… And it is an utterly useless post indeed!! BUT I will just use it to take the opportunity to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!! WITHOUT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU … this blog would not have been ANYTHING!!! I first joined tumblr not expecting to meet many people or others having any interest, but to my ABSOLUTE PLEASURE, the EXACT opposite happened!! I made some AMAZING friends, have some AMAZING interactions (both in character and out of character) and enjoy my time here more than I can truly express!! Tumblr has not been an easy road for me, but thanks to each and every one of my beautiful followers, and all your ongoing support and encouragement, it has become a very special and wonderful place for me!! Thank you for being you! Thank you for this opportunity!! And THANK YOU for allowing me onto your dash and being a part of my rp and tumblr experience! Aggie and I are sending you ALL THE HUGS AND LOVE IN THE WORLD!!!!

here, have some Aggie love!!

What I love about this scene, is that while Nasir says these words, that if Agron calls him little man again, that the Gods would turn from him, and though he says it with teasing, smiles, and the two of them laugh about it … you can tell that Nasir genuinely doesn’t like being called little man. After this moment, we never hear Agron call him little man again. Even though Agron said it in teasing, he knew Nasir did not like it so stopped referring to him as such, respecting Nasir’s wishes. 

My Nagron Commentary (2 / ?)

Guys, I’ve falling into the NAGRON ship and I swear they ruined a lot of ships for me. The chemistry is out of this world, and I don’t know of any couple who loves each other as much as these two. Their love is really epic and in a show where everyone dies, they get to ride off in the sunset with each other. 

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aesthetic: masculine, action heavy dramas that turn suddenly, permanently diverse and seeing all the sexist dudes who watch them get completly thrown off while the writers laugh