agua de tamarindo

Making Agua de Tamarindo

One way to get away with everything and virtually always get what you want? Have the same birthday as the old man.

I, of course, am only joking. The getting away part, that is, because I actually share the same birthday as my father. 

Before he got the job in Qatar life was a little rough, in every sense. I think my father has always raised me a bit more like a son than a daughter. I don’t mean that in a weird “Lady Oscar” way, but rather that he has always instilled a sense of responsibility and endurance that would have probably been more appropriate passed down to a son, not that I mind or anything, because if he hadn’t then I don’t think I could handle hardships as well as I do now.

My father and I are also comrades when it comes to finding out where the good foods are. I would consider our family to be Nomads because we have relocated to different places from time to time and wherever we’ve lived we would always find out where the best eats were. One of the most vivid memories I have with my father is when we once lived in Cepu, Java and him taking a 5 year-old me on his bike and we went around looking for deep fried doves. He would always give me the meatiest part of the bird and I would watch as he eats the brain with some basil leaves. Another memory is when I would get sore throat and he would make me a tamarind drink sweetened with sugar to make it better. Now that I’m a little older and a little wiser I can [and have] recommend better remedies for when he gets a sore throat.

I do wish I could celebrate with the family, especially at a rather hard time like now, but I’m also glad I have some time this weekend to make this post before I leave for my night shift. So here’s to us, Pop.


[ 10 tamarind pods + 3-4 lime leaves + 4-5 cups of water + ¾ cups sugar, or to taste ]

Peel the tamarind pods, removing the veins that run along the sides.

Don’t worry if bits of the pod adhere to the pulp; they will come off easily after cooking. Do not attempt to remove the seeds at this point.

Bring half the water to a boil and add the peeled tamarind pods and lime leaves. Boil until the pulp is soft, about 15 minutes.

Let the tamarind water sit until the pulp is cool enough to handle.

Using your hands, remove the seeds from the pulp; they will slide out easily. Discard the lime leaves and seeds and any bits of outside peel that may have stuck before cooking.

Put the pulp, cooking water and sugar in the blender and liquify.

Strain this mixture into a pitcher and add more water or sugar to taste.

Mix well and chill. Serve with ice and garnish with lime leaves.


10 tamarind pods + 3-4 lime leaves + 4-5 cups of water + ¾ cups sugar, or to taste ]

  1. Peel the tamarind pods, removing the veins that run along the sides.
  2. Bring half the water to a boil and add the peeled tamarind pods and lime leaves. Boil until the pulp is soft, about 15 minutes.
  3. Let the tamarind water sit until the pulp is cool enough to handle.
  4. Using your hands, remove the lime leaves and seeds from the pulp; they will slide out easily. Discard the seeds and any bits of outside peel that may have stuck before cooking.
  5. Put the pulpy water, the rest of the water and sugar in the blender and liquify.
  6. Strain this mixture into a pitcher and add more water or sugar to taste.
  7. Mix well and chill. Serve with ice and garnish with lime leaves.


Taeyong Dating a Mexican Girl

•this is going to be really awkward and cute •your niño actually would LOVE when you talk in Spanish •even he doesn’t get it what you say •he thinks you look sexy but you’re mentandole la madre y no sabe jejejej •I see him tasting like every typical Mexican food (even the street food, those tacos from la esquina o con todo y cuerito) •that means that se chinga hotdogs del Oxxo con todo y tifoidea lololol •likes to drink agua de tamarindo, loves tamarindo in general ok •your mama thinks really handsome even he’s Asian (Mexican mamas are not used to Asian boys) •Showing his talents, like dancing bachata omgg •He’s in love with the pomada de la campana bc cures anything •drinking beer with your papá why not? He likes him •Not really the best one at his Spanish and try to do it in English •ended awkward and really shy •and wondering why Mexican are really loud… •ohhhh abuelita would feed him like there is no tomorrow bc he’s so skinny •and maybe he would gain a LOOOT of weight 💩(eating so many tortillas) •calling you Chiquita (in his pinche phone “mi Linda chiquita” ughhhhh jesus helpp •your sons are NCT dream ok, so that’s why you’re a lovely interracial couple, learning Spanish and Korean omg how cute (don’t forget English ppl)

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I’m saying this with extreme animosity, sass and callousness*:

Horchata is plan C behind agua de Tamarindo and Jamaica. Idc what restaurant and who has the best, it’s plan C. Unless they got orange bang, then it’s plan D.

Por los siglos de los siglos, amen.


This drink looks horrible but it tastes amazing… It’s a drink traditionally from Oaxaca made of toasted corn flour, fermented cacao beans, mamey and rosita de cacao all mixed with water. The flor de cacao raises like a foam, which is the grose bit but it really tastes delicious.

This woman is always in the market on Saturdays and also sells several ‘aguas frescas’ or fresh waters, the most common are horchata, tamarindo and agua de jamaica… they’re sugar bombs!

How to spot a GREAT taco shop

People think that just cause I’m Mexican that I eat tacos ALL the time. Smh.

