The Letter (1926). Agnes Noyes Goodsir (Australian, 1864-1939).

Goodsir left Australia for England & France in 1900, and in the 1920s established herself as a painter of portraits, still lifes, & interiors that captured the evocative people, stories, & scenes of Parisian life. From about 1912, she shuttled between London & Paris, but finally settled in Paris at 18 Rue de l'Odéon. Her partner was Rachel Dunn, who is depicted in several of her paintings.

The Australian painter Agnes Noyes Goodsir was born in Portland, Victoria, the daughter of the Commissioner of Customs at Melbourne. She started her art education at the Bendigo School of Mines in the 1890s, and in 1899, she moved to Paris to continue her studies. From about 1912 she shuttled between London and Paris, but finally settled in Paris at 18 Rue de l'Odéon. Agnes Goodsir moved within lesbian circles in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s, her constant companion was Rachel Dunn, known as Cherry and depicted in several of her paintings, such as Girl with Cigarette 1925, The Letter 1926.

Agnes Noyes Goodsir

Her mind lives in a quiet room
a narrow room and tall,
with pretty lamps to quench the gloom
and mottoes on the wall.

There all the things are waxen neat
and set in decorous lines;
and there are posies; round and sweet,
and little straightened vines.

Her mind lives tidily apart from cold and noise and pain,
and bolts the door against her heart,
out wailing in the rain.

Dorothy Parker    1928