agnes baker pilgrim

machoire  asked:

I know you're all for self-love and contentment with everything that you are and everything you have. But do you still get insecure?

Yes, of course!  But, having a relationship with self-love and practicing that awareness reminds me not to get lost in the insecurities.  When the insecurity arises, instead of reacting from that place, I can step back and observe it. I can have compassion for it and also understand that it is not real on an absolute level. “I” am not insecure. It is all that “my” mind has attached to that “I” that is. Ego mind.  It is a moment in time that will eventually pass, just as everything passes. When I do find myself in that moment, I can be grateful because it humbles me and shows me I still have more work do to. It is a great teacher!  So, I continue to look within resting deeper in my heart and truly trusting in LOVE. 

“The hardest journey you will ever make is the 18 inches from your head to your heart.” -Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim