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Ryan is a tiefling rogue, trying to prove his worth. He sometimes prefers to assassinate rather than sneak by someone, because no one can do anything about him being around if there’s no one left alive. He’s very charming and gains people’s trust far easier than most tieflings - the horns and tail and red tinted skin often put people on edge, but Ryan is a smooth enough talker that he gets people to side with him more often than not. However, he’s not one of the most quiet of thieves, and he sometimes loses hold on his temper, which doesn’t make moving under the radar very easy.

Jack is a dwarven cleric looking to help where he can. He’s kind and caring, but also quite strict about people caring for themselves and not doing anything stupid that’d make an injury worse. Though Jack is more than willing to offer healing and advice, if someone ignores it, he has little sympathy and will deal with everyone else before that person if necessary. He’s taken to traveling with Geoff, realizing that his help would probably be needed often.

Geoff is a pure human fighter seeking excitement and adventure. He’s quick to jump to a friend’s defense, though there are certain creatures and situations he won’t touch if it can be avoided. He can be quite reckless, trying to do things because it’ll look cool, even if it might have some very bad consequences. Geoff is a little wary of others, especially if they might threaten his friends, but once he warms up to them, that person is considered a close friend and Geoff would do anything to protect them and ensure their safety.

Michael is a werebear barbarian, working as a mercenary. He seems human enough at first glance, but when angered and raging turns into a massive bear. Others find him more than a little intimidating, his distrust and suspicion of most people coming out as scowls and sharp comments, but he’s a very good friend when people get to know him. Michael is smarter than most barbarians, though he hides it well around people he doesn’t know. It’s easy to underestimate the barbarian who supposedly can’t read, write, count, or speak in correct sentences.

Gavin is a halfling ranger, seeking evidence of his missing clan. Even if he’s out on a serious mission, he just wants to have fun while he’s doing it. He likes to mess with people, pulling little pranks that range from harmless to what the actual fuck were you thinking? Though Gavin is extremely clumsy, his archery skills are unparalleled (he insists half of his good shots were only luck), and he can navigate a woodland with ease. He travels with Michael, who he’s hired to help him on his search.

Ray is a half-elf druid who basically just wants to fit in. He travels with his animal companion, Percival, a friendly cheetah who is fond of pets but can also be deadly in a fight. Ray is kind of awkward around people, often spending time on his own because of the general negative attitude toward half-elves. Though he’s not very good with people, he’s very bright, and he often has some very good ideas. Even though they’re often peppered with bad jokes.

Jeremy is a gnome sorcerer, out to make a name for himself. He’s generally quite jovial and fun to be around, willing to join in with pranks or ridiculous plans because they seem interesting. He’s very protective of his friends, and won’t hesitate to rain fire down on anyone he pleases if it’ll help them. Despite his size, Jeremy is also quite sure he’s big and intimidating and a force to be reckoned with. He can be rather intimidating for a gnome when he wants to be, but a lot of people find it difficult to take him seriously at times.

Ter compulsão alimentar é ter que resistir a vontade de comprar todo tipo de comida e comer até passar mal e sofrer por isso. É não aguentar e ir lá e ter compulsão, comer até não aguentar mais e sofrer por isso. É foda.


I met a very nice boy and he makes me all happy and blushy inside. And he’s never what I expected in a Prince Charming but I would have never wanted anyone different than him. He makes me so happy and we’re not even dating. I’m such a love sick fool ahhhh

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Gavin inadvertently derails the Let’s Play into a heated discussion of if it would be a wise investment to install a toaster in your thigh 

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I absolutely hate that there are people like Jeremy and Mica who are so genuinely kind, and just spectacular people who get shit on. I loved Ray so much, but Jeremy is great. He didn’t replace shit, and I hate when people say that. I hate when people rag on him for being in AH videos. He’s a fucking ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER just like Michael, Geoff, Gavin, Ryan, and Jack. He deserves the same respect. Then there’s my darling Mica who is constantly attacked for NO reason. I just— They both bring me so much joy, and knowing that they both SEE the hate is awful.