Hey fellow FFA members! I need your help spreading the word about agriculture! There is a surprising amount of people who don’t know where their food comes from (i.e. “Where does your food come from?” “The grocery store.” (correct answer: a farm)) I hope to post videos in the future explaining FFA and agriculture, but I need your help! Please reblog this in the hopes that FFA members across the country will unite and help put more ag posts on tumblr!

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Agriculture Proud

Agriculture, It’s more than part of life. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, a resilient community that works hard to feed the world!

Being Agriculture Proud is simply telling YOUR story. Why are you proud to be a part of Agriculture? Are you passionate about your job? If so, you should find no problem sharing this story with others.

How is this done?

  • Be real and authentic about your passion for Agriculture
  • Show the enthusiasm for your passion
  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Make it a candid point of view (everything in life is not flowers and sunshine)
  • Stick to your experience. You can’t defend everyone
Fast-food chains vow changes to meat amid "potential catastrophe"
Bowing to consumer pressure for greater transparency about the food they eat, fast-food chains move toward serving antibiotic-free meats

When I got home tonight from work, my rancher asked me “So how long do we have till we aren’t allowed to treat sick cows”? I had no idea what he was talking about at first- until he mentioned the above report done by CBS morning news. In the report, it mentions that the demands of consumers about food transparency is forcing the hands of fast food chains to demand that their suppliers raise their animals without the use of antibiotics.

As a person actively involved in the production of the meat that graces the tables of Americans every night, I get more and more disheartened with every day as more of these one sided, fear mongering articles comes out. Please remember that articles like this, ones that do not ask researchers, ranchers, industry leaders are articles that are planted to create hysteria.

It is imperative that people understand there is zero trace of antibiotics in your food. ZERO. There is strict regulation on withdrawal times and when the animal can enter into the food chain. And what irritates me more than anything (maybe its the mother hen side of me) is people are demanding we put the welfare of our animals at risk simply because they do not understand. This shows that fear and ignorance are some of the most dangerous things we face in agriculture. 

Some food for thought: when your dog or cat is sick you take it to the vet and they give you antibiotics to make them better. When you or your kid is sick you don’t question going to the doctor and getting antibiotics. Why must producers of meat producing animals watch their livestock suffer with the same illness and  not be able to provide them with relief?