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Here’s a long shot... What’s in Aria’s file?

We know that EZRA would be in JAIL and that it would make him break up with Aria.

There has always been someone watching, manipulating. This is Aria. She was always trying to be seen, be different with her different colored hair, but she’s always kind of been just the extra girl, right? Alison was the ring leader, followed by Spencer, Emily and Hanna were they girls Ali would manipulate, with Spencer watching, always wanting to steal the crown. Aria was just there. Nobody was ever shitty to her. She only existed alongside of the others.

So, Alison is ‘killed’ and Aria, Mike and their parents go to Iceland. Because Aria was losing her sanity. She needed Alison to keep her occupied, to make her feel like she was apart of something. Byron and Ella decide to give Aria a fresh start, to make new friends and maybe get treatment for her mental illness. A year later, they move back to Rosewood, and at the bar, she orders a burger when she’s a vegetarian. This is her way of breaking the rules, feeling devious. She read about Ezra in Alison’s diary she stole from her room before she left for Iceland. Then Ezra begins his book, Aria finds him at the bar and she mimicks Ali, says she’s in college, gets close to Ezra and they make out in the bathroom.

They are both manipulating each other at this point. Ezra is using Aria for his book and she is using him to start something. She needs to get Hanna, Spencer and Emily back. She remembers what Alison says about each of them having secrets and that that keeps them close. She targets Spencer with a friend she met in Iceland, Wren. Wren agrees to help Aria and gets close to her sister, so she can recreate the kiss from Ian with Wren. Then she gets a mutual friend, Maya to flirt with Emily, recreating Emison’s relationship. Then she uses Hanna’s eating disorder against her, telling her she better be careful shoplifting because “prison food makes you fat”. These are all things that were in Alison’s diary. But Aria’s only secret was that her father was having an affair and she knew about it. Aria’s first A text isn’t about something that was her father’s doing ,but her own. And A makes it clear to include Aria’s father in the text. But this is all Mona.

So Aria meets Wren in Iceland, they bond and Wren agreed to help her get her friends back, and so he goes and finds Melissa, gets into a relationship with her then kisses Spencer, his part is done. Aria texts Jason and asks if he has any bisexual/lesbian friends, says she needs to set her friend up on a date. 

Photo: Maya and Jason before it was revealed they new each other from that rehab camp thing.

So Aria and Ezra are both playing a game, but she wants to make it interesting. She wants to drag Mona into this. Somehow, Aria sets up the game for Mona, letting her think it was her idea to become -A. Wren goes to Mona to help her, giving her Ali’s diary that Aria didn’t need anymore, helps setting her up as A. Tells her about Aria’s affair with their teacher. Aria gets the first A text, then Wren tells Mona about how he kissed Spencer and Mona knows that, from the diary, Spencer has kissed one of Melissa’s boyfriends before. He also lets her know the new girl in Ali’s house and Emily were kissing.

Photo: We know Wren was helping Mona, but was working for someone else, perhaps Aria?

This post could be longer, but Wren is making sure Mona is carrying on as A, and Aria is living her life with her friends, enjoying the ride and knowing that Mona is A. 

So, Aria knows that Ezra has been stalking these girls for YEARS to write a book, something that can land him in prison. (I mean, stalking underage girls? Or anyone in general? That’s fucked up man.)

And Ezra would feel like an idiot if he knew Aria was playing him this entire time just to help fill the hole in her life. 

And how does Charlotte fit into all of this? I don’t fucking know. BUT.

A.D. has seen Aria’s file. They know she is a genius and THAT is why she was asked to join the “winning team”. Because she’s smart, and wants NEEDS to be a part of something. 

Ezra would choose Nicole because of Aria’s actions and Nicole would be visiting him in Prison for stalking the girls.


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People cheering that ian brady died: I understand why, my mum is also glad he’s dead saying stuff like “hope he rots in hell”, but my question is why is it so amazing that he’s dead?? 100% he was a horrible person who did horrible things but why is his death something worth celebrating to people, they should be more happy he suffered for years and years when he himself wanted to die, death is the ultimate freedom

Still praying A.D. = Alison DiLaurentis

Just rewatching 714 and a few things stuck out to me in regards to Ali.

Firstly, how did Ali know that the game pieces moving around so fast was because “it’s deciding whose turn it is”? I agreed with Aria - I thought the board was just broken!? Ali never said “oh MAYBE it’s deciding whose turn it is”. She was very very certain what the game is doing. Almost like she created the damn thing.

Also. Right before Aria gets her (cringe-worthy) FaceTime call from A.D…. Alison abruptly ends her call with Aria. It looked like Ali was going to throw up because of her pregnancy (which we’ve seen before) - but what if she instead was wanting to hang up with Aria so she can rush off to make that call as A.D? It’s a bit of a stretch but what isn’t a stretch anymore.

And then later at the end, the girls think the board is broken because Hanna has to have another turn. In comes Ali with a very assertive tone “It’s not broken. It knows exactly what it’s doing”. I just don’t get why she thinks she knows everything about the game!? She’s definitely someone to keep your eyes on.

7x18. More mystery solving please!

The liars get their places searched and phones confiscated by Tanner who is now in charge as Marco has excused himself.

Aria get a caught as black hoodie by the liars and is banished from the group

Spencer changes her outfits a lot and seduces Toby. Spencer twin vibes ? A little but it isn’t my favorite theory. This bugged me because he’s been a widower for less than a month.

Emison finally went to the kissing rock as a couple.

