Finally got around to drawing some of the relationships in town! I still have yet to see enough interactions between Molly or Apollo, but these are the ones I’ve noticed so far:

 - Agnes and Kyle, my closest neighbors in the game, seem to be really chummy! They constantly send presents to one another and seem to have a lot in common.
 - Pierce and Sprinkle! They live farthest away from one another, but Pierce seems to have a HUGE crush on Sprinkle. It’s really cute actually!
- Of course I had to draw the bear boyfriends Nate and Groucho–these two are nearly inseparable and they’re constantly having me deliver things to one another; usually clothes. Wonder why Nate keeps “forgetting” clothes over at his house?
- Gigi and Agnes have the funnest rivalry in town! Without exception, every time one of them changes clothes, the other does the same. Whenever they talk, however, Agnes goes away being angry and Gigi goes away happy. Wonder why they fight so much?