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Narnia in Color: Latinx actors as The Pevensies

aka my faves as my faves

Jorge Blanco as Peter Pevensie

Eiza Gonzales as Susan Pevensie

Agustín Bernasconi as Edmund Pevensie

Karol Sevilla as Lucy Pevensie

Possible dumb question, but don’t Strain vamps have pretty bad eyesight? I mean, I get it. Thermal vision. Wow. But how is that useful when driving a van?

Just imagine them running a red light (screw color vision I see ur heat) and having a cop try to pull them over.

Quinlan could be all ‘Danm it, Paul!’

or should the strigoi have a more aged/regal name?

'Danm it, Thaticus!’

Please disregard me I’m so sorry

But You’re Still My Favorite. (Grant Gustin Imagine)

Request Hi:) I LOVE your works! *squeals* May I ask for a Gran Agustin imagine please? So I have an understanding that Tom Felton is playing the part of Julian Dorn, and so the reader, who’s Grant’s gf/bff, is like a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, and when she finds out Tom is casted, Grant takes her on set, letting her meet Tom as a surprise because he knows how much she loves HP or something in that plot? Lots of fluff and cute moments plz:) Thanks in advance xx  from @mahomie-sara-9-84

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You were a huge fan of the Flash show. You actually met Grant at Comic Con when they first announced that the Flash was going to be a television show. And now flash forward later, the two of you are dating. 

People have asked again and again if you get any special spoilers or anything of the sort. And truthfully, you’d answer. No. You were a big fan of the show and you wanted to actually enjoy it like a regular fan. You and Grant, who are now living together, have a deal to never speak of the show before an episode premieres. 

But tonight was different. Grant had been on the phone for  a while now and you patiently waited for him to head to bed, wanting to sleep at the same time. You yawned as you flipped a page in your Harry Potter book before Grant looked over with a big smile and then mumbling a few things to the person on the other end. Soon, the call was finished and he headed towards you, crashing down and nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. 

You could practically feel him smile. “Why so smiley, smiley?” You questioned, giggling a bit. 

“Oh you know, work stuff.” He mumbled. “Hey, babe, you wanna go to set tomorrow?” 

Your eyes widened. “But the spoiler-”

“What if I promise not to let anyone spoil anything?” He questioned, propping himself up on one elbow. “Please? I have a surprise.” 

Rolling your eyes, you finally caved. The next morning, you woke up before Grant, as per usual, to make breakfast and get ready. While Grant was dressing himself in comfortable clothes, he wrapped his arms around you as you did your makeup. “Thank you for coming today. You won’t regret it.” 

“Better now, Gustin.” You glared at him through the reflection of the mirror. 

He couldn’t contain his grin as the two of you headed to the studios. You were greeted by Stephen who had a sleeping Mavi in his arms. You silently cooed at her before Grant covered your eyes and maneuvered you through set.  

“Okay, one more. And there!” Grant said, uncovering your eyes.

You looked around, confused until you faced Tom Felton. “Y-you-you’re Tom..” You muttered, your inner fangirl, threatening to come out. “You’re Tom Freaking Felton! Oh my god! I love Draco Malfoy! When I was younger, I convinced my mom that I was dating you! Oh my god! Grant, I can’t stop talking!” You were softly hitting your boyfriend’s bicep. 

“See? Surprise!” Grant smiled. 

“You are the best boyfriend ever!” You cheered hugging his torso tightly. 

“Oh, you’re the girl this one’s been goin’ on and on about.” Tom laughed. “She’s a pretty one, man.” He winked at you and Grant before heading off. 

After he was out of earshot, you started jumping up and down. “Grant, he called me pretty! Oh my god! My life goal has been completed! I can die happy! Oh my god! Do you think he’ll marry me?” 

Grant laughed. “Better not. You’re my girl.” He put his arm over you. “If you had to choose between Barry and Draco, who would you choose?” 

“That’s not a question, Grant.” You said, matter of factly. “Draco obviously.” Grant pouted and you went on your tippy toes to peck his lips. “But You’re Still My Favorite.” 

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“I’d love to play a villain. Someone bad. It would be a new challenge for me. This season I had to play someone who is neither good nor bad, because he reveals his true form in the end…” - Agustín in an interview for Soy Luna magazine.

What does this mean? We all know Gastón is in the popular clique together with Matteo, Ámbar, Delfi, and Jazmín. I remember that in the first season they used to be rivals towards Luna, Nina, Simón, Nico, Pedro, Jim, Yam, and Ramiro. But they have all changed a lot and have become one big group of friends, or so I thought.

I need to know what this means because Gastón is without a doubt one of the best characters in the show. He’s mature and a good person. But I honestly think this could be a good thing. It would be cool to see him have his own arc in which he kind of has this inner battle with himself about who he is and who he wants to be, the same thing Matteo, Ámbar, Delfi, and Jazmín have in this season.

I’m also very curious to see how that affects his relationship with Nina. I also have this theory that Agustín is referring to Gastón showing his jealous side seen Xavi’s return. But I highly doubt that because he said “in the end.” I hope the writers don’t ruin this.

OMG you guys!

Hector Navarro from the Superhero News guys said, in their Civil War review, that the plot of Black Panther is basically going to be that Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) is going to find out T’Challa has Bucky in Wakanda and the US Government is going to invade Wakanda to try to get him, and T’Challa is gonna have to fight them to protect him!

I have no idea where he’s getting this information, if it’s just speculation or not, but he seems to be pretty confident about it. 