Haleb got married

Mona has the game and I’m sure she will be the one to figure out who A.D is

Everyone except Mona gets laid in a montage style scene

The game is now CHOOSE or LOSE. One must plea for the others to go free.

Any one else think Alisons personality is missing ? She was the center of the mystery that started those whole show and now she’s part of the story with the Emison baby but that’s it. I think I compare her to flashback Ali who had a personality that stood out. Alison seems like a background character now. Just my opinion ! I know many may not agree.

A.D likes Aria.  Major Jason vibes only because of this! And they mentioned Ali went to see him in NY

I hate that I watch promos and read spoilers but I do. The promos give away all the big stuff. I already know what happens with Aria and cops for example.

There’s a lot of parallels for Mary and Spencer IF There’s a Spencer Twin. Seducing the twins man..Mary slept with Peter and it’s possible Spencer twin slept with Toby.

2 episodes left and we don’t have much new info. None at all on A.D.  newest fact is aria once filled out a report on Ezra. All original ships are coming together. I dislike how all of them are coming together, Emison is together because of this baby born out of a strange psycho ok with rape. Ali was unconscious and inseminated. That’s insanely rapey! I’m just floored that it’s not being called that. Don’t get me wrong, those two are adorable as fuck together. Wicked chemistry and some crazy history, there’s love but this baby isn’t some happy accident. I wish they had been flirting this whole season and finally gotten together or something. My rant on this is done now.

Other ships they railroaded together..haleb who are now married with no jobs and lucas loft to live in ?! Where is Lucas living ?! Isn’t he broke? Haleb is just meh because they broke up Spaleb and hurt Spencer. I have always been anti Ezria so seeing Aria tell Ezra he’s fantastic and she was just angry was infuriating. Spoby is too soon. Yvonne died a few weeks ago right?

I’m disappointed we are not getting more mystery. The ships were never my favourite thing about the show I watch it for the mystery and I just hope the end is satisfying and that I’m going to rewatch these episodes and see things are clues one day that seem like nothing to me now. I hope to be floored. You know what they say though..hope breeds eternal misery.

I’m still for an Alison twin. It would come full circle. Alison as A. And the Alison we’ve seen with Emily is really the twin, possibly Bethany?   I think they will keep Emison so an Alison twin would make sense. Flashback Alison is A.D. The Alison that returned has always been Bethany the twin. We have seen A.D before but only in flashbacks.

Are the liars just giving up?no solving the mystery just give up and fuck once more and go to jail?
Back to Reality

Hanna began tapping her foot and pulled out her phone to look at the time. Her hands also held a large poster board that said “Mr. and Mrs. Fitz” in bright pink. It was mostly a joke, but now she was getting annoyed and less excited to see their faces. “Where are they?” Hanna groaned.

Spencer was leaning against the car, mindlessly scrolling through her phone. “They only landed fifteen minutes ago, Han,” she told her without looking up. “Give them a chance to get their luggage and find us.”

Hanna leaned the poster against the car and sighed. “They’re probably making out in a corner somewhere.”

“They’ve been on a plane for nine hours,” Spencer reminded her. “I doubt they’re prioritizing hooking up in the corner of a dirty airport.” She looked up and towards the doors, recognizing the top of Ezra’s head in the crowd. “You may want to hold the sign up.”

Hanna quickly wiped the irritation from her face and grabbed the poster, holding it in front of her. “I don’t see them.”

Spencer motioned towards the doors. “Right there.”

Hanna grinned from ear to ear and Spencer rolled her eyes. Two seconds ago she was complaining. As the newlyweds walked towards them hand-in-hand, Spencer welcomed each of them with an embrace.

“Nice sign, Hanna,” Ezra told her.

“I think it needs a little more neon,” Aria added sarcastically, noticing the gaudy bright colors and glitter. “Maybe we could’ve seen it from the air.”

“You’re a newlywed,” Hanna stated, opening the trunk of the car and throwing the poster in. “Why are you so grouchy?”

“I’ve been awake for almost two days,” Aria said, dropping her luggage onto the pavement. Her unwashed hair was in a messy bun and she wore black leggings with one of Ezra’s old t-shirts. She just wanted to go home, take a shower, and take a long nap.

“We were sitting next to…an interesting character on the plane,” Ezra explained. He lifted Aria’s luggage into the trunk before placing his own next to hers.

“But somehow Ezra was able to sleep through her nonstop talking and random noise-making, so I had to take the brunt of it.”

“Your head is very comfortable,” Ezra replied, leaning down to kiss his wife. The kiss wiped the scowl from her face and replaced it with a grin.

The four of them got into the car, with Aria and Ezra in the back, Spencer in the driver’s seat and Hanna in the passenger seat. With their carry-on items taking up much of the back, it was a tight squeeze for Aria and Ezra. Noticing Ezra’s knees squished up against the middle console, Spencer asked, “Ezra, do you want to switch with Hanna? There’s more leg room up here.”

“No, thank you,” Ezra politely declined, looking to Aria. “I’m fine sitting back here with my wife.” The husband and wife shared a loving gaze and a sweet kiss, while Hanna and Spencer held back their desire to gag. Yep. They were very much still on their honeymoon.

“So, how was Tuscany?” Spencer asked, reminding Aria and Ezra they weren’t alone.

