Everybody seems to have a Christmas Follow Forever so i decided to make one too to make sure people know they make my life better and my dash pure perfection. The ones in italic are my perfect gold stars. Thank you all for making my year :)

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So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make one of these. Obviously I would like to include everyone I follow but as I follow around three hundred people this would be really long, so these are people who have basically been on and off my tumblr crushes throughout the year.

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agronaholic-deactivated20130416 asked:

"The curious case of Robert Downey Jr" should be a thing

Three years ago for April 4, I made this thing called “The Curious Case of Robert Downey Jr.’s Hotness”.  

At the time I remember being kinda proud of it because it was one of the first things I made that people actually reblogged/liked.

(In retrospect, that graphic is actually filled with a bunch of mistakes — ex. the 1999 pic is actually from 1996, 2008 pic is from 2003, etc.  But I was new back then so …)