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“I thought,” Reinhardt’s chest swells, “You were dead.”

Ana’s face falls slightly. “Reinhardt- I am sorry. I didn’t- I couldn’t tell you. I couldn’t tell anyone.”

First it was those two-” Reinhardt’s voice gradually builds traction, a growl that  turns into a booming thunderclap. Jack cringes, visibly, and Gabriel can’t force himself to look at Reinhardt. “I buried you! I buried all of you! I spoke at your funerals! I grieved- I grieved for you all for years!” 

“Reinhardt-” Ana tentatively reaches out for him. He slaps her hand away, singular eye blazing.

It’s the first time he’s gotten violent with any of them. Ever. 

Reinhardt collects himself almost instantly; the storm brewing on his face smoothens out.

“Sorry. Gott, Ana… I’m so sorry.” He cradles his head in his hands. “I did not mean to do that. I am- Not at my best right now. Allow me some… Time to… Collect myself.”

Ana, Gabriel, and Jack all exchange glances.

“Reinhardt,” Jack begins gingerly.

“Out,” Reinhardt insists. There’s a slight note to his voice that suggests there’s going to be screaming if they persist.

So they don’t.