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Name/Gender/Age: Agnes | Female | 18

Height: 170 cm

Nicknames: Agge once upon a time but now mostly Agneta by some of my cousins.

Starsign: Capricorn

Favorite Color: Everyone, as an artist I just can’t choose. it changes every day or even every hour.

Average Hours of Sleep: 8

Last Thing I Googled: ‘expression drawing reference’ on google images

Number of Blankets I Sleep With:  A thin one during summer and a thick one during winter.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Dude, where do I start? Vex and Percy from Critical Role, Princess Zelda, Duck from Princess Tutu, Ginko from Mushishi and Captain America and many more

Favorite Celebrities: …. idk? Miku Hatsune?

Favorite Books: To Kill a Mockingbird and A series of misfortunate events.

What I’m Currently Wearing: Comfy shorts to my knees, white tank top, orange cardigan and a long necklace with an apple.

What I’m Currently Reading: Book of Mormon and fanfics. I know, a weird combination.

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Larmar och gör sig till (AKA In the Presence of a Clown) | Ingmar Bergman | 1997

Coming very late in Bergman’s career the TV movie In the Presence of a Clown is set in a world of people making film and theatre, the twin artistic centres of his life. Actors, musicians, and performers who were so often the protagonists of his own films are in the spotlight here too. Their triumphs and humiliations, struggles with mental illness, and Death is always waiting in the wings.

The main character is Uncle Carl Åkerblom (Börje Ahlstedt), an analogue of Uncle Carl Ekdahl from Fanny and Alexander who in turn is an analogue of Bergman’s real life Uncle Johan. As the story progresses his mother visits, Anna Åkerblom (Anita Björk) as does his sister Karin Bergman (Pernilla August). These are Bergman’s Grandmother and Mother respectively plucked out of Bergman’s memory to take part in this fictional drama without so much as a name change.

The cast is peppered with familiar names from Bergman’s filmography. The aforementioned Börje Ahlstedt, Anita Björk, and Pernilla August, Bergman stalwart Erland Josephson, and in the sparse audience that comes to see the film there is Inga Landgré who was in Bergman’s first film as director, Crisis, and others, and Birgitta Pettersson who was Sanna in The Magician, but more memorably Karin in The Virgin Spring. There’s the same feeling I get when watching Fanny and Alexander of Bergman gathering old friends around him. And in the same way Bergman’s family members are transported from reality into this fiction so that sparse audience are transported from another Bergman film. Märta Lundberg, Karin Persson, Fredrik Blom, Algot Frövik, Hanna Appelblad, all members of Pastor Tomas Ericsson’s congregation from Winter Light, one of Bergman’s favourites of his own films.

Aperture 13:4

WHITE, Minor, EKMAN, Agneta, DE COCK, Liliane, ALVAREZ BRAVO, Manuel, STRAND, Paul, MANN, Margery, EHRLICH, Sam, CARTIER-BRESSON, Henri, CAPONIGRO, Paul, BERGER, John, WEIR, John Spence, BUNNELL, Peter C., GREEN, Jonathan

Publisher: New York: Aperture, Inc. 1968
Edition: 1st Edition

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