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Request: @leellajk said: hello! can u do a writing of boyfriend chenle? thank u. (:

  • oh goodness 
  • agshsj chenle is honestly such a cute bf 
  • he pretends to know what he’s doing tho 
  • but tbh most of the time he has no idea lmao 
  • he’d cuddle u everywhere he can 
  • i dont think he’d be shy about cuddling u in front of others bc like,,it’s chenle 
  • random back hugs?¿ hell ye 
  • when he hugs u from behind he likes to hide his face in ur hair and whining about wanting to cuddle 
  • tbh he’d probs squeeze u if ur not listening to him 
  • and he’s just gonna laugh his dolphin laugh when u scream 
  • smh 
  • goodness sometimes he’d scream in ur ear and it’s Deafening™ 
  •  is okay bc he’ll just kiss u all over ur face when u pout at him bc he screamed a bit too loud * like i said tho in the beginning 
  • chenle doesnt kno what he’s doing *
  • ‘how to kiss properly' 
  • his kisses r mostly pecks tbh bc he’s a bit shy to do more than that ahsjkd 
  • like rlly quick pecks on ur lips 
  • followed by him screaming 
  • or his dolphin sounds 
  • chenle is a big fan of couple stuff 
  • matching outfits?¿yes 
  • matching backpacks?¿yes 
  • matCHING PHONE CASES?¿double yes 
  • dates w chenle is most of the time eating ramyun 
  • like srsly u guys probably have sm ramyun in a week 
  • which is not rlly healthy b u t 
  • shkldldllf taeyong just sighs when he sees u two feeding each other ramyun again 
  • this kid is too much tbh 
  • ur dates tho
  • sometimes it’s at an amusement park or at the fair
  • would drag u to every rollercoaster he sees 
  • and scream like crazy
  • alzfkhejh he’s the type to film u both w his phone while ur on the rollercoaster
  • bye around halloween tho he’d bring u to abandond places 
  • and when he brings u there bye u both just end up screaming the whole time and tbh if there were ghosts in the house they’d already be scared away bc of ur screams 
  • whenever ur sad he alwayd has chocolate w him 
  • would cuddle u to him and feed u chocolate and probably sing for u 
  • sometimes chenle is super duper sweet 
  • and sometimes he’s just so r00d 
  • not that r00d but still r00d enough 
  • would honestly make u smell his feet and laugh when u start coughing bc of the smell 
  • but he’d quickly pull u in a hug and kiss u all over ur face after that 
  • chenle would love to cook w u 
  • cooking ramyun w chenle ajkdldldl 
  • lele’s focused face is so cute
  • he’d let u taste everything
  • tbh i can see chenle bringing u to china to see his family during the holidays
  • he rlly likes u a lot, he might even love u so ofc he wants u to see his family and he’s like 100% sure that they’ll love u like he does
  • srsly he’s still so young but he feels so happy and comfortable around u and he just ??is this love??
  • he also likes to play piano for u 
  • if u cant play piano he would probably teach u how to play a little bit 
  • and he’d place his hand on yours and show u where to put ur fingers
  • ajrhjgrhgj it’s so cute 
  • also this boi loves giving u gifts 
  • s o many gifts 
  • and he’s also the type to send u memes at 3am in the morning and be like “tis u" 
  • those r times where you’d wonder why ur still dating him tbh 
  • but then u get reminded by his cute smile and his dolphin laugh that makes u so happy and u just :”)))))
  • chenle never rlly shows it when he’s sad so like u would never rlly notice if he’s having a bad day???
  • so it’d be kind of weird to see him sad
  • but pls just give him some love when he’s sad
  • and he’ll cheer up in a bit 
  • aejfhjghrg chenle is the cutest but also weirdest bf but pls love him loads and take care of him!!
  • <3

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Something that this whole "love yourself" thing has shown me over the past few days is that people particularly in fandoms have a lot of trouble forming their own individual opinions and thoughts and that the ability to find any issue in anything at anytime is the only source of excitement or fulfillment in some people's lives. Ever since jungkooks teaser dropped its been a competition to see who can be the most annoying and who can jump to conclusions the fastest and it's tired.

😧 you rlly…………you rlly just put all my feelings into words… rlly think you me huh 😭

agshsjs but fr it has been SO annoying lately like much more than usual….whatever popular post is going around atm is how everyone feels all of a sudden….and all the fake deep bullshit about EVERYTHING every time something happens we can’t just be happy about it noooooo ppl gotta break it down and look at the negatives….