Christ the Redeemer - Rose Window and Crucifix
Christ the Redeemer Parish, Houston, Texas USA
Glasswork: Ken vonRoenn; Cross image: Wiktor Szostalo
Architect: Stephen A. Lucchesi, AIA

Reflect on the words spoken to a newly ordained priest as the Bishop presents him with the chalice and paten: “Understand what you do, imitate what you celebrate, and conform your life to the mystery of the Lord’s Cross.As we proclaim the Cross of Christ, let us always strive to imitate the selfless love of the one who offered himself for us on the altar of the Cross, the one who is both priest and victim, the one in whose person we speak and act when we exercise the ministry that we have received. As we reflect on our shortcomings, individually and collectively, let us humbly acknowledge that we have merited the punishment that he, the innocent Lamb, suffered on our behalf. And if, in accordance with what we have deserved, we should have some share in Christ’s sufferings, let us rejoice because we will enjoy a much greater gladness when his glory is revealed.

—Pope Benedict XVI
Church of the Holy Cross, Nicosia, Cyprus

Alonso Cano

Saint Agnes, c. 1624-38

‘St. Agnes’ is one of approximately 417 works of art from the Kaiser Friedrich Museum that was deposited in the Friedrichshain flak tower, or Flakturm, for safekeeping during the Second World War. The painting is presumed to have been destroyed when the tower was burned in May of 1945. (source)


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