Wielding holy artifacts of the old world - like guardians of a forgotten time - the saints of the order of Our Sacred Chalice scour the mist in search of relics and wisdom which survived the war of the Great Horrors.

Mysterious and secretive, each saint is a nation of their own, but with unswerving loyalty to each other and their common goal. They are the dedicated keepers of the holy relics and leaders of their devoted retinues of acolytes - orphan children put in service of the greater good. Be it changelings, giants or human. Saints rarely operate near settlements, so the taboos aren’t as strict.

Life is grim for both acolyte and saint as they often travel uncharted territories in the mist in search of more secrets. No matter what - a saint is not allowed to die. Should their life be threatened, it will be artificially extended through painful, esoteric medical procedures to a degree well beyond what a human body should tolerate. No acolyte would allow their saint to be hurt and would sacrifice their own life without hesitation - as few wish to become the next saint, should their own die.

Above them all is the relic itself. No life is worth more than it’s safety. Both saint and acolytes are deeply trained in its function, care and operation. Should a saint die, an acolyte will pick it up and become the new Saint. Should a Saint find a new relic, it will be brought back to the order’s citadel for study. If it is still operational, an acolyte befitting it’s criteria will be chosen to become its saint - and so the order grows.

Like a holy congregation, the saints of the Order of Our Sacred Chalice gathers at their citadel deep underground in an ancient mine where they keep their secrets safe and heavily fortified. No one knows how many silver tower bells they have in their possession as no chime has ever been heard. Yet still, the monsters of the mist stay clear and out of their territory.

Who knows what secret binds them together so religiously.

105. The different Hogwarts houses celebrate birthdays differently:


  • On their birthdays, the Hufflepuffs get woken up with cake in bed before breakfast
  • The night before the other students prepare the celebration and the cake, and they visit the kitchen for ingredients
  • The Hufflepuffs make sure to never forget any birthday, and it’s a priority to celebrate every birthday equally much, even for students who are not their closest friends
  • The students who have their birthday in summer or during the Christmas break gets celebrated when they come back in autumn, no one is forgotten
  • The student is presented with little surprises throughout the day, like all the portraits wishing them a happy birthday 


  • The Gryffindor students have the loudest celebrations
  • The day starts with all the other students in their dormitory singing happy birthday
  • During the day the students will randomly burst into song, and they can be heard singing everywhere in the castle
  • The birthday girl/boy/person is sometimes given a crown or hat to wear during the day, and every time they see someone wearing one, they all start singing
  • Once, Fred and George Weasley enchanted the statues and suits of armour in the school to sing every time she/he/they walked by
  • The singing always drives the professors crazy, and all except Dumbledore, Lupin and Hagrid give out detentions to anyone who sings in their class 
  • “You’re SO OLD!!”


  • The Slytherins plan their birthday celebrations for a long time, with organised teams within the house for each part of the celebrations, like music, cake, decorations etc.
  • It’s important for the Slytherins to throw the perfect birthday celebrations, and the students pride themselves in having the best parties and surprises
  • Every student gets their own little party, sometimes with only their closest friends and sometimes with almost every student of the house
  • The parties are often supposed to be surprises
  • But the birthday girl/boy/person almost always figures it out beforehand
  • Every student gets a personalised verse of happy birthday or their own short song, prepared by the students in the “song group” 


  • Every birthday the birthday girl/boy/person has to complete a treasure hunt, and are given clues and riddles to find the treasure throughout the day
  • The clues are given written down on pieces of paper or in other magical ways
  • Each riddle leads to another clue and they eventually lead to the treasure that is hidden somewhere on the grounds or in the castle
  • The treasure varies for each student and is personalised for that specific person by their friends
  • The students of Ravenclaw always makes sure to prepare small but clever surprises for birthday girl/boy/person to discover throughout the day, all leading up to the big gift

216. The houses helped students suffering from anxiety in different ways:


  • Mental health is such an important subject in Slytherin!
  • Every year the students in Slytherin celebrate their own ‘mental health week’ where they talk about issues such as anxiety and depression.
  • They are not afraid to tell their friends about their own issues with mental health, and always encourage each other to be open.
  • Whenever they find out about anyone suffering they will try to find out as much as possible about the subject, even the most stubborn pure-blood wizards and witches will turn to muggle literature.
  • Slytherin students own their anxiety, not the other way around.
  • They realise the importance of getting help, and always support those who want to talk to a therapist or psychologist.
  • One year they persuaded Dumbledore to hire a therapist to come to Hogwarts. The therapist was a huge success, appreciated by students (and teachers) from all houses, and has been there ever since.


  • Gryffindor students always offer to help anyone dealing with anxiety.
  • They know that everyone has their issues and that everyone needs to deal with them in their own way.
  • Gryffindors are all about facing their fears.
  • They will always help people suffering, and help them come up with a plan to feel better.
  • They pride themselves in conquering anxiety or depression, and will always celebrate every tiny step forward and any progress an individual makes towards conquering they’re metal health.
  • Many Gryffindors are very open regarding mental health, but they do not force anyone into telling people if they are not comfortable with that.


  • Hufflepuff students are amazing at dealing with anxiety!
  • They will always help anyone who needs it, in whatever way is needed.
  • Hufflepuffs will literally do anything to make you feel better.
  • They know that the most important thing is preventing mental health issues, and will always try to work long term.
  • Even though they want you to feel better now they know that sometimes you have to do things that makes you anxious to ensure that you’ll get better.
  • Whenever a student conquers their anxiety there will be a huge celebration. They know how hard it’s been and that they deserve all the appreciation.


  • Ravenclaws are all about getting to the root of the problem and getting better that way.
  • They will accept your boundaries, but will always challenge you to face your fears.
  • They often host little science projects related to mental health regarding different students experiences, where they do experiments and analyse the results in order to try and better understand the mental illnesses and how to help people conquer them.
  • They are very understanding that everyone needs to deal with anxiety and mental health in different ways, and will never do anything that might hurt you in any way.

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