Martin Freeman - Bic pen on Strathmore Bristol 400 smooth, about 5 hours. commissioned by the fantastic agnesanutter, thank you! open in a new tab for a better view. [my art tag]

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I'm curious why you hate Lena Dunham?

She said some pretty racist shit in the past (about Asians specifically) and she thinks she’s a genius and is super self aggrandizing and WOW you made a show about FOUR AFFLUENT WHITE CHICKS WHO LIVE IN NYC AND UGH THEIR LIVES ARE SO TERRIBLE WHY LIFE?! WHY IS IT SO BAD FOR THESE PRETTY, WELL-OFF WHITE GIRLS.

She flaunts privilege and it makes me angry in a way that I can’t just ignore like I can with a lot of shit.

I don’t connect with her vision, half the crap that comes out of her mouth is uninformed and bottom line her face makes me SO MAD.

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What are your thoughts on The Burly Detective Syndrome? TBH I don't notice it used much outside of the romance genre (and fics these days). It doesn't bother me but as a writer does it grate with you? It seems to be a key feedback provided to younger writers by others....

Truly, I confess I haven’t noticed it all that much (but then I hadn’t been looking: now I’ll be more alert to it). Me, I prefer my detectives slender. :)

ETA: Oh wait, I didn’t know that this is what people are calling what I usually refer to as USS or Unnecessary Sobriquet Syndrome. (But Peter has explained it all to me.)

Briefly, it drives me nuts: just as nuts as hunting for variants to “said” that don’t have to do with speech volume (for my purposes, “whispered” or “shouted” are okay if the moment demands them, though occasionally every now and then I catch myself dropping “muttered” into the mix). Nearly everything else is verboten. (James Blish’s favorite example of this phenomenon, usually known as “said-booking” — because there were books that were whole lists of such supposedly desirable alternatives to “said” — was “‘Good morning,’ he pole-vaulted.”)

Anyway, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just using names, eight or nine times out of ten, and adding the occasional title in for variety’s sake. Used correctly, the character’s name (like the word “said”) starts to fade into the background, becoming a sort of almost-invisible signpost, and does not detract from other description or action going on. Whereas endless variants on “the burly detective said” simply keep pulling me out of the story, which makes me want to hunt down the writer and buttonhole them and yell “Stop pulling me out of your damn story, I would like it a lot if you’d just let me read it and not keep distracting me!” in their ear.

P. tells me that his first editor caught him at this and broke him of it. Apparently she said, “Your character’s usual name is the main course. Any ranks or titles are seasoning. Don’t overdo the seasoning, but don’t leave it out completely.” Makes sense.

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Ahh it’s all a bit silly then. The only ship that will stand the test of time is Sherlock/ The Fandom. Can we have a cute name? Hmmm Sherdom? Fanlock?

Sherdom sounds good. I ship Sherlock with myself. But just when he isn’t talking, you know, his voice is amazing, but we would kill each other someday.

Sherlock + Bruna = Brunock? Sheruna?

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Not that I don't ship Destiel in my own way...Just that I think it's important to note that friends can provide these life changing progressions too and that's just as cool as people who do all these things AND also bang. Also your dad is very neat.

Of course friends can change you progressively, and this is why Cas is Dean’s friend and vice versa. But they never change you this way, completely and irrevocable.

The changes turned into devotion, and when you’re 100% devoted to someone, as much as Cas is devoted to Dean… it’s only love. Friends in love, if you wanna label it somehow.


Oh man it makes me so happy to hear that I helped get you interested in him! XD What happened was, I’ve always been interested in the Sherlock Holmes stories, and when the BBC show came out I saw tons of great reviews for it and wanted to see it but never got a chance….until several months after it aired, on December 28th with one of my favourite people in the world. I WAS HOOKED IMMEDIATELY AND WE POWERED THROUGH ALL 3 EPS OF THE FIRST SEASON IN A NIGHT. Also, I’d seen pictures and everything, but wasn’t expecting Ben’s voice at all so I was like WHOA HI THERE WHAT THE FUCK I AM SUDDENLY AROUSED JAGUAR IN A CELLO. 

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AHHHHHH you got to hug ASH. Did he smell like happiness and did he feel like sunshine and perfection? OH GOD SO JEALOUS. HERE! Take all my jealousies. You’ve earned them

He’s a great guy, very genuine and a real pleasure to have met. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I see him, he’s always at an event :D

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you should put a donation button on your tumblr and people would donate becuase your edits are lovely and then you could buy a kindle.

You’re lovely <3 but, no. I think it would be unfair. Thank God I am not starving. I’ve got a house and a bed for me to sleep. My mom is working. I’m perfectly healthly. I don’t need donations. I don’t want to use your money to buy me things like a kindle, you know? I don’t need it. 

It’s your money, not mine. You (or your parents) worked very hard for it. Unless I need it (I hope I will never need your money), I think it’s unfair.

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Top 5 Destiel Fanart

I’m going to resist the urge to say “everything daggomusprime has ever drawn” and call it a day. So…

Okay, okay. I swear I won’t make this entire list out of Dags’s art.

I’ve seen the Broadway musical (a few times, actually) which is maybe why I judge it so harshly.

My biggest issue is that it is a musical, yet where are the singers? Not one damn singer. Which is a shame because they’ve had some really talented people in the live show that could have transferred well to the big screen, but instead they went for the big names & got, in my opinion, a mess of a movie.