Just a few beef facts to make you proud today...

1.) The U.S. produces 20% of the world’s beef with 7% of the world’s cattle.

2.) There are as many farmers and ranchers as there were 30 years ago, but feeding a population that has more than doubled.

3.) 97% of cattle farms and ranches in the U.S. are family owned.

4.) Beef production accounts for just 2.8% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 26% for transportation.

5.) Compared to 1977, each pound of beef produced today produces 16% less carbon emissions, takes 33% less land; and requires 12% less water.


It’s National Agriculture Week! And that means we need to get out there and thank those Farmers and Ranchers for producing the food on our tables.

I’m gonna get confrontational here.

She has a PhD teaching at Colorado state university. She is a world renowned animal behavior expert and fine tuned cattle chutes so they may operate with the best methods possible. Having autism from childhood she was able to process and think how animals do. She is an expert in low stress cattle handling which is used country wide from cow-calf to processing facilities.

Stressed animal=exerting more energy=losing money.

Dr. Grandin has a huge impact on agriculture and will go down in history.

Eat your heart out vegans.

This really struck a chord with me.

The misconception about GMO is that plant genetics are altered by means of chemicals developed in a lab.

The truth is GMO is solely SELECTIVE BREEDING. Remember in high school learning about Gregor Mendel, the father of modern day genetics? Remember learning about heredity and traits and whether the alleles are homozygous or heterozygous?

We’re doing the exact same practice as he did! In a theoretical situation using wheat as an example, a variety that is more resistant to diseases such as rust, spot mosaic, and root rot will be crossed with a less resistant variety. This would be the F1 generation that can be crossed increasingly to have a further generations that are almost if not entirely immune to bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases. No chemicals!
Moreover, we have been selective breeding for thousands of years from the very start of domesticating crops to the show dogs you see on tv.

Instead of digesting whatever the tv feeds you, educate yourself through research of reputable sources to know the truth and make up your own mind rather than having it made up for you.

Don’t be a sheeple.


So this is the most interesting pair of this year’s crop. The cow is around 13 but you wouldn’t believe it because she’s fucking psycho and threatened to plow me over while I took pictures. Even though she’s mean we haven’t culled her because she has took every single time she was bred and her steers make for some good eatin. She has earned the name Clownface.

Her calf is my favorite this year and the only baldy born. No idea what to name her.