knew it, lunch was over, but the two of you kept talking, laughing at how you both didn’t finish your meals because you were so distracted. The both of you made a plan to secretly eat in the classroom, giggling as you went inside, confusing the other students (who had started leaving you alone, since you had started hanging out near Woojin).

Class started, and the both of you whipped out your books for the first time, holding them vertically so your faces would be covered. You both managed to shove the food in your mouths for a grand total of 30 seconds, before you were promptly caught.

“Park Woojin! (Y/L/N) (Y/N)! Absolutely no eating in class is tolerated, you can treat yourself to eating lunch in the library instead of the cafeteria for the next week!” The professor yelled, before resuming his lecture.

You and Woojin put your food away, desperately holding in your laughter, a task that only got harder once you caught sight of the other’s attempt to hold a poker face.

From that day, the two of you got closer. The walks to the library and back weren’t silent anymore, and neither were lunch periods. The two of you started to stay after school in the library, reading together in comfortable silence or discussing/debating books or sometimes just taking a nap.

Slowly, you started noticing yourself reacting to Woojin; the initial attraction you had to him was starting to resurface after the months of no contact. You blushed at some of the simplest things he did, from the slightest accidental touches that burned your skin to the passion he displayed about critiquing literature. You were completely aware of how damn good looking he was, but for the most part you tried to shove that thought out of your mind.

Are you crazy, Y/N? Don’t make a fool of yourself, he’s never really talked to anyone, as if he’d like you.

Over time, though, you started falling harder and harder for Woojin. He left doodles on your books while you were asleep, would poke your cheeks randomly, and went out with you to eat or see movies.

You even went over to his house to chill out, his mom excitedly preparing food for the two of you and repeatedly asking Woojin if you were his girlfriend, making the both of you embarrassed. Woojin’s parents were thrilled that he had a friend come over for the first time :)))

One day you two were just working on homework in Woojin’s room. He let you use his desk, Woojin offering to use the bed. Shortly later, you started dozing off, head plopping onto your arms, making Woojin laugh.

“If you were going to sleep, you shouldn’t have taken the desk dumbo,” Woojin called, only to receive no response from you. He got up, and approached you, noticing you were actually out cold, evilly laughing as he grabbed a sharpie.

But as he approached your face with the marker, he was startled at how adorable you looked, even if your sleeping face was all contorted and weird (SORRY I HAD TO)

He giggled to himself (like the loser he is) and dropped the pen, grabbing a blanket and placing it over you

He crouched next to you, poking your cheek and whispering without thinking: “I’m glad I met you, (Y/N). I was alone for so long, but now you’re here.” 

Welp thanks to that poke, you were now classified as Awake, and you couldn’t manage to move when you felt Woojin tuck your hair behind your ear.

ohmygoshogmghsdfohmygod is he going to kiss me scREAM ok ok ok Y/N you’re ready you can do this

You waited for a solid minute, to feel nothing touch you. Slightly disappointed, you peeked your eyes open… only to find Woojin’s face quickly approaching you. You instantaneously reacted, shifting your head to face his. Woojin’s eyes widened, realizing what was about to happen, before his lips met the area between your nose and upper lip. 

“OWWWWWW” you exclaimed, sitting up and rubbing the point of contact, slightly hurting from the impact.

“Oh god (Y/N) I’m so sorry I was aiming for your chee–” Woojin blurted before realizing what he had said. He grabbed his own face in shock and started backing up, attempting to flee the crime scene… before he tripped his own feet and fell to the ground face first, making you fall to the desk table in laughter.

You got up sat on his back, pinning him to the ground, asking what he was doing and demanding to know if he liked you or not, this whole situation making you so happy that it was only possible that you liked Woojin back.

And that logic reached him before it hit you.

Woojin easily got up, wriggling out of your grasp, backing you up against the wall, his hands holding your wrists (scream why am I writing this)

“Why are you so excited? You better have a good reason for being awfully happy, or I’m just going to assume you like me, (Y/N).”

Your brain was far too focused on managing your heart (which was apparently running a 100 meter dash), leaving you mumbling incoherent excuses, making Woojin immediately lose his tough guy act, doubling down in laughter.

You caught ahold of yourself, sputtering out, “well yeah? So– so what if I do?”

Woojin immediately silenced, looking up at you. “That would be awfully convenient then (Y/N), because–” he mumbled, averting his eyes, embarrassed, “I feel the same way.” 

The both of you just silently stood there (because you were both really good at being awkward), but the quiet atmosphere suddenly broken by the opening of Woojin’s door, a high-pitched voice asking “kids, do you want some snacks? I have some crackers and seaweed and fruits!”

For the next few days, the both of you didn’t really talk to one another. It seemed like the two of you had gone back to the old days of being completely quiet, but this time the silence was more awkward than comfortable. At the end of that week though, while heading to the library during lunch with Woojin, you felt his hand slightly touching yours, and eventually grabbing it, interlacing his fingers with yours. The two of you met eyes, and couldn’t help but smile when each of you saw the others’ blushing face.

Somehow, the two people who needed someone the most had found one another.

Part 1, Part 2

A/N: I wrote this originally with a lot of angst but then I remembered that I promised cute times so here we are LOL

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the short series! This was a fun experiment for me, lmao. Not sure how well I did with consistency in terms of all the parts, I feel like some things I wrote in previous parts are irrelevant now because I didn’t start with a clear storyline in mind, so maybe I’ll do some edits later.

And as always, thanks for reading ♥︎