You muthafuckin right!!!

I can quote “Blood in Blood out” and Chalino Sanchez lyrics on command. I have the shot mark on my arm that proves I was born in Mexico and one of my exes tried doing brujería on me. I have drank Pepsi from a plastic bag and judge people who tattoo their own name on themselves.

Yes. This makes me an EXPERT on tacos.

Tacos weren’t a luxury back then. I can’t relate to people who have had “taco night”, whatever that means. Taco night was Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And…

Tacos meant survival. Maybe just tacos de frijoles. Or taquitos de papa. Bro, give me tortillas and we can make tacos out of anything. Put a hot dog in my tortilla and watch me flourish.

There’s levels to this shit.

Time has passed, dude from Bronco died and everyone loves Mexican food. Tacos shops everywhere. National chains screaming authentic. Tip #1 - if the menu is in English, it’s NOT authentic. Chipotle is real Mexican like Patron is real tequila.

“I’ve been in this game for years, it made me an animal, there’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual” - Biggie

Not all tacos are built the same. The brother Eddie (@eddieftw) hit me up with the idea of doing something real for our people. Something that the Aztecs predicted on a smaller calender in the piramid where they had crazy parties every Saturday. Literature that will help you prosper for the rest of your life.

‘How to spot a GREAT taco spot"


The best taco spots are on the southside of the city. There is usually either a Cricket or Boost mobile store within a six block radius of it. The same radius should include a currency exchange and dude selling bootlegg DVDs outside. Consider yourself at home if there’s a lady selling tamales or elotes on the corner. A homeless dude outside asking for a quarter makes it official.


If you open the door to the establishment and Los Temerarios are playing through surround sound, the tacos are delicious. Los Cadetes, any rancheras, Banda Recodo and Los Bukis all give extra flavor to tacos.

There are certain things to look for inside the taco shop that guarantee an amazing taco experience. A-Z

A. TV with a futbol game playing. Extra points if it’s NOT el America :)
B. A calendar from a nearby panadería hanging on Wall
C. Mazapán or Carlos V for sale next to the register
D. Zapata mural on a wall
E. Gang graffiti in restroom
F. Restroom is Co-ed
G. An ad for a mariachi hanging on door
H. Prices for sour cream, lemons and aguacate written with marker
I. Picture of a dead relative with a San Judas candle
J. Chiles en vinagre already on table
K. Salsa roja y verde on deck (no store bought bottles)
L. One flat iron where EVERYTHING is cooked
M. Menu has it as “bistec” not carne asada
N. Two tortillas per taco
O. Cops eating there (them fools drive all day, they know the dope spots)
P. Agua de horchata next to the agua de Jamaica…Tamarindo further proves it’s legit
Q. They sell Mexican Coke bottles and calling cards
R. Jarritos are a must
S. They ask “con todo?” even though it’s just cebolla y cilantro
T. Option to put lechuga y tomate instead
U. Al Pastor twirling on that gyro machine
V. Tacos served on those oval plastic trays they use at Burger joints
W. Ad for mechanic or apartment for rent by window
X. Cashier speaks a lil English, unless it’s a kid, usually owners son (taco joints that break child labor laws are THE best)
Y. Writes your order on post it note and hangs it by Taquero
Z. Tacos to go are in aluminum foil and a paper bag (hold it from the bottom cause it could rip)


The actual Taquero is THE most important key to a dope taco spot. The best taqueros don’t know a lick of English. (except “madafaka”) If your taquero is wearing a Marlboro t shirt (tucked in all the way of course) with a naked chick or his home state on his baseball hat….be prepared to have a mouthgasm!

He can’t be taller than 5'9. A tall taquero is the devil’s work. Big mustache with no beard let’s you know that he knows what he’s doing. Trust him. He loves this. He’ll even ask you “como están los tacos?” with a crooked smile. Don’t be afraid of the bags under his eyes or the smell of yesterday’s beer. Heck, he may STILL be drunk. It’s common knowledge that la Cruda forces you to be great. The more hungover he is….the greater the taste enhancement will be. Consider yourself lucky that beer was on sale yesterday.


Tacos make you do things that you’re not even aware of. Your body reacts to tacos. How do you know if the tacos were flame? First your eyes will close and you might make sounds. Some might sound a lil sexual. You see taco eating is an experience. Your body is agreeing. Might agree so much that you nod your head in a “yes” fashion. Yes. The tacos were FIRE.

(Disclaimer: there can be exceptions to some of these based on what city you live in…but 95% of these are not debatable)

*sidenote: I was prepared to say that a great taco spot closes really late on weekends. The more I thought about it…No. Great taco spots don’t need to stay open late. They already did great based on performance, they don’t need that extra drunk money just cause everything else is closed.

One final thing. Please know the difference between a TAQUERIA and a Mexican Restaurant. It is NOT the same thing. Never order tacos from a Mexican restaurant…and never order a platillo from a Taqueria. Follow these rules and enjoy life.

Now be great.

“Tres de asada carnal!!”