The newlyweds had chosen to spend a few weeks at the villa they had originally intended to elope to. They were happy they had decided to get married in front of friends and family and were still able to spend a romantic honeymoon in the beautiful villa owned by one of Ezra’s family friends. The villa was located in the small vibrant town of Barga, which wasn’t a typical tourist destination–a fact both of them preferred. Besides a few day trips to sightsee in Pisa and Lucca, they spent the duration of the time exploring the small medieval Tuscan town’s architecture, vineyards, restaurants, art galleries, hillsides and music festivals. Their favorite spot, however, was their private villa apartment where they spent a lot of alone time, enjoying their married life. If they weren’t in bed, they were wine tasting and sharing kisses on the terrace that overlooked a vineyard. At sunset, it was even more stunning and they never wanted to go home.

“The best three weeks of my life,” Aria answered. She looked outside the car window to the endless traffic outside the bustling Philadelphia airport. Barely anyone drove in Barga. She and Ezra walked almost everywhere together.

Ezra followed her gaze outside the window. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it. He agreed with Aria, but maybe it had something to do with who he spent those three weeks with. “It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. And the food–”

“I would live there just for the food,” Aria interjected. “Why do you think I’m wearing stretchy leggings right now? We ate so much pasta.”

“You flew all the way to Europe for food?” Spencer joked.

“And music, art, castles…” Aria trailed off, wishing she were there again.

“And a private hillside villa with lots of wine,” Ezra continued, reaching into his pocket to grab his phone. He wanted to show Hanna the photos of the gorgeous property.

Hanna started looking through the photos, landing on a picture of their beautiful bedroom. “So, how many babies did you make in there?” Hanna didn’t have a filter.

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t ask that,” Aria answered, resting her head on Ezra’s shoulder and closing her eyes.

Hanna just smirked as she continued scrolling through the pictures on Ezra’s phone. Aria standing on the terrace, Aria at a music festival, Aria in front of a medieval cathedral, Aria eating gelato, and Aria…and Ezra kissing on the terrace at sunset with a bottle of wine between them.

“I’ll take that back now,” Ezra said, reaching to the front seat and grabbing his phone. He didn’t think Hanna would scroll past the boring photos of their villa and get deep into their honeymoon.

“I’m glad you two had a great time. We all deserve some happiness after everything we’ve been through lately,” Spencer said, looking in the rearview mirror. “Um, is Aria already asleep?”

Ezra glanced beside him and laughed. Aria was sound asleep on his shoulder after being in the car for no more than five minutes. He leaned down and kissed her head. “Indeed, she is.”

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A Drabble request of how do you think the episode will play out with the girls having a sleepover? Hanna, Aria and Spencer in one bed and Emison in another.

Fun fact: This drabble’s filename is “Sparianna.”

Also, this is one of those “I have no idea the context of this scene so I’m gonna wing it” drabbles. I don’t think Emison is there with them, mostly because I doubt they’d be sleeping on the floor with Alison pregnant ‘n all, but I have no idea where they are/why these three are cuddled up ━ albeit I’m thankful because d’aw:

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A. Ryder: Log #6

Aria agrees to help Liam on a special mission… and everyone involved regrets it the moment they’re on board the pirate ship.

The plot with Akksul continues, but they’re not jumping into anything yet.

Jaal x Ryder, Pre/Early Relationship. Also posted on AO3 - >

“Liam, I really hate this plan!”



Clinging desperately to the railing of a derelict scavengers hull with the open door behind them threatening to send them careening out into space had not been part of the plan.

Nor had dealing with a narcissistic Pirate Captain, but that was the lesser concern right now.

Now, Aria could hardly claim she came up with the best plans, but this one? This one sucked.

Thankfully, just as she felt her grip slipping, Prodromos came to the rescue; taking control of the tech and shutting the door, then trying to right the ship.

Which led to them free-falling backwards, Aria clenching her teeth and shutting her eyes in preparation for the impact with the ground.

An impact that never came, breath whooshing out of her in surprise when an arm caught her around the waist and prevented further falling, eyes snapping open to stare at her rescuer.

Jaal looked rather smug - one hand keeping a tight grip on the railing he’d grabbed while his other anchored her easily against him, as though it took little effort.

“How strong are you?” she chocked, feeling her face turn red at the close proximity, still getting used to the easy way he’d begun touching her in more recent days.

“Strong enough.” Jaal answered simply, releasing her so they could both jump down to the ground now that the ship had stopped spinning, meeting Liam at the bottom.

“Let’s get this over with, shall we?” Liam growled, just as fed up as she was, and they nodded, each drawing their weapons as they headed further in.

Yet something had shifted; Aria had never felt more safe.

Life moved on; they killed the Pirate leader, made it out of the ship alive, and Liam had even promised to be more careful in the future! And to set up a movie night to makeup for the trouble, which Aria was more then okay with.

Then the Moshae had called them back to Aya and reality had set in; she’d arranged a meeting with Akksul.

Which went about as well as Aria had expected, to be perfectly honest; he didn’t trust her, didn’t trust any aliens, and clearly had no intention to do so.

When he then set about attacking Prodromos - her people, her first outpost - it stung, but they managed, Jaal an eager ally alongside her.

They defended it, kept the Roekaar away… and then had a message when they returned to the Tempest, one that told Aria things were far from finished.

Jaal Ama Darav. You always were a short-sighted fool. Helping an outsider, instead of your own people. You’re unfit to bear your family’s name.”

Aria’s hands clenched into fists, angry, “This guy is really starting to piss me off.”

“He always was a vehshaanan.” Jaal spoke softly, sounding so defeated it just made her angrier.

“A what?”

The Angara’s lips curled a little then, “Someone pleased with his own shit.”

And okay, that made her laugh a little, because if he could find humor in the situation she wouldn’t take it from him.

“We’ve never gotten along.” he continued, motioning at the holo, “Now, you see why.”

