The main point of this post was suppose to be how I am addicted to taking Skyrim screenshots and the Dovahkiin Relaxes Too mod is great for getting interesting poses for that but also

This is my character who has taken on a life of her own oops. Ka-Sovee is an albino Argonian and Dark Brotherhood assassin. She was rather neutral towards Skyrim’s civil war until she found out how the Stormcloaks treat her people. However Ka-Sovee was hesitant to become involved with the legion, which is understandable considering she killed the emperor. She did join the legion eventually, but she is keeping her involvement with the war a secret from both the general public and the Brotherhood. The end.


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Is Kristin Kreuk Secretly Married?

No. The same website is saying, she’s also pregnant, she just died and her dog is recovering from surgery. and all in the same day. Sourcing twitter with tweets that don’t exist and they didn’t get her dog’s name right & the dog photo isn’t Dublin.

Oh my goodness, I didn’t even see the bottom of the page. /whew/

Okay, thanks for confirming! ^____^