Agropyron cristatum by Matt Lavin on Flickr.

Many of you, most in fact, will not be as excited by Matt Lanvin’s Flickr account as I am. Even native plant enthusiasts will go a bit cross-eyed at a collection of photos of western North American grasses. Especially when that collection comprises of over 6,000 images. Me, I’m thrilled. While grasses are receiving more attention because of their increasing use in gardens, it’s hard to get people to appreciate their arching or bowing forms, or the spray of their small flowers. I suspect because after awhile, they begin to all look the same. Perhaps that’s why finding such a large collection of grasses and their relatives gets me excited; it’s so rare. What’s more, Matt has broken down his sets into groups and includes useful plant information for identification and growing habit. For those who risk boredom from all of the grass-love, there are other sage-steppe plants and flowers and expansive landscape shots to admire.