“He’s just jealous.” Aria found herself saying, watching his expression turn to confusion.

“Of what?”

“You’re the better man.”

“Well…” Jaal chuckled, lips still pulled in a small grin, “I am better looking.”

Definitely, was a thought she kept to herself, this time.

“Akksul wants us to do something reckless. Let’s not give him the satisfaction.”

“I’ll follow your lead, with this.”

He looks pleased at that, motioning her away from the table and back down into the main areas of the Tempest, “I believe we have missed dinner, during all that commotion. Shall we find something to tide you over?”

“A good cup of coffee’ll be enough for me.” Aria laughed, falling into step beside him, so damn comfortable in his presence it was ridiculous.

“Coffee it shall be then, Dearest.”

An alternative to “Love Never Dies”

(Warning: I do rag on LND a fair amount in this, but I’m pretty gentle. Please don’t feel got at if you happen to like it. My issues with it are plot and character-based. The music’s fine. Except the sex song. Ew.)

Watching the 25th Anniversary of Phantom of the Opera completely reignited my love for the musical, especially since I could now look at it with an adult perspective and do all this fun character analysis.

I found the Phantom - Erik - engaging for similar reasons I found Josh Washington from Until Dawn engaging. A human being that does despicable things, but who is still understandable and sympathetic. If anything, Erik is worse than Josh, because he actually goes into full jealous-lover-control-mode, and he kills a couple of people. And yet I still really, really like him and would have loved to see him get a happy ending.

That said, I still think Phantom’s ending is perfect, because it has Erik making this huge jump in character and performing his first act of legitimate true love: letting Christine go. It’s brilliant, and beautiful, and bittersweet.

Which is why I take such enormous issue with Love Never Dies.

Now look, if you enjoy Love Never Dies, then that’s absolutely fine, more power to you. I absolutely understand why it must be cathartic and gratifying to see Erik and Christine as a legitimate couple. No one should ever try to take that away from you. I have pieces of media that I love, even though I know they’re riddled with flaws and other people might hate them.

The reason I hate Love Never Dies so much is because it removes everything about Erik that I find interesting or even sympathetic. He has tons of money, a support network, already had sex with Christine offscreen somewhere (which I feel totally invalidates the kiss she gave him at the end of Phantom), and a kid - and yet he still acts like he did in the last one, threatening and bullying. It’s like he learned nothing. He’s no longer a tragic character whose actions are understandable: he’s just an entitled douchebag. Also, making Madame Giry and Meg the villains and killing Christine; what the heck was all that about? What in the last story made it even plausible that this is where things would go?

I don’t feel Phantom honestly needed a sequel; the ending was perfect and wrapped up all the loose ends. We don’t know what happens to Erik, but we don’t need to.

That said, the sheer screwing around Love Never Dies does with the story and established characters made me so mad and got under my skin so much that I felt the only way I could purge it from my mind was think up my own sequel idea, one that I tried as hard as I could to keep in line with the story of the original. So that is what I humbly present to you today: my sequel idea to Phantom of the Opera, in place of Love Never Dies. As yet it has no title.

So where could the story go after Phantom? The only thing I could honestly think of was continuing the lesson Erik began learning, i.e how to love. How about he learns about a different kind of love? Say, platonic love, maybe?

Let me tell you a story…

It is five years after the events of Phantom. Christine no longer works at the Paris Opera house, and instead has disembarked to a smaller one elsewhere in the country, where she is much happier with a relatively successful career as an opera singer. Amongst the regulars is a young girl of Romani background whom Christine has taken under her wing. Let’s call her… hmm, what’s a traditional name from that period…? Maria. Let’s call her Maria.

Maria has a very pleasant voice which Christine sees a lot of potential in. Unfortunately the girl lacks technique and has poor breath control. Christine thinks she could become a great singer with the right training, but because Maria comes from a difficult background, no one is willing to spare the time or the money to train her, and because she abandoned her star role at the Paris Opera, and has a growing family, Christine cannot fund her training either. She attempts to teach her herself, but Maria’s progress is slow.

Christine is tempted to send Maria to Paris, hoping that the Phantom may still be living there and might teach her. Her husband Raoul, understandably, is not keen on this plan. (They’d probably have a long duet here weighing up the pros and cons.) Maria overhears their conversation and insists she is not afraid. Eventually they decide it’s possible Erik might have changed and it may be worth the risk. They send Maria to Paris with some funds, a letter for Madame Giry and Meg who are still working at the opera house, a letter for the Phantom if they find him, and a young man Christine employs to look after Maria. This chap is Auguste and he wants to be a doctor. He’ll be important later.

In Paris, Maria and Auguste are greeted by Madame Giry and Meg, who manage to find them some rooms to stay in. Madame Giry and the owners audition Maria and agree that while the girl’s technique is all over the place, if she improves, she may land a job as a chorus girl. Maria and Auguste intend to go searching for the Phantom, but Meg warns them against searching for such a dangerous man. When Auguste and Maria point out that getting lessons from the Phantom is the only reason they are here, Meg reluctantly admits that she believes the Phantom made a new lair somewhere in the Paris catacombs. The next day, the two enter the catacombs, but quickly lose each other in the darkness. Auguste gets out offscreen, but Maria hears eerie organ music playing and follows it, only to come across a dark chamber and the Phantom, though all she can see is a vague silhouette (they could have a lot of fun here with lighting and effects). The Phantom is now sporting a black half-mask instead of a white one, because why not.  At first he doesn’t believe that Christine has sent Maria, thinking that she would have tried to forget him. Maria insists:

“She has not. She speaks of you often.”
“What does she say of me?”
“She says that you were her teacher, and that you were the best.”

