FAVE - Rise Up

Mural project at :
Saka Bistro & Bar
Sukajadi, Bandung - Indonesia

Multicolor waterbased paints on 8 x 6 m white blockboard
December 2014

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”
-Marcel Proust-

Artwork by Elfandiary | @elfandiary
Mural by Fave Team :
Agrawatya | @agraworks
R. Bayu | @badyou23
M. Abdillah | @deellustration

Huge thanks for our friend
Pahlevi Ganda | @leviathanwade
as our Illustrator Outsource

Latte Art by
Tantan Sutami - Saka Bistro’s Barista

Camera by
Adika Hernandi | @dikakrebo
Reza “Bejjo” | @ojebski

Video editor in chief
Adika Hernandi

Background song by
Two Doors Cinema Club - Next Year The Shields (Remix)

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