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Hello~ if you're still doing the 3 dented thingy how about taehyung walking in on yoonmin taking a bath together (with bubbles and scented candles because yoongi likes that kind of cheesy stuff 😜) Thank you!! (Love your blog btw)

taehyung hums happily on his way to the bathroom, yoongi’s ipad waterproofed and tucked under his arm and his favourite toiletries in his washbag. he pushes the door open and stops in his tracks when a flurry of floral scents hits his nose and it’s dim because all the lights are out and there are several candles lit but he sees a blissed out couple in the tub. yoongi’s between jimin’s legs, back to chest, and leaning into him with a laugh as jimin presses kisses to his neck.

“uh,” taehyung starts dumbly and they both jump, yoongi shouting in surprise and wrapping his arms around himself, jostling the peach coloured water. “are these my candles? what are you—”

jimin doesn’t let him finish because he notices what taehyung’s brought in and points a finger at him. “wait tae, is that yoongi hyung's—”

“what? no!” he ever so subtly hides the ipad behind his back and turns to leave before yoongi can notice and yell at him. “i won’t get mad if you won’t, haha enjoy your time guys and call me when the bathroom’s free, yeah?”

send me a pairing and au, i’ll write a three sentence fic

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Amé la serie!!! 😍😍😍 My mad fat diary💕

Yo igual :‘v me llore todo casi es que es muy agshsjs *esa serie me entiende *