Alpha gets what Alpha wants

Original Imagine: Imagine Deucalion kidnapping you and using you as his plaything

Author: Lupy22 

Reader Gender: Female 

Word count: Unsure 

Warnings: Reader has already been kidnapped, Jealous Kali, serious smut, and language

A/N: Was asked to consider another Deucalion oneshot so here it is. If anyone ever wants to ask me for more don’t be shy 

Plain white walls, a credit old wooden floor, and an old bed. For what seemed like a lifetime that was all that was offered to you. The occasional visit from Kali, which never turned out well, and uneaten meals was all you had to look forward to. Deucalion did try to see you but that only ended in you throwing a pillow at his face (which he managed to catch gracefully) and calling him a ‘son of a bitch’.  He simply let out a sigh, dropped the pillow on the floor and made it clear he would not try to see you again until you stopped acting foolish. 

That was what? Two days ago? Possibly three and you had finally decided that you missed him almost as much as you missed your freedom. Surely seeing the alpha had to be better than the white walls you stared at all day. Definitely better than Kali, who you would be due to see any second. So you decided to pull out your white flag and immediately began pressing on a squeaky board to get Kali’s attention. 





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based off this post by @vyx-en “The Sin Tin”

  • after hearing Wymack complain that he doesn’t get paid enough to deal with the Foxes’ shit Neil puts the Sin Tin in the locker room
  • basically the purpose is to put money in the tin every time you cause Wymack a headache or make him question what he got himself into by coaching the Foxes
  • and Renee suggests that they use the money to get something nice for Wymack at the end of each month
  • Andrew is the first contributor to the Tin
  • he just adds a $100 bucks as the original post states for credit
  • and all the foxes are waiting to see what he does to piss of Wymack
  • but the first person to officially add money to the Tin unsurprisingly is Neil
  • Neil is on press duty and goes on a rant about a player who was being disrespectful to Dan 
  • By the end of his rant Wymack is praying for the will to get through the next season
  • as an apology Neil puts 20 bucks in the Tin
  • the next person to contribute is Kevin
  • at one of their practices right before a game, Kevin starts yelling at all the players to get their act together 
  • he also starts pointing out everyone’s weaknesses and after a point the Foxes just give up and get off the court because they are tired of Kevin’s nagging
  • Wymack watches all the Foxes leave and glares at his son but doesn’t say anything because when Kevin is in one of his moods nothing will change his mind
  • Nicky insists that Kevin put money in the Tin but Kevin refuses to be penalized for his dedication to exy
  • and only when Allison threatens to not do her best in the game does Kevin begrudgingly put 10 bucks in the Tin
  • at some point in that month all the foxes contribute to the Tin
  • and by the end of the month they have about $150
  • most of it was contributed by Neil because he can’t contain his sass
  • with the money they buy Wymack soundproof headphones so he can ignore their agruements on the long bus rides to their games

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Headcanon: Robin and Starfire have silly agruements over who loves the other more (I love you I love you more no I love you more no I love you more)

omg 100000%

The Rare Caryl ‘fight’

I had an ask a week about what Daryl and Carol would fight about. And I thought I might elaborate on that answer a bit by discussing one of their fights. If you can really call it a fight in a technical sense. . 

Daryl has just stopped Carol from shooting, a person he deemed just a kid (same age as Beth, but I digress) and Carol trails after attempting to explain herself. 

“I was aiming for his leg..”  And Daryl is not buying. He’s not answering either. He’s just letting her go. Letting her get it out of her system. 

(gifs by empressmcbride) 

She esstentially confesses in her need to explain herself to him. She spills what it was really about. And WHY she was trying to leave in the first place. Daryl got results by barely saying a word. Just Carol did back in Season 2. 

Daryl frustrated and angry finally responds to this rant on her part. 

Not necessarily angry at her per say, He is just frustrated and reminds her of exactly what she’d doing there in the first place. He essentially, to use a term used by lovely blogger friend of mine (you know who you are are ;) ) ‘calling her out on her bullshit’, Not to be an ass but because he cares about her. Loves her in fact.  It was never about him, it was about her what she doing to herself. 

If it sounds familiar it’s because its the opposing scene to their earlier fight in s2 where after Carol let Daryl angrily rail at her, came back the next morning and essentially called him out for the very same reasons. 

Their fights are not about ego or miscommunication  When Daryl and Carol fight, its usually about concern for the others well-being and their occasionally self-destructive and/or self-punishing behavour. They fight about these things because they love each other. 

One of the greatest things about their fights, is not just the obviously intense feelings involved, its the fact that it usually results in some kind of progress. Steps forward in communication as such. They are not afraid to say anything to each other, to say exactly what the other needs to hear at that moment.  

They don’t sugarcoat it at all. 

That’s what gets results. The honesty they have with each other. Have had since the beginning it seems. Because of that honesty an understanding, fights are rare as a result and are usually about the other not being honest with themselves. 

The agruements they have are because they love each other. Pure and simple

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How do you guys feel on the "writiers only write what they believe," agruement some people have been useing. (for example: Writier has racist/sexist character, writer = racist/sexist, regardless of whether or not they actually are.) This misconception keeps appearing on my dash actually and its deterring me from actually writing about serious issues... (I hope this question makes sense)

anyone who makes that argument either isn’t a writer or if they are they’re a very bad one. Yes write what you know is good sound advice but the idea that the views of a character are the views of the author are ridiculous.

Take Harry Potter the genocidal blood purity views of Voldemort and the Death Eaters are in no way JK Rowling’s views,

now there is behaviour in the books that leads us to question motives like Hermione’s snitching spell that she puts on Dumbledore’s Army. First of all she does it without telling any one of them and then it scars a fellow pupil for life and we never see that action framed as a bad thing. The narrative in fact tells us Hermione did the right thing here.

It is the distinction between these two that people find difficult to distinguish. Sometimes depending on the point of view of the narrative something terrible will be presented as good or necessary but that is not necessarily the view of the author. If you write a first person story in the eyes of a villain or an anti-hero they are going to do bad things and feel good about them. So don’t worry about people who can’t understand that fiction is fiction and carry on writing.