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I just into Ultraman and Ultraman Geed is my first, so far I love it. I want to ask what is the different between red ultra and blue ultra?

From what I can tell, Blue Ultras are a minority in the Land of Light.  We see them in crowd shots and in the background when we see shots of their homeworld but they are clearly outnumbered by the red Ultras.

The fact is (aside from Cosmos and Agul who are from alternate universes) we almost never see a Blue Ultra leave the Land of Light with the exception of Ultraman Hikari.

Hikari was a member of the Space Science Technology Bureau as opposed to being one of the peacekeepers of the Space Garrison (who appear to all be Red Ultras).  This is a role he has apparently returned to as of Ultraman Geed since it was he who invented the Ultra Capsules in the first place. This has lead me to speculate that the Blue Ultras are more suited to scientific pursuits than the rough and tumble life of a Warrior.  Of course, most inhabitants of the Land of Light don’t seem to be Warriors either as we see the regular inhabitants flee from things like the attack by Belial.

One thing I will note is that the two races of Ultras do produce offspring together.  We see this in a background shot from one of the movies.

My guess is that this is how Ultraman Zero was born given that he is a mix of red and blue with Ultraseven being his Father and some (as yet unseen and unnamed) Blue Ultra being his Mother.

So, most of what I can gather about the differences between Blue and Red Ultras (other than color) is speculation on my part based on evidence seen on the shows.  There may be additional information I have yet to read from Japanese sources so take this response with a grain of salt.

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Nationalities in USSR: 

1 picture: 1. Abaza, 2. Abkhaz, 3. Avar, 4. Agul, 5. Adygei, 6. Azerbaijanis, 7. Ainu, 8. Assyrians, 9. Aleut, 10. Altaians, 11. Armenians,12. Archi, 13. Balkars, 14. Bashkirs. 

2 picture: 1. Belarusians, 2. Bulgaria, 3. Buryats, 4. Veps, 5. Vod, 6. Gagauz, 7. Greeks, 8. Georgians, 9. Dargins, 10. Dolgans,11. Dungans, 12. Jews. 

3 picture: 1. Izhors, 2. Ingush, 3. Itelmens, 4. Kabardians, 5. Kazakh,
6. Kalmyks, 7. Karachays, 8. Karakalpak, 9. Karelians, 10. Ket,
11. Kyrgyzstan, 12. Chinese. 

4 picture: 1. Komi, 2. Komi-Permian, 3. Koreans, 4. Koryak, 5. Kumyks, 6. Kurds, 7. Laks, 8. Latvians, 9. Lezgins, 10. Liw, 11 Lithuanians, 12. Mansi, 13. Mari, 14. Moldovans, 15. Mongolians.

5 picture: 1. Mordva-Moksha, 2. Mordva-erzya, 3. Nanai, 4. Nganasans,
5. German, 6. Nenets, 7. Nivkhi, 8. Nogai, 9. Orochi, 10. Ossetians,
11. Russian.

6 picture: 1. Russian, 2. Rutuls, 3. Sami, 4. Sekulps, 5. Serbs,
6. Slovakia, 7. Tabasaran, 8. Tajiks, 9. Astrakhan Tatars,
10. The Tatars of Kazan, 11. Crimean Tatars, 12. Central Asian Tatars.

7 picture: 1. Tata, 2. Tuvinians, 3. Turkmens, 4. Udine, 5. Udmurt, 6. Udege, 7. Uzbeks, 8. Uighurs, 9. Ukrainians, 10. Ulchis, 11. Finns, 12. Khakasses.

8 picture: 1. Hunt, 2. Circassians, 3. Montenegrins, 4. Chechens, 5. Chuvash,
6. Chukchi, 7. Shors, 8. Evenki, 9. Evens, 10. Enets, 11. Eskimos,
12. Estonians, 13. Yukaghirs, 14. Yakuts.

