I'm so mad
  • Mianite:Howdy everybody, I'm about to fuck shit up. Also, I'm responsible for the abuse and torture of a child from ages 10-20 as well as the reanimation of my fallen soldiers to force them to server me eternally. Did I mention I've arrested and tortured many people for the sole offense of not following me?
  • Jordan:This seems like a nice man to trust.
  • Me:Hoe don't do it.
  • Jordan:*signs contract with fucking Mianite*
  • Me:oh mY GOD

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Our EVIL TWINS? - Open Haus #16

she calls to me from beneath
sidewalks covered in street art
and the wrinkles wrapped in
blankets feeding the ciel
pigeons that come to promises
vient, vient she calls, vient
la, au-dessous de la terre

the view out the dirt-pocked
window, rivières and children
selling the eiffel tower for
three and a half euros, costs
all of my pockets and more
but I can’t bring myself to
leave her tout seul dans la terre

her spine is the arc de triomphe
and her laugh is when notre dame
rings i remember nights pressed
skin to peau whispering you are
my crepescule and my aube
but even the sun has to sleep at
one point in france, even for her


she was my mona lisa and her sunset came too early // a.h.

commission by anonymous: france.

To AH fans with Misophonia

It’s okay to skip/stop watching a let’s play or other video because they start eating. You’re not less of a fan. I’ve recently had someone tell me “yeah, it’s a little annoying but I keep watching because I love Achievement Hunter”. And that’s not cool. I adore AH, and all of RT in general, but there are some things that I just can’t handle, and eating in my ear (eating/mouth sounds in general) are the worst thing to me. It’s not “annoying” it’s impossible.
So if you can’t watch a video because they’re eating, it’s 100% okay. You’re not less of a fan.