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Hey guys! I hope you guys have had a good year! We’re back and gearing up for Dianna’s 29th Birthday cause. We’re working on some great things for y'all but we wanted to go ahead and make a little announcement. Since we started these yearly causes, we’ve tried to choose charities that are close to Dianna’s heart so this year, we were a little undecided about which charity we should go with. So, AgronNews reached out to Dianna and she personally responded and suggested that we campaign for UNICEF! As we all know, Dianna has worked with UNICEF quite a lot recently so it’s really no surprise that this is who she would like us to campaign for and it’s great that she’s once again on board with the birthday cause. We’re really excited to work with such an amazing organization and we hope to raise a lot of money for them. We don’t have an official launch date for the cause, but we’ll have one soon. Keep an eye out on the blog and our various twitters for other announcements and we can’t wait to start campaigning!

Thanks for everything you guys do!

@Agronception, @PrepareAFace@ProjectLLR, @LiveLoveDianna, @AgronNews & @Agroness