The Phantom is still reluctant, but he asks her to sing for him anyway. Maria ends up singing an exercise she used to do with Christine, which turns out to be one which the Phantom taught her. This finally convinces the Phantom to begin training her.

Cut to a month or so later, and under the Phantom’s tutelage, Maria’s voice has grown strong enough that she now has a job as a chorus girl. Hijinks ensue at the Opera house when one of the bitchier girls, Jeanette, sabotages Maria’s performance, but later slips on a wet patch on the stage, earning her a twisted ankle. Auguste cares for her, being a trainee doctor. Meg and Madame Giry wonder if this could be the Phantom’s doing and fear that he may have returned to the opera house, but when they check his original underground lair, they find nothing. Still, stories begin to spread about the opera ghost’s return.

Maria, suspicious, attempts to quiz the Phantom in their lessons, but he keeps the topic strictly on their task, snapping at her if she tries to change the subject. He reveals to her that he is still writing music, and has in fact written a short aria intended for her. Maria is shocked and doesn’t think she’s even close to being ready to perform a solo. The Phantom assures her - surprisingly gently - that he has put in many short phrases, to help with her breath control, and that he believes she will soon be skilled enough to perform it. Thrilled and full of gratitude, Maria kisses his cheek before she leaves, leaving the Phantom stunned.

Later Madame Giry and Meg overhear Maria singing her aria backstage. They suggest she submit it to the opera house’s current owners, and ask the identity of the composer. Maria makes an excuse and leaves, eventually voicing her concerns to Auguste. She has grown to care for the Phantom (basically he’s been playing Grumpy Dad to her), and she wants his music to be heard, but knows he is not welcome here. Christine never told her why, but she did mention the Phantom’s deformed face, so Maria assumes it’s because of that. 

To her surprise, the Phantom agrees to submitting his aria, and they put it in under his real name, “Erik”, to avert suspicion.

Rehearsals are under way and the opera house has an unexpected guest: Carlotta, with her new partner. Turns out lovably bitchy Jeanette is her niece. Carlotta expresses distaste that this young gypsy upstart with little experience is going to sing a solo - reminds her of another unfortunate series of events that occurred not too long ago. Cue over-the-top grieving for Piangi. When Maria asks her to elaborate, Carlotta tells the story of how the Phantom abducted Christine and killed both Buquet and Piangi, before disappearing. She insists that the Phantom’s influence alone was what started Christine’s career, that she was never truly talented, and after he disappeared she had nothing left, hence why she moved away.

Maria, of course, tries to protest this, but there are too many questions now, and too few answers. She knows that there’s something really iffy going on and that the Phantom and Christine have both kept lots of things from her. Once again she has a conversation with her teacher, which becomes pretty fiery. 

“You know everything you need to.”
“You are a man with two faces! You tell me your real name, but you won’t let me see the truth! Christine told me what that mask is concealing; surely it cannot be worse than what I have imagined! I’m a gypsy - I’ve seen my fair share of freak shows!”

The Phantom is incensed, and almost kicks her out, but the sound of the Masquerade music box makes him hesitate. He calms.

“I will tell you - after your performance. As soon as I know your future as a singer will be secure, I will tell you anything you want to know.”
“Do I have your word on that?”
“You have my word.” He touches his hand to his mask. “You have earned it.”

Première night comes, and Auguste drops a hint to Maria that the Phantom may well attend, in disguise, to watch her sing. He reckons the old grouch has grown - gasp - fond of her. As the final act begins and Maria prepares to sing her aria, she notices a masked figure slip into Box 5 next to Auguste. She sings and gets a round of applause, then pleads with the crowd to meet the composer of the aria, hoping that the Phantom’s different mask (not the half-one this time, but a full-face one vaguely similar to the one he wore during Masquerade) will disguise him.

Unfortunately Carlotta remembers the Masquerade incident and recognises this man as the one who killed her husband, so interrupts and accuses him of Piangi’s murder. When the Phantom doesn’t deny it, Carlotta’s boyfriend, who is a trigger-happy chap at the best of times, fires two shots at him. The first misses, but the second catches his mask a glancing blow, shattering it. Erik flees back to the catacombs and chaos descends on the opera house.

Maria sets off for the catacombs to find Erik, but Auguste begs her not to go.

“I need him to tell me the truth!”
“I’ll come with you!”
“No - no, I daren’t. He’ll trust me better if I go alone. Get help. Hide outside the lair in case something goes wrong.”
“Maria - how can you think of going there alone, knowing what he is?”
“I’ve always known what he is - but if we don’t give him the benefit of the doubt, he’ll only act as we expect him to. He deserves one chance, Auguste.”
“All right. For pity’s sake be careful, Maria.”

She reaches the lair just as Erik arrives, now back in his black half-mask. She is furious with him and gives him a huge mouthful: is it true that he committed those murders? Did he lie to Christine? Has he been lying to her? Should she truly have been afraid of him all along?

Erik denies nothing, and when she’s run her mouth for a while, he admits that it’s true, all of it. Why did she think Christine gave her all those warnings about him? He hoped that by teaching her as Christine requested, and looking out for her, he could atone for the dreadful things he did. But now he knows that the people will never accept him, not just for his deformed face but for the severity of his crimes. He removes his mask to demonstrate: he is a monster inside and out, and he knows it. He cannot run from it, however hard he tries. No wonder Christine walked away.

Then he collapses. Turns out the first bullet did hit him, in the side. 

