So, I hit 3k followers last week. This is something I would have never expected, so thanks so much to all the sweet dumb dumb who subscribed to the weird person I am.


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I’m sure I’m missing a lot of people, so I apologize for that

Also, thanks to mydrunkkitchen , gracehelbig and mamrie because thanks to you, I’ve met wonderful and amazing people. I’ll never forget that 3 girls and a fandom changed my life


Nearly 2 years and 1531 followers since I started this blog I’ve finally decided to do a follow forever. I never thought I’d meet so many great, wonderful and kind people in my entire life. I’m so thankful to be in such a big, kind a loving community! :)
I’m really sorry if I’ve missed you out on this follow forever, I follow well over 2,400 blogs so it’s hard to keep track, but I still love you :) ((warning this is a big list))

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anonymous asked:

who're your fave blogs?? :)

oh man I have many

sh-inik, ourdrunkitchen, mydrunkitchen, trinitymemes, saengking, cayoz, oakktree, androadiction, bcshark, enthusiasticnarwhal, letusneverspeakofthis, pansexualfacts, stuffinmybrainhole, utubedoodz

These are faves who have become friends:

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And of course:

tyleroakley, mydrunkkitchen, mamrie, gracehelbig, kbearluna, troyesivan