agnes is the cutest

“After I had returned to New York, the agent read this ‘Bewitched’ script and phoned me that it was a good role, so I accepted. During that same trip to the West Coast, I ran into Agnes Moorehead at a party. She told me about the series, so I was somewhat pre-sold before I was invited to play her husband. I wanted to work with Aggie. I think highly of her talents and like her.”

-Maurice Evans, in a 1964 interview

anonymous asked:

I love Keen2. I want them to be happy and LAUGH from time to time, play with Agnes and all. I think Tom can be a sweetheart, the cutest but down there still lives the monster. There is one thing about him that I just cannot shake and makes it impossible for me to fully love him. And though I know he's redeemed himself, it's still bothering me. I can't trust him. I'm talking about the "we're newlyweds" scene back in S1. I need a closure. Tom KNEW Liz knew. I forgive the sucker-punches but this...

I know that that scene bothered a lot of people, and I really can’t blame them, even if I disagree with the definition some try to put on it.

It was a tough scene. I think it was meant to be dark and to leave us feeling uncomfortable. I think it was a bad place not just for Tom, but for Liz as well. 

From what I see, I believe the moment that Tom knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Liz knew who he was was actually the next episode. She comes home and finds him playing the music box that Red had restored for her. He asks her about her about it, she lies. He brings up the fact that he saw her at the National Archives and she lies again. I think that was the moment he knew, because  he leaves almost immediately after. He kisses her (and she doesn’t kiss him back) and “takes Hudson on a walk” and calls Berlin’s people for an extraction. The next time he’s in their home is when he’s tied to a chair, delivered by the Pavlovich Brothers.

Saying that, I think Tom suspected that Liz might know in 1.18. I’ve always read that scene as a test of sorts. If she slept with him, things were normal and good and he didn’t have to worry. If she came up with an excuse and found a way around it, then he needed to worry. His shortcoming there was the fact that he underestimated how far she was willing to go. I don’t think that he believed she’d be able (or willing) to take it as far as to sleep with him if she knew he had been lying.

And that brings it around to why it’s a bad place for Liz as well, because she did know that Tom was lying and chose to keep her own cover in everything. They’d been married for 2+ years at that point. I’m sure she’d told him no a time or two over the years and could have found a way to do it, but instead she chose to keep her cover rather than risk tipping him off.

He was playing her, she was playing him. It was a mess. It was twisted. It leaves the viewers feeling uncomfortable, as I think was the point of it. They were in a terrible place by then and things were quickly spiraling out of control for Tom, no matter how desperate he was to hold onto the family with the picket fence, and I don’t think you’ll ever hear a Keen2 fan say that he handled things well throughout 1B. Personally, I spend quite a bit of time looking at Tom’s motives for things, and while I understand why he did a lot of things that he did in the latter half of S1, that doesn’t mean that I approve of the character’s actions.

I don’t believe the much-debated newlyweds scene was rape. I do think that they were playing each other and that they took it too far. 

The good news for Keen2 shippers is that this has been (and continues to be) a journey, and that the low points are not the end. I think the writers needed to show how unhealthy their relationship truly was before the truth came out. They were both selfish in many ways, but that relationship that we saw fall so hard shattered, and from it the writers kept those pieces that did work, starting to build something new that had a steady foundation of honesty and respect and trust.