“He shot you!” exclaims Maria. “I didn’t know…”
“Of course not. I never said.”

Maria is horrified as she rushes to tend to him. Erik of course goes through that usual tirade that ‘it’s better this way’ and ‘better kill the monster before he harms anyone else’. At this, Maria snaps.

“I don’t think you’re a monster! You’ve never been a monster to me. You were good to me; you taught me. You were strict, you were stern, but you were patient. Christine warned me, she told me to be wary, but you never gave me a reason to fear you. Not even your face.“

Erik is deeply touched at her words, and wonders if by caring for her he has earned a place in heaven, as before him stands an angel, in a form he recognises.

Of course it’s not an angel. It’s Christine. She came to hear Maria sing his music. Because despite the bad history between them, she still cares for Erik, too.

“Why did you return?”
“Because I believe you still have so much to give to the world. Hearts soared with your music tonight. You made people happy.”

She’s so proud of him. She heard what Maria said. She feels he’s finally learned to love, and earned someone else’s love in return. It’s not the romantic love he always craved, but it’s love nevertheless.

Following her is Auguste, Meg, Madame Giry and Raoul - and of course Auguste is a trainee doctor. Maria begs him to save her teacher. Auguste says he’ll try - but the wound is very deep… (lights down! Cliffhanger! Aaah!)

An unspecified time later, the opera is preparing for another performance. Madame Giry meets with the opera house owners. It appears the dramatic première night only served to sell out tickets.

“Nasty business, though, very nasty business. You say the man died?”
“Indeed Monsieur, there was nothing that could be done.”
“Do we know if he truly was this so-called ‘opera ghost’?”
“As he died before he could give a confession, I feel we may never know.”
“Pity. He may have been a criminal, but the chap wrote good music.”

Meanwhile, Christine, Raoul and Auguste watch Maria sing her final aria. The music swells. The audience applauds - and in a dark, distant corner of the opera house, a man in a mask can be seen, watching.

…Okay, so it is fanficcy, but y’know what, it’s lot less fanficcy than what we got in Love Never Dies. I hope I managed to keep all the returning characters in-character, with their development from the first story intact. No drunken, gambling Raoul, but a sympathetic and cautious one. No villainous Giry or Meg who are loyal to the Phantom for some reason; they’re a neutral force as always. No kid whose parentage drives the plot. An active Christine who makes her own decisions and isn’t treated as an object for the guys to fight over. God, that pissed me off!

Honestly, there was no chance of Christine and Erik getting back together. Their romance is toxic, sorry guys. And their story is over when he lets her go. That said, I didn’t see why Christine couldn’t be part of his later character development. Erik does still angst about her, because she’s the only person who has ever shown him compassion, and she still walked away. Christine could be the catalyst to help him start changing, but for the main lesson, I had to start him afresh with someone else.

I like to think Maria is not a Mary-Sue - for a start she doesn’t hook up with Erik, and she isn’t a singing prodigy like Christine either; she’s got potential, but she needs a lot of work. She doesn’t go searching for Erik in an attempt to ‘fix’ him; she needs something from him. He’s her teacher who at first she cautiously respects, but later grows more attached to as he does legitimately nice things for her. At first Erik only does this to honour Christine’s request, but later it’s because he genuinely wants to. He learns to love, and he also learns that yes, his deformity is a huge social handicap, but if he’s kind and does good things, he can still earn love. That was the best reward I felt I could give him - but he had to earn it, and he couldn’t have everything. After all, this guy’s a murderer. So no, he doesn’t get accepted into society, he doesn’t get Christine - but he does earn applause for his music, he earns Maria’s love, his relationship with Christine becomes a whole lot healthier - and he becomes a better person.

So yeah, if you hate Love Never Dies as much as I do, I hope that was cathartic - at least as much as puncturing an abscess could be.  And to be fair, there is one good thing that came out of that wretched musical: the ultimate Phantom/Christine power duo that is Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess. They met through LND and have since forged a friendship that is the purest, sweetest, cinnamon-coated bond I’ve ever seen. And when they’re playing Erik and Christine, their chemistry is so hot you could fry eggs with it. I absolutely understand why they were picked for the 25th Anniversary version. And they make LND almost tolerable. Almost.

So can we just all agree

That aria was never in Iceland and actually in Radley
That Melissa or Twincer was actually red coat and black widow, not shower Harvey
That charlotte bullied about basically everything in her reveal and she pushed Marion of the roof like ten years later than she did
That Ezra is an actual bad person and was working with A because hoo boy was shady
That the girls were actually friends with Mona because golly she deserved that
That wren isn’t actually a fuxking necklace
That AD has more relevance than the last 30 episodes
That Noel had a stronger reason to torture the girls than wanting money
That Bethany young actually has some relevance
That the board game never existed because what the heck

Like we all agree this happened right??

anonymous asked:

Could you do a one-shot, smutty or not whichever you prefer, where the reader is pregnant and with Jason and she wants to have sex with him, but he doesn't want to because he's afraid of hurting the baby, and she tries whatever she can do convince him that he won't hurt the baby and to just sleep with her already, possibly with help from the other liars?

