For your phone, Solas will always be close. He wants you to stay close. 

Also its like he holding my finger. I love it!! 

Anyways I really like doing these close up of Solas. I hope more will come.


There has been a lot of arguing about shipping in many fandoms recently, about charactes’s ages. People accuse others for pedophilia/supporting pedophilia if they ship “minors”.

So let’s make some thing clear using Yuri on Ice!!! as an example. Since “YOU CAN’T SHIP OTAYURI BC YURI IS A CHILD!!!” is a thing rn, I’d like to tell y'all that in the series litetally only one character is living with US laws and he’s 19 yo.
It’s so frustrating to see fanfics tagged “underage drinking” when the characters are 18-years old Europeans (in many European countries it’s legal to drink alcohol in age 16, sometimes 18).

So here’s a little something about age of consent in Russia and Kazakhstan. (In Japan the age is even lower and more complicated with all the social rules…) Yes, Yuri was 15 in the beginning of the anime, thus a minor. But 15 years olds ARE ABLE TO FEEL ROMANTIC FEELINGS. They can feel sexual desire too. They can date someone older, like 18yo, WITHOUT HAVING SEX. Heck, people can be in a relationship without having sex at all. This law exists to protect minors,not because 15yo are less feeling creatures.

Atm Yuri and Otabek are at ages that are acceptable, they can date each other and have sex if they want.

The same thing with Voltron. 5 teenagers are fighting scary af aliens in space war, based on 80’s children’s show and the thing fandom is worried about is if THE MINORS ARE HAVING SEX!? There aren’t even confirmed ages other than that the paladins are all teenagers. And Allura and Coran are like thousands of years old?
They’re also living in fictional space.

Please don’t attack other fans over fictional characters. Especially if it’s something about laws (in other countries as well in your own, in this case please do research).

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Solas, sorry to bother you, but: opinion of non binary people/genders? (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

The sky is broken. People are dying. I’m too old for narrow minded nugshit. Whoever you are, you are welcome in my army. Also please pick something sharp and stab some demons. Please. Regardless of gender. 


I would want to say one thing in response to Bianca’s threat. Namely “Yes he might be killed. By Red Templars. Who got red lyrium because of a certain dwarf. Sounds familiar?” And then I would like to flip her off and walk away. Just to see the look on her face. Maybe now you learn not to hand out dangerous material to the big bad!