Rant: Religion

First of I’m what you would call Agnostic, I believe there is something out there but I wouldn’t call it a god.

What I don’t fucking get about religion is if your god if so fucking great then wouldn’t he look at the good I’ve done in my life? Why the hell would he care if I loved someone the same gender as me? Or if I had sex before my wedding night? Or am a part of another religion? All that should mater to a god is whether or not I’ve done good with my life!

And why does he take good people away from us in the worst kind of ways? He gives kids drugs and guns, but what is the point? So they over dose or shot each other? What good does that do for him? He gets a new person in Heaven at best! If he’s so powerful why does he create war? Is it so that us mere mortals can die and go to him? I understand the importance of death, but sometimes it’s pointless for a person to die.

Okay that’s my rant on religion, and I gave you guys fair warning to this. If you want a read more you should have asked for my opinion in my ask.