“Hey baby”, I said when Jason entered our room.
I was wearing this very cute black lingerie, showing a little bit of my 4 months baby bump.
I was laying in bed and I had all the lights off and there were candles everywhere. The room smelled phenomenal.
“(Y/N)”, he walked to the bed and leaned in for a kiss.
He pulled back, but I pulled him in by his tie.
“Don’t leave”, I whispered as I looked straight into his gorgeous green eyes.
He knew what I wanted.
“We can’t baby girl”.
“Why not?”
“You can’t believe how much I miss having sex with you, but I can’t do it. I’m afraid that the baby will get hurt”, he rubbed my stomach and kissed it. Then, he got up from the bed and made his way to the closet to take off his clothes.
“It’s not going to hurt the baby”, I shrugged.
“I don’t wanna risk it”, he went to the bathroom to shower.
We hadn’t have sex since the day we found out I was pregnant which was two months ago. It was so frustrating.
I got up from the bed and put on a rope and went to the kitchen to serve the dinner I cooked.
“I love you babe”, I felt Jason wrapping his hands around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder.
I didn’t reply, I just continued doing what I was doing.
“Let me help you”, he offered and I let him.
We brought the food to the dining room and we sat to eat.
“Why aren’t you taking”, he placed his hand on mine.
“I don’t feel like it”.
“Are you mad?”, he stopped eating.
“I don’t know, am I?”, I placed a spoon filled with the food in my mouth and had a bitchy face on.
“Please, (Y/N), don’t give me this attitude”.
“What attitude?”, I rolled my eyes.
He knew that my mood swings were crazy now that I was pregnant so he didn’t even try to argue with me. Which made me even angrier because I wanted him to argue. I liked it when he argued.
We didn’t speak after that and I got up to take the dishes and wash them.
“I’ll do it”, Jason said.
I left them and I went upstairs.
I put a movie on and I laid on the bed as I watched it.
Minutes later, Jason came in the room.
“Please (Y/N), I can’t see you mad”, he walked to the bed and sat next to me as he grabbed my face.
“I’m not mad”, I moved his hands.
“You clearly are”, he grabbed me in for a kiss.
“Don’t just kiss me and turn me on and then sleep on the other side of the bed like we’re not even together”, I pulled back from the kiss.
“It’s not going to hurt the baby Jason, google it ffs”, I got out of the bed and went down stairs.
“Hey”, he came running after me.
“What do you want Jason”, I yelled at him.
“I can’t do it but I can’t just let you be mad like this”.
“Shut up”, I slammed against the wall and began kissing him.
My hand rubbing on his area, trying to make him horny so we can do it.
His hands holding my face, we kissed passionately.
I kneeled down and place my hands on his shorts to pull them down.
“No”, he lifted me up.
“No (Y/N)”.
“FUCK”, I yelled and went upstairs to the bedroom and shut the door really hard.
“I need your help”, I texted the group chat with my friends Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Alison.
“Is it my dumb brother?”, Alison texted.
“Yes!”, I replied.
“We will come by tomorrow at 5pm”, Spencer said.
“Yeah”, all the girls agreed.
“Thank you”, I texted them last.
I turned off my phone and the table lamp and went to sleep.
I heard Jason opening the door and coming in to sleep but I pretended that I was asleep and I didn’t do anything.
I heard a knock on the door and it was the girls.
“Hey”, I hugged them all. “Come in”.
“Hmmm, it smelled nice in here”, Aria said.
“Yeah, it’s the candle that I got two days ago”, I laughed.
They walked in to the living room and we all sat there.
“What should I order?”, I asked.
“Pizza, chicken, and fries is good”, Hanna joked.
“Sure”, I got my phone and called a restaurant and ordered the food.
“Let’s get to why we’re here”, Alison said.
“Yes, what did Jason do?”, Emily said.
“He refuses to have sex because he thinks it’s gonna hurt the baby”, I rolled my eyes.
“Really?”, Hanna said sarcastically.
“Hanna shut up”, Spencer followed. “Did you tell him to research about it”.
“Yes I did but I don’t know what’s wrong with him he’s so scared”.
“When will he come back from work?”, Aria asked.
“In about an hour”, I replied.
“Good, so when he comes in we will all block the door and tell him that he should have sex with you or else we won’t leave”, Hanna laughed.
“I like that”, I laughed back.
“Alison and I can talk to him privately”, Spencer said.
“Yes”, Alison agreed.
“Thank you so much girls”.
We continued talking about what to do and I heard the door bell, it was the delivery guy.
I got the food and brought it to the dinner room and we all went to eat.
“God, I love it when we’re all together. It reminds me of the old times”, I smiled.
“I know right”, Aria agreed.
We finished eating and we went back to the living room.
“He’s here”, I heard his car parking outside.
“Hanna, Emily and I are gonna leave and Spencer and Alison can talk to him”, Aria got up and the two girls followed her.
“That would be better”, Emily smiled.
“Thank you for coming”, I hugged them.
“No problem”, they hugged back.
They left from the back door and moments later Jason entered the front door.
“(Y/N)?”, he shouted trying to know if I was home or not.
“Here”, I shouted from the living room.
He walked in and saw the three of us sitting on the couch.
“Great. You called my sisters on me?”, he rolled his eyes.
“Maybe”, I smirked.
“Jason don’t be an ass”, Alison said.
“Give your lady what she needs”.
“Jason, here’s all the prove that shows that it is okay to have sex during pregnancy”, Spencer showed him a couple of screen shots from websites that we were reading earlier.
“We’re gonna leave now, and when we come back tomorrow you two better no be able to walk because of how much you fuck”, Alison wrapped her hand around Spencer’s and they went out.
“Thanks babes”, I hugged them.
“You’re welcome”, they smirked.
Jason was standing there with his hands crossed.
“What?”, I raised my eyebrow.
“Is this what you want?”, he pushed me against the wall and began to take my clothes off aggressively.
“Yes”, I gasped.
He leaned in and we began kissing hungrily like it was our first time kissing ever.
And from there, the fun began and I could be happier. I was so glad that Jason was finally convinced to do it without worrying.
“I’m so happy to be asleep in your arms, naked. Like the good old days”, I laughed.
“Me too”, he kissed my forehead.
“You know that I love you so much, (Y/N). Right?”.
“Yes, and I love you too Jason”.
After that, we fell asleep and we were so tired. Having sex after 2 months was really good and exhausting.

