mother fucking WHITE PEOPLE
  • poc cannot oppress themselves
  • poc ARE oppressed (I’m not even going into this - if you’re not this far in, you’re just a racist)
  • the anger poc express for at white people is NOTHING compared to the hate they receive every fucking day of their entire lives since fucking european imperialism
  • seriously wow please miss the point some more
  • also I’m white jfc do you actually talk to people of color this way nosebitingteacup
  • go fall in a hole, all of you, and come back when you get it. 
Go fuck yourself. I can make posts about whatever I want.

And tell your asshole friend I can capitalize whatever words I want, as well.

And tell your other asshole friend it’s not a “faux WWII headwrap.”
It’s called a fucking bandana.

agniology reblogged your post: in a cruel twist of fate, my children will grow up to be otherkin

equate actual oppressed groups to delusional teenagers? ty

And you’re not oppressing them yourself by hating on them how…?

They probably get more insults and such by more people and not by yourself. Lets see, they are people or beings, however they want to be referred to. They are trying to live their lives, have struggles, have blood in their veins, have emotions, cry when you hit them, laugh when you tickle them, make friends, have fun, enjoy their lives to the best they can.

Put it blankly, when you put a regular teenager and have them stand next to someone that identifies as Otherkin, you can’t tell the difference. 

For yourself, harrassment is harrassment, in any shape or form.