Hello! As you may have noticed a post about Project Home has been going around since few days ago. Some changes were made since then though - the date was pushed back and there are more people involved, therefore this post is more informational and it would be great if you helped to spread it around. Thank you!  

The purpose of this project is to promote the song “Home”, which was released on the Perfect (EP). We think it deserves way more attention than it’s gotten, it’s a beautiful song and it should not be forgotten. We know that when this fandom gets together and works as a unit, we can achieve incredible things. This is for the boys and for us, proving that it is still about the music, not about the drama. The endgame is to create a Thunderclap that will bring international attention to the song and the band, which will happen April 29th.

  • starting day is 23rd April
  • the promo day is 29th April 
  • for each day starting 23rd will be given edit prompt, all leading up and pointing to 29th April, the prompts will be posted as soon as possible so everyone has enough time

When the time comes we will share all the ways to promote the song, radio stations, icons for Twitter etc. In the meantime you can help us by spreading the word. You can tweet links, follow us on social media, reblog posts, tell your friends, talk to us etc. All info will be shared on this blog first.

Contact us:

Team (you can contact us individually too with anything you have in mind, ideas, prompts, if you want to get involved somehow…anything!)

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement, we are working very hard to ensure that this project will run smoothly and we appreciate all the help! This is for One Direction!