If this is indeed what’s going to happen, I have no idea what it means. I don’t know how much Bucky is actually going to be involved in the movie, he could just be frozen the entire time or wake up at some point, no clue, but either way, the idea of a Black Panther movie revolving around him protecting Bucky is pretty cool!

I think all Marvel movies from now on should revolve around Bucky somehow, I’d be 100% ok with that!

They start talking about Bucky and Seb around 35:40 and that leads into the Black Panther talk.

They are coming to Europe. 2018 be ready. Are you guys going? I want to go sooo much.

Also…did they already start to shoot Soy Luna 3?

And do you heard the rumors that Agustin is leaving SL3? I hope he stay, I love him so much….😢 💜

One of my ML OCs! Her name is Sol Aguilar and she has the Ocelot miraculous! Her partner is Augustine who holds the Hawk Miraculous. They are both base in a small, corrupted town in Mexico. Their enemy is the Chupacabra miraculous who is able to control people to do his fucked up bidding. I will draw both of their keamis after I draw Augustine.

Broken Home - Kylo Ren x fem!Reader (Part 2)

A/N: So I’ve had loads and loads of asks and messages from people asking me to post a part two, so I hope you enjoyed guys, I’m sorry it’s so terrible, I’ve been crying and down in the dumps.

If you haven’t heard the song Mind over Matter (acoustic) by Pvris, You should listen to it while reading this; it relates. 

Warnings: None that I know of so far…

Words: 903

(S/T) – Skin Tone(d)

Agustin had peered up to the dark masked figure standing on the ramp of the First Order ship, curious he had whispered to his mother “Who’s that?”, and pointed back to the man. The woman turned her head slightly to look behind her shoulder at the Sith male and then back to her son.

The woman exhaled and knelt down to his height, “It’s rude to point and… he’s an old friend, why don’t you go and introduce yourself?” she forced a small smile upon her (S/T) face, fixing her sons clothes around his body.

He nodded and quickly ran as fast as his legs could carry him to the dark lord known as Kylo Ren.

You, Kylo and Leia sat in the deserted Resistance meeting room, all looking at each other without saying a single word. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a Padawan training lightsaber.

“You raised him all by yourself, all this time?” Kylo had spoken up, a fist clench against his mouth. You looked up from your hands, to Leia then to Kylo, “Uh I mean your mother was a big help when I was off on missions but… he’s never had a father figure in his life,” You coughed awkwardly and shuffled in your seat.

Kylo pushed back any emotions and thoughts of his own father, did he really want to be like him? Never around for his son? Doing the worst and thinking it’s the best thing ever…?

Kylo didn’t want to think of himself as another Han Solo, a dad who was never around to see their kids’ achievements and make sure they didn’t make bad decisions.

Kylo wanted Y/N back, too.

“Let me help raise Agustin, I won’t let you do-“He was cut off by you slamming the palm of your hands on the table of the meeting room, “I’m not letting my son anywhere near that spherical scrap of garbage!” you yelled startling both Kylo and Leia.

Kylo stood up and walked around the table to you, taking his hands in yours “Let me prove myself, please.” He pleaded, this was Ben Solo. You sighed and shrugged, “Then if you’re ready to prove yourself then stay the night, spend the rest of the evening with Agustin, tuck him into bed, be there when he wakes up… if you can’t do that then you’re not ready,”

You looked up from the book you were reading while lying on the sofa to see Kylo looking at all of Agustin’s toys confusingly, he never had someone to play with him when he was younger.

Agustin had pulled two ships from his toy box, one that looked like an X-Wing and another that looked like an A-Wing speeder. Toys he would usually pull out when it was time for bed, he would put them on his night stand and dream that one day that he would be a pilot just as good as his best friend; Poe Dameron.

You watched, intrigued as Kylo attempted to get the 6 year old ready for bed, failing miserably. Chuckling, you got up and walked over and helped Kylo do Agustin’s night robes, hands accidently brushing; you and Kylo looked at each other with slight frowns.

You tied Agustin’s dark shoulder-length hair into a small pony tail so his hair wouldn’t be stuck in his mouth in the morning when he wakes up, Kylo gave you a ‘really?’ look in which you just shrugged and replied with “I don’t want him to end up like a Loth-Cat and getting hairballs in his throat”

You watched from Agustin’s bedroom door as Kylo tucked Agustin into bed, kissing him on the forehead and muttering to himself how silly the ponytail looked in his son’s poor hair. You walked towards your room and began to get changed for bed, throwing any old thing from your wardrobe on.

Just about to get into bed, Kylo stepped into the room, “So… I don’t suppose there’s enough room for a plus one?” He asked softly, walking close behind you. You turned around and looked up into his dark eyes and nodded ever so slightly, captivated by his enchantment all over again.

Kylo got down into his underwear and climbed into the bed, gesturing for you to join him. You got in and curled up into him without second thought about it, your head tucked in by his chest and legs tangled together.

Kylo hadn’t felt this much affection in a long time, his heart raced faster than the Falcon when it was running on 12 parsecs, wrapped his arms around you and put rubbed circles on your shoulder with one hand, slowly until you both fell asleep.

You woke up to the other side of the bed empty, you let out a frustrated groan and got out of bed, getting washed and changed. Walking to Agustin’s room, you tiredly tapped the button on the panel for the door to open, you peeped inside to find the room empty.

You started panicking and holding your hair while running towards Leia’s quarters, slamming on random buttons until the door opened. Running around her quarters you heard giggling and laughing coming from the dining area, you ran back that direction to see Leia, Agustin and someone who you would mistake as Ben Solo sitting around the table, eating Dantooine style flapjacks and drinking milk.

Oh my lord this is so terrible