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What are the origins for all the non M78 Ultramen, and how are they different from the Land of Light Space Police origin?

Ok, let’s start with the Heisei Ultra Revival in 1996 and work from there.

Ultraman Tiga was among a race of giants who once protected the Earth 30,000,000 years ago.  After defeating the evil that threatened the planet, they became giant stone statues awaiting revival if the threat returned.

When the monsters Melba and Golza awakened and attacked the stone giants, destroying two of them, a young member of the TPC became the host of the essence of the last one, becoming Ultraman Tiga.

The followup series, Ultraman Dyna, set ten years after the end of Tiga has a new warrior arrive from space.  Though the stone forms were the bodies of the ancient warriors, their essence had left the planet and gone into space.  Though it is never stated in the series proper, it is believed that Dyna was one of these essential spirits.  It bonded with Super GUTS rookie Shin Asuka to defend the planet from the invasion of the spheres.

Ultraman Gaia, as the name suggests, is an embodiment of the will of the planet Earth itself.  He is not alone though as Ultraman Agul also represents a part of the Earth’s own life force (roughly divided between Land and Sea if you ask me).

Though there is some debate about where they fall in the canon, Ultraman Neos and Ultraseven 21 hail from some version of the Land of Light in Nebula M78.  So does Ultraman Max though in the series it appears that all of them are the first Ultras to visit their version of Earth. It only makes sense though that if there are alternate Earths, there would be alternate versions of the Ultra homeworld as well.

This is muddled a bit by the appearance of all of these heroes in the original Land of Light during the events of the Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy film but that’s a discussion for another time.

What isn’t open for discussion is that Ultraman Cosmos hails from another universe entirely.

All we know of Cosmos’ origin is that he hails from space and wants to use his great powers to foster peace and understanding among all the inhabitants of the galaxy.  He is never said to come from anywhere other than space and has no ties to the Land of Light.  He is also one of two alternate universe Ultras to make multiple appearances in other series and is shown to cross dimensions to do so.  Most notably in the Ultra Fight Zero and Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga series as well as the Ultraman Saga movie.

Ultraman Nexus hails from yet another alternate universe. He is from the M80 Nebula and is 350,000 years old.  His true form is the legendary hero Ultraman Noa but he has lost much of his power after exhausting it millennia ago before coming to Earth to defend it from the rampaging Space Beasts.

Speaking of which, if you want to go back even further, Ultraman Leo and Astra, despite being in the original continuity, so not hail from the Land of Light in Nebula M78 but instead from the Nebula L77 within the constellation Leo.

Ultraman Ginga meanwhile hails from the future and is possibly a future descendant of the M78 Ultras.

Ultraman Victory is the defender of the underground kingdom of Victoria.

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agul was the secondary ultra to gaia (ultraman gaia, 1998)

ultraman cosmos was the protag of ultraman cosmos, 2001

ultraman hikari was mebius’ secondary ultra (ultraman mebius, 2006)

considering ultraman was from 1967 and ultra q was 1966, i can guess blue ultras are Probably a heisei thing. in these 50 years of ultraman we’ve had 3 blue ultras, two of which are secondaries. thats one blue ultra for almost every 17 years.

if we trim it down to just heisei ultra, which began in 1989, that means there are 28 years of heisei era to think abt. with this ratio, blue ultras appear at a rate of one every 9 and 1/3 years. and since it’s already been 11 years since mebius i think we’re overdue for another blue ultra


les abraçades petites,
els anys no fets,
els dies que no tindrem
i les no carícies.

Reclamo el somriure,
la teva mà a la meva esquena,
les cançons que envoltaven els llençols.

Reclamo el temps que no tindrem,
el temps que viuré sense tu
amagada en els teus quadres,
en la teva boca,
en els teus petons.

Reclamo les teves petjades
sobre la sorra
de les platges que van ser nostres,
fils de llum per la finestra.

I reclamo un rellotge anclat
sense agulles,
sense passat.