Is Aria A?

I’ve just finished watching  Orange is the new black and it lead me to this theory. I think we can agree that Aria has been acting weird, and the thing that gets to me is she finally has a storyline, where she is hiding something, however she’s been acting like this long before the Shana incident. We’ve seen her randomly snap at the other girls, we’ve seen her zone out of the conversation as if she’s deep in thought, so has she been hiding something for a while now? Don’t get me wrong it could just be Lucy Hale’s style of acting and I’m Interpreting it to be something more than it actually is.

Getting back to Orange is the new black, If you’ve seen the series, you’ll know that near the end of the season Vee attacks Red and attempts to put the blame on crazy eyes. 

If you don’t watch the series, Crazy eyes is considerded to be mentally unstable, Vee has in a way taken her under her wing, so crazy eyes trusts her. Vee attacks a fellow inmate and basically frames Crazy eyes for it. Crazy Eyes starts to doubt herself based on the fact that in the past she has done things and later has no memory of doing those things. In her mind she thinks she’s guilty but does not remember it.

We know Aria has mental illnesses running in her family, and the whole personality disorder is always mentioned in every Aria theory. My theory is that a similar thing is happening with Aria, what if she has blackouts or gaps in her memory and A is using this against her? I know this is really far fetched but what if A is framing her, and that’s why she always looks really suspicious when anything A related happens. Like in the Halloween episode when she lets go of Hanna’s hand and she has no explanation as to how it happened, or when they got magic 8 balls and she was the one who got one that had “A” on it.

What if A is aware of this problem and is trying to make her snap, or cover their own backs by possibly putting the blame on Aria!

anonymous asked:

I was kind of mad aria compared what she was doing now to what spencer was doing with Malcom and being on the A team (not AD because we didn't know they existed then). Spencer thought Toby was dead and aria hid a police report

I agree. Aria is the worst person ever.

anonymous asked:

Emily dares Hanna to kiss aria at which "Spencer" gets jealous when they do kiss, and then Hanna says, "why wereso you so paranoid about me kissing aria! If your that against it kiss her yourself!" And then "spencer" agrees and kisses aria quite aggressively and then the rest of the girls find it a bit weird how into it they both are??

You’ve got it!

Emily dares Hanna to kiss Aria. In return, Alex is super pissed and kisses Aria herself. 😩 Oh, Hanna, baby girl. Don’t get on Alex’s bad side.

Hey Marine, Drop and Give Me Twenty

It was a week before the wedding, and during this time, she fell more and more in love with her fiance, knowing in just seven days she would be married to the man she’d loved since she was 16. The nerves hadn’t hit her yet; her mom told her that usually happens a few days before. So maybe in a few days she’d question if she were making the right choice, and fall apart in a pile of nerves, but right now…all she wanted to do was jump Ezra’s bones every time she saw him. And that’s what she was thinking as she made her way towards their apartment, an extra hop in her step after leaving the grocery store with an arm full of groceries to prepare dinner for their guests arriving tomorrow.

She shuffled through her purse to find her key, then pushed the door open while shouting, “Hey marine, drop and give me twenty.” It was a greeting they’d used before they split years before, their own little euphemism they used to mean sex. I mean, it wasn’t to say they would have sex the second one of them stated this, like ringing a bell for intercourse, but it also wasn’t something she’d be saying in front of…

…Hardy, who was standing right in front of her with a mischievous smirk.

“Woah there,” Hardy said, stifling a laugh. “Save it for the honeymoon.”

Ezra exited the bedroom and smiled apologetically. “He got the wrong day,” Ezra explained.

“I hope you don’t mind if I crash here another night,” he said. “I can even get some earplugs, if you can’t wait–”

“It’s fine,” Aria interjected, not wanting Hardy to finish his sentence. Awkward.

Ezra walked across the apartment and leaned down to peck Aria on the lips, before taking one of the bags from her arms and bringing it into the kitchen. He started unpacking its contents, then handing the items to Aria for her to put away. After moving in together a year ago, they’d become so domestic, it was almost like they were already married.

Hardy sat on a stool at the kitchen island, knowing he wouldn’t be of much help anyway. “One week,” he said, stating the obvious. “How are you guys feeling?”

“Great,” Aria replied, shoving a loaf of bread into the bread box.

“I can’t believe it’s actually happening,” Ezra added.

Aria looked up at him and genuinely smiled, her eyes crinkling in adoration. He really couldn’t believe he was going to marry the woman he’d wanted to marry for so many years, at one point thinking it was time to let go…only to find her five years after they parted ways “for good.”

“You can’t believe it!?” Hardy scoffed. “When I met this chick in a bar when she was 16 and you were her teacher, I thought she’d be out of your life in a month.”

Aria turned around to glare at Hardy.

“You weren’t as stupid as I thought you were,” Hardy stated, receiving another glare from Ezra. After knowing each other so well, Aria and Ezra often mimicked each other without even meaning to. “I guess you were just in love or something.”

Aria and Ezra both laughed softly. “Something like that,” Aria agreed. She stood on her toes to give Ezra a quick kiss, knowing very well Hardy wasn’t enjoying it. Maybe she would ask him